Saturday, May 23, 2009

T. Rajendran Feat Kamal hasan..

hii guys actually i dont want to publish this video...but wat to do..everyone wwant to laugh for some time..but i dont want to compare kamal with him..but we can enjoy the creativity by this ,and have a greta time by seeing this video..

Friday, May 22, 2009


Gifts!Gifts!Gifts!My heart flutters,my eyes twinkles with joy whenever I receive gifts from my near and dear ones,it's always packed with surprises & love.I take immense care in preserving them and also pay attention to tiny things while I plan to present my friends with gifts.The joy of giving and joy of receiving remains undefined to me till date."Think of giving not as a duty but as privilege"-don't u agree with this.

A couple of days back I happened to read a story titled "Gift of Maggi"(most of u would be familiar with it)where Della goes to the extent of losing her treasured possession to gift her beloved Jim on the Christmas occasion,perhaps I am reading this story for the Nth time but I never get bored of it,a truly touching story that provoked me to share my insights on "art of gifting".


All through the year one has weddings,birthdays,naming ceremonies and a whole load of other occasion where one is expected to present a gift.I strongly feel that,before gifting a person we need to know him superficially at least.I am sure a quick glimpse of this post will render you with useful tips to choose the apt gift for the person to whom you desire to present.
If your friend is a ........

Romantic Person: Cuter pair of teddies,Loads of chockies,CD's/Cassettes of romantic melodies will be a perfect choice.
Intellectual Person: Branded pens,Books-they serve to be their best friends -good novels,biographies will prove handy(Don't scare them away with books that bear gory pics/stories)
Adventurous Person: Anything that is made out of leather such as shoes, wallets,belts,bags and jackets. Gift them with a holiday package(make sure that it doesn't make a hole in your pocket)
Aesthetic Person: Crockery wares,Wall paintings,Accessories with ethnic touch,Scented candles-A symbol of spreading light into ur friends life.


"It's all about how you present".Even small gifts can be made special if you pay a little attention to detail and wrap it with care .It makes the recipient feel special.

Squeeze ur brains!

Today it's in vogue to present gifts in swirled ribbons,customized gift sacks,attractive wrapping and logo branded boxes.

Buy different designs of paper-ethnic,flowery,polka dots.
Go in for gift bags with funky designs.
Good old newspapers can be transformed with splashes of color and flower package toppers-to make the gift look different.


Most of us would have ended up in gifting our beloved ones with a bouquet,ceramic dolls,cards irrespective of their taste,age & sex.Doesn't it sound monotonic.Check out this list that break stereotypes:

How about gifting your parents a dinner for two at a special restaurant or for a play,music show,movie,fashion show.
Gourmet chocolates will always be appreciated(even those on a diet) .
Those who have girl friends-Gift them with a special treatment at spa or beauty salon.
Cologne to guys & perfumes to ladies (never mess with it).
A vintage bottle of wine and watch their eyes dazzle (tongues too) :-)
Albums/photo frames with cute photos that may cherish the receivers memory.


In few months time each one of us would be associated with some corporate company or the other.Pay heed to this you can woo your boss & ur peers by making a choice from these ubiquitous options that range from decor,paper products,crystal ware to digital gadgets.An ideal one would be a dairy which most executives cant's do without.

1-2-3 Steps to plan your gift:

Why not plan ahead about the gifts so that you can avoid a mad scramble as the occasion arises.

Stock up on general gifts like knick-knacks,pen sets,candles etc.
Look out for good bargain,u can combine several small gifts together to make it a larger one.

Jot down lists of people you need to gift whenever you find appropriate gifts for those on ur list,tick it off.
So what are you waiting for...plan for the new year..get the best ones for ur dear ones..HAPPY GIFTING!

Ban smoking!!!

On Oct 2, 2008 the world’s biggest public smoking ban came into effect in India. With 1 million people losing their life every year due to smoking, the ban was implemented to prevent smoking in public places like stations, government offices, airports, amusement hubs (theatres, malls etc), and hotels among others.

India is the third largest market for cigarettes, with up to 250 million smokers and around 102 billion cigarettes sold every year. Though it is too soon to know whether the ban would be a success or not, it did fail on the first day as the authorities were ignorant about the new law. Further, ITC along with Indian Hotel Association is planning to go to the Supreme Court in November to challenge the ban. Higher taxes, pictorial warnings and now a ban are likely to come as a big blow for India’s largest cigarette manufacturer, ITC. The company earns around 60% of its revenues from the cigarette division.

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Indian Growth story

India has achieved amazing economic growth in the recent years.

Better jobs and increased salaries have improved the standard of living of people and changed the way they view things.

And the transformation is there for everybody to see..

Computers are penetrating the middle class Indian population at an astonishing rate and PC sales are at an all-time high. Air-conditioners are now considered a necessity rather than luxury.

There are large malls everywhere ...consisting of restaurants offering international cuisines, multistoried bookstores, showrooms for expensive furniture, whole shops for electronic gadgets, jewels, high-end clothing apparel, sports goods and what not.

The number of people owning cars and houses has also gone up dramatically in the last 3 years.

Nowadays, if people feel that spending money on something will make their lives more enjoyable, they do it without having second thoughts. They have extra money to spend at their discretion now!

And how has this new economic environment benefited Indian companies?

Obviously yes, that over the last 10 years, the sales and profits of BSE-30 companies has grown by about 8 times.

It is a remarkable achievement indeed.

But There Is Also A Downside To This Growth...

While the recent economic growth has been great for India on one hand, it has also caused unprecedented problems on the other.

Sure, economic development has generated more jobs and transformed the lives of millions.

But to meet the demands of the ever-expanding population and sustain this growth in the long run, India needs some basic amenities - starting with simple requirements like POWER.

And this is where the problem lies.


Any person would be satisfied if he has enough power to light a bulb for reading, cooking some hot food, keeping his home cool in summer and doing other small things that electricity can do.

But even this is not happening in India right now.

What is happening actually is...

Frequent power outages are bringing people's lives to a complete standstill.
People can hardly plan work, meetings or any other activity anymore.
Dinner parties are completely ruled out, so even their social life has also been affected severely.
Students can't study after they come from school due to lack of power.
Shopkeepers are forced to close shop early because of the late evening power cuts.
And these are just a few.

Imagine the plight of industries and factories which are totally dependent on electricity for their functioning.

To be frank, the problem is so bad I could go on with this forever.

You and I may live in a city where the problem is not so severe. That doesn't mean the problem does not exist.

This problem does exist and it's as real as it can get.

Technical Memory

Being a fresher, I'm waiting for a call from my company. Meanwhile, I thought I could develop my skills, be it reading for certification exam or develop my inter-personal skills or develop a hobby like origami, or even improve my memory(PP who know me better know that I'm not very good at remembering)... So, just start ted exploring ways of doing it. And I'm keeping a note of what I do. Just 2 days back, I went to British Council library and got a book to improve my memory.. It is awesome, it is working and I can already feel the difference... So, just thought I could share some of my experiences and techniques with you...

The first thing I learnt is every human brain is capable of remembering everything, if we train it to do so. As most of you people must be knowing, the left side of the cortex processes the following:
Similarly, the right side of the cortex processes the following mental functions:
spatial awareness
Gestalt(whole picture)
So, it seems that the left side of the brain is actively involved in memory. For those of you who believe that, it's the wrong point. A person can remember much more if we train the left and right side of the brain to work together.

The two underlying principles for an extended and a perfect memory are:
Simple, isn't it... In the further posts, I'll write about some of the techniques about improving memory. Till then keep imagining (in the wildest way possible) and keep associating(everything and anything with everything else..;))...

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Influenced by the rising strength of the dollar, the Indian rupee has been on a depreciating trend since the start of the year. Infact, the rupee fell to 44.88 a dollar, the lowest level in almost 21 months on speculation that oil importers were buying dollars as crude fell toward US$ 100 a barrel. Also contributing to the Indian currency’s decline has been the weakness in the stock market, as foreign investors choose to exit from the same on concerns of a global meltdown. India’s worsening current account position has also played a rose in the rupee’s fall. India imports around 70% of the oil that it consumes and hence the import of oil plays a dominant role in determining the current account position. According to Bloomberg, India's average oil import costs increased to US$ 8.2 bn a month this year, from US$ $5.5 bn in 2007.

Interestingly, as per reports in a leading business daily, exporters who were trying to sell dollars at 40/US$ have chosen to stay on the sidelines when the rupee is just a hair’s breadth away from breaching the 45/US$ mark. The RBI, which actively intervenes in the forex market, has been subdued so far. Unless the fundamentals, which have led to a weakening rupee, drastically change, the RBI is unlikely to favour a stronger rupee.

Image of mother

On earth - From d first time she saw u, cradled in her arms, she has loved u more than anyone else in this world. Remember the time when you were delirious with fever? She was by your side, n8 after n8 , wide awake. She was the one who combed your hair @ an age when u didn’t have a clue about fashion.

When u won your 1st prize @ the school competition, she was there, watching silently, with her eyes wet with happiness and pride. AND no matter how big u have grown, her saree cud always wipe away ur fears and tears. And make u feel like a little child again.

U r the star of her eye,

The heart of her heart,

The reason for her life.

Show her that you feel the same. Never ever make her sad.. Cheer for our moms..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Home security

Security in this daily life becomes a crucial thing that people in this world concern about. With the high criminal value from one day to another day so increasing, then the people need extra time to concern more about the Home security of self and their environment. Nowadays the expertise in the worlds has developed new tools that can help anyone in handling the security problems. This kind of tool can help all people in this world in having the save environment. The expertise developed new tools that designed special with the trusted Security System
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Vivek feat sheriya-Guru en aalu

HI guys these video is my vivek tried to imitate shriya..
awesome video man..have fun watching this..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


He is Allah, the One and Only
Allah the Eternal, Allah the Absolute,
Allah the Most Lovin’, Allah the Most Merciful
Allah the Most Gracious, Allah the Most Generous,
Allah the Oft-Forgivin’, Allah the Sustainer
Allah is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth,
Allah the Almighty, Allah the Mighty Creator
Laillaha Illala, Laillaha Illala,
Laillaha Illala, Laillaha Illala...
He begets not nor is He Begotten...
And there is nothin’ Comparable to Him…He is Allah...
Giftin’ us with the Most Precious Gift,
Makin’ us Muslimeen…
Giftin’ us the Religion of Peace,
Islam…the Religion of Peace
Conveyin’ the True Message
To all Mankind in Every Nation
Sendin’ Down the Messengers in Succession...
From Prophet Adam (AS) to the Last Rasul Allah
Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam…
With Glad Tidings and Warnings
To Save us from Destruction…
Revealin’ the Verses of the Glorious Quran
In the Month of Ramadan
From the First to the Last Verse,
Sendin’ Down the Quran,
Completin’ the Religion of Islam
Islam the Religion of Peace, Yeah…This Is Islam....

designer gift

Holidays are right around the corner and we wanted to offer our readers a little something different in this week’s contest.Giving gift cards to local restaurants, vacation spots or a favorite clothing store are great, but the best are cards that can be used anywhere. But let's face it, while the gift of cash is great, there is something inherently impersonal about throwing a Visa gift cards gift card into a bag or box. I love giving, and receiving, gift cards. To me, a gift card is more than a gift of money, it is the gift of time (time to go shopping without the children) and guilt-free shopping (especially valuable given recent economic news).

Don't just give a basic gift card this year, give a personalized custom gift card from GiftCardLab. GiftCardLab allows Visa gift cards you to upload pictures, art, or graphics to design your very own designer gift for loved ones, co-workers, employees, and friends.

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