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X factor judge danii Monique rubbished reports that she had dumped Australian rugby player Kris smith.They were seen together at the children's Bafa awards night in London this week.When asked how danii was coping with the X-factor stress Kris said."Things are going really well,i like to help as much as i can",sister of Aussie while holidaying in Ibiza.Monique was previously married to nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon and engaged to racing driver Jacques Villeneeuve


English model Alex Curran ,known as the leading WAG of the England national football team.has revealed that she often offends people when she is drunk.Curran,who is footie ace Steven Gerrard's wife ,revealed and that after she has offended someone and realise her mistake,she starts crying"I DO A LITTLE DRINK",The Sun quoted saying I'm an up-dancing-on -the tables kind of party person.I have one drink and then i get all excited.Sometimes I'll do something or say something wrong to someone then I'll realise what I've done.I know I'm trouble and I'll just start crying,But generally I'm happy drinking person .


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Golden boats DAVID BECKHAM is poised to become the united states vice-president of the world's biggest sport and entertainment firm.The former of the england captain is all set to take a top executive role in giant company AEG.whose president is La galaxy owner Time Leiweke.The football ace has been promised the lucrative boardroom job after getting through with playing,and he is likely to become a big investor in the firm which owns and operates stadia worldwide,including London's millennium dome and o2 Arena .Beckham was recently spotted with Leiweke's daughter Francesca a business garduate from california standard university.The pair was photogrpahed together earlier this mouth at staples centre home of the lakers basketball,which is also owned by AEG


H sridhar,the four time national award winning sound engineer,who was a close associates of server AL national and international musicians including maestro A R rahman,Out of his four national awards,Three of them DIL SE,LAGAAN AND KANNATHIL MUTHAMITAL.were for his contributin to rahman.

A visibly upset A R rahman shared his grief with the article,since they were working through the night,he was with him till 2 am on Monday re-recording of the hindi version of ghajini.when his wife called me early morning,for a moment i could not understand what she was talking,she told,"with the demise of sridhar,i have lost a great friend,brother and king of sound engineering,i have realised how important it is to be kind to people as life is totally unpredictable.


In the way of the recent terror attacks ,many agitated people are striving to find ways to confront government registrant the failure  to prevent the tragedy .Despite the resignation of the ton-Nordic minister like shiv raj Patel abed R R Patel people are still not convinced and are bend upon demanding a change in the election system itself.which has a "not to vote "alternative,as a powerful weapon to take on the inefficient politician.
The conduct of the election rules ,1961 provides situation wherein a person can choose not to vote,be in the protest or to prevent misuse.Section 49 states that if a person decides not to record his vote,then the presiding the officer shall make a remark to the efficient against his name in the register of votes and obtain the latest signature.or thumb impression against such remark.
But,according to public they feel strongly for the demand for the inclusion of the none of the above option in the electronic voting machine in our country.Our right to vote not choose any of the candidates and yet be counted as a valid ballot vote,Enough is enough,we need a change

Private student loans Dec 2008

When you are dealing with the difficulties of leaving home for the first time either because you are doping to achieve a college or a university education, like applying for the right educational institution, for a student loan or browsing to get the right accommodation for the next three to more years.

One thing is for sure, you will require a certain amount of electronic equipment. Amongst the electronic equipments that you will be requiring, of course, you can count on the computer complete with monitor and printer; probably at least a small sized sound system and a television set. Nonetheless your status of trying private student loans to save as much as possible from the student loan financing fund that you applied to, you will need to determine if acquiring a DVD player can work better for you than spending money on movie going.

Whether you decide to buy the electronic equipment new or second hand, or move “excess” equipment from your parent’s home to your new student residence. Keep in mind before making the decision that you will need to protect the electronic equipment and that, even in the best environment, security might be compromised, therefore, you might not want to risk equipment that is too expensive or that has too high sentimental value.

Buying adequate protection for your electronic equipment will prove to be a wise decision since it will allow you to handle and move more freely in terms of rainy season and even party times. The electric system of any house, apartment, dorm or fraternity has a determined range of resistance and endurance in terms of electrical equipment plugged and turned on at the same time. It is not rare nor unusual to hear of blackouts and burned out electrical equipment because the residents of a certain place had their equipments turned on all at the same time.


Consequence: ecosystem shifts and species die-off
The increase in global temperatures is expected to disrupt ecosystems and result in loss of species diversity, as species that cannot adapt die off. The first comprehensive assessment of the extinction risk from global warming found that more than one million species could be committed to extinction by 2050 if global warming pollution is not curtailed. Some ecosystems, including alpine meadows in the Rocky Mountains, as well as tropical montane and mangrove forests, are likely to disappear because new warmer local climates or coastal sea level rise will not support them.
Alpine meadow
Warmer temperatures may cause some ecosystems, including alpine meadows in the Rocky Mountains, to disappear.
    Warning signs today

  • A recent study of nearly 2,000 species of plants and animals discovered movement toward the poles at an average rate of 3.8 miles per decade. Similarly, the study found species in alpine areas to be moving vertically at a rate of 20 feet per decade in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

  • The latest IPCC report found that approximately 20 to 30 percent of plant and animal species assessed so far are likely to be at increased risk of extinction if global average temperature increases by more than 2.7 to 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Some polar bears are drowning because they have to swim longer distances to reach ice floes. The U. S. Geological Survey has predicted that two-thirds of the world's polar bear sub-populations will be extinct by mid-century due to melting of the Arctic ice cap.

  • In Washington's Olympic Mountains, sub-alpine forest has invaded higher elevation alpine meadows. In Bermuda and other places, mangrove forests are being lost.

  • In areas of California, shoreline sea life is shifting northward, probably in response to warmer ocean and air temperatures.

  • Over the past 25 years, some penguin populations have shrunk by 33 percent in parts of Antarctica, due to declines in winter sea-ice habitat.

  • The ocean will continue to become more acidic due to carbon dioxide emissions. Because of this acidification, species with hard calcium carbonate shells are vulnerable, as are coral reefs, which are vital to ocean ecosystems. Scientists predict that a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature would wipe out 97 percent of the world's coral reefs

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In distributed multiple access control protocols, two categories of overhead are t—usually associated with contentionresolution. One is channel idle overhead, where all contending stations are waiting to transmit. Another is collision overhead, which occurs when multiple contending stations attempt to transmit simultaneously. Either idle overhead or collision overhead being large,contention resolution algorithm would be inefficient. Prior research work tries to minimize both the idle and the collision overheads using various methods. In this paper, we propose to apply “pipelining” techniques to the design of multiple access control protocol so that channel idle overhead could be (partially) hidden and the collision overhead could bereduced. While the concept of pipelined scheduling can be applied to various MAC protocol designs in general, in this paper, we focus on its application to IEEE 802.11 DCF. 
In particular, an implicitly pipelined dual-stage contention resolution MAC protocol (named DSCR) is proposed. With IEEE 802.11, the
efficiency of contention resolution degrades dramatically with the increasing load due to high probability of collision. Using the implicit
pipelining technique, DSCR hides the majority of channel idle time and reduces the collision probability, hence, improves channel
utilization, average access delay, and access energy cost over 802.11 significantly both in wireless LANs and in multihop networks.
The simulation results, as well as some analysis, are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of DSCR


Whether you call your grandfather clock a Floor Clock, or refer to as long case clocks or tall case clocks has a lot to do with which side of the Atlantic you were raised, or possibly what century in time one happened to be born into. In the USA and Canada, grandfather clocks have been known as well, grandfather clocks, for well over a hundred years, after the well known Grandfather Clocks Song, which not only swept the nation, but also the North American vernacular. Historically, in England and Western Europe in general,Howard Miller Clocks grandfather clocks were and still are referred to more frequently as Tallcase clocks or Longcase clocks. The Floor Clock vocabulary has been used on both sides of the Atlantic, and has been reinforced over the years by the major makers of grandfather clocks, including Hermle Clocks, the company, Ridgeway Floor Clocks, the Bulova Grandfather Clocks Collection, and Kieninger Floor Clocks. The grandfather clock and floor clock words are used relatively interchangeably today, even by many grandfather clock

Grandmother Clocks is another term which is frequently asked about, with the only major difference being the height of the clock. Other than the height howard miller clock, in most instances, the two terms can be used reasonably interchangable.

Oh, and grandfather clocks are sometimes referred to as granfather clocks or grandfathers clocks, or even grand father clocks. These are just simple common misconceptions of what the correct words and terminology are.

Granddaughter Clocks are smaller, and Grandson Clocks, actually introduced by 1-800-4CLOCKS much earlier this year, are even smaller. Keep an eye out for them at a retailer near you.

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If a men boasts about his sexual prowess to his friends ,so does a woman,here are some few things and common mistakes in bedroom and well he may not be aware of it.
  1. TOO EAGER TO UNDRESS:so she was looking absoluetly stunning in her low cut dress,but what is on your mind,why are you so eager to undress her and kill the moment.Take it slow for a change,restraining your hands on her dress,which will make her desire you even more.
  2. FOREPLAY:Yes,there have been times,when you both wouldn't care less and go into the business straight way.But if this is becoming a habit,it will soon seem like a chore to both of you.FOREPLAY will surely add spice to your steamy love life.
  3. IGNORING HER NEEDS:It cant always be you and you first,stop being selfish,your woman needs pampering too.she needs ,so why don't you gently ask her surprise her altogether.
  4. TRYING TOO MANY THINGS AT ONE TIME:Do not get over enthusiastic and try all the adventure tricks with her that you saw on televison or heared from a friend.A better way would be to voice your intentions to her before surprising her with a new more move and scaring the hell with out her.
  5. DON"T GO OFF TO SLEEP TOO SOON:Men will be men,but women are not men,They can' just switch off like men do after making out.Women like to be held,cajeled and talked to especially after a steamy session.Be a little more considerate and spend some time talking or sharing jokes with her.



will u pls rewind...
rewind ma life..the dark past
the dark days..followin the dark ways..

slippin outta ma mind,committin great sins and countless crimes
steppin to a coffee pub or a toxic pub
lookin for a girl,to take her to a dance club
tastin or sippin a cup o glass of coffee,beer and wine
rulin' over the streets,showin off the mighty power of nothin but fake
oppressin the weak,challengin the strong,enjoyin the scenes,music and the game
ma life is a roller coaster ride,repairin and rebuildin ma tragic fate
eyes,ears and tongues filled with filth and lie,cause i was dumb,deaf and blind
there's no control,jus no control..totally outta control,am jus outta control...
ma skull is screamin',ma blood boilin,am teasin,abusin,mockin and always fightin
am so bad,am so mad,am the greatest fool,true loser..takin everythin cool
ma life is totally ruined,findin pieces,to fix it very soon
fooled in the name of love,betrayed and backstabbed by best of friends
people want me to change,to get a good name and stop with this satanic game
rollin up ma sleeves,yellin out loudly "gimme a break please" !!!
ma vision and mission is to remain the same,ma goal is to perfect ma game
am jus losin it out,no more hope at all,everybody jus foolin me
am alone,it so cold,am freezin and shiverin,cryin out loud..
am askin ppl to help me out,everybody's runnin away and backin off
its jus ma dark past,ma dark days...i wanna follow ma dark ways
i look up,i can see someone smilin at me,he wanna help me out...
i say quietly "thanks,but no thanks..this is ma life"
am a loser,true loser....wanna be the best of losers....

shiftin' the gears from 1 to 5,headin for the longest drive
takin an U-turn,takin a turn around
the longest drive of 5 pillars of islam
no reversin back,no switchin back,headin towards the true path
everythin is already planned by almighty allah
ya allah,ya allah,ya allah,ya allah

almighty allah,the most high,the most exalted,the most beneficent
the most oft-forgiving,the most patient,the most merciful
the master creator,the master of the day of judgement
to whom everybody will return,resurrectin..comin back to life
givin us this beautiful life,with vision,mission,goal on our minds
watchin us from time to time,every second,minute and every hour
takin a note of our deeds so patiently,the deeds of the good and the bad
that we conceal,that we reveal,bestowin countless favours upon us
so everybody can survive,remindin us to keep worshippin him alone
people abusin,insultin the most patient almighty allah
makin fake or false claims "he's begotten a son or a daughter,
associatin partners,committin the blatant shirk
he aint tearin us apart or crushin our faces,
he aint makin us dumb,deaf and blind
but givin us the sweetest pain in this life,from diseases,tragedies to calamities
delayin the dreadful punishment for the next life,
makin us face the tests to realize
the biggest or the toughest tests,get it or lose it all
askin us to have faith and patience and to work hard
compensatin the LOSS to Lots Of SuccesS,the better or the best
tormentin the ignorant with sadness,no peace of mind and misfortunes
giftin the pious,the most righteous with high rewards
showers of blessings,happiness and golden fortune
truly to him belongs the heavens and the earth
and truly to him we shall return

shiftin' the gears from 1 to 5,headin for the longest drive
takin an U-turn,takin a turn around
the longest drive of 5 pillars of islam
no reversin back,no switchin back,headin towards the true path
everythin is already planned by almighty allah
ya allah,ya allah,ya allah,ya allah

i was a loser,true loser,was spinnin the wheel,the wheel of darkpast
checkin how do i feel??ma mind completely filled with evil thoughts
i was gone astray,only painful and dreadful allah's wrath to face
plannin big time to take revenge on ma enemies and backstabbin best of friends
the most merciful almighty allah watchin me..plannin at the same time...
he is plannin and ruinin ma every evil plan,replacin it with the good
i had an intention to be good,indeed almighty allah made me good..
acceptin ma dua..even if i was an ignorant or bad
all of a sudden,there was a sea change in me..people were shocked to see
i realize,i aint a loser anymore,cause i belong to true deen
takin the sweet revenge on ma enemies and back stabbin best of friends
forgettin everythin,forgivin them,carin,lovin and helpin them
callin them ma brothers...cause now am a muslimeen.....
walkin towards almighty allah,he's runnin towards me
replacin evil thoughts,sealed heart and filthy tongue
giftin me with deepest knowledge,pious heart and truthful tongue
blessin me with high rewards,happiness,and peace of mind
almighty allah,the most high,the most exalted,the most beneficent
the most oft-forgiving,the most patient,the most merciful
the master creator,the master of the day of judgement
truly to him belongs the heavens and the earth
and truly to him we shall return

shiftin' the gears from 1 to 5,headin for the longest drive
takin an U-turn,takin a turn around
the longest drive of 5 pillars of islam
no reversin back,no switchin back,headin towards the true path
everythin is already planned by almighty allah
ya allah,ya allah,ya allah,ya allah

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Debt consolidation is essentially a term that is used to describe a financial product or service that helps consumers deal with their debt problems. Debt Management is a service that helps consumers create a budgeting plan and negotiate a payment plan with their creditors. In many cases they can even reduce interest rates, reverse fees and help a consumer gain control of their finances before it negatively affects their credit profile.

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Do you Yahoo!? really wants to beat them should quit messing with small improvements and shoot for the moo Of course not - you Google. But for how much longer? Just as the search giant stole the thunder and traffic from big Web portals, competitors are set on becoming the next Google. Inktomi and AlltheWeb are racing to beat it with bigger, fresher indexes. Teoma and Viv simo organize results by subject, so a search for "explorer" separates pages about Ferdinand Magellan from those about Ford's SUV. As the stakes get higher, Yahoo! is buying up companies to arm itself with better technology. Microsoft, thinking bigger, discussed buying Google last fall. Any company thatn with these search strategies.

Crawl 'em all
Google has 3 billion pages in its database, with AlltheWeb and Inktomi close behind. But there may be a trillion more pages hiding in plain sight - in online databases such as WebMD and The New York Times' archive, and they can't be reached by hopping from one link to another. To get at them, a search engine needs to submit a query to each site, then consolidate the results onto one page. CompletePlanet lets visitors search more than 100,000 such databases, but only a few subjects at a time. No current service is powerful enough to churn through all trillion possible results at once.

Keep 'em all
Google is fast replacing Lexis-Nexis as the research tool professionals turn to first. But Google lets you search only its most recently crawled version of the Web. Pages that were changed or deleted prior to the last crawl are lost forever. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine preserves a fraction of the Web's page history. What if you could search every version of every page ever posted?

Follow the feeds
News sites and blogs are supplementing their pages with RSS feeds - a service that pushes new content to subscribers as soon as it's published. Google doesn't track RSS feeds, and bloggers gripe that their posts take two to three days to show up in search results. An engine to which Web site owners could upload RSS would provide the latest version of every page.

Don't give away the formula
When Google debuted in 1998, its search results were free of the marketing pages that clogged other engines. Even though Sergey Brin and Larry Page had published their PageRank formula while at Stanford, it was tougher to fool than other scoring systems. In 2000, Google gave out a free PC toolbar that displayed the PageRank value of any Web page, unwittingly handing Google gamers a cheat sheet.


Suddenly, there was a person, he said salaam.

"May I come in?" he asked. But Fatimah did not allow him enter the room.

"I'm sorry, my father is ill," said Fatimah, turned her body back and closed the door.

She went back to her father who had opened his eyes and asked Fatimah,
"Who was he, my daughter?"

"I don't know, my father. It was the first time for me to see him,"
Fatimah said gently.

Then, Rasulullah looked at his daughter with trembled look, as if he wanted to reminisce about every part of her daughter's face.

"Know one thing! He is who erases the temporary pleasure; he is who separates the companionship in the world.

He is the death angel," said Rasulullah .

Fatimah bore the bomb of her cry. The death angel came toward him, But Rasulullah asked why Jibril did not come along with him.

Then, Jibril was called. Jibril was ready in the sky to welcome the soul of Habibullah and the leader of the earth.

"O Jibril, explain me about my rights in front of ALLAH?" Rasulullah asked with a weakest voice.

"The doors of sky have opened, the angels are waiting for your soul."

"All jannats open widely waiting for you," Jibril said. But, in fact, all this did not make Rasulullah relieved, his eyes were still full of worry.

"You are not happy to hear this news?" asked Jibril.

"Tell me about the destiny of my people in future?"

"Don't worry, O Rasul ALLAH. I heard ALLAH tell me: 'I make jannat haram for every one, except the people of Muhammad who are inside it,"
Jibril said.

It became closer and closer, the time for Malaekat Izrail to do his work.

Slowly, Rasulullah's soul was pulled. It was seemed that the body of Rasulullah was full of sweat; the nerves of his neck became tight.

"Jibril, how painful this sakaratul maut is!"

Rasulullah uttered a groan slowly. Fatimah closed her eyes, Ali sat beside her bowed deeply and Jibril turned his face back.

"Am I repugnant to you that you turn your face back o Jibril?" Rasulullah asked the Deliverer of Wahy.

"Who is the one who could see the Habibullah in his condition of sakaratul maut," Jibril said.

Not for a while, Rasulullah uttered a groan because of unbearable pain.

"O ALLAH, how great is this sakaratul maut. Give me all these pains, don't give it to my people."

The body of Rasulullah became cold, his feet and chest did not move anymore..

His lips vibrated as if he wanted to say something, Ali took his ear close to Rasulullah.

"Uushiikum bis shalati, wa maa malakat aimanuku - take care of the saalat and take care the weak people among you."

Outside the room, there were cries shouted each other, sahabah held each other. Fatimah closed her face with her hands and, again, Ali
took his ear close to Rasulullah's mouth which became bluish.

"Ummatii, ummatii, ummatii?" - "My people, my people, my people."

And the life of the noble man ended.

Could we love each other like him? Allahumma sholli 'ala Muhammad wa baarikwa salim 'alaihi. How deep is Rasulullah's love to us.


Send this to all your Muslim friends so that there is an awareness towards the love of ALLAH and His Rasul - because - truly - except this love, the other loves, are only fana (not everlasting) thing.


Don't worry if people hate you because there are many others who love and care you in the earth. But be worried if ALLAH hates you because
there is no other who loves and cares you in akhirat.

May Almighty Allah guide all of us to the Right Path and give all of us the courage to accept the Truth in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah
and to reject all things which are in contradiction to the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah.


Please pass this around, perhaps you would be a reason to awaken the love of the Prophet in someone's heart.


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Today's men are not afraid to express their emotions openly anymore.And some tears are a sign of strength Men too choke up at sappy movies,hug their friends and grieve when a relation ship ends.No longer just a female emotion,men are not afraid to cry anymore and express their feelings in public

Remember how kapil dev cried in televison when he tried to prove himself innocent against charges of match-fixing or when cricketer,sreeshant was caught weeping after being slaped by harbhajan singh."men to have emotions,but we rae not emotional fools",we cry,but we don't howl we like exchang news about others,but we don't gossip.There is a difference.The image of a strong man who never cries and keps it al in bravely ,is becoming a thing of the is considered a bigger sign of strength when a man is not afraid to cry feels ,And of course,it's not just grief that makes the eye of a man dew.Even when a proud father watches has kid win a prize,the tears just flow down.

Although men and women sigh ,cry rejoice,vent,shout and weep they express emotions live in the background of a manlife and the foreground of a woman.A breakup is as hard on a man as on a woman."When my relation ship with my girlfriend ended.I did cry my heart out.My friends told me how unmanly i was being,but i couldn't control my tears.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Deserted tree stands naked amidstthe sorrow cry of the natureWeary fills, transparent shy facedThe drought cheeks-dry crooked thorns.Just a sapling-bird perched on him, singingLovely red-neck, stouted head and tilted backSeemed to knock on everything on others’ lamentTeasing tails of rainbow hues, fresh-blooded.Holds the trunk on a magical touch of love,Tree sheds tears on the confidence of lifeTweety-bird shelters on him, sounds of tonesThat sways him tapping by the sweetness.And now, the tree has shed his shadowto house the bird from the wrath of natureNever did the foiled days came to his mindBird still sings life of peace and harmony.-MITHUN SUNDAR RAJp.syeah its not me he he i don't write poem so good but i too write some .. ... ..But i like to read lots of poems stories and all those stuffs ha ha took this from a top of a mountain...


Indian youth haven't fully embraced Western ways. Tradition still dictates much of daily life. But progressive influences are everywhere. Take the tradition of arranged marriages, where parents chose children's spouses, often without their consent. Now young people want to marry for love--but also want parents' approval.The younger generation is nationalistic. In a recent survey by ad agency McCann-Erickson Asia-Pacific, Asian youth around the region voted Paris, London, and New York as the ''coolest'' cities. But young Indians voted for Bombay, along with New York. ''India has the best mix of people and cultures you can find,'' says Gaurav Kumar, 16, of Bangalore, India's Silicon Valley. ''We should take the best of both worlds.''Kumar wants to be an aviation engineer. Along with half his graduating class, he intends to take the tough exam for the Indian Institute of Technology, a system of prestigious, high-tech universities. The most sought-after field: computer science. ''It's almost a religion with young people,'' says Hema Ravichander, head of human resources for Infosys, which gets 280,000 job applicants every year.Private computer training institutes are working to fill the demand. Just in the past three years, the New Delhi-based National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) and Bombay-based Aptech have expanded their franchises to 2,500 training centers in 300 cities and towns in India. ''These kids have a deep desire to uplift themselves and their families,'' says Rajendra Pawar, who co-founded NIIT in 1981.Companies are reaching out to the computer-literate young. Koshika, the cellular phone service provider in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India's poorest states, is using young people to develop an e-mail service. The company approached people who operate cellular phones as public services for their villages. It then sold them computers at a hefty discount and taught their children to use the Internet. For a fee, they offer e-mail services. Since most village families have members working in Persian Gulf states, they are starting to use e-mail to communicate, since it is cheaper than a telephone and faster than sending a letter.For the boys of the village, such opportunities are a great incentive for staying home rather than moving to the cities. Bunty Garg, from the town of Punnhana in Uttar Pradesh, was regarded as a ne'er-do-well by his father, who owns the local fabric store. That was until Bunty set up a public cell phone. Bunty, 22, now has seven public phone booths, his own car, and the biggest home in town.The danger for India is, of course, that the potent mixture of aspirations created by TV, computers, and marketers in the hearts of India's young could overheat, and the social cauldron could boil over. Some researchers also worry about rising aspirations colliding with the realities of Indian poverty. ''The young generation may want more,'' says Indrani Vidyarthi of ORG-MARG, India's premier market research agency. ''But how to get more when there ain't more?'' Indeed, almost 60% of rural Indian households have no electricity. ''How will they run computers?'' asks Rakesh Mohan, director of the National Council for Applied Economic Research in New Delhi.But Mohan may be underestimating the pragmatism and ambition of India's liberalization generation. Young Indians are not pessimistic. ''Our lives are in the fast lane,'' says Bangalore schoolboy Gaurav. ''We can cope; we have to.'' With luck, they'll not only cope--they'll thrive.

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Holidays are right around the corner and we wanted to offer our readers a little something different in this week’s contest.Giving gift cards to local restaurants, vacation spots or a favorite clothing store are great, but the best are cards that can be used anywhere. But let's face it, while the gift of cash is great, there is something inherently impersonal about throwing a Visa gift cards gift card into a bag or box. I love giving, and receiving, gift cards. To me, a gift card is more than a gift of money, it is the gift of time (time to go shopping without the children) and guilt-free shopping (especially valuable given recent economic news).

Don't just give a basic gift card this year, give a personalized custom gift card from GiftCardLab. GiftCardLab allows Visa gift cards you to upload pictures, art, or graphics to design your very own Visa Gift Card for loved ones, co-wokers, employees, and friends.

Visa gift cards from GiftCardLab are also FDIC insured so no need to worry about the risk brought on by retail gift cards that may lose their value if the retail store claims bankruptcy.

GiftCardLab Visa gift cards can also be used anywhere Visa is accepted so the gift cards can be used for necessities like gas, groceries, clothes, etc. A much more practical gift for this holiday season.


Ferrari’s in the drive of his life at Interlagos on Sunday, doing everything within his power to become 2008 world champion. And as he took the chequered flag he, his team and his family all thought he had done it.

But jubilation rapidly turned to disbelief as just seconds later title rival Lewis Hamilton passed the Toyota of Timo Glock at the final corner to clinch the fifth place he needed to snatch the drivers’ crown from Massa’s grasp. The Brazilian knew how close he had come, but had nothing but praise for the McLaren driver.

"It was an exciting day,” he said. “We did everything to perfection and we almost managed to pull it off. Then, as I crossed the line, (race engineer) Rob (Smedley) told me that Hamilton had finished fifth and therefore he took the title by one point. Sport is like this and one has to accept that. Congratulations to Lewis: whoever gets the most points deserves the title.”

Massa’s only consolation was a magnificent home win, and the knowledge that he and team mate Kimi Raikkonen, who finished third, had done enough to guarantee Ferrari the constructors’ championship.

“I am very proud of the whole team and how much support they have given me during this fantastic season,” he said. “Now we must be happy with what have done, namely bringing home the constructors' title which I know is so important for the team.

“It was a season of highs and lows and we have learned a lot, from the good moments and from our mistakes. I can leave Interlagos with my head held high because once again I have won in front of my home crowd and because this is an unforgettable day. Now I want to celebrate with my family, my friends and my team. We deserve it!"

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali paid tribute to Massa, commenting: “Felipe has grown so much, year after year, demonstrating his talent and personality, answering his critics with his driving and with his mind. He has had an amazing season and would have deserved the title. That's sport, it can sometimes be cruel.” Race winner Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd 18, Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, 2 November 2008 Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari on the grid. Formula One World Championship, Rd 18, Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, 2 November 2008 Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari F2008. Formula One World Championship, Rd 18, Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, 2 November 2008


A man came over and offered his service as a painter to a female
putting gas in her car and left his card. Sh said no, but accepted
his card out of kindness and got in the car. The man then got into a
car driven by another gentleman. As the lady left the service
station, she saw the men following her out of the station at the
same time.

Almost immediately, she started to feel dizzy and could not catch
her breath. She tried to open the window and rea liz ed that the
odor was on her hand; the same hand which accepted the card from the
gentleman at the gas station.

She then noticed the men were immediately behind her and she felt
she needed to do something at that moment. She drove into the first
driveway and began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help.The
men drove away but the lady still felt badly for several minutes
after she could finally catch her breath. Apparently there was a
substance on the card that could have seriously injured her.

This drug is called 'BURUNDANGA' and it is used by people who
to incapacitate a victim in order to steal from or take advantage of

This drug is four times more dangerous than the date rape drug and
is transferable on simple cards.

So take heed and make sure you don't accept cards at any given time

alone or from someone on the streets.
This applies to those making house calls and slipping you a card
when they offer their services.


Google didn't buy in - a stubbornness that proved brilliant. Six years later, those skinny little text-based ads are a huge moneymaker, accounting for more than $600 million in revenue last year, according to Forrester Research. And Google, once simply the world's best search engine, is fast reinventing itself as an advertising company.

At the heart of the new Google is AdWords, a self-service ad server that uses relevance-ranking algorithms similar to the ones that make the search engine so effective. Advertisers tell Google how much they want to spend, then "buy" pertinent keywords. When users type in a matching term, the ad appears near the search results under the heading "Sponsored Links." Each time a user clicks on the ad, Google subtracts the cost-per-click from the advertiser's account. When the account's daily budget is met, Google stops displaying the ad.

So far the system has proven easy to use and remarkably effective. Roughly 15 percent of ads displayed adjacent to Google searches (at the company's own Web site and on Google-powered sites like Yahoo! and AOL) result in click throughs - more than 10 times the click rate of the average banner ad. These click throughs are the golden leads of online commerce. One Dow Chemical business group reported 25 percent of its traffic comes through Google. Designer Hospital Gowns, a health care industry Web site, boosted sales 20 percent in six months.

AdWords has worked so well that last year Google began offering the system to other sites as a way for them to provide targeted ads. The new service, AdSense, places ads on Web sites of all stripes, from and The New York Times on the Web to quirky blogs like Bananathing!

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Mold is a major reason people are looking into air cleaners. Both mold and mildew are a kind of fungus. They're often found indoors in damp places, and can do serious damage to your house. They reproduce by sending out tiny spores into the air - a problem for people because they get lodged in your lungs and in your nose. Some people are allergic to the spores, and these allergies can cause symptoms like sneezing, itching, congestion, discharge air cleaner mold from the nose, and skin problems. The spores can also make asthma worse (or even cause it in some cases). In short, you don't want to be breathing in mold or mildew spores.

On balance, though, they're a good idea if you've got sensitivity to mold. If you've had it in your house once, you could easily get it again. Spores can come in from outside, too. Just make sure that the brand you get is described as "HEPA." There are lots of different kinds of filters,air cleaner mold but if it's not HEPA it may not get the spores out due to their small size. It might also be a good idea to look for one with a carbon filter. They are good at getting rid of smells, which often accompany mold and mildew.


There has been so much discussion on this film that I wasn't sure what type of movie I would be seeing - a drama, romance or comedy.

The movie has all three - the film takes you on an emotional journey, one that everyone can relate to, losing someone you love and learning to cope with the loss is universal.

Hilary Swank was a pleasant surprise I wasn't sure of her in the role. Gerard Butler as "Gerry" the deceased husband was excellent but his role should have been expanded. The scenes between Butler and Swank were the best part of the movie.

The supporting cast was very good and provided the comedic relief. I especially liked Harry Connick Jr.'s character.

You will not be disappointed with the film. It is not an academy award winning film, but it is a tearjerker and definitely makes you go home home and hug your significant other and be happy to have them in your life.


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