Saturday, November 8, 2008


If you thought that shaving creams ,soaps and aftershave lotionsare all the comprise a guy's grooming set,then it is high time you get an update.Men today are more consiciousabout their apperance and have graduated from being admires of beauty to being a pamperedlot themselves.Like women,men also follow a regular skincare regimen that includes exfoliating and moisturisingthe skin with large open pores that are generally rough with facial hair growth.Thusan appropriate skincare routine is essential to keep the skin healthy and glowing.
so pick a fack pack recommended by your skin specialist and apply it on your face by massagingit with your fingertips.Wash it away with plenty of ater and see the difference in your skin


A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a commonly performed surgery that tightens weak or stretched muscles and removes excess skin, creating a flat and toned abdomen. Many women dream of having a flat stomach, but unless you are a fitness fanatic, it is unlikely you will ever achieve it. Even those who are a small dress size 8 complain of having a flabby tummy.After child birth or dieting, you may be left with unsightly skin folds which no amount of diets or exercise will correct. This can be depressing and cause a woman to be self conscious, especially on holiday, when wearing a bikini is out of the question. The only option to remove skin folds on the stomach is tummy tuck surgery .

Tummy tucks are not just for the ladies. Many men find that after significant weight loss, they are left with excess skin and stretch marks. Tummy tuck surgery can remove the stretch marks and loose skin. After surgery, men no longer need to cover up on the beach or hide their bodies beneath loose fitting clothing. The mini tummy tuck, or mini abdominoplasty, is ideal for people who have excessive fat between the belly button and the pubic bone. Bulging in this area is due to the accumulation of excess fatty tissue as well as flaccidity of the lower stomach muscles.

Tummy tuck costs vary based on the region/location, the surgeon performing the procedure, demand, time and effort required during the procedure, and what is required from start to finish, such as anesthesia fees, hospital stay fees, lab fees, etc. Patients can usually expect the procedure to cost $5,000-$9,000. To consult with a cosmetic surgeon and discuss a tummy tuck procedure and the overall cost, find a surgeon in your area who is right for you.

Friday, November 7, 2008


IN a country where most teenagers are obesssed with looking good and ready to spend a fortune on grooming are looks over taking personality.However ,a not so good -looking person can also transform himself with a sassy wardrobe,a few makeup tricks and a "worked on" personality.And the most teens have realised that what is essential is to be comfortable in skin."An attractive personality will be more pleasing to the eyes than a stunning face with no sparkle.we Don't have the right term anyone "ugly",as there isbeauty in all of us.
Expert says that good looks do play an important role,but we should know where to draw the line and what works best for us,with tons of options available at hand ,many youngsters are making a wise choice.


If you thought that sports as a career prsopect has little scope ,think again.This is now a professiona on a par withother white-collared jobs.But one would hardly think so especially in the light of the ASSOCIATED CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF INDIA's(ASSOCHAM)report based on a surveyon sports..A career path for young india.The report indicates that 31 percent of youthfrom states like delhi,punjab maharstra and tamil nadu.choose ordinary sport becaus emost of them prefer to join in high earning games like cricket,hockey and tennis.
corporates are also relucant to extend sponsorships for sports and games like hockey,footballathletics,boxing,weight lifting as a result of which these games hae not gained mucg recognition.About 65 percentof the urban youth were successfully lured by emerging sectors like FMCG finance,retail,ITBPO aviation and hospitality.sports through innovative programmers in teaching coachingresearch and outreach activities and evolve a holistc apporoach to the betterment of humanresources through a harmonious blendy of body mind and sprit


Breaking the external myth that the male species loves being perceived as attractivesexually active or lady killers,findings based on an international study recently revealedthat most men want respect ,a harmonious family life and good relationships with their partner.Interestingly,"THE MACHO MAN" tag is no longer macho. men today know that they've got to be original,I feel that the best thing to be is "real"If you're macho,it willshow.if you're sensitive,it will show as well.Trying to look honourableand caring won't work for long if you're not that kind.
Sterreotypes are no longer applicable in today's world.Times have changed ,initally there was a notionthat men should be strong to physicaly protect women.But the ideology doesn't apply to the women of today,whodon't need protective men as physical comforts.Both sex are looking for deeper aspects of a long term relation.WOmen today are smart well educated .They want to be in stable relationship rather than being with men who aremerely lady killers.


FreeLander Rover was spellbound by the fellowship of ‘the green automakers’ at this year’s Paris Motor Show as the Brits introduced their most fuel efficient vehicle ever, the Freelander 2 TD4_e Stop/Start. As you may have guessed, this Freelander which uses the standard 160HP 2.2-liter diesel engine comes equipped with start and stop system, a first for Land Rover. The system basically shuts down the engine in appropriate conditions therefore saving fuel that would otherwise be used when idling. But that’s not all as the more eco-conscious Freelander also includes a series of additional enhancements that help improve fuel economy.

Along with the start/stop system, the Freelander benefits from a new gearshift indicator light in the instrument pack that advises the driver when to change gear, low-rolling-resistance tyres and new software developments to the driveline systems.

The first thing is that the Freelander 2 seems bulkier than its predecessor. Cream upholstery is a strange choice for an all-terrain vehicle. There are myriad switches and controls, not very well laid out.The Freelander has the power and technology to cope with Northumberland's hills and roads. The heated front window is unusual, and helpful for a northern winter. The driving position is comfortable and noise from the diesel engine hardly noticeable. However, the business objective of keeping motoring costs as low as possible would not be met with this.

Land Rover is facing a lot of uncertainty at the moment. First, its activities are focused on the market for 4x4s, a sector which, after several boom years, is less fashionable than it was because of environmental concerns. Second, Land Rover's owner, Ford, is considering several bids for the company, and could end up selling it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Four years ago college life were the most amazing day of my life.we have join college after's rocking to be in the most amazing phase of your life for an extended period.I did my bachelor of computer science.

I used to far away from the studious group.I believed in enjoying college life to the fullest .so i always looking for ways to have fun and play pranks.I was always caught bunking classed.In college every one get infatuated.even i got a filthy crush on some gals from my batch.Though i never proposed to any of give students an opportunity to live life as they want to.Even youngsters should enjoy it to the fullest.studies are equally important .But if one is regular with lessons,you can do well academically also


IN a country where most teenagers are obesssed with looking good and ready to spend a fortune on grooming are looks over taking personality.However ,a not so good -looking person can also transform himself with a sassy wardrobe,a few makeup tricks and a "worked on" personality.And the most teens have realised that what is essential is to be comfortable in skin."An attractive personality will be more pleasing to the eyes than a stunning face with no sparkle.we Don't have the right term anyone "ugly",as there isbeauty in all of us.

Expert says that good looks do play an important role,but we should know where to draw the line and what works best for us,with tons of options available at hand ,many youngsters are making a wise choice.


Click smart has been helping connect consumers with small businesses. By certifying small businesses who are experts in their field, they take the guessing out of choosing the right real estate agent, insurance broker, or other professional. Clicksmart is also expert at helping qualified small businesses market themselves to consumers. But if you do meet the requirements of a Click smart Certified Expert, there's no one else who can drive a steady stream of interested consumers to your door like we can.A Clicksmart Certified Expert is someone who is properly licensed by the state in which they do business (not all states require licenses) and it is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.for example they care about Dallas Plumbing .

Finding a Dallas plumber that not only will install your new fixtures and appliances but is also available should you have an emergency could be the perfect solution since he's already familiar with your plumbing set up. When searching for a Dallas plumber you can ask for recommendations from family and friends or even your next door neighbor but a word of caution here. Often someone will tell you they have a friend or relative that does plumbing in Dallas and can probably help you out and you might be tempted because the price is right.It's important to remember that some Dallas plumbers may specialize in specific areas such as new construction or remodeling jobs while others may provide repairs or be available only during regular working hours.


Inheritance in family is quiet popular however,the same is now getting popular among various colleges as well,where seniors are passing down their belongings to their juniors .FROM air -coolers to memory chip and many of the college hostels,juniors have been inheriting these kind of items from their seniors for many generations now.One of my friend who was a hosteler ,who is in first year,hardly spoke to seniors .when he shifted to second year.he shifted his room to another block,that was a vacant room before his senior stayed in his room.and the wonderful thing that he left a MP3 player in his room.he was wonder by seeing and asked his friends..They told that his senior was inherited to him who also stayed in the same room.He was little bit surprised ,later he came to know that the concept was passing all over their room.That seems to be a great relationship after the college ..


I get a glimpse of the Helmet clad,the helmet-hung-on-side types,the more 'don't care' non-helmeted ones ,all on their "mission of life".The city's two wheeler have a unique double personality weather on a small road or a high way,they think wrong is right and forge ahead,against traffic ,or even on pavements .They want zip and zoom from anywhere.As if they are not phenomenon by themselves.Chennai bikers have bands and groups and organized racing on busy roads.The pillion riders are a class in themselves.Bikers seems to be born to dodge and defy-traffic rules,speed breakers and humanity.Chennai it seems has the highest number of two-wheelers in india.caught in peak TRAFFIC JAM


A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity.There are hundreds of websites devoted to recommending web hosting services.A dedicated server occupy the space between the shared and dedicated hosting formats.Dedicated server offers many of the capabilities and features of dedicated servers, including admin (root) access and dedicated IP addresses, but at a much lower price. Users share a server, but because each virtual dedicated server is effectively isolated from other accounts, you have full control over your server space.
Compared to shared hosting accounts, a dedicated server offers more power and
more versatility. You can run and install virtually anything on your server. However, with
this added control comes added responsibility.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Working in IT industry is one of the biggest head ace.But we don't know we will get fired for un-known reason. usually things happen like coming late to office ,bad work and having a bad names of lazy performance. These are the constant reason ,but employees getting check out of the job for using social network like orkut,face book and flixter's these became a very unfair issue for the employees.

The line between the business life and personal is bluring fast .A grow number of IT companies
expect employees to represent their companies as a brand ambassadors and not just a mere employees The employees feel that it is a free world and the companies should not curb the freedom people talk about the goverment,politician etc..all the time on such sites ,that doesn't
mean the goverment throws them out of the country or a politician take action against them.

firing the employees is an extreme step but we feel that while employees sign to follow
certain norms with companies legally,more than the lagalities they are morally indebted
to the company ,so they should watch out as to what they speak about the company in public,so
there is no room for any loose-talk outside


Faced with the huge increase in demand for persons with accounting knowledge for the small and medium scale companies,retail sector,BPO/KPO sector etc etc.the institute of cost and works accountants of india (ICWAI) is introducing a few course on certificate for accounting technician (CAT).

It is estimated that at least one million accounting technicians will be required within the next three years in india.This course will be open to students who have completed the class 12examination.The entry level SYLLABUS for the CAT course will be the same as foundation course of the ICWAI examination.This has fully implemented in south and west and is under implementation in north and east

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Boys and gals have enjoy in their teen age.They wont worry about their future.when they are
young ,successful having fun a marriage feel can wait .They busy climbing the ladders on their
acheivment.They hardly think about their themself.most young professional like put off the thought of "SETTLING DOWN"who have hit their 30s dont seems to be hurry on their marriage life and this not a healthy trend.

more than 70% percent of the divorce case are ending like late marriage.The reason is simple the older are you.the more difficult it gets for you to adjust.people may think that they were happy to be a bachelor They dont want to committed relationship as it brings lo of extra baggage

youngsters today know what they want.With their high confidence levels and financial independence they are in no mood of compromise on nay front.once they cross a certain age ,they enter marriage with a preconceived mindset,making things all difficult.

couples today who opt for a divorce know they have options else where ,which is why effort to save the marriage is also missing The right age to get hitached is 25-26 to ensure more compatibility


mohthoom is one of the rare gentleman in this world.Terrific guy with tremendous attidude has a care free attitude towards his life one of the coolest freak to hang out .He is one funny guy he can even bring smiles to the dead body.He has quite a lot of talen one of the coolest and smartest guy in my class.He has a terrific six pack abs and v shaped body.All the college girls jus love him for that,I had to tell this truth he has an ever smiling face which tempts lot of girls but really,he is a class apart.he never gets angryalways playful he never gets bogged down by adversarie. he approaches all his problems with a stunningly cool & simple attitude.once u become his friend,u ll always be his friend no one can hate him .He will do anything for his friends.A great guy to be with on the whole one of the most unadultered person in this world.If u want to enjoy ur life,u have gotta be with him u really rock da.....keep rocking......don't forget this humble friend of urs....


Tooth brush has played a vital role in the maintanence of oral health and dental hygenic products.Sick people should change their toothbrush at the beginning of an illness and after they feel better.The only thing that matters is that you brush your teeth.Many just don't brush long enough. Most people brush less than a minute, but to effectively reach all areas and scrub off cavity-causing bacteria, it is recommended to brush for two to three minutes.

An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush that uses electric power to move the brush head, normally in an oscillating pattern, though electric toothbrushes are often called 'rotary' toothbrushes.. The
whizzing sounds of an electric toothbrush and the tingle of the rotary tufts swirling across teeth
and gums often captivates people who own electric toothbrushes and oral irrigators. They are advantageous because they can cover more area faster.
Electric toothbrushes are recom- mended for people who have limited manual dexterity, such as a disabled or elderly person and those who wear braces. Avoid mashing the tufts against your teeth in an effort to clean them. Use light force and slow movements, and allow the electric bristle action to do its job. oral irrigators is used to use a stream of water to remove food particales from your teeth

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Every knife has specific purpose and one should know to how to handle a kinve.Because it might have hurt you in some way.To get the best use of knives ,cooking is the best way to become easier to handle and to have more fun on that.Like,many of us have not know much about lets see e few thing the different variety tips for knives.

  1. CHIEF KNIFE:This knife were used by chief and hotel cookers .This kinfe is used for a variety of cutting and chopping work.The blade is normally 8-12 inches long and a few inches wide.
  2. UTILITY KNIFE:This knife is smaller and lighter knife which is used for cutting and slicing job.The blade is 5-6 inches.
  3. BREAD KNIFE:For slicing breads this kind of knife is useful.A bread knife is normally 8-10 inches
  4. CLEAVER:This is my special knife which is used for cutting meats and cutting through bones.This blade is usually for 10-15 inches.This is specially called chinese cutter.
  5. Paring kinfe: As the name indicated this is used for paring fruits ,trimming and dicing small fruits.This blade is usually 3-4 inches.


Are u a hard worker?,.you wont sleep during the exam time.? ARE u worried about your problem every time by grapsing all the things in your mind.Are u tierd of working 24 hrs per day? It is the main problem for mental illness.according to a report which produced by (NHRC),
mental illness may take over other cardiovascular diseases as the india by number one health
risk.depression or any other kind of mental illness doesn't come overnight .it's a slow process
and many thing contribute to it.

people who are working in IT industry have both work pressure as well as mental pressure,as the tension started increasing .they turned to smoking and drinking.this is well affect not only their health their mind too. for a small reason they will see more tensed.this is happening in all industry.not only in IT even people who got married and because of family problems they turn to chain smoker and a regualr drinker.This affect their family.

When a person suffering from a mind problem he need to go to doctor ,a regular check up
will find out the defects and the reason for that problem.Even a mild or moderate mind illness in a spam of 2-3 years to visiting a psychologist make them hesitant to get a good taking simple steps itself ,.ental illness can be taked easily


if you get a kick out of intrigue detectives as they unravel clues and solve difficult
murders and robberies ,then you would be disappointed with the televison industry.
Apart from stray serial like CID,channels for a long time now have not come up with anytime to cater to such audience.decades ago soaps like karmchand,techqiqat and byomkesh Bakshi managed to keep an entire nation glued to their TV sets.But today family dramas and reality shows have taken their place. TV industry has become like Bollywood channels only make shows that they feel will sell and generate good TRPs.Thrillers can be popular today if the packaging is good

Report Phone Numbers

Bugged up with anonymous phone calls? Most Americans are strangled by debt collectors, telemarketers and survey companies making phone calls to their customers. With Report Phone Numbers, you can now trace back the identity of the dialer. Just type in the phone number and the identity will flash on your screen. A recently started website provides the information about phone numbers.

At least someone may be received the phone calls like before and they give suggestion. This also lists thousands of numbers and you can know who is on the other end. So forget the caller ids and the telephone directory just go and have look at this reportphonenumbers website!!
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