Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tech system make cars talk

A radio technology that allows cars to "talk"to each other and avert accidents is being tested warns drivers of potential intersections crashes,rear-end collisions and lane drift and could be available in everyday vehicles AR early as 2012.The technology will also enable traffic flow management and optimised route selection for drivers,reducing the cost of traffic congestion and green house gas emissions.
Live safety demonstrations of the technology will be held at an Australian dedicated short range communications (dsrc)industry event.vehicle manufactures and state and Federal government will be among industry stake holders who will see first-hand the dsrc technology developed by Kent town-based company cohda wireless.This technology essentially equips vechiles with the ability to see around corners and to predict and avoid dangerous situations.cohda has done DSRC field trials for veichle manufactures in the us and Europe and hopes to start a large scale trail in Adelaide..

Zac efron proposes to Vanessa hudgens to please her mother

Zac efron has proposed to Vanessa hudgens to please her mother.The high school musical actor reportedly popped the question to his girlfriend of three years because her mom Gina hudgens doesn't approve of the couple living together out of wedlock.A source said "zac is relieved to be out of the pressure cooker because Vanessa's mother has been putting serious heat on him to make an honest woman out of her daughter.She is old school and doesn't approve of Vanessa living with zac with out type of wedding promise.The source added to national enquirer magazine "zac loves the current arrangement .he adores Vanessa and they gel really well together.

carlos Tevez is nickednamed thr hitcher is at it again

Millionaire football star Carlos Tevez is nicked named the hitcher because he takes lifts from his Manchester united teammates.They are helping him out after cops impounded his Bentley,reports the sun.officers stopped the Argentinian near the club's training ground because his windows were too dark then discovered he might not be allowed to drive in the UK.The Bentley is now stuck on the drive of the star's 1.8 million pound home at elderly edge.Cheshire while the matter is sorted out.Tevez,25,could be prosecuted for driving without a valid licence.He was given a prohibition notice about his tinted windows."the bus ain't an option so he had choice but to ask favours from the team for lifts.The lads have been very accommodating but they call him the hitcher said a source.

New device helps cardiac rehab patients

Heart rate monitors are often recommended for cardiac rehab patients. In the past, to monitor your heart rate you may have to undergo a lot of process, like having a chest straps and people surrounded by you to measure the heart rate.This is an advanced heart rate monitor and uses finger sensor to measure heart rate.Exercise is good for the heart and so people with this disease should do light exercise to help them but they need to monitor their heart rate. The finger sensor is connected to a PC to monitor and then analyzes your hear rate. The feature of this product is that you can accurately measure and adjust exercise intensity during physical activity. The package comes with the software and other accessories which supports the product. You can purchase through online from the, as they are the best online portal of Heart rate monitors.The doctors can access this info for around-the-clock health surveillance. I bet this device from strapless heart rate monitor will be of great help to the patient.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Arsenal skipper Thierry Henry starts a new love life

Ex-Arsenal skipper Thieryy Henry has a stunning new girl friend,it has emerged.The 31-year old soccer strolling this week with the model known only as a Andrea.Apparently,the duo met six months ago in Barcelona,the Spanish club french striker Henry joined from premier league team Arsenal in 2007,reports the sun.According to reports,they enjoyed a romantic  break to the Maldives at Christmas.Amend Andrea has been credit with helping spark his run of great from on the pitch.Henry has a three-year old daughter with now ex-wife model Claire merry.They divorced last December ...

dallas plumber

Finding dallas plumber hat not only will install your new fixtures and appliances but is also available should you have an emergency could be the perfect solution since he's already familiar with your plumbing set up. When searching for a Dallas plumber you can ask for recommendations from family and friends or even your next door neighbor but a word of caution her.Often someone will tell you they have a friend or relative that does plumbing in Dallas and can probably help you out and you might be tempted because the price is right.It's important to remember that some Dallas plumbers may specialize in specific areas such as new construction or remodeling jobs while others may provide repairs or be available only during regular working hours.Most of us perform 'Breakdown Maintenance',where we only pay attention to the product when it breaks down and is not capable of functioning normally!! Plumbing is one of the principle areas this happens in,we do not realise there is a problem until we get stuck in the shower with shampoo on our head and no water to wash!! Finding a plumber who is genuinely concerned about the quality of his work is a big challenge! You have got to find someone who will do a high quality job at a good price and who will also be available during emergencies. At dallas plumber you can find Dallas plumbing service online,which will display a list of local plumbers.

Chris martinn and Gary barlow fight over talent status

Chris martin and Gary Barlow have been fighting over who writes the best song.The cold play front man has struck up a friendship with the take that singer since they performed together at a charity concert in London last week.,and the duo have been debating while of them is most talented.A source  said"it was all in jest as they've developed a surprisingly strong friendship despite being from very different pop and rock worlds.coldplay's official website last year,said would open for take that.we were in the dressing room the other day and for what ever reason,we started singing back for good.We sang the whole thing,world for word,with all the right chords on our piano,without having to learn it was great.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Madonna donates clothes to orphanage

Madonna has donated clothes  to the orphan where her adopted son used to live.The 50 years old singer sent a box of clothes,books and toys to the home of hope orphan centre in Malawi,where David banda,now three lived before Madonna adopted him in 2006.
The package ,which also included autograph es copies of the star's children's book English roses,had a label on it saying"from David Ritchie to friends at home of hope Malawi.These are cloths David can no longer use,they say he quite a big boy,now so he cannot use most of the clothes Madonna bought him immediately after he was adopted.The children was excited to receive clothes.The orphan looks after about 500 children.David's father yohane banda decided his son should live there when he was one-month old,after his mother Marita died from complications relating to childbirth.she set up when she was in the country helping build another orphanage.


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Tiger woods is back stronger

Tiger wood's hard work rehabilitating his left knee paid off as he passed his first post-surgery public test with flying colours.woods defeated Brendan Jones 3 and 2 in the first round of the WGC,accentuate match play championship-the Americana's first competitive outing since surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee last June.The us superstar,whose projected return this season had the golf world on tenterhooks,said he expected to have some soreness after the round,but he was pleased with how it help up.That's to be expected"woods said"that's one of the reason why it's nice to get out of here and just go ice and elevate it just a little bit and get ready for tomorrow woods who says his leg is now stronger than it has been in years the us open in June has already put himself through the mill in rehab.

Obama boosts chicago's bid

Us president Barack Obama will likely give his adopted hometown of Chicago an edge in its bid to host the 2016 Olympics,former international Olympic committee president Juan Antonio samaranch said on Wednesday.Th re are four candidates and each one has its programme and possibilities.Obviously the presence of Barack Obama could be a positive point for Chicago's candidacy"he told AFP on this sidelines of the first edition of the global sports forum in June the ioc shortlisted Chicago along with Madrid,Tokyo and Rio DE janerio as candidates for the 2016 summer games.dropping Prague,Baku and dhona in the first round of voting.
It will choose the host city in Copenhagen on October 2.Obama 's high-profile backing for Chicago's bid has raised unease in the three other cities in the race for the 2016 Olympics which fear they cannot compete with the star power of the most powerful man in the world."everything changes in life.the IOC has found a new formula which could manage to increase revenues he said.

Wrinkle skin

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Hey guys i got my new my called stunner.The one is my to get a sports bike like this and i got it..It was 1000 rpm and 125 cc..hope everyone like it.It was a great moment for me ,that i got this bike in my cash.Thanks to god for giving me a life like this...god is great.


While we may not realize it, those tiny black dots on our noses, backs, in our ears and on our cheeks are  blocked skin pores.Blackheads are are dark in color because the tops of the top of the skin pores open at the top.When an over active sebaceous gland (the gland that produce healthy oils) in the skin becomes clogged with sebum, the oily secretion and dead skin cells begin to harden in the pore and results in a blackheads.Many herbal and homeopathic remedies have been formulated with specific ingredients to help keep pores unblocked and promote a healthy amount of skin oils.It is also important to know that, like any medicine, herbal and homeopathic medicines must be manufactured in the correct way, following acceptable procedures and manufacturing methods to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.Whatever your choice, always choose wisely. Research what is best for you. If you have a chronic or life threatening condition, don’t make changes without first discussing them with your doctor in order that your condition may be can probably go for the blackheads for an best price.This product will have no side efforts,because  all the ingredients are safe for your face.

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A good parent

Slow down. Babies and children live in a different time frame from adults' - usually a much slower one. Keep this in mind as you talk to your child, care for her and go about your day together.
Observe your child. You'll be amazed at how well you'll get to know your child by sitting back and watching. This focused awareness will help you better understand moods, abilities and temperament. Listening is important, too.
Stay optimistic. Optimism is contagious; so is negativity. Show your child through your behavior how to overcome minor setbacks. Children emulate their parents' attitudes and habits, so it will help if you have a positive outlook.
Accept and acknowledge your child's feelings and desires. Let her know it's OK if she feels sad, scared or angry. You can say, 'It looks like you're sad because your friend went home' or 'It seems that you're mad because I put the ball away.'

step 5
Tell your child your expectations. Children won't always comply right away, but they need to understand clearly what a parent expects: 'I want you to put on your sweater. We're going outside,' or 'I want your feet to stay off the couch.'
Set appropriate limits. Even when you acknowledge a feeling or desire, you must make a child aware of appropriate behavior and rules: 'I can see you're mad at your friend because he took the toy from you, but I won't let you hit him. Hitting is not something we do in our family. What else can you do?'
Wait. Let your child do as much as she can on her own - learn to walk, put on her socks, resolve conflicts with her friends. Anxiety or the desire to help often tempts parents to rush in and solve the problem for the child. A better response would be to wait and see what your child can manage on her own. She might surprise you.
Behave genuinely. Just as you accept your child's moods, though not always his behavior, it's OK to have a sad or angry thought yourself and express it appropriately: 'I'm really tired right now but I'm listening to you.' A parent's genuineness prepares a child for life.
Nurture yourself and your marriage. Make arrangements to have some guilt-free time to take care of your own needs. Plan a date with your partner and forget the kids for a while. You'll be a happier person and a better parent.

Fire Pits

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Knife terror for Darren Fletcher family

The fiancee of Manchester united star Darren Fletcher had a knife pressed to her throat during a "terrifying"burglary at his home last week,said police,Hayley gr ice was forced to take off her engagement ring while Fletcher's mother was also forced to hand over watches and jewellery at knifepoint in a raid that took place on Monday evening,just hours after the player had flown out with the united squad for a champion league match in Milan.Fletcher's young twins were also in the house in the upmarket village of bow down,sputh of Manchester,Scotland midfielder Fletcher is the latest in along line of premier league players who have been burgled while away with their clubs,although police said the degree of intimidation involved in the latest attack was exceptional.Sergent Phil seeley of greater Manchester police said."this was a terrifying attack for the victims who were at home.luckily the children didn't see anything and nobody was hurt


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Bollywood beauties support SRK

Anushka sharma,Malaika arora khan,lara dutta deepika paukone and minnisha lamba are all set to support shah rukh khan and his indian premier league team,the kolkata  knight riders.The actress will appear as celebrity judges in different episodes of knight and angels,a reality  show produced by red chillies idiot box for ndtv imagine.deepika has worked with srk in om shanti om and also made a special appearance for him in billu.she is all set to work with  king khan once again in farah khan in her forthcoming venture.Lara was the lead actor in his home production billu.malaika arora has known shah rukh since the chhaiya chhaiya dats.anuksha was paired opposite him in rab ne baba de jodi and minnisha did yash raj films bachna ae haseeno .shah rukh himself has done lot of cameos in films and since he has goodwill in the industry,all the actress agredd to be a part of his reality show,knight and angles is a talent hunt cheerleaders for the kolkata knight riders..

Beckham livid over mock ad

David beckham is fuming after a spoof TV ad of a viagra-type sex drug started making the rounds in china.The 30 second dubbed clip has used  a past footage of the posh and becks,in which goldenballs is heared saying that the drug called "USA selikon capsules are his"secret weapon.
want to know how i can keep being strong and running on the footbal field?USA selikon capsules help me a is also the secret weapon with which i can satisfy victoria"the daily star quoted the voice with beckham's face on screen as saying.A source has revealed that beckham 33 is angry over the ad targetting his sexuality.he doesn't find it funny.David's fair game and can take a bit of a ribbing in the name of comedy.but to poke fun at his sexual prowess to plug a product is overstepping the mark.
but according to a sales manager for the drug maker,government authorities in china have approved the ad.spokesman for the ex england captain said that footballer was aware of the video,but declined to coment further...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let us unite the world

In trying times like these,
we say we lack hope,we lack love.
But do we really lack
The blessing from god above?

We face challenges that have no solution.
We need change not a nuclear revolution.
We lack the wisdom to conquer our fears.
We lack the unity that can wipe away our tears.

Have we divided ourselves to never unite?
Have we fallen short of patience,just so we can fight?
Have we shunned our glory?
Have we forgotten our self esteem?
Are we all different people who claim to be a team?
Have we forgotten how to face those days when we need something more than to just pray?
Have we left everything for others to judge and see?
To blame upon everything on-it's you and not me

But remember,we have the power to change the way things are.
for even though it may take little steps The journey to a new world is really not all that fair


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People unwilling to quit smoking to improve their own health may consider giving up cigarettes to spare their pets the harm full effects to passive smoking,US researchers said on Monday.Twenty-eight per cent of pet owners who smoke said in a survey they would try to quit based on knowledge that second-hand smoke could harm their dogs,cats and other pets,the researchers wrote in the journal Tobacco control.Anther 11 percent said they would think about is not necessarily that people love their pets more than they love themselves or their's just another motivating factor for people to consider quitting smoking.just fewer than 20 per cent of Americans smoke,according to the us centres for disease control and prevention.It would be hard to believe that there's any smoker who doesn't know that smoking is bad for them and the people around them.


In today’s busy society, properly setting a table seems to be a lost and forgotten art. An exquisite table setting can make a wonderful first impression on customers or visitors to your home. Every different type of meal requires a slightly altered version of arrangement. You will need very different flatware, dinnerware, and glassware for each occasion, from a casual breakfast on the patio to a formal dinner with business associates.

A  proper table setting helps to create an ideal atmosphere for the type of meal you are hosting. The table also compliments the menu and decor of the room. For restaurant owners, properly placed settings will help to build their reputation as one of the finest and most authentic dining locations in the area.

This guide will provide the expected eating, drinking, and serving utensils for any meal, however, you may add additional items to your table to create a more unique experience.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Many youngsters feel that a beside,who renders unconditional support is far more dear than a BF.several youngsters these days are comfortable with their best friends rather than their boyfriends,more than a break up with their BFFs(best friend forever)as they believe that true friends are worth holding on to,through good and bad times.They tend to say"she is my best buddy who understands me and knows me at my best and worst and also how to handle me when I'm caught up in mini conflicts or any serious  problems.The reason friend breakups are so painful is because,unlike romances,friendships rarely begin with an understanding.They are the ones who know us well.There are many things,which we cannot share with our friend that we tend to share with our friends.usually friendship grows with understanding when you see and accept each other's negative and positive qualities.but a relationship happens because of mutual or one-side attraction.Their is always a lurking fear that one can lose one's boyfriend if he discovers some not there with your best friend,who accept you conditionally.


New Zealand prime minister john key has said that he is tour Zimbabwe.The new Zealand cricket team are scheduled to play three one day internationals in the strife-torn African nation in July under the international cricket council's future tour programme.The only new Zealand cricket can avoid ICC sanctions is if key orders the team not to tour.According to,key has previously stated his reluctance for the team to go and repeated that today on TV one's breakfast programme saying ,there were genuine security risks and health risks for the players.


British multi-percussionist Pete locket can be best described as a sponge that soaks in every thing around him.His unstoppable passion for music has been his biggest driving factor.The popular first-call world percussionists is in the city for the promotion of his latest album,kingdom of rhythm,in which he has teamed up with one of India's leading percussionists buckram gosh.The album ,which is a first of its kind rhythm driven project is presented by saregama and features more than 250 percussion instruments from around the world.we have kept a balance between entertainment virtuosity because when you experiment with so many rhythms there is also a risk of messing up.According to him,India has one of the most evolved music traditions in the world.pete,who has performed with almost all leading carnatic musicians including selvaganesh and sivamani,is currently exploring new avenues.

Monday, February 23, 2009


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The recent face book issue has raised questions among Internet users about the safety of the information shared on various websites.It is common knowledge that when one joins a social networking site,the terms and conditions are rarely read.But what may not know is that most of the information that one uploads on the Internet can be easily accessed by the owner of the website ,be it on a social networking site or even a search engine.cyber experts say that your privacy is in your control and depends on how much information you want to share.if a user decided to share information on the Internet be or should accept that could be accessed.The recent issue of face book deciding to own all the content fed into it,which was listed in their terms of use has raised several questions among citizens regarding Internet security and personal information transfer.The changed terms mention that even if a person's account were to be deleted,the information on their profile would be under the right of the site.The only way a free-sign-in networking site like face book cab earn their site of money is through advertisements.if a person son says he likes drinking coffee in his profile,he is bound to receive advertisements by a leading coffee brand.There are terms and conditions in every site,but most of us tend to overlook them.we never expect or even think the details that we put up can be seen by people outside our friends circle.


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Youngsters feel it is high time elders let them be.I'm not afraid of terrorists but i am afraid of politicians and police.This is a common sentiment that echoes among youngsters,considering the uncalled for threats they face in this contemporary world.There is a form of regression that is seeping into our system and everything a teenager does is coming under the scanner,threatening him of enormous consequences .And dating is just one of May things that seems to bother the moral bridge,though teens confess they don't understand why.Dating is not biggie.we watch movies,play pool ,eat desserts and go to assent park.there is nothing wrong within dating as long as you get physically close to a girl before marriage.i don't think it's wrong to date.The problem is that parents are afraid.teens today seem to be taking en educated decision on how to conduct themselves in the dating arena.They are angry with the new turn of events which threaten to sabotage their freedom of movement,choice and expressing and renders them imcompenent.


Hayden panettiere and Milo ventimiglia have split up,the 19-year old heroes actress ended her relationship with her 31-year old,co star,who she confirmed she was dating last April after months of speculation,because she had reportedly been unhappy for month.Hayden tried to break up with Milo many times since Christmas,but he wouldn't accept it.finally,she put her fot down last week when he confronted her about hooking up with another guy at a club.she told Milo they weren't a couple any longer  and she could see whomever she wanted.when Hayden didn't call Milo on valentine's day he got the message finally.he is so in love it's hard for him to accept.the couple 12 years age gap  is said to be root of their problems...


the 81 st Oscar awards ceremony to be held on February 22,2009 could very well be remembered as the most momentous event in the recent history of Indian entertainment.As A.R rah man's name gets announced a longside those nominated in the category for the best musical score,more than one billion Indians will become participants in the real-life re-enactment of the tense final moments of slum dog millionaire when Jamal is asked the two-million rupee question.
And rah man's hometown Chennai will be the nerve centre of all action,once he brings the Oscar home,from parties being the Oscar home.From parties being hosted in his honour to a signature camping wishing him all the very best and even DJ mixes of rah man and slum dog hits cheniites are set to celebrate the maestro's victory in style.

Malice Clips

L.A. Police Gear, Inc. was founded by Los Angeles area Police Officers. The business has grown and changed greatly over the years and now serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers.Tactical Tailor Malice Clips are injection molded, heavy duty, reusable connecting clips that are designed to attach modular pouches to MOLLE/PALS style equipment. MALICE Clips are not affected by heat or cold, and will never corrode or lose their subdued finish. Once properly closed, the tactical malice clips will not open until it is disengaged by the user using a flat tipped object such as a knife or screwdriver.There are three general modes of attachment when dealing with the MOLLE system. Those are the Natick Snap, Malice Clips, and Weave and Tuck. The Natick Snap uses a polyethylene reinforced webbing strap with a push snap for security. They Malice clip is a polymer clip that serves as an alternative to the Natick Snap concept, which interweaves like the Natick Snap but terminates in a semi-permanent closure that requires a screwdriver/flat tipped object to disengage. Finally there are a variety of attachments that fall into the "Weave &Tuck" category in which the end of an interwoven strap is tucked into an item's backing after attachment to a vest or pack.L.A. Police Gear, Inc. takes the issue of security very seriously. Every time you send us your credit card number and your billing and shipping information, we use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to prevent the information from being intercepted. Our computers are protected via multiple firewalls and "DMZ's", as well as the latest in anti-virus software's so that your information is always secure. All credit card information is automatically encrypted once your order is placed. As of this date there has never been a breach of our system's security (and we plan on keeping it that way...)!


Former F1 world champ niki mauda says the only interesting thing about Lewis Hamilton is his pussycat dolls girlfriend.The three times winner blasted the British race ace boring claiming modern drivers have no idea lauda,horribly scarred in a 1976 racing crash,is well known for his rants about current formula drivers.The 59 years old star,who won the world title in 1975,1977 and 1984 said,the only kind of charisma someone like Lewis Hamilton his is is girl Nicole scherzinger when i was racing every one was ready to drive over someone else to win.death was always an option today drivers have no idea.current champ Hamilton 24 course to become Britain's first sports billionaire has admitted he is boring on night out.he said recently I'm boring bar person because if i am out i will only have a coke or orange juice


Olympic golden girl Stephanie  rice is fed up of the party girl tag,and the agony is giving her an extra motivation for the upcoming championship.they 20-year old triple Olympic gold medalist now aims to put to rest the criticism she attracted with her performance at the world titles in Rome to be held in July,'i haven't been out basically since Christmas and new year ,but i continue to be called a party girl and it's just gone too far now,"the daily telegraph quoted rice as saying.rice has now resumed full scale training and is geared up for next month's world title trails in Sydney.
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