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professional tennis players are about more than serves, backhands and forehands there's also their style, movement and the way they carry themselves on court, and their off-court presence and personality. a study of the best looks in tennis in 2008 suggested bethanie mattek's bell challenge final outfit as the boldest look of the year . the American world no.39 is fun-loving and likes to push the bounds of tennis fashion. playing in the bell challenge final in Quebec city in November, her revealing outfit was was a focal point. had it been during Wimbledon, her risque outfit would have had her on the front pages of all the British tabloids for days. Ana ivanovic was rated the most attractive, while maria kirilenko, Venus Williams and maria sharapova  found a place in the top-5 of online rating.


gisele bundchen had reportedly been proposed to by her sports star beau tom brady on a private jet on christmas eve. the flight, which takes approximately 10 minutes to reach from boston from new jersey had reportedly been planned for the in-air proposal reports fox news. the new england patriots quarterback was said to have gone down on his knees before the brazillian supermodel in the aitcraft decorated with white roses and champagne sources told  that brady's parents had also been on board to witness their son propose mid-fight.


youngsters haven't been able to resist the urge to download and watch Danny Boyle's slum dog millionaire even before its release in India youngsters across the city are gearing up to watch one of the most anticipated films of the season Danny Boyle's slum dog millionaire , which is stated for release in the first week of January 2009 in India. however several netizens from Chennai have already seen the film courtesy of file sharing software like torrents. in fact it has become one of the most sought after movie on torrent sites across the world. it is not the just one person's link that is being used in torrents. many people upload and download movies on torrents. the major drawback is that the user are not restricted only to India. there are several netizens across the globe who upload the movie. it is very difficult task to track the IP address of the person who uploads the movies".


Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen forked out $300000 on Christmas gifts for each other. the Manchester united star, 23, spent $70000 on a diamond-encrusted Rolex for Coleen while she bought him an $80000 luxury panerai watch sifter nipping to the same jewellers while he was in japan helping his side win the world club cup. Wayne had also bought Coleen a second $150000 Bentley and a gold neck-lace. "they wanted to surprise each other but ended up secretly going to the same shop", new of the world quoted the couple's pal as telling.


Bed bugs usually travel as groups of two or three in a row.Immature bed bugs are a light yellow color; adults are a reddish brown. In both cases, the middle part of their bodies will be darker bed bugs on clothing after they have recently fed.Make use of the washer and dryer to eliminate bedbugs on clothing, bedding and curtains. Soak items in hot water, optimally at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, for at least 15 minutes and avoid overcrowding washables. Consult with a professional exterminator and/or research the resources listed here for information on insecticides designed to eliminate bedbugs. Insecticides both pose health risk and are ineffective at eliminating bedbugs unless properly applied

The facts are that bed bugs are easily transported on clothing, backpacks, briefcases and suitcases by often unsuspecting victims. “If you go way back 100 years ago, bed bugs were very common on trains, on buses, in taxicabs, in all modes of transport,” University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter told the New York Times. The noted bed bug expert explained that bed bugs could easily harbor in cracks and crevices on subway benches and on seats in the trains. “In other areas of the world where bed bugs are also a big problem, like India, there have been reports of massive problems of bed bugs on trains and on benches.” He’s heard similar reports about bed bugs on European trains.  However, Potter didn’t think New Yorkers should panic. “This is still probably a rare occurrence and people shouldn’t stop riding the subway.”

New York City Transit spokesman Charles Seaton reassured subway riders that a bed bug infestation had not yet been confirmed, saying, “We will send people to check to see whether there is this problem.” Until then, watch where you sit.


the ministry plan on an aggressive online campaign, stepping up security measures, improving infrastructure and even doling free pack for regular visitor. with the advent of the new year, tourism in India is all set to get a  huge boost. the ministry of tourism is now planning an aggressive campaign to counter the fear of terror in the minds of the tourists post the 26/11 attacks and the recession one can shortly see extensive online campaigns  by incredible India, coupled with beefed up security measures across all states and improvements in infrastructure in the city. this is deign done to increase the inf lix of foreign tourists as 2009 has been announced as the 'visit India year' by tourism ministry.the dance festival at mahabalipuram attracts a number of expats. the sangamam cultural festival on the ECR is another major crowd puller, i think people who travel to Chennai have destination loyalty as most of them are repeat tourist. 


Getting a job in IT field is like a big burden in life,many students finished their grduation who has scored a above percentage of 80,was seeking a small job for 5k in the city .Web Full Circle is a Charlotte web design and networking management company providing services both locally and globally. As an award winning technology firm, Web Full Circle specializes in providing enterprise-class it consulting web design, web marketing and network support and maintenance services customized for small to mid-sized businesses. Web Full Circle was founded by a group of experienced network engineers and web marketing professionals dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution for information technology needs, both web and network based.
By combining the experience of our parent companies Bowers Web Media and Network Support Solutions, Web Full Circle is able to offer over 25 years of experience in the field of information technology, which provides you with the benefit of time-tested infrastructure and comprehensive problem solving protocol.  We have at your disposal a skilled team of programmers both on the network side and the web marketing side with 50 years of combined experience. 
A skilled project manager whose sole aim is to provide you with seamless information technology solutions for your information technology problems runs each of our divisions.  Additionally, our CEO remains a hands-on presence and is always available to address any concerns. 
Despite our growth, Web Full Circle remains committed to maintaining our customer-centered approach.  Remember, our partnerships across the globe can only increase the efficiency of our ability to provide you with a comprehensive information technology solution


those financial resolutions aren't so hard to keep if you approach them with baby steps. it's okay to start on January 1 with a glass of champagne and some big, sweeping "retire-early-and-be-debt-free"kind of goals. but you will be more likely to succeed if you break those big dreams down into simple to-do lists by the 2ND or 3rd. carve out sometime every week to devote to the activities on your calender be better about record start using a system to track your  money. it absolutely will make you a better manager of money. learn to pay bills on an automatic plan so that you never forget them. get smarter about investing. think of it like this: if you know nothing about investing now, and you study a little bit  at a time, you could be near expert status in five years. browse reduction websites. read one money book a month build on everything you learn by learning a little more. 


ferrari plan to open discussions with michael schumacher next year todecide if they should continue their association with the seven-times world champion. schumacher's contract as an advisor to ferrari's FI and road car work expires at the end of 2009, and the team say that nothing is yet decided about whether they will extend their partnership. speaking to italian magazine autosprint, ferrari team principal stefano domenicali hinte that he was open minded about where the team would go from here!!!


Just wanted to keep everyone updated. Articles are pouring in. I am hard at work approving hundreds of articles at a time. That's just so if it's taking a little longer than normal with article approvals it's just that there are that many to wade through. I already did 200 quickly so far tonight before taking a minute to write this blog entry.
On the plus side, google now has over 60,000 pages from the site listed in the google search engine results(SERPs) which is absolutely great. Yahoo is running hard now trying to catch up. They can take awhile to start pulling article directory in new listings, but they have in the neighborhood of 1,200 or so pages in so far. It's going up around 200 or so per day right now. A good html sitemap goes a long way with yahoo, just a submit articles free tip there.Time to get back to the articles now that everyone is updated.The article directory proposes to make your life easier, providing useful articles, tutorials and information resources from and about various life issues.

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hard work, transparency, and the courage to take risks are the qualities one needs to succeed in life. there are not many people his age who have made it to the top of their professions. in fact at 29 avneesh sood is perhaps one of the youngest realty moguls today. directors, Eros group sood's company is currently riding on projects wroth 5000 crore. part of a family that is both cautions and superstitious by nature the success of the Eros group can be attributed to the strong solidarity arena is that it has immense potential for growth. it is currently going through a rough phase many challenges," he had. with a multitude of successes attributed to this young entrepreneur Eros corporate park manesar EF3 mall faridabad Eros garden ken wood tower Waterbury tower rosewood villas charmwood village one cannot help but question him on his success mantra. "hard work, transparency, dedication and the courage to take risks, are the qualities you need if you want to succeed. there are no shortcut to succeed there are no shortcut to success. i would advise young professionals to reach for the moon. be happy and have the courage to take risk if  you want to achieve your dreams," sood says, as he gets into his sleek BMW....

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Graeme smith became the south Africa's skipper at the age of 22, fulfilling his dream that he saw since he was 12. smith was never the studious except when it came to one task. at the start of each year, he would lock himself away for a few hours, put pen to paper and devise a list of objectives that would be pinned to his bedroom wall. "from the age of 12, circket was going to be life", the Sydney morning herald quoted his father graham, as saying. "his goals were very important to him, and it showed to us just how determined he was. they changed from time to time, but one thing that was always there was that he wanted to captain the south African circket team," he said. by then, graham smith knew full well that his son's ambition would lead him away from the family's engineering business.


there is always some kind of scuffle between the member in a big family, and often the problem is competition for attention, which can be cut off easily if each member knows his role here's question that has always puzzled me: why is it that in an average family of five mine say any combination of people up to four gets along fine. but when you add the fifth it's like dropping one uranium rod into the middle of the nuclear family. for some reason, putting all of us in one room generates so much heat that everyone starts to melt down. to illustrate, i offer a sanitised transcription of a recent dinner table conversation, without including all the swear words:
clementine: "stop looking at me like that, ella."
ella: "like what?"
clementine: "meanly"
husband: "ella, quit picking on clem."
zoe: "she wasn't picking on clem, dad."
me: "don't talk to your father like that."
zoe: "like what?"
me: "meanly"
do u have a headache yet? because i did. i had to find some way to make peace on earth. i suspected the problem might have been my approach: for year, i had been trying to reason with these people in a civilised we're all-rational-humans-here kind of way. but civility wasn't the issue. in my family, any two people are loving. any three cheerily cooperative, and add a fourth and each behaves like a good-will ambassador. but put all five together and it's like the actors in a bad community theatre husband quietly excused himself to find the curacao. i consider myself lucky. evolution is a slow process but it took my husband only a month to perfect mai tai.


A GREAT mortgage with a PLAN for that next home Amazingly, They always want to know what a plan is for a mortgage, which shocks me that most individuals don't plan on a long term mortgage in their financial plans.Simply put, you're home is your biggest investment and should be treated with the best and utmost planning!  A great Mortgage Planner and or Consultant does not just look at it as another mortgage closed.  Its a new or existing client that has consulted with a pro to make sure the Wilmington NC real estatee is not detrimental to their financial standing.Here we go for Alpha mortgage,this real estate provides many offers and it is a most trusted name in mortgage in Wilmington in NC area.They were like 25 years old and a well gone financial growth company.

When seeking mortgage advice it is always best to ask the right questions and if you don't know the right questions to ask, at least seek out those that can guide you.  If you fail to plan on a great mortgage for your home, then you are truly asking for some financial unsuitability if not done right.This Alpha mortgage is helping in all providing Mortgage rates at near record low more ever they also offering refinancing options.Can you image one day learning that you had an adjustable rate mortgage, that you thought was fixed for 30 years, now came due and now jumped up to an amazing rate that now made your home a debt that you could no longer afford!  What would you tell the kids, the wife or worse yourself? so you can very well go with these Alpha mortgage group which provides a good and enumerable position to you.

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deepika padukone may seem to be having a hard time getting past her image as the om shanti om girl. her last hit bachan ae haseeno with beau ranbir kapoor, has donelittle to change the status. but deepika is hopeful of things improving with her forthcoming films. first in line is chandni chowk to chine, where she essays a double role for the second time opposite none other than akshay kumar. deepika's next is with saif ali khan. and deepika seems set to take bollywood by Storm. in fact, industry pundits who have seen her special appearance in the priyadarshan directed billow barber are calling  her the next big thing. interestingly the model-cum-actress is again playing shsh rukh's heroine in the film. deepika was initially supposed to make her debut with a priyadarshan film, but she chose farah khan's om shanti om instead. director priyadarashan had earlier offered her a film called pirate based on music piracy. but the film never materialalised.


Attention all neophyte and professional surfers! The Surfboard Warehouse is here to take care of all your surfing needs like surfboards, fins, gear, accessories and many more. It is the next generation surfers surf shop. Now, they introduce to their customers the new, must-have for all surfers. If you are shopping for quality and trusted surfing stuff for your next surfing trip, then go nowhere as The surfboard fins has them all. Shopping in a one-stop shop will certainly make your shopping less hassle and faster. They have wide selections of each product from the trusted and elite manufacturer which give their customers more options and more style.Would you like to test up to 3 fins for one monthly single fee? Join FinaticTM program for only $39.99 per month. Get up to 3 fins each time, test them for as long as you want, returned them using the prepaid envelope provided and then the next 3 fins will be send out for free. So, it is up to you. You can either buy one or join the FinaticTM program.
 I’m wondering if he already got the surfboard and if it’s fin on it is still intact on the bottom rear of the board otherwise he needs to have a new one and I have found such a great website to purchase one for him through online at where it has the largest selections of fins  which is just I thought affordable ones. I for sure am to be happy when I get one for  as a surprise gift because he have wanted to surfboard even once in his life. If you guys also interested and been looking one for you browse through this website now at surfboard fins, they have everything you need from fins, surfboard bags, leashes, traction, backpacks and many more with a very affordable prices.


blue tooth mirrors which display the number of the people calling your cell, are a hit with chennaiites.with barely three days Togo before the present year draws to a close, chennaiites are raring to celebrate the new year in best possible manner. and it's bluetooth technology that has come to the aid of party goes who can now enjoy the festivities responsibly, at least when it comes to driving on the road of the city. so the next time you get a call while you're driving on the road of the city. so the next time you get a call while you're driving up your phone to know who's on the other end of the line your rear-view mirror could have the answer to the same. the gadget, which has caught the fancy of several motorists in the city is the bluethooth enable rear-view mirror-cum-LCD screen. its piece-de-resistance feature is the caller-ID functionality built into the mirror, which display the number of the person calling you. having a number pop up on your rear-view mirror is irrelevant while driving under city conditions. a distraction of a second is all it take for an accident to occur".


Strict fashion no-nos for new year's eve bash. before you start preparing your look for the new year's eve party, a style check is a must! sure it's not a diktat but a simple remainder that the new year's bash is not all about raising a toast for 2009 but it can well define your image for the next 365 days. "agreed, it's that time of the year, when you can tell your hair down and simply soak in that party spirit. but that's not reason to ignore your style quotient". warns designer anju modi."the long skirts, especially the gypsy style flared ones are to be avoided at any cost as they are no longer a pretty sight. even the straight long type are passe. flaunting salwaar-kurtas on the 31st night is a big no. they are nice but meant for another time another place" says the ace designer. so play safe4 and follow experts advice. or if you prefer to make your may well do it but at your own peril!


socio-economic development directly impact fashion psychology. so in the wake of mumbai terror attacks, fashion experts have announced a while new year's eve. white as the messenger of peace is the recommended colour to don for bash if you wish to show concern.

  1.  NICE WHITE DRESS: a nice white dress which is non-fuss is perfect. go for fabric texturing than embellishment to keep in with the mood". on embellishment, designer raj shroff adds, "a white dress with a jewelled neckline makes for a minimal yet a great evening look. 
  2. WHITE SEPARATES: not everyone can carry off a dress , especially one in white for it is definitely a risky colour to experiment with. for a;; such women, stylish white separates is what would be best. samant says, "the older women many not really want to wear a grown . they could try a tunic with a churidaar in the same tonal colour. mind you, i am not talking churidaar-kammeez but a stylised combination.
  3. WHITE WOOLLENS: throw on a white accent if you do not want to go all-white. and what better way to stay stylish yet warm with chic white woollens look superb. wear a white sweater with interesting neck pieces like shown by lanvin this winter. or team an off-white shirt with a white cardigan or a waistcoat, which are in now. 
  4. WHITE FOR MEN:a white linen suit is what receives strong recommendation by both samant and jyoti. and samant adds,"a white jacket with a bit of detailing on the shirt is an option." reiterating samant's viewpoint raj advices, "a nice white jacket looks brilliant. but if the guy does not want to go actor jeetendra's way , a white polo neck sweater or a white shirt with tan jeans can go a long way." 
  5. ACCESSORIES: for women jyoti suggests, "diamond solitaries are perfect for that white ensemble," samant and raj only agree. "the bashes will be low profile this time . so, keep your style simple," says samant. and raj sates, "wearing white is just the first step to initiate a dialogue on the terror issue, i truly hope it doesn't end there.


With book titles hook young readers with the release of many interesting title and the latest edition of the best seller Q & A coming up , book lovers in the city are all set to have a fun-filled vacation.this holiday season book lovers can be assured of having a great time as many book stores in the city have some 'gripping' title on offer. be it debutant writer vikas swaruo's romantic tales. twilight series or popular author Ruskin bond's humorous tales. the parrot who wouldn't talk and other stories this Christmas season has become the beginning of my "reading year" for many youngsters.


THERE ARE SOME BASIC STEPS HOW TO MANAGE YOUR DEBT IN BETTER.ALWAYS PAY IN TIME. This is the golden rule, if you can stay on top of your debs by paying by the required date, you will save yourself the possibility of an inevitable downward spiral. Get into the habit of paying debts on time by setting up a system that Debt Advice you need to follow in debt form.You should always pay off the most important debts first. These include things like mortgage repayments or rent and utility bills. When paying off credit or store cards, pay off the ones with the highest interest first.By switching credit cards you may find a lower interest rate. Look at different lenders, they may offer competitive rates. Ensure you are aware of any transfer fees.It is tempting with credit, to pay off the minimum payment. If you can afford to, pay off more, it will reduce the period of time to pay off the full amount. Ensure you check that you will not have to pay a penalty payment for this.

Credit cards can be useful, but if you know you can’t trust yourself and find yourself spending more than your means allows, don’t use them.Checking your bills is necessary to monitor how much you are spending and how much you are paying back per month.Saving is a vitally important habit that, if possible, you should do. Even if you start small, putting a small Debt Advice amount into a savings account is a worthy thing to do and it can be a safeguard against unexpected financial situations.  As a rule, you should try to consolidate debts before saving.If you feel your debts are getting out of hand, it is important to discuss the situation with someone. Whether that is a family member, friend or debt councillor, you needn’t struggle with debt alone. There are a number of free advice services available including theIf your debt is severely out of control, consider options such as an IVA. Details of these can be found on our consollidation


one of the most challenging aspects of being in a relationship is figuring out how to balance your friends and girlfriend. it's a delicate balance, and mishandling the situation could have serious consequences. if you blow off your girlfriend one too many times, you'll be single  before you know it, but your friend won't remain friends with you for very long if you consistently flake out on them. the people who care about you deserve your time; the key is sorting out how to drive that time fairly between the important people in your life. take a look at these tips for balancing your friends and girlfriend. 
1. PLAN TIME WITH EACH: your friends have always just called you up when they're in the mood to go out. meanwhile your girlfriend has started assuming that you'll be spending every weekend together . the  problem is that you can just drop everything and hang out with them. in an effort to balance your friends and girlfriend, a little planning goes a long way. it may seem officious or uptight, but scheduling will you help you make the most of your time.

 2 RESPECT SACRED OCCASIONS: as u try to balance your friend and girlfriend, it's essential to acknowledge that some things you absolutely cannot ditch out on. for example you pretty well have to spend new year's with your girlfriend , even if you buddies are planning a road trip while all she want to do is attend a party at her BB F's. similarly, you can't under any circumstances let your girlfriend talk you into blowing off scared guy time like your fantasy football draft or your annual camping trip. recognise that some things are scared and you'll be more likely to balance your friends and girlfriend. 

3HOST PARTIES: hosting parties is another way for you bring your friends and your friends and your girlfriend together your friend will be especially keen to attend a party hosted by you and  your girlfriend because they'll be keen to meet some of your girlfriend's single friends. 

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What do you know? We even have chat rooms specially dedicated for those tattoo lovers in the World Wide Web In today’s world fashion play a very important role. Especially youth feel the fashion as their passion. They show their attitude with the latest fashion trends. There are many ways to show off your trendy nature. One of them is tattoo, it is a permanent marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding. And many people will think that they have chatted in social sites and going to a new environment it will be some what new them,but this site won give as much thing you can find your friends and have fun talking with them.They are widely known worldwide. There are lot of people who are interested towards this tattoo and some people even go crazy about tattoo . 
Introducing , an excellent website where you can have open discussions about the tattoos. is a website where plenty of Free Tattoo Chat people from all of the planet come together in tattoo chat rooms and have fun.It is absolutely free . You can get on to the Internet with a cam and show your tattoo to thousands of people and get suggestions and appreciations from them. You can create account today itself for free of cost and start viewing and communicating with all of the users on this site today.

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There is a lot more to google's zeitgeist list than Katrina kaif. it throws up humorous and quirky finds as well as indicates some alarming online trends in emerging India.some of the topics Indians wanted to known most in 2008 included how to kiss, how to get pregent and how to tie a tie , reveals google's zeitgeist list of India. this is only the second time Indian web user's google habits have been surveyed. the zeitgeist has now became the list most look forward to. it offers a unique perspective on the year's major and hottest trend based on searches conducted by users in India. it released a series of list in categories like "most popular", "faster rising", "tpo searches on mobile", " top bollywood celebrities", "top holiday destination" and "top 'how to' searches" of most searched topic, which revealed trends in today's India. sujay nair, editor of digit magazine says, "an analytical engine picked up most searched topics and kept updating it. at the end of the year it tabulated the most searched ones. there is no question of not believing it since it was done by a computer".there seems no reason to not believe these list as Cyrus says, "we are a bunch of highly bored people if this is what we search for". more then finding humour, it is interesting to observe what the country wants to know. sujay believes the list can be misleading if the cooperate web users are not separated  from personal web users. he says, "personal users are new to web due to the recent emergence of broadband and do not know Internets power. a separate list on corporate users will have results like java, mumbai attacks, the ISI etc".

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