Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chris gayle smashes england bowls

West Indies captain Chris Gayle smashed an impressive 80 runs from 43 balls on their way to an eight-wicket win in the third one-day international against England here on Friday.
West Indies now lead the five-match series 2-1. The only win for England, which has lost the Test and Twenty20 tournaments, came when the West Indies miscalculated their target under the Duckworth-Lewis system.
England were humiliatingly bowled out for just 117 off 41.3 overs with Dimitri Mascarenhas top scoring for England with just 36.
An audacious and skilfull innings by Gayle, including eight sixes, completely devastated England, who only bowled 14.4 of their 44 allotted overs, calculated on the Duckworth-Lewis system.
Gayle told Sky Sports afterwards: "It was a brilliant knock but to give the groundsman credit it was a good wicket to bat on. It was a good innings and I'm very happy. It was just one of those innings.
"I was happy to get the win and I just want to say each and everyone played well today. I do not want to single out players. We all played a good game of cricket today."
England skipper Andrew Strauss said afterwards: "I think all the guys sitting in the dressing room were embarrassed by the way they played today. There were very few positives to come out of it. But I'm not going to make any excuses. It was not good enough.
"We feel pretty down but we'll just have to take it on the chin. We'll have to come back on Sunday to prove a point."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Loose weight by doing yoga in summer

If you have always wanted to shed those extra pounds and have been putting off the thought of hitting a gym, then here is some good news. Experts believe summer is the best time to begin a weight loss plan for more reasons than one.
“During summer the body doesn’t take long to warm up. As a result you tend to exercise at a higher intensity. This way you burn more calories, so weight loss is inevitable,” says Dinaz, fitness instructor.
The hot weather also plays a big role in initiating weight loss, says Amita Agnihotri, fitness expert. “You don’t feel like eating rich and heavy food in the hot months. There is also an urge to consume more juices, fruits and salads, which will keep your body cool. The calorie intake is less compared to winter. People also take up swimming to beat the heat and this in turn helps in getting the body into shape,” adds Agnihotri.
As this is the time of the year, when one likes to get into trendy, skimpy clothes, the motivation to get a trimmer look is higher. “Most people want to feel comfortable and at the same time look good in revealing outfits. They set about to sweat it out with utter determination and it pays off. Summer is also good for practicing yoga as the body becomes conducive to different postures due to the heat. One doesn’t get injured as the muscles are relaxed,” says Sharmila Hirendranath, yoga expert.
Youngsters have already begun with their fitness programmes with an aim to make the most of the sultry weather. Sharmishtha Pattnaik, a TCS employee says, “Every year during this period I become regular at exercise sessions. Due to a hectic schedule I find it difficult to stick to an exercise regime throughout the year, but I try to make up for it in these few months as losing weight is easier now.”

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breath easy

Have you paid attention to the way you breathe?probably not.And if you've taken breathing for granted,you are unlikely to know what harm faulty breathing can cause.People are not aware of their own breathing pattern.Pranayama is a way of bringing that awareness however,to know the correct method of breathing you need to seek guidance from an expert.if you don't have any major health complications,you can breathe normally,like you always do.But if you have contraindications like BP or diabetes,thyroid problems etc,you could seek advice from a yoga expert how to control your health condition through breathing .
Take long ,slow breaths,breath through your nose,using your disphragn,not stomach,dont fill your stomach,don't fill your stomach while air.become aware of the rhythm of your breathing .
Breath normally during a cardio workout,but while using gym equipment,you must exhale when you exert and inhale when you push,do crunches or lift weights and inhale when you return to star position.never hold your breath for too long while exercising,for that can cause a valsalva manoeuvre .if you've held your breath for long it's time to exhale and take things easy

San Jose Plumbing

Finding San Jose Plumber hat not only will install your new fixtures and appliances but is also available should you have an emergency could be the perfect solution since he's already familiar with your plumbing set up. When searching for a San Jose Plumber you can ask for recommendations from family and friends or even your next door neighbor but a word of caution her.Often someone will tell you they have a friend or relative that does San Jose Plumbing and can probably help you out and you might be tempted because the price is right.It's important to remember that some may specialize in specific areas such as new construction or remodeling jobs while others may provide repairs or be available only during regular working hours.Most of us perform 'Breakdown Maintenance',where we only pay attention to the product when it breaks down and is not capable of functioning normally!! Plumbing is one of the principle areas this happens in,we do not realise there is a problem until we get stuck in the shower with shampoo on our head and no water to wash!! Finding a plumber who is genuinely concerned about the quality of his work is a big challenge! You have got to find someone who will do a high quality job at a good price and who will also be available during emergencies.e have done all sorts of remodels, custom houses, industrial projects and recently finished a school. We feel confident that whatever your plumbing needs may be, They can handle them.Having a plumber with employees coming in, you will also want to be sure they are covered by workers compensation insurance.Without it in place you could be held responsible should there be an accident resulting in an employee being injured.Just as you would with any license or insurance policy always verify that workers comp is in place and up to date.You can check with the State Division of Workers Compensation to find out if this coverage is in place.A capable San Jose plumber that is suited to your needs takes time and energy to find but is not all that difficult.When you consider what is at stake, it’s probably time and energy well spent. Peace of mind is the outcome of finding a good San Jose plumber that you can call on for a planned project, repair or emergency.

Tennis Casonova on the prowl

Spanish player fern ado Vedas is picking up quite a reputation even if it is not quite that of the venetian lady killer Giacomo girlamo Casanova DE seingalt,better known simply as Casanova in the spotlight for dating Ana lvanovic who was quite the media darling of 2008,verdasco is said to have moved on now to danish player Caroline wozniacki,said to be another eye candy.
The Spanish player was spotted watching Carolin's match in Indian wells,and television commentators refereed to them as an item,is verdasco a WTA lady killer is the question doing the rounds,besides wozniacki and ivanovic,verdasco has also dated WTA players Ashley harkleord and gisela dulko......

Jewish Chat

A scientific study reveals that Jews are the most brilliant people. Hence there should be some dedicated chat rooms available for Jews. Today morning when I was browsing I came across a site Jewish Chat, which offers discussion forums and chat rooms exclusively for Jews.Chatting is the best way to meet new friends online. There are many rooms to which you can meet people of different culture and race. Now there is a news All Jewish men and women can join and chat with webcams for FREE! And guess what! Membership is FREE for life. You can chat all you want and whenever you want.There are loads of chat rooms online these days, there are big general ones with lots of sub rooms but I really prefer the specific ones — like ones about certain TV shows or music genres or ones meant for people of a certain religion such as a jews chat.


THE TYGER (from Songs Of Experience)
By William Blake
Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare sieze the fire?
And what shoulder, & what art.
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?
What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?
When the stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?
Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Association Website Software

Wild Apricot is marketing itself for a specific space, namely associations and non-profits - the organizations that are “understaffed and overworked”. What allows them to do so is that their product focuses on things like Events and Members, the two quintessential features needed by those in this space. In addition to managing members, organizations will eventually be able to do membership e-mailing through Wild Apricot.According to Wild Apricot’s summise, NP’s can use Google Earth Free, but it is not to It’s software enables anyone to create their own social network based around any idea of vocabulary as part of its mission in its FAQ section of its website

One feature I did see missing was the ability to accept payments for Events. That’ll be necessary if they want this tool to be taken seriously. That feature appears set to launch in September.You shouldn't be wasting your time copying and pasting information from Excel to your website or registration database. Nor should your workload include sending email reminders manually. Wild Apricot brings all these components in one place. It can do all of this for you - and more - like a trusted butler. Your website, registration system and your membership database become one and the same. Finally, you can eliminate data entry madness and be home at a decent hour.Did you know that most visitors leave a website within 10 seconds of landing on the home page? And they may never return to the same site.Computer software should not encourage premature balding - overstressing you with its unfriendly interface. Here's the dirty secret of the IT industry: too many engineers assume that everyone should be a computer expert. Well, there are fields you specialize in where an IT specialist would be out of his depth - a car mechanic, for example, would not recommend a web developer to fix his own brakes Association Website Software What's worse is going though all the trouble of creating a professional association web site that nobody comes to visit.Wild Apricot's Association Website Software focuses on making it easier to manage your association with its web-based software that replaces up to 7 pieces of software in one.

SRK campaign for Congress

The Congress has said that Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta will
canvass for the party in the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls.
Union minister of state for home and Congress' third-time candidate from the city Sri Prakash Jaiswal said that filmstars Shah Rukh Khan, Priety Zinta, Govinda and Nagma will campaign for the party and participate in rallies and road shows.
He said though Govinda is a Congress leader, Nagma had been an active worker and campaigned for the party in earlier elections.
Asked if Khan and Preity will be able to campaign following the busy IPL schedule, Jaiswal said they will spare time for the purpose.
On party's alliance with SP in Uttar Pradesh, the leader said that he had met party general
secretary Amar Singh in this regard on High Command's order and the final decision will be taken by the party.
Jaiswal, however, said whether Congress reaches an alliance with SP or not will have no bearing on its relationship with the Mulayam Singh Yadav-led party and the two parties will continue to support each other.

50 cent Game with fame

He practically rules the world of hip-hop, and on March 1, he and his friends will try and rule the Xbox LIVE service as 50 Cent plays his own game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, with Xbox LIVE Gold members. If you're an Xbox LIVE Gold member, and you want a chance to play with 50 Cent, send a friend request to the following Gamer tags and be online half an hour before (5:30 P.M. ET) the Game with Fame session starts on Sunday, March 1, 6:00 P.M. ET. If you get a chance to play with 50 Cent, we want to hear about it! Send us an e-mail ( with the subject: "GWF - 50 Cent." Be sure to include your Gamer tag and home town.

50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, sold an unbelievable 25 million copies of his first two albums, Get Rich or Die Trying' (2003), and The Massacre (2005). His follow-up album, Curtis, was perhaps his most introspective and human album, and we're gearing up for the release this year of Before I Self Destruct, sure to continue his position atop the sales charts. In his most recent album Curtis, 50 Cent worked with some unlikely partners, including Justin Timber lake, Robin Thicke, and Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls, but no matter who he works with, the persona and talent of 50 Cent shines through. "I wanted this record to be human," he says. "So that means displaying joy, laughter, pain, anger, aggression, and fear. I think this album is going to change how people think of me."

Golf ace Annika sorenstam pregnant

Not long after stepping away from golf,Annika sorenstam is stepping into motherhood.sorenstam announced on her blog that she and her husband,mike McGee,are expecting their first child this fall.Serenest retired from the LP GA tour last year after 72 victories and 10 majors,saying she wanted to star a business and a family "we have had a lot of exciting changes in the past few months,and adding a new addition to our family later this fall will certainly be at the top of that list.we are absolutely thrilled and look forward to this new chapter of our lives"as ever,her timing off the links was as perfect as her game on it.

Pure Oxygen

The oxygen in the air we breathe. Configurable generic devices, either handheld or embedded in the environment, will bring computation to us, whenever we need it andwherever we might be.Most people are also amazed to discover that oxygen is responsible for producing up to 90% of the body's energy.Some people have problems with their breathing, I don't think that is a reason that make you to stop enjoying your life, every problem has a solution. one of the easiest way to solve this problem is to have a good oxygen supplement Bottle, There are a lot of online services that woul help you to get your Oxygen bottle for you easily and simply,. is one of the best websites that would help you a lot to know more about how to get the best Oxygen Bottles for the best prices, why don't you take a look at them now to have a good idea about their services? I am sure you gonna like it so much. Don't hesitate to contact the support team, they would be happy to help you whenever you need help. be assured tha you gonna like it so much.Don't hesitate to contact the support team if you need an extra help, they will get back to you with all answers that you may need as soon as possible.Remember that you are dealing with a professional team, so the services would be just perfect, Don't miss such a great service and try them now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jessica taylor jetting off to West Indies

England batsman Kevin Petersen's wife Jessica Taylor just can't wait to Ger her ice dancing skates off to head for a steamy reunion.KP has been with is team mates touring the west indies while 28-year old liberty X star Jessica has been training and performing for the weekly tefly contest.The daily star quoted Jessica as saying"I'll be on the first plane to the Caribbean.i can't wait to see Kevin he's everything to me,she added "they say skating is good for your bum ant,let me tell you,it's been very good for mine"Jessica ,with pro partner Pavel Aubrecht will skate in the final.Meanwhile KP has quite a lot on his plate now,what with being given the captaincy of the Bangalore royal challengers in IPL II

Bailout Money

IntegriCo Composites' railroad ties are made with engineering materials and processes utilizing best practices for quality assurance and control standards Products, buildings, homes which ever we buying should be last long for years. It should be worth to use for more years to retain its price value. According to me whether the product is cheap or costly it should fulfill its validity period as well as it should fulfill us by lasting for more then its life period.As a rider, I appreciate a road without bumps and a bridge that doesn’t snag my tires. I also like that I’m not using up as much gas as another person might, which offsets a certain rolling brick that we run from time to time. (It’s not all about the money, I tell you.) Now that we have bailout money being invested in infrastructure, I think it would be good to buy good quality materials that last for a very long time. We don’t have to use new resources: The Integrico Company Composite Railroad Tie is of the best in America for composite railroad ties because they design the rail tie with the plastic mixture reinforced which produces enhanced carrying capabilities, longevity, crack resistance, insect resistance railroad tie. They prepare composite plastic with the land filled waste plastic and finishes with the composite products. Not only had the railroad ties this technology is applied to wide variety of industrial products. They are the leading manufacturers of Railroad ties in US as because their products give a longer life cycle in bad climates, less vibration and sound is produced and can fix it easily without drilling the ground and finally resist from corrosive environments. So people, buy the products which give life long services for us similar to the Integrico Composite Railroad ties.

Aviation pioneer crash site found

An Australian filmmaker claimed \to have found the crash site where legendary aviation pioneer Sir Charles Kingsford Smith died in the Bay of Bengal in 1935.
Mystery has surrounded the disappearance of Kingsford Smith and co-pilot Tommy Pethybridge while they were trying to break the record for a flight between England and Australia.
But Sydney documentary filmmaker Damien Lay told a news conference he was certain he and a search team had found the wreck of their Lockheed Altair, the Lady Southern Cross, off the coast of Burma.
Lay said he had sonar images of a plane under 20 metres of water and mud in a bay of remote Aye Island, which matched those of the Altair.
"The Altair itself is a very unique aircraft. There were, I think, only four Altairs built," he said.
"If it is a Lockheed Altair it wouldn't be anything other than the Lady Southern Cross and the aircraft flown by Kingsford Smith."
Lay said the images would be taken to the aircraft manufacturers in the United States for analysis and a recovery operation would begin in November.
The plane's state of preservation, as a result of it being covered in mud, meant the remains of Kingsford Smith and Pethybridge might also be found, he said.

Limp bizkit gossips on britney spears

All these years later, it's still so incredibly easy (and FUN) to hate hate hate the 100% talent-free Limp Bizkit leaderFred Durst, now desperately clinging to the gossip of years gone by, when he was still famous enough to be rumored to be doing it with Britney Spears. Even if it's true, it doesn't count. from the people they say's
Fred Durst, who publicly bickered with Britney Spears about their reported relationship in 2003 (she's always denied it) and then claimed he was going to "put [the feud] behind me," is once again speaking out about the pop star – and saying they were indeed a couple.
"It just became a fiasco of madness," Durst, 38, tells MTV News about their fight. "[But] I always stay true to my heart and true to everything I did and my intentions, and I am in no way a liar."

The Limp Bizkit singer and Spears, who was 21 at the time, reportedly became an item at the 2003 American Music Awards in L.A. To express his feelings, he wrote on his band's Web site at the time that he had "never felt this way," but Spears never acknowledged the relationship.

Even with Durst going on Howard Stern's radio show and swearing on his son's life that he was telling the truth, Spears rarely commented on his remarks. She did, however, say the relationship was one-sided.

"I think him for me, but not me for him," she told the British version of Glamour magazine. "He's said some pretty amazing things about me. But, um, I think he leaped in too deep, too quick."

Durst says he's still a bit confused about how everything unraveled but describes it as an episode of her bizarre behavior.

"I look back on it as very interesting [in terms of] how things have been sort of unraveling for her since," he says. "[But] it is what it is. I can sleep at night knowing I made decisions that I wanted to make. [Still] I'm a supporter. I was then, I guess I am now."


Monday, March 23, 2009

Taxable products have right to be advertised

The information and Broadcasting ministry's decision to allow advertising of alcohol and tobacco on television has generated strong reactions in the industry.The next time you switch on your televising don't be supervised to see an advertisement for chilled beer to beat the summer a surprise move,the information and broadcasting ministry on Wednesday has permitted the advertising of "other"products manufactured by alcohol and tobacco companies on television.This comes as a prat of the amendment to the cable televising networks.However the ministry also added that"no or indirect reference,nuances of phrases promoting the prohibited product have been put as per conditions for advertisers to follow,
While government denies that this move will help to promote alcohol and tobacco brands,they claim that the "relaxation"has come into force taking into account the "genie demands"of the advertisement industry.Any company coming with an ad will have to apply to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting with a certificate from a chartered accountant which clearly states that the product exists in the market and that it’s not prohibited. If the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) clears it, it would be telecastThis buzz is also that recession is another factor that promoted this move when contacted,a highly placed official from an organisation,which week as a watchdog for the advertising industry explained that a new rule should help the advertising industry recover from the effects of the global economic slump,it's an election tactic,the government opens door so that the moolaf follows in .even though there is a general sense of relief among advertising profesionals most of them question the validity of the goverment's rules.

Atlanta Plumber

Finding Atlanta Plumber hat not only will install your new fixtures and appliances but is also available should you have an emergency could be the perfect solution since he's already familiar with your plumbing set up. When searching for a Atlanta Plumber you can ask for recommendations from family and friends or even your next door neighbor but a word of caution her.Often someone will tell you they have a friend or relative that does Atlanta Plumberand can probably help you out and you might be tempted because the price is right.It's important to remember that some may specialize in specific areas such as new construction or remodeling jobs while others may provide repairs or be available only during regular working hours.Most of us perform 'Breakdown Maintenance',where we only pay attention to the product when it breaks down and is not capable of functioning normally!! Plumbing is one of the principle areas this happens in,we do not realise there is a problem until we get stuck in the shower with shampoo on our head and no water to wash!! Finding a plumber who is genuinely concerned about the quality of his work is a big challenge! You have got to find someone who will do a high quality job at a good price and who will also be available during emergencies.Without it in place you could be held responsible should there be an accident resulting in an employee being injured.Just as you would with any license or insurance policy always verify that workers comp is in place and up to date.You can check with the State Division of Workers Compensation to find out if this coverage is in place.A capable Atlanta plumber that is suited to your needs takes time and energy to find but is not all that difficult.When you consider what is at stake, it’s probably time and energy well spent. A capable Atlanta plumber that is suited to your needs takes time and energy to find but is not all that difficult.When you consider what is at stake, it’s probably time and energy well spent. Peace of mind is the outcome of finding a good Atlanta plumber that you can call on for a planned project, repair or emergency.

Salma Hayek labels her toddler a dictator

Sal ma Hayek says her daughter is a "dictator" .The 42 year old actress insists Valentina,her 17 month old child with her business man husband francois pinault,is thee bossiest toddler she has ever met.
salma said she is a little dictator,she is unique,magical,definitely the most colourful person I've ever met.i feel so connected to her,but we are completely different.i discover something new about her every day.salma recently revealed she suspects her daughter has a sixth sense that allows her to communicate with spots,she said "last night she saw a ghost,I'm convinced.she work up and her eyes were open .and she's looking at one specific point and she's going,no no no no Avior,which means goodbye in french,guess she was trying in different language to see what natinanity this ghost was to go away it was terrifying

BBW Chat Rooms

Throughout the world, the Internet plays an important role in communicating with the people and Chatting is considered as an important aspect by the people in the Internet because people can communicate easily with other people and share their ideas .For anyone interested in dating, meeting quality singles can be a challenge. Actually there are many ways to find new friends for long-term relationship. One of popular way is join to chat room online. There are many kind of chat rooms that available for you.At BBW Chat Room you can chat hundreds of people from all around the can go to BBW Chat Rooms and create your own member for free.

Heath Ledger Muisc Album released

A modest music was developed by Heath Ledger is set for the release for the year.A spokeswoman for the band says Ledger directed an animated video for "King Rat," a track off the band's 2007 album, "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.he is such talented man to release this album.i've love all his songs and played many solo instrumentals.however this is a new advance for him to set on his viewing parts.Two music videos directed by Heath Ledger before his death in 2008 will be released.The video is animated by director and illustrator Daniel Auber, a member of Ledger's art collective the Massive.The second music video is for Grace Woodroofe's cover of David Bowie's Quicksand. It's part of an album to be released later this year.The actor, who died last year at age 28, had previously directed a music video for one of Ben Harper's songs.

Farhan's Akhtar Project on hold

Farhan's Akhtar is now contemplating a slew of plum projects on the anvil.however,his much-discussed film voice from the sky has been deferred due to logistic's a very heavyweight film pegged around an expensive budget coating over $10 million.Thanks to the ongoing recession,this turn of the century period piece has been postponed for the won't possible to commence the shoot until December end,this year.The status of don-2 is also uncertain ,as it will be ideally shot during the summer months.khan is busy wrapping up karan johar's film,he will devote himself to his IPL another 10 months time is guaranteed to lay down the spadework for this underworld chase-caper to cut its teeth.Having been cast opposite konkana sen sharma as a romantic pair in his last movie,farhan raves "she is fine actress and a giving one too.She is intelligent.spontaneous and her creative heart is just in the right place with her hassle free attitude and a pleasant demeanour we could strike a wonderfullchemistry onscreen....

Keep it layered boys!

There are several fashion weeks taking place all over the country one after the other and as designers put in their design worth of collection for the autumn/winter's time for teenage boys to take on the stylish and fashionable haircuts for the summer .so the look for 2009 seems to be mid-length hair with lots of layers to it.Noticed the number of boys thronging food courts at malls and on the streets with funky hairdos.While the EM "look would have caught on last year ,this time around it's not limited to poker straight hair,but the more the layer,the better it it!
Although long hair is generally not preferable for teen boys but this year you could witness some great new hair styles featuring mid length.Teenage boys hair styles for this year can be described as simple yet sexy.Most of the teenage boys wanted to try something different and hence the experimentation with the parting,and of course the texture even short,shtright hair is edging in slowly but Thar's a;ways a certain cut and it is never really just the plan old short,stright hair anymore.think Hollywood stars Leonardo caprio,Jensen Ackles,Zac efron Robert pattinson shia lebouf Chase Crawford etc similar hair styles like these stars suit teenage boys .so boys get your shearers right as layer make you get with the look!

Eye cream

Eye is the major part of the body.If we cant see any thing that will be a great problem for us.Many corporate people will work day and night process they have the problem of seeing a minute particle.if there any problem in some sort of the proces we can able to manage ,but if the same problem arise in the eye it may be very difficult.eyes are water due to sensitivity to light, wind, or temperature changes.
sometimes,the thing arises when i was browsing,often i have work in computer,if i sat in morning i don't have time in the middle i will get out of the place only by evening later again i have the time to often i get some problem in my eye's but for that i don't wan to use the lenses and glasses.I need a some eyecream for that,for that when i browsed i have seen a eye cream website,that helps to reduce the eye pain which made you very trouble.This Website offers you a complete database about the best products in the shops which are very useful and do not have any side effect.They offers many diffrent types of eyecreams,and all are damn cheap tp buy.. so do not purchase any inferior quality products and infect your skin. Just have a look at this Website and know how to choose the best products.Mnay people will go for some local barnd eyecream thatdon't help tp remove their pain,but it make more pain on them.So this eye cream material helps will made very easy to releave pain from ur eye's Don’t use any other eye creams and spoil your eye. It is very safety to use. If you visit the you will know about the cost, features, advantages, uses etc So what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Thank you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


1. Learn to be positive! If you keep moaning about your life, other people will only notice the bad aspects of your character and categorize you as a person who is 'Boring' - or worse! Who wants to spend time with a wet blanket! Go to places where people are positive and support you with positive thoughts.

2. Be generous. A little generosity goes a long way. Give and people return the favor to you and you will be known as a generous person.

3. Make a list of all the things you want to do and do them! If you've always wanted to audition for theater, then go ahead and do it! This will help to reduce 'hanging around' and wishing. This even applies if you want to be an astronaut : you might not effectively become one, but becoming savvy in astrophysics and space will make you realize that you're capable of it.

4. Keep trying. One of the key things that you need to remember is to never be discouraged; failure is a part of life, and it happens naturally. If you are so disillusioned that you never want to try again, at least be comforted by the fact that you made an attempt.

5. Stop doing things that you do not enjoy. Make a list of the things that you are doing that you don't enjoy, and try to stop doing them. Naturally, this shouldn't mean that you should drop out of school if you don't like studying, but you might consider working for a new company if you are constantly stressed and pressured by your job. If it's not possible to stop, try to see the positive side of those things and find ways to make them entertaining. Nobody enjoys cleaning the kitchen fan or the toilet but if you do these chores with full awareness and make them into a meditation, you will be surprised how quiet your mind will become and how much happiness these chores will give you.

6. Find a hobby. You might take up collecting stamps or coins, or you might learn more about photography or art. You don't have to spend your entire life doing it; the whole purpose of the hobby is to vary your routine and do something worthwhile.

7. Stop watching TV or at least limit the amount of time you spend in front of the idiot box. Watching TV is passive entertainment and enjoyment in life comes from trying and doing things yourself instead of watching other people do things. Watching people swim is not the same as swimming. Watching other people hike or climb a mountain is not the same as hiking or climbing mountains. This is pretty obvious but still many people prefer second hand experiences to living life to the full. The same goes for playing TV or computer games hours on end. Go out and do something. You will feel healthier too.

men's socks

Every one do have a well dressed part in their life,They want be look smarter in society.Among those issue socks will be as major part in human thing.It comer's from school kid to every business man.They need a at least a a good one or a looked on for their socks is essential part of everyone wold,people who go for working.With a little bit of information and a large selection to choose from, you will be well on your way to adding the perfect pair of socks to fit your every many people will be puzzled to get a branded and a fashioned one for their children even for them.ya it cam it's online socks shop were a plenty of fascinate socks is available her,you can ask a question why we need to get her?why can't we go outside and get a one.The reason is if you go out for an shop you need to see an branded one,then a fashioned one,then a prize and you need to bargain that products,it will be a very big hectic for you and for the shop keepers,here there is no need of anything you can see all the branded one and you can select and buy from online,less work you don't need to spend a time in this,just a 5 mi NS work of your office.Here at men's socks,the men’s outfit will be complete only with proper socks, and they also bring in some healthy needs. Socks usually will ease chafing between the foot and the footwear and it also provide comfort by keeping your feet warm we seek to provide you with all the information you will ever need about socks.The compensation ,they listed all the most online socks .they sell all the most recent fashion ate socks,so you don't need to run out of shop for the socks purpose,The essential thing is you can buy online buy you card.

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TATA motors launched a new Nano

TATA motors lauches the world's least expensive car ,Nano . This creates the History in Mumbai , India and it will definitely redefine the transportation in modern India.
Ratan Tata announces the car as People's car and he assures that the launch will definitely creates a milestone , though there were many controversies , hurdles and criticism from competitors . The price could be between 1.20 lakh and 1.30 lakh , depending on the versions of Nano . The bookings will start only after April 2nd week . Though the car cost of about 1 lakh , the other payments like duties and insurance etc will come up around 1.20 to 1.30 lakh .....

slimquick cleanse

Fat is the major issue in today's generation,everybody looks so huge in younger age,it's because not only the Gen,but also the work does.for example if we took this IT industry they have the full time sitting work,they don't have time to stand and have a walk,it's not mistake on them,it's purely on their health.Many women dream of having a flat stomach, but unless you are a fitness fanatic, it is unlikely you will ever achieve it.The obesity increases risk of diabetes,hypertension and ischaemic heart diseases is well-known.But the obesity can also significantly increase cancer risk is even more chilling news,a 2008 meta-analysis of hundreds of cancer studies shows that 14 to 20 per cent of cancer deaths were related to obesity. Even those who are a small dress size 8 complain of having a flabby tummy.whether you want to lose weight, improve your cardiovascular fitness, lower your cholesterol, or just generally get into better shape.The easy issue you can do an exercise on your own,but the time don't permits you.A sedentary lifestyle along with a high calorie diet and less exercise Amy result in unhealthy weight gain.Among men,those with a body Mass Index five points above the normal run an increased colon cancer risk over 55 percent.Women with a similar increases in BMI have a more than 50 percent increased risk of developing uterus or breast cancer of the oesophagus There many sites online that offer ideas for exercising on your chair.You might even consider a small set of weights.There are also gym programs for computers that warn you when it is time to take a break and offer you exercise option.But people don't have the time to do this online capsules produce the weight losing pills to reduce the weights,it's very easy to get and you can less up the time slimquick cleanse sense providing the online tablet capsules,it it purely a herbal based products,there were no side effects for you,based an copyright issue,so you can very wheel get this product and reduce tour fat abdomen and have a slim body

Britney spears Threatens to cancel tour

Britney spears is threatening to cancel her tour after receiving a string of death threats.The womanizer singer,whose eagerly anticipated circus tour kicked off earlier this month,has become increasingly concerned the lives of her sons Sean Preston,three and two year old jay den James could be in danger following the menacing messages.
A source told Britain's look magazine "Brittaney received some anonymous death threats received some anonymous death threats over the phone and in the mail,and her worst fear is a kidnap plot against SAM or jay den.she's been having terrible night mares ever since then and she wakes up in the middle of the night crying out for her boys.she told her head of security and he thanks it's a lone stalker.her paranoia has reached fever pitch and she's wracked with fear.
A source said "Britney is under so much strain ,what with relentless performing ,the bad reviews and the worry over her all got too much and she screamed at her team,i can't do this any more,why are you all torturing me?she ran out of the room crying

Graduation Day

A Graduation day will be a special day in every one's life.Because after a long time,struggling for the exam,hard to feel study very tough to write an question after all this riddles we have to come throw that day so that day we need to plan for some special reason.t has been several years since the happy days of celebrating the graduations of both my son and my daughter. When my son graduated from high school he was going to technical school part of the day, and was the Valedictorian of the Technical School the year he Top Graduation Songs...we were so proud of him and his accomplishment and did all we could to celebrate the occasion with food an fun.If you’re delivering a speech or just want to include a thoughtful message in a greeting card, a relevant quote can help you get the job done.His words rang out through Sayles Hall to all present at the low-key event, which was dedicated to those students who will have finished all necessary graduation requirements by this month. Though midyear graduates will have completed their degrees, they will not be given diplomas until Commencement. Those who choose to return to College Hill in May will also be acknowledged at Commencement.The event began with a prelude by the Brown Ceremonial Brass Ensemble. Following the processional, the Higher Keys a Capella group sang the national anthem, and Chaplain of the University Janet Cooper Nelson gave the invocation. Both Berger on and Simmons addressed the class, after which Benjamin Boas '06.5 gave the first senior reflection. Professor of Economics Glenn Loury delivered faculty remarks. After the midyear graduates were presented, Bergeron gave the closing remarks. Ceremony attendees then sang the Brown Alma Mater, accompanied by the Higher Keys.We ate out as a family when possible, and for both of our children, we were able to take advantage of the back deck overlooking the lake to celebrate. Our celebrations were fairly simple, I made much of the food myself, and invited their friends, and people who had been important in their lives during their school years, to our home to celebrateOur graduation parties are behind us now, but before the parties there was a lot of thought about what to do, what to eat, how to make things fun! If you are planning a party, I'd like to suggest you take a look at, you'll find a lot of fun things to do, and can even offer your own suggestions.
Following the recessional and many hugs and congratulatory exchanges among family, friends and graduates, attendees headed over to Leung Gallery in Faunce House to enjoy champagne and hors d'oeuvres.

Being obama daughters'idol terrifies Beyonce

Bey once Knowles says being idolised by US president Barack Obama daughters is terrifying.The single ladies singer met Malia,10 and seven-years old Sasha when she performed ETTA James hit at last at the presidential inauguration in January.
A few days later,the 27 years old singer was shocked when barracks wife Michelle Obama phoned bey once to say her daughter are fans of her music.
Bey once told America's Vogue magazine"she told me she was very happy that her girls have someone like me to look up to.And I'm like,"oh my god you have to feel fortunate to be one of the people whom parents don't mind their children looking up tip.The older i get,the more i think about the amount of influence i have on these Young girls,and it's scary sometimes,but i also understand how lucky i am to have that,bey once also praised her family for helping her stay grounded and down to earth and her husband rapper jay-z for teaching her to be more discerning.

Marat Safina in Big brother's shadow

Marat safin may be set to retire at the end of the season.but until he does,the two-time grand slam champion will continue to steal the lime light from fast-rising sister dinara,who may be headed for the world number one ranking,"for me,he's my big brother"said the somewhat resigned safina,losing finalist at both the french and Australian opens over the past eight months,"today one person came up to me asking me if I'm the sister of Marat,I'm like "yeah" "are you playing tennis?and i look at them like,well,OK yes I'm also a tennis player ,I'm still i think has never been an occasion where the name of the charismatic Marat has not come up"there was no press conference where they would not ask about my brother she said...


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French Women Really Sexier Than American Women?

A recent review is telling that,Usually man people's will have a attraction towards English woman,They normally will tell they look hot and gorgeous,but an new report is telling that french women's are really it?. at number one on the New York Times best-seller list, The local Barnes & Noble has offered a parade of galling Gallic self-improvement tomes, including Entire Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl, French Women Don't Sleep Alone,and they feel some what to sleep in alone and eight more editions of Giuliani's book — whose film rights have been snatched up by Hilary Swank.It was true on their attitude what they being recent study found that France is on track to match U.S. obesity levels by 2020. And second, we all know the slender Frenches real secret: We'll take a little extra around the middle over a gruesome death from emphases any day. Finally, not every American woman spends Friday night hovering over the all-you-can-eat pasta bar at Olive Garden. Some of us really can tie a flourishngly — and not because we're trying to be more French.As we say in France, everything is better in the neighbor’s garden. To us, American women are very sexy. Seriously! You are the country of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Victoria’s Secret! And I won’t mention the dozens of magnificent modern American actresses who make French women feel like chubby...

Akon decides to work with X factor star

Akon is to produce Alexandra Burke's first album.The rapper and producer,who is currently pennng tracks for Micheal Jackson,is excited about the working with the X factor winner and hopes she will be a successful as Leona Lewis,who ha stake the us by Storm following her win on the British TV talent show in 2006.he said "I've had calls to work with Alex and I'm going to do it.i love the X factor and i love helping to break new artist to me,it's one of the most enjoyable and important aspects of my job .
The 32 year old music mogul is so confident about Alexandr's potential he has agreed to work with her before hearing her sing.he explained to Britain's daily star newspaper"i haven't seen any of Alexa's performance on the show but then i hadn't seen any of Leona before i worked with her..

It's getting hot in the ice floor

The teenage rivalry between japan's Mao asada and Kim yu-Na of south Korea is hotting up with mind games underway ahead of next week's world figure skating championships. Kim, who upstaged reigning world champion asada at the four continents contest last month, made a stunning recent comment which was interpreted to mean Japanese rivals had obstructed her warm-ups before competition. the controversy adds spice to the world championships in LA, which the 18-years-old are expected to turn into a preview of their gold medal showdown in their Olympic deduct at the 2010 Vancouver games. Kim know for her bright and thoughtful manner talked about the interrupted warm ups particularly at this year four continents championships i felt it was a bit terrible too much she told Korea SBS net work without naming names. i am trying to find a way to deal with it a voice over said it was airways Japanese skaters that crossed Kim's path

Disc Golf

The other day when I was walking the McKeldin Area of Patapsco State Park I noticed these strange metal baskets littered throughout the park. At first I wasn't sure what their purpose was. Then, when I saw some fellow patrons lobbing frisbees at them, I realized that I was in the middle of a disc golf course. I have heard of disc golf but never actually had seen anyone play up until then. For anyone unfamiliar with it, the game consists of 18 holes spread out over a large course just like in golf, but is played with frisbees instead. After catching just a few brief seconds of the game I was instantly hooked. I went home, told the wife about it, and within 24 hours we had bought some regulation discs of our own.
This afternoon we returned to McKeldin and after a quick re-hike of the area, threw down the gauntlet. That phrase is usually one associated with the challenge of an opponent, but when I say it, I mean we waited for the course to clear out a bit, asked some fellow players directions to the first tee, and waited until no one was looking before we made total fools of ourselves. Discs flew in every direction other than the ones they were supposed to. Muscles were pulled. Backs were thrown out. Curse words were muttered. And most importantly laughs, though all at our own expense, were had. While we may not have had the best game performance out there today, I can assure you that we did have bragging rights to the highest "Tron" references to throws ratio. That mixed with a some Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf jokes and my wife acquiring the nickname "Calico Woods" made for good times all around. Despite the fact that I spent the better part of the afternoon chasing down and hunting for lost discs in some of the most unlikeliest of places, we had fun. Due to time constraints we were not able to play through an entire game. We were not really keeping score either. But with each hole we found ourselves getting the hang of it a little better. When we first rolled up to the course I chatted with some fellow golfers who explained the basic game concepts. The fact that they were all puffing on cigarettes gave me hope. Any sport that you can play while smoking can not be all that hard, right? After trying it for myself I am not so sure. It is more challenging than it looks. But with this, like any challenge, comes the reward of saying that you have done it, when the day is over.My drives were nice. I’ve backed off my run up in favor of focusing on my pull and release. I throw farther if I do it right. I’m much more accurate. My putting was solid. I missed three. A 40 foot on 2, a 30 foot on 11, and a 25 foot on 17.I posted the wrong score to twitter. Oh well.
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