Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am not sita in ravana-Aishwariya

aishwarya rai bachchan who is currently shooting for director mani ratnam's film ravana said her character is not called sita in the film that also stars her husband abhishek bachchan. the name of my character is not sita. i am playing a women who has similarities with the sita of ramayana the actress said aishwarya however refused to give further details about ravana at the moment. you will have to wait ad watch. all i can say that it is an intense flim set in todat's time and mani has given a totally new percpective to the art of dtorytelling she said. aishwarya said it is always a pleasure to act with abhisek. it is always a pleasant experiance working with actirs like abhisek. i am not saying it just because i am his wife, but the fact eamains that he is one of the nicest co-actors i have seen so far, she said.talking about pink panther 2, which has released in india friday. aishwarya said the flim in india friday aaishwarya said the flim is a joyride. anyone who is familiar with english flims and pink panther will know what i mean when i say the flim is a joyride. although i have a small role in the flim i said yes only because i wanted to work with steve martin.

San Francisco

MY college friend was searching for San Francisco pictures to put in his computer as well some collection photographs. he said their another friend assigned them to compile pictures of places in the United States. he is a second courser, taking up tourism as her second course. he has already compiled pictures from the other places except for those from San Francisco. So he visited me today here at Honeysweet for help. Whew... took me about thirty minutes to get beautiful pictures. I found them mostly from .It amazes me how the pictures in the site were taken. Very good lighting and photography techniques and styles. AH! The eye of the photographer, as well as the hand that guided his craft.So anyway, he left happy and excited, while I too am happy for having helped a friend in need.So,this is the best site for san Francisco photographs.You can see all the beautiful nature and reports over here.This is the usefull site to.

College guys sleep's in ATM centre Late night

Students who study in college outside the city like to spend their free time and weekends in the city,however ,due to the lack of public transport after 11 pm they find themselves in a spot.The trend to stay out all night in an experience that almost all college students go through "Almost every guy in the hostel had at least one night out before finishing first year.i remember in the first year of college.
According to students,it is lack of guards that give them the freedom to sleep inside AT M' is a thumbs us question for all such students who feel apart from the safety the air conditioning in an added bonus!.Though such an activity should not be encouraged students feel that the concerned authorities should provide late night travel options like mumbai or Delhi.The city is dead after ten.Even if we have urgent work,we are stranded.A 24/7 transport facility is urgently needed.

high school reunions

School is the second place ,after home,where the foundation of an individual is laid.for 12 years one's life revolves within the walls and playground of the school forming the foundation of some happy memories in later life.every school session means another year closer to leaving the protected environs of your Alma mater and stepping into a new life outside its the demand on you to be more disciplined and grown up become greater with each passing semester.remember that the difference between school and home,for example,your home has you and your siblings doing things the way you want.on the other hand school is the abode of many ,all of whom if allowed to be in disciplined could possible cause teaches you that "no man is an island"if we all stand together,shoulder to shoulder we can achieve great attention it case of a doubt ,raise your hand and ask the to meet that wonder full life again we have a high school reunions site for making our old friends to meet and have a reunion teaches you that "no man is an island"if we all stand together,shoulder to shoulder we can achieve great attention it case of a doubt ,raise your hand and ask the teachers.avoid bringing distraction,crackers,marbles and toys.why the six hours spent here mutt have a balance between studies,games and fun,follow the schedule and make sure you are geared fop each class.happy schooling.

Watermelons to help regain lost virility

one may find it hard to believe but the humble watermelon is now being heralded as the next best alternation to Viagra. according to a recent American study, the rind of the fruit that is rich in cirtrulline which is also sold as a performance_enhancing dietary supplement for athletes and is capable of reducing muscle fatigue, could soon be a cure for erectile dysfunction. Dr. p shankar a sex specialist says, their are many fruits and vegetables which are known to be aids in the sexual sphere. even bananas, which are primary constituency's in several people's diet is said to have such properties similar to onions, a milder aphrodisiac of sorts. however, unlike drugs produced out of research it is difficult to prove or disprove that natural aphrodisiacs help improve libido. R.Rohini, a nutritionist second the viewpoint saying, fruits are good for health due to its many nutrients. but one should not expect some magical stimulation through its consumption. melons cannot induce a Viagra_like effect and we should not fool ourselves into thinking because sex drive is something triggered by the mind.whether it does help one regain virility's or not stands in question. nevertheless, it seems the fruit vendor are the ones having the last laugh in hopes of melons driving their business more than any other fruit town ....

Furniture home

Furniture is one of the best infra-structure in every one's home.but,many people will have a blur thought to which furniture is best to have and which type of furniture is suit for their place and low prices isn't easy to find. Here at Furniture home you will never shop in a recliner chaise store again! Save thousands of dollars and countless hours searching for just the living room furniture furnishings product.A piece of furniture will last lifetimes if it is well living room built,thus we pride yourself on our quality,custom craftsmanship and attention to detail.The all metal construction assures you long lasting enjoyment of this set. The recliners are wall huggers (except the chaise) which means you can have the set only a couple of inches off the wall in your home.Features metal drop-in unitized seat box for strength and durability. All metal construction to the floor for strength and durability. The reclining mechanism features infinite positions for comfort.Also their focus is obviously on furniture (that’s their name) but it would have been nicer to just cater for the entire house & include some nice bedroom furniture too. They could also add in garden furnishings and even more accessories and decorations for the home, that way it’s really a one-stop shop especially for new home owners.Overall, the site’s easy to navigate, clean, and many items are available in ’stand alone’ rather than as part of a suite. If you’re looking for quality furnishings, I’d say check the site.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Film making is no cakewalk

if you are one of the many young people wanting to make it big in there film industry,you would already know the Carree paths on offer,acting,direction cinematography,editing marketing etc all.However Thar's so much information floating around from various sources that may you find it confusing and difficult to make sense of it all.Which film institute is the best for you to join or are institutes even worth joining?so here's a snap shot of what it will take you to pursue the career of your dreams and what steps you need to take to get there .The Asian academy of filming and television and Asian school of media studies boasts of having their students working in yash raj films.Balaji  telefilms and sub ash ghai's mukta arts among other popular names.meritorious students interested in working for the government are usually snapped up from theses institutes by doordarshan lok shaba TV career option also exist in the equally creative field of advertising which professionals do between the shooting of the movies or fulltime if they get the opportunity.
A word of caution.before you step involve into tensely town,fil making involves a lot of hard work.All the glamour that you see screen is really a smokescreen.There are lakes of students trying to get into much loved art of film making,but everyone doesn't get through.But who says you shouldn't try...

Megan fox and Brian austin green are quiet together

The transformer revenge of the fallen star Megan fox and Brian Austin green are said to have made a mutual decision to separate after three years together,A source said The relation ship had run its course ,it's completely amicable,and they are remaining friends.They are both focusing on their screen.Brian 35 is also an actor and has regularly appeared on TV show terminator .the Sarah Connor chronicle ,The couple ,who showed their love for each other by getting tattoos,met in 2004 before getting engaged in 2006.only a few months ago,Megan was still thinking about marriage,She said it's not going to be a good wedding,I'm not one f those girls,if it happen sit will be very low key and quick and unplanned.rumours that their romance was on the rock were sparked in January,when Megan the golden globes alone...

website design

performance and high availability are critical at Web sites that receive large numbers of requests. This article presents several tech-niques—including redundant hardware, load balancing, Web server acceleration, and efficient management of dynamic data—that can beused at popular sites to improve performance and availability
he site visibility, large number of requests, and amount of data made per-formance and high availability critical design issue.Web Full Circle is reviewing portfolios of qualified web developer contractors to develop high quality web projects for varied and distinguished clientele. This position requires the ability to consistently produce a high volume of superior quality work, meet tight deadlines and follow-up with clients to complete website design assignments on time. A positive attitude, a great work ethic and willingness to see projects through to completion are required. Great customer service skills are also required.Web Full Circle is a Technology Service Firm that specializes in providing service that provides a one-stop solution for information technology needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Our goal is to provide companies with an Enterprise class service tailored for the small and mid-sized business needs

Keira knightly loves men who take pride in shoes

The duches keira knightly,who has been dating actor Rupert friend for three years,insists she would only ever go out with someone who takes pride in their footwear.The 23 year old actress said"i go for someone who is little brooding and somebody you can have a good conversation with,good fight with,who will always keep guessing and make you laugh.And he has to have good shoes.This isn't the first time keira has spoken about her shoe obsession.The British beauty previously revealed buying expensive footwear is one of her biggest extravagances.if i See pair of shoes that i adore and they haven't got them in my size,i still have to house with Rupert might not have a lot of furniture but it's got a lot of my shoes.

San Antonio Home Insurance

One of the biggest ways we can save on our San Antonio home insurance is to take a higher deductible. A deductible is the amount that we agree to pay out of pocket before our insurance company will pay on our claim and is a predetermined amount set at the time we purchase our policy. Be aware that not all security systems will qualify so check with San Antonio Home Insurance agent to find out which systems might be eligible and which ones will give us the greatest discount. No matter where we live, whether it’s a single family dwelling, an apartment or a condo, we always need to have some type of home insurance .Insurance on your home is a prerequisite and will be compulsory by your debt association if your home is financed. If you own your home free and clear, homeowners word is a great idea. Not most people could means to reinstate a home should it be shop-worn or broken by a fire, an action of nature, or any alternative inauspicious way.You might essentially need one or some-more of the exclusions and will need to find a home word association which will suggest you which coverage. You need to investigate and delicately examination all the report you find in sequence to have an prepared purchase.

Clooney denies renting vilaa to beckham

George coolony has dismissed suggestions that he has lent Italian vila to british soccer ace david beck ham.He was reacting to the reports that said that the Los angles galaxy star had moved in to clooney's lake Como retreat,while he plays on loan for Italian club AC Milan.Clooney reportedly offered the luxurious property to beck ham after mutual friend giorgio Armani introduced the duo last year.however,the ocean's elven star's Representatives have slammed the prized property in to a holiday future.One hundred percent not true George is firming in America at this time.He is not renting the hi house to anyone and that would include David the daily express quoted the spokesperson...

Wasim akram excudes confidence in women's team

Former Pakistan cricket captain wasim akram has urged the women's cricket team to perform to their potential in the forthcoming ICC women's world cup.he want to see the Pakistan team go out there ans give its best .it has nothing to lose as it not amongst the top-ranked teams.This should lessen the pressure on tha players and when you have nothing to lose and nothing to ten to move your best.expressing his happiness over the women's team qualification for playing in the world women's team qualification for playing in the world cup,he said that the team has the talent to know that Pakistan women's cricket team has qualified for the world is great to know that Pakistan for the world clearly proves that team has the talent that is required to line up with best in women's cricket.

Web hosting choice

A world wide web(www)web of world wide servers connected to the internet provide an easily used and understood method of accessing electronic contenent.Increased accessibility to target audiences, 24 x 7 operations, simplified informationsharing – these are just a few benefits that a Web presence brings to businesses ofall sizes.
A service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.Web hosting are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity. However, even comparing the variety of services may sound like a daunting task.Reading reviews can be beneficial only if you are aware of your specific needs. In order to find the best solution for your website or blog, you must know what exactly you are looking for. Some of the important points of consideration in this regard may include the amount of web space, bandwidth, and your budget.As example if reader needs to know what is top 10 Unix Hosting service in industry they can view rating on Unix Hosting and find out what are the companies in top tire of the business. It guide on blog hosting services with several categories including word press. It is very good news for hosting service providers that they provide chance to submit information of any web hoster onto their hosting rating platform.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bono is just naughty boy when he's with u2

The group's bassist Adam Clayton Syd he and his band mates,guitarist The edge ,and drummer Larry Mullen Jr bring bono,who is known for his political campaigning back down to the earth adam said "when bono's back down the earth band,he's not a messiah,he just a naughty boy,"he added but it has been fascinating to see his persuasion grow.At any table he tends to be the most interesting person  there .There's great wisdom and knowledge to be gained from was recently revealed booms distractions from music nearly split up u2.this charity issues would end the Irish group.

Jermain Defoe dumped by girlfriend

Tottering hot spur ace Jermain Defoe has been dumped by his model girl friend Chantalle houghton because he's difficult to trust.Just a week ago, Defoe recovering from a broken toe,and houghton  were seen kissing on a romantic Dubai break.however ,soon after their return she gave him the elbow in an emotional phone call after fretting about his close relationships with female friends.he's difficult guy to trust .she was always worrying what he was up of the world quoted a pal,as saying ,Defoe has history of cheating on girlfriends.Apart from houghton,he has dated ex fiancee Charlotte mears,Daniele Lloyd David beck ham's little sister joanne,glamour girl sirrah giggle and ex-big bur star aisyleyne horgon-Wallace Chantalle has never really been sure about Jermain.he has a string aof girl friends and is always on the phone.


ou want to get tanned in just a couple minutes without going to the beach or in a salon?Tanning at home can be a great way to relieve the stresses of everyday Sunvision Tanning Beds life in a warm, comfortable environment. From fold-down units to full-featured, salon quality tanning beds, ETS Tan has a model to fit your needs and budget. Why not tan in the privacy of your own home using your ownYou could be ready before Tanning Bed summer even gets here. There are lots of styles to choose from at Home Tanning Bed .

Bianca follows in daddy's footsteps

Stepdaughter of football legend gascoigne and glamour model biance gascoigne is back to her boozy self just fee days vowing to give it up.the 22 year old model had pledged to quit alcohol after MTV showed her drunkely stumbling over a sun-longer during a modelling trip in Spain ,reports The daily star the busty model confessed she was afraid she would end up like her alcholoic step dad.Biance was seen downing round after round of Guinness and vodka at a night club.While promising to keep dry she said it's a scary thing I'm having scans.i drink a lot and they'll probably say I've got the liver of a 50 year-old I'm scared about the resutls

Home insurance

Most people are covered through the workplace, so when they lose their jobs, they lose their health benefits. On average, for each jobless worker who has lost insurance, at least one child or spouse covered under the same policy has also lost protection, public.Every homeowner knows how important it is to have a HOME INSURANCE.It's better to be safe than sorry, so insure your valuables.It's important to understand that whether you own the structure you live in or not that you still need to take responsibility and make sure you have Fort Worth home insurance coverage against certain potential losses. Your insurance will cover all your possessions in case something unexpected happen.Home insurance can help you with this need, they have affordableFort Worth Home Insurance that will sure take care of your personal possessions just in case a fire or some unforeseen event happen.Many insurance companies today are offering affordable in order to reach such standard or level of earnings of many people. At their site, you are able to get the best quotes needed and information are provided as well.

Rooney finally finds his match

A footie wonder kid hailed as the new Rooney has found his Coleen in the sizzling shape out holly oaks babe Melissa reeves.And at 16,the beauty has become the premier league's youngest WAG.The daily star said,ever tone ace jack rod well17,is set for star Dom after wowing fans with his goal and all-round performance  to help knock Aston villa out of the FA cup.pundits have compared the teenager to Rooney,23 who made his debut for ever ton at 16 before moving to Manchester united,And midfielder jack is not just copying Wayne's on the pitch heroics.Like the united star,who married Coleen 22,after meeting her on the streets of Liverpool,jack is reportedly smitten with his scours sweetheart Melisa.pals have dobbed them the new Rooney's because their relationship mirrors Wayne and Coleen's so closely.

Ware house boards

There are different types of skateboards with varying characteristics for different types of riding ( i.e. slalom,freestyle, or speed). Some boards are rated to the weight of the intended user.Before using their boards, riders should checkthem for hazards, such as loose, broken, orcracked parts; sharp edges on metal boards; slippery top surface; and wheels with nicks and  like the best way to buy this kind of borad is skate boards.Protective gear, such as helmets, wristguards,and elbow and knee pads, is recommended because it can reduce the number and severity of injuries.In-line skating, skateboarding and roller skating on Blind Skateboards campuses, whether for recreation or transportation, must meet the basic requirements of common courtesy and are to be conducted in a safe manner, giving priority to pedestrians, particularly individuals who are mobility-impaired, as well as cooperating with motorists on campus.As people discover the fun and convenience of getting around on scooters, skateboards and in-lineskates, it’s important to know that injuries are also on the rise. Most injuries occur when a rider falls,resulting in fractures or dislocation to the arms or hands. More serious injuries, like those to the head,are also on the rise,so be safe in doing all this adventure and keep your mind out...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Srilankan Team attacked by pakistan terror-Live video updated

There have been terror strikes on the peripheries of cricket, but this is the first time players have been directly targeted. The Sri Lankans were on their way to the Gaddafi Stadium when their bus was attacked by five armed terrorists near Liberty market. Habibur Rehman, chief commissioner of police, said 12 masked terrorists fired at the Sri Lankan team bus. The gunmen shot at the wheels of the bus and also injured the driver. A grenade was also thrown at the bus but it missed.It is a source of great sadness that there have been a number of fatalities in this attack and it is also very upsetting for the wider cricket family that some of the Sri Lanka players and one match official have been injured in this attack. At this time our thoughts and prayers are with the injured people and also the families of those who have died."Speaking from Sri Lanka, Sanath Jayasuriya said that it was an "extremely unfortunate incident. "We've never had this kind of problem," Jayasuriya told CNN-IBN. "They are all safe, that's the good news I got when I spoke to Kumar. I don't think they'll stay back and play. I think they will come back as soon as possible. Depends on the injuries.clcik her for video 1

Hostile kids need care

Is your child turning aggressive ,Take care as such a temperament can hamper his mental health and overall development.If you are getting frequent complaints from your child's class teacher on his hostile behaviour,Then it's cause to be alarmed because aggressiveness can harm the overall development of a child.According to experts,There has been 20 per cent rise in the case of pre-teen violence in the past five years.And it is likely to rise in coming years,if not curbed in the initial stages.Psychologists believe that one of the prime reasons for the rise in aggressiveness among among children is to seek attention .By acting cruel towards someone or something,a child wants to divert attention towards,a child wants to divert attention towards himself.There are many reason WHO a child turns violent and act rowdy.Children are these days are not utilising their psychical energies and are spending most of their times sitting at home.They are also addicted to violent video games and TV hows..The high carbohydrate and fat content in junk food causes chemical imbalance in the body and leads to raging hormones..
They should make it mandatory to avoid using abusive language and impasse a strict no-no to physical violence at home.Fix a routine for children,where they should essentially spend time outside home doing some physical activity.if the child is still not showing any signs or improvement,get them professional help.

Web hosting

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.Web hosting are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity.There are hundreds of websites devoted to recommending web hosting have a web site design and now your problem is making it available to your visitors - the solution is a hosting comparison service to meet your needs. However, even comparing the variety of services may sound like a daunting task.Reading reviews can be beneficial only if you are aware of your specific needs. In order to find the best hosting comparison for your website or blog, you must know what exactly you are looking for. Some of the important points of consideration in this regard may include the amount of web space, bandwidth, and your budget.You have a web site design and now your problem is making it available to your visitors - the solution is a hosting service to meet your needs.None of this needs to be complicated. While there are an uncountable number of web hosting companies, not all have the solution for If you are planning to launch a new website or blog, a good web hosting.You may regard may include the amount of web space, bandwidth, and your budget.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Any job will do????????

How are students coping with recession?are jobs readily available to them?.With recession taking its toll,jobs aren't readily offered to students.Many who have just graduated or are going  to graduate in the coming months are literally AR crossroads with no job in hand and a question mark when in hand and a question mark when it comes to the next step.Further studies have been put on hold as many can't imagine thinking of repaying their loan in these tough times.While some are sitting at home and making most of this free time,many are felling useless and don't know how to deal with the current market situation.How are they spending their time?What can they do to help them deal with situation?Students who are graduating soon are the ones feeling the pinch.A degree isn't your saviour finding a job is the key to survival today.Enterprising ones can take a loan ans start their own business,for those who can't do that,i would suggest taking up a marketing job.The alarming trend of these people asking for such small jobs led them to conclusion that a degree isn't your savior today.Finding a job is the key to survival.The focus in these tough times is to find a job.Any job will do as long as it gives you the requisite experience

beta glucan

Greenpath Supplements offers a that not only works as an immune booster but can also enhance the effectiveness of other antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-parasitic medications. Each bottle of beta-glucan is proven to be 90% pure, and is sodium, lactose, and gluten-free. Another benefit is that beta-glucan can also reduce your risk of heart disease. I had never heard of this supplement before, but it's definitely something worth looking into.Though many people take chemically manufactured vitamins to maintain a healthy body,natural herbal supplements have always remained to be the best.If you are looking for high quality natural herbal supplements,then you are at the right place provides you a lot of beta glucan natural herbal supplements that are really good for both your body and the mind.In the bran cereal grains, there is present polysaccharide named as beta-glucons. It also present in the baker’s yeast fungi, barley oats etc… beta glucan derived from baker's yeast has a different molecular structure than that of its soluble counterparts and has a greater biological activity due to its structural "branching". Yeast derived are notable for their immunomodulatory function.It offers a wide variety of health products.

Chicago links street cameras to 911 network

Crime busters have a new tool up their sleeve.At first glance,Chicago's latest crime-fighting strategy seems to be plucked from a Hollywood screenplay .Someone see es a thief dipping into a salvation Army kettle in a crowd of shoppers on state street and dials 911 from a cell phone ,within seconds,a video image of the caller's location is beamed.onto a dispatcher's computer screen.An officers arrives and by police radio is directed to the suspect,whose description and precise location are conveyed by the dispatcher watching the video,leading to a quick arrest.
The chain of events actually happened in the loop in December .it can also connect to cameras at private site.if a 911 caller reports that someone left a back pack on the sidewalk,will the camera image of someone who app eras to be of Arab or south Asian descent make police  decide that person is suspicious.911 system do not violate privacy rights because the cameras are installed in public location.The worries are police can use technology to listen to anyone who happens to be talking in a public location,which would raise serious privacy concerns.


Racknine is the evolution of its former company, Couple Guys Consulting. Originally founded in February of 1997, Couple Guys Consulting grew as a leader in automated website management, developing the popular and widely-used SiteTools content-creation system. Couple Guys Consulting entered the web hosting arena in 1999 after being unable to find a reliable method to outsource its hosting arrangements. A subsidiary (CGC Network) was formed to handle hosting needs of both Couple Guys Consulting’s web presence as well as needs of a quickly growing userbase who were also unhappy with their current hosts. Hardware solutions were heavily researched, technical staff was hired and trained, and CGCNetwork’s experience in high quality dedicated - and shared - hosting began.Racknine technical support will address needed patches, backups, monitoring and vulnerability assessments. Customers can get the power of a dedicated server without having to perform all of the administrative tasks associated with an unmanaged account such as server startup, patching and anti-virus protection. Add-on services, with the purchase of a service contract, include security scans, backup and recovery, monitoring and escalation management, at no additional fee. Custom engineering options are also available, billed at a flat hourly rate. The plan can be added to qualified dedicated hosting accounts during the purchase process. While users are provided with a basic startup environment, RackNine can also assist customers who have special needs.

Atlantis spotted on google earth

Ever since google introduced its virtual globetrotting software google earth,a treasure trove of odd findings have been unearthed by browsers,including images of anthropomorphic landmass and giant pink business.can the mythical city of Atlantis,described by Greek philosopher Plato,be added to that list?.
British aeronautical engineer Bernie bamford sighted a mysterious grid of undersea lines grid of undersea lines while browsing through google earth's new underwater search tool.The strange pattern was spotted off the western coast of Africa,Apparently  near one of the possible sites  of the legendary island.According to Cnet,google waved off claims tat the bizarre pattern could be linked to the fabled sunken city,saying the criss-cross pattern of lines were remments of sonar equipped boats collecting data from the ocean floor.Not everyone is buying google explanation.debates are raging on sites such as digg and face book over true identity of watery discovery

Online Penny Auctions

Electronics stuff becomes very important in our life. You can clean your clothes by the washing machines. You can take your family pictures with your digital camera. You know that the price for the electronic stuff isn’t cheap. We can say that it’s quite expensive and sometimes hard to get. But how if you can bid the electronics you want?
if you are interested in incredibly affordable priced stuff, visit their site today at You can read on the site information how the bidding works. They have amazing deals, brand new stuff like 52″ high-def TV´s, Super-Fast Laptops, Cool Cell phones, and fashionable clothing. The nice thing about this auction site is that, they have brand new factory or store warranties.
To bid the electronics you want, you can click and get what you want. The bidray let you bid the electronics you want. You can get a new digital camera, a widescreen monitor, a handycam, and also a GPS. You also can bid Online Penny Auctions the price. The price you offer must be higher than the price that the penny auctions offer. You can start bid online, and by clicking the website, you can see the stuff they bid to you. After you make a deal with the penny auctions, you can take what you want after make a payment from paypal. If you register yourself now, you can receive ten bids for free.

Better digital cinema -Sony

Sony is generally perceived as the market leader in video,but when it comes to digital cinema,the company has a lot of catching up to do.Its main competitor,Texas instruments,supplies the underlying projection technology used by several manufactures,and T.I technology is now in about 15 times as many digital screen as Sony's is.But Sony is one a tear bundling its 4k SXRD digital cinema technology with ancillary services into what it says is a superior product.The company thinks it can increase 4K's penetration from its current 300 screens to 3,000 within the next two years.T.I system creates an image with just 2.2 million pixels,or 6.6 percent more resolution than a home high definition screen.Sony's 4k system creates an image with four times that resolution,or 8.8 million pixels.The difference ,Sony argues ,is a sharper,more pristine image,with deeper contrast and richer colors.of course technology does not come cheap.while companies won't quote prices.Sony says that its digital projection hardware costs about 10to 15 per cent more the T.I system....

Honda city is the indian car of the year

The much awaited Indian car of the year and Indian motorcycle of the year awards were announced recently.Honda siel walked away with yet another award for their Honda city,as it was selected as the Indian car of the year award.The city beat the i20 by sis points,which was trailed by fabia by another four points with 58 overall points.While the contenders were stronger than ever in the four-wheeler segment on the four-wheeler category,the competition wasn't tough.considering only cars and bikes launched in 2008 qualify for the competition,a very small group of bikes were nominated for the grand prize.of them the Yamaha YZF R15 won the indian motorcycle of the year award with 44 points followed by fz16 with  37 points and stunner 21 points.

Course hero for students

At a time when students are in need of that extra attention apart from their school education ,which employs a single teacher for a hundred heads,live online interactive classes might come as a relief to the parent.Course hero  is the next step in the future education that aims to make available quality education through the world wide web and is the first of its kind in world.The initiative was launched in india in collaboration with the american company.In course hero  you can study anywhere as long as you are carrying Texas A&M University HIST 105 on with you your favourite laptop computer. You can enjoy the facilities of HIST 105 Study Guide this kind of education because you can even study at home, in the office or while you are travelling.This discussion will enable us to identify these big universities and the degree they offer for students as well as for other people who dream of finishing their careers through course hero.The sharing of knowledge has been around for centuries, and the choice of whether Texas A&M Study Guide or not to use it in a honest fashion lies within the hands of the users. Sites such as Course Hero are seeking to make the sharing of knowledge more efficient, and better suited for those learning and studying in the web 2.0 world. Instead of criticizing a movement that is bound to happen, you should think of ways to encourage students History Study Guide to use such sources in an honest manner. Online resource communities are simply attempting to provide students with more advanced study tools, that may be better suited for their learning and life styles. It is up to the user to decided the manner in which they utilizes such tools, and those who succeed will most likely be the ones who do so in an honest, diligent manner.

Lexus Hybrids can slash co2 by 2050

Although based on research data's collected over 50 years in the us ,the  findings the strengthen the hybrid car war.The quantum of carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles anticipated in the year 2050 could be cut down to 2000 levels if all cars on the roads were hybridised,a new study has shown.The study by Brian stone,associates professor at Georgia institute of technology,us looked at 11 major metropolitan region of the Midwestern US overa a 50- year period.he took into account three different scenarios.The use of hybrid vehicles and two different urban growth scenarios through which population density was increased over time.
one approach is to improve veichle technology and become more efficient.we can use less gas and reduce tailpipe emission of c02.The second approach is to change behaviour by changing the way we design cities.we can travel less and take more walking and transit trips.It would be possible for virtually all cars on the roads by 2050 to be hybrid electrical vehicles more competitive.To meet these global targets,carbon dioxide emissions from all sectors in the us would need to return to 1990 levels or lower .

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Densie Richards on the hunt for new love

Denise Richards is struggling to find a new man.The wild things actress,who is divorced from charlies sheen previously dated rocker Richie sambora,wants to find love and is  tired of being romantically linked to every guy she is seen with.When asked if she is dating.Denise  said "i am is hard.if you're out in public with someone,then people automatically think you're with them,so it can be difficult.i haven't quiet figured out how to meet somebody.That is the part.Let's say i am not engaged to anyone."Denise field for divorce from charlie in 2005 after three years of marriage.The pair,who have two daughters,four-year old SAM and Lola rose,three .battled over custody of their kids and Denise sought a restraining order against charlie.

Anti spam website

If you are looking for an anti-spam and anti-virus application, all rolled into one, you should try .which offers antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-hacker personal firewall protection. While it’s not the free anti spam software everyone is looking for it .Ryan pitylak is now working with businesses to provide effective anti-spam consulting services.Blocking spam is an ongoing task that requires constant attention.  Computer technology is catching up to counter all the spam games, and over time, these systems will become advanced enough to hopefully eliminate the vast majority of spam.  Spam is already blocked in substantially high numbers.The landscape of the spam industry is changing daily, and an effective campaign against spam requires the right knowledge to stop the unwanted email before it becomes a problem.Ryan Pitylak can help tweak your spam fighting system to make sure that it is performing at the highest blocking rate possible.  Delivering custom solutions, Ryan Pitylak has the experience to fight against any type of spam.
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