Saturday, April 25, 2009

Michael schumacher unable to ride bike

Former formula one world champion Michael schumacher has called off a planned start this weekend in the German super bike series,saying he was still feeling the effects of a crash two months ago.The record seven-time F1 champion was due to complete in the first race of the German IDM series at the lausitzring in eastern Germany.
"unfortunately i have had to call it because i am not yet the moment i can just about manage to ride a bicycle.when i have to my neck quickly .Who retired from formula one at the end of 2006 after 91 grand pr ix victories,said Te crash at cartage had shown he was riding at his limit on the wrong track

acne products

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random thoughts in life

Imagine your life is like a journey by road from one far away place in time to another.let the road you take be your path-your are a car.and there are many like you on the road.some cars will begin the journey with you,they are in your life from the start may have bad accidents so they will you continue your journey some cars will join another they have no longer affect your life.however,a few could possible join the route again after a while.some cars could remain on the same route as you throughout the journey.they will always be there with you.some cars may join your route later,while others join your route later,while others may try to damage you,this is the great journey of life akin to journey of the road.
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