Thursday, April 24, 2008


Decibel is a Progressive Metal band from India comprising of Krishnan, Karthik, Ripple, Rajiv and Naman. Decibel was formed in 2003 by Kanishk and Krishnan while pursuing their college. Following a number oflineup changes, Krishnan and Karthik are the only two members from the original lineup. Decibel was started as Thrash Metal act, but with constant experimentation with various genres of Rock/Metal, individual influences and creativity of band members, Decibel has developed its own sound, which is mixture of Thrash Heavy Metal and Progressive/Technical Rock. The band has been mostly dormant since its inception but it has been in news recently for being part of 16 bands at Channel V Launchpad, winning IIT Delhi Blitzkrieg 2007 and its controversial redemption of Naagin, which has been a hit in the country so far. Other successful originals are Ghost in your mirror and Time Machine. Decibel is contemplating a release of album by end of 2007.
Vijay - Vocals
Siddharth - Guitars
Ripple - Guitars
Karthik - Bass
Krishnan - Drums

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Roland SPD20 is a compact rhythm powerhouse.
There are 700 percussion sounds onboard, triggered by 8 highly sensitive drum pads and up to 4 external drum triggers.
Drummers who want to add a flexible pad-and-sound-module combination to their existing drum kit will be blown away by the SPD20.
Electronic musicians who want a more organic way to create MIDI sequences will love it.
In fact, the SPD20 is so straightforward to operate, that musicians of all levels (and MIDI know-how) will be jamming within seconds.
If you need professional sounds and triggers but don't want to move into a full-blown digital kit like Roland's V-Drums, the SPD20 is the perfect option.
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