Saturday, December 20, 2008


Filmmakers in Chennai cast college students of Tibetan and Asian origin to play extras in films that are supposedly shot in exotic locations in Southeast Asia.Working part time for pocket money may be a common thing for students living in Chennai have found a novel moneymaking proposition in acting,thanks to Kollywood and the recession in equal measure.

in fact,several students of Tibetan and Asian origin and those from the eastern states of India are NOW highly in demand among filmmakers in the city .The producers employ these students to play the role of extras or bystanders in films that are purportedly shot in exotic oriental locations like malasyia ,Singapore among others.For instance at a recent film shoot,which took place at Olympia Tech park in guindy the film makers hired several students from various institutes in Chennai,who formed the so called foreign crowd.

Friday, December 19, 2008


This is what happened to my friend .and this post was did by my friend..

Me : does the crush list thingy work?
He1 : what is it supposed to do
Me : supposed to send a mail if both the parties have marked as crush
He1 : wow
we can try it?
Me : yeah why not
lets try . send me ur profile link
He1 : waitie
Me : if it doenst work we have to tell those idiots to stop forwarding such emails
He1 : i scrapped u
Me : added
He1 : done here too
dont see anything yet
Me : Idea!!! waites lets see in gmail
He1 : worked
Me : it works yay man this is funny
He1 : So you going to try your luck :P
Me : Well, i am turning 24 in a month, its impossible to get crushes at this age.

This is the message Orkut sent me and He1.

Hi Nirmal,

You and He1 each have a crush on each other!

Take a deep breath and ponder this...

orkut has unmasked a shared affection
And shown twinned wounds from Cupid's darts.
But while we aid in love's detection,
Its future path lies twixt your hearts.

To see He1's profile click:!@#$%%^&*(!@#$@
* * *

Its more than 3.5 years of spending time in orkut.
Of late i am observing a pattern among our own friends who are in orkut.This behavioral pattern at times amuses me to a great extent.Let me share some of the inputs given to me by my friends.Of late few of our friends started to change their display names like She1 I am thinking ...She1 Exams are tough .... He1 Life is boring. What amuses me is the fact they change it far too often. There was a case when one of my friend changed his name to a caption "Life is a journey",his profile was blank,his display pic was some scenery.Purpose of photo is to identify oneself easily,i still dont understand why ppl put Surya's pic or Trisha's pic in their profile.It was his bday then,i just scrapped him "Happy bday" with out even knowing who he was at that moment.

Then comes our friends who work onsite.95% of onsite guys are more active in orkut than offshore guys . Probably they are so lonely they scrap more often when they are onsite ,they would never have cared to scrap when they worked offshore.For sure you can expect to see beautiful locales of the state / country they are at the moment in their albums.

Finally comes beloved committed/engaged/new weds friends.I dont know who started this funda of putting marriage/engagement snaps in orkut album.Its understandable that those who missed out or those who are in abroad can check out their albums to find who the guy/gal is.Its a general notion marriages are special and those moments can be shared among friends. These snaps are fine but of late ppl started to share honeymoon snaps as well in the their album.I really dont know where this is going to end. Then comes our committed/married friends with one profile ie Husband and Wife together own a profile ie that profile has all husband's friends and all wife's friends.I never liked that idea at all.

One on hand orkut is for friends,on the other hand, there are the anonymous profiles.Its very hard to imagine what their motive is in seeking FRAANSHIP with such profiles.Any half headed person would never accept such fake profiles. Weird thingy is some go to the extent of creating fake profiles merely to increase their fan count.A post on other side of orkut written by karthik sriram.

Everything has good and bad they say.
I think we have to look at only the bright side of such networking sites.
Orkut is still the best place to keep in touch with known *FRIENDS*.

Mourinho manager

Weekends,having a STB,you are blessed to watch a wide variety of sports. From F1,Tennis,Cricket and Soccer.I always had interest in watching football since my school days.But i never followed any team or supported a particular team as my friends used to do. Vikram is probably the biggest Barca fan in Chennai.He used to watch all the matches Barca plays even against some relegated teams.During school/college days i really liked a Spanish Club called REAL MADRID. My first proper email id in yahoo was real_nirmal,coz i considered myself as a fan for that club. REAL arguably one of greatest soccer clubs all time. 9 European Titles, 30 League Titles,you cant ask for more can you? They had bunch of galaticos,their team was a star studded line up,Figo,Beckham,Ronaldo,Raul,Zidane.With such a line up,you are expected to win every match but somehow they did taste much silverware despite having such a huge lineup.

First football club,i started to follow matches was Chelsea. May be from last year, January,i somehow schedule my weekends so that i watch chelsea matches esp if they play against good sides.I liked their former Manager Jose Mourinho. He was a rude/arrogant manager thats what many pundits claim but he was always a PRIMA DONNA of Chelsea Football Club.He built a team which dint have many stars but he made stars out of Drogba. He probably built a style and even after he left many members of the side wanted to leave Stamford Bridge. He fell out with his Russian Boss and finally he quit beginning of this season not before he won 6 trophies in 3 years when his Israeli Assistant coach,AVRAM GRANT took over chelsea. His first interview which goes like this,

In a press conference upon joining the English side, Mourinho said, "Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one", which resulted in the media dubbing him "The Special One"

I like the way Chelsea plays and i probably know who plays where in what position after watching them play so many matches.Cech is probably the best goal keeper in world.I like Joe cole,he plays really well in the left and gives some killer passes.Drogba is another brilliant striker.I just support this club,esp i wanted them to win this one.

After 90 mins scores read 2-1 in favour of Chelsea,I am sure anyone who doesnt even know football will start liking / following / watching when top clubs play against each other.

Sometimes Sports can teach you more about team building than all the management course works does. When Ballack scored his first goal, Terry and other Chelsea players had a shirt which read as "PAT LAMPARD R.I.P Number 8" . Frank Lampard,one of branded players of Chelsea was on leave due to compassionate reasons as his mom passed away,he dint take to field today but every other chelsea player had a black band strapped in their arms.It was very special to watch them dedicate a goal.It was a beautiful moment to watch as Lampard's Team members showed T shirts. There is more in life than winning and Sports teaches you that in the right way.

I just hope Chelsea continue their winning streak at home next wednessday against Liverpool and set up a Champions League summit clash in Moscow on May 21st with Man U or Barca.

Who knows this might be the year Chelsea makes a double?


I was reading through one of the blogs,i found this Jori window.

Then i refreshed my memories in fact even i created one for myself almost a year back.
One of the few things that fascinates me in life is Metrics. I just love those metrics. in fact in my undergrads one of my fave papers was software engineering. that paper dealt with lot of metrics which we use in project management.

Noways i have been deducing metrics from johari window.

In fact i myself couldn't understand how ppl have chosen the certain attributes which i honestly thought dint match me.I wonder whether i have them but then its their perception.

Hence to get the metrics correct,i sent this to ppl whom i like,whom i meet recently after joining work and to those who have been with me or rather know me for more than 6 years since college.Interesting those ppl had marked similar attributes.

I cant accept the fact so many ppl have chosen the attribute sentimental.
I am not a sentimental guy at all.

Noways this metrics as made me even more confused.
But one thing i could infer for sure is i am not the same for everyone.


One of the greatest answers of all time wow .Its very rare to find the kid like peter to to think so much that he answers like this . Peter really has a great lateral thinking knowledge . Even when i was a kid i have done lots of mischiefs but what peter has done cant be compared with me wow . This kid peter is awesome . I feel great about the teacher because not many teachers write comments as "very funny" ha ha . She would have taught so much but this type of answers will make them go mad ha ha . I have become a great fan of peter ha ha . God bless you peter i am expecting lot more great answers from you ha ha . Keep smiling .


Imagine the same mistake if you have done in your exam,think wat you will get a punishment????funny righ!!!....Small mistake from a kid he he . ! ! . If i write like this in my answer sheet then i will be thrown out of my college wish i were like kid he he happy life with out no big worries .

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dresses are in fashion in a big way .And it's not only the flirty,flow dresses,but the slight formal,smart yet feminine and elegant shirt dresses that have become a ward bore essential for every fashioners worth her salt."shirt dresses are available in different varieties and you can experiment according to your style and comfort level.Every corporate personnel weather man or woman should own a smart well cut semi-formal white blazer.It looks smart,sophisticated and is best suited to wear with denims for a meeting on a casual day to office.Wear the blazer over your denims during the meeting and take it off to enjoy the rest of the casual day.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It was first time in the world that it was possible to visualise what people see directly.Japanese research team on Thursday said it had created a technology that could eventually display on a computer screen what people have on their minds,such as dreams.

Researchers at the ATR computational neuro science laboratories succeeded in processing and displaying images directly from the human brain,they said unveiled shade of publication in the US magazine neuron.While the team for now has manages to reproduce only simple images from the brain,they said the technology could eventually be used to figure out dreams and other secrets inside people's minds.

By applying this technology,it may become possible to record and replay subjective images people perceive like dreams.When people look at an object the eye's retina recognize and image that it converted into electrical signals which go into the brain's visual cortex.

The team said that it first figured out people's individual brain patterns by showing them some 400 different still images.


As I drive my truck each day I wonder what it is I will see today?
Each day brings something new for my eyes and ears
From state to state, from coast to coast what new things will I see this day?
The sunrises from my front window to my back from day to day
The colors are different each and every day from that sunrise
The scenery is never the same even though I’ve been here dozens of time
Where does my inspiration lie?

Some people have to get up to go to work and it is the same old thing day after day
But here in my old truck things are not that way.
I look forward to the days drive and the sites I’ll see and just what’s ahead of me
I have been very lucky to be able to travel and see this most beautiful land
The seasons change and I drive from season to season for just that reason
The seasons are never quite the same the colors are very bright with the changes
Where does my inspiration lie?

The people I meet, the things I’ve seen God you have blest me through my travels
Snow on the mountain peaks, creeks where fish are seen, great rivers miles long
Mother bears teaching her young to fish, deer’s, antelopes, long horned mountain goats
Flowers in a field of gold, windmills that you make go fast in the breath of your wind
Craters that have fallen from the sky large enough to make a hugh bright blue lake
Cactus that bloom in the hot desert sun, sand storms that scared us to death
Where does my inspiration lie?

My inspiration lies in you God where all that is, you have made each and every day
My inspiration lies in you my Lord for what I’ve seen you have made
My inspiration lies in your grace and beauty your love and mercy that you give me
My inspiration lies in the songs I hear from the morning dove that coos by my window
My inspiration lies in the evening skies as it bids us good night with the colors so bright
My inspiration lies in your son God who came here so we would be able to see your face
Where does my inspiration lie? 


Proud father imran mirza squeezed into a battery of lens men to capture the moment on his Blackberry as tennis Sania mirza received her honorary doctorate from  the city based MGR university on Thursday,it was indeed a special occasions for the Hyderabad girl who while growing up dreamt of becoming a doctor.she says "When i was little girl,it was a tossup between playing tennis and pursuing medicine.I never though in my life that anyone could address me as DOCTOR .I am overjoyed and feel very honoured".

They used to think cricketers were only the professional sportsperson,but today they have realised that even a tennis player can make a living out of sport.It has a wide reach in the country now.There is a lot of hidden talent in the country and we need to identify  them signed off sania adding she is mulling over a plan to set up an academy either in Hyderabad or Chennai in collaboration with MGR university.


World chess champion Viswanath Anand started his birthday clebration on Thursday in a special way.After tucking into a "delicious cake". rustled up by his wife aruna amidst unceasing telephone calls.

Anand doesn't miss a date with vidya sagar students whenever he is chennai and the bonus on Thursday was the confidence of the world champion's birthday .The winner of the three world titles is Brand ambassdor of vidya sagar and his association with the NGO is a heartfelt,honorary bond.

The nice little function got over with a hearty rendition of the world's most poplular song."HAPPY BIRTHDAY".


Eye is the major part of the body.If we cant see any thing that will be a great problem for us.Many corporate people will work day and night process they have the problem of seeing a minute,to preserve that we getting a optical glasses.

Eyes are water due to sensitivity to light, wind, or temperature changes. Dry eyes can also water. Protecting your eyes (by wearing sunglasses, for example) may solve the problem. Sometimes, it may signal a more serious problem, such as an infection or a blocked tear duct. Your eye care professional can treat both these conditions.for this purpose we using 

This site give the many different lenses to protect our eyes.Cataracts are cloudy areas in the eye's lens. Normal lenses are clear and let light pass through. But in cataract the light cannot pass through the lens and is scattered. This causes loss of eyesight. Cataracts often form slowly without any symptoms. Some stay small but others may become large or thick and harm vision. Cataract surgery can help. Your eye eyeglasses care professional can watch for changes in your cataract over time to see if you need surgery.Dry eye occurs when tear glands don't work well. It can be uncomfortable and cause itching, burning, or even some vision loss. Your eye care professional may suggest using a home humidifier or special eye drops (artificial tears). More serious cases may need keep your eye safe and have a peaceful work.


Alcohol abuse causes over 100,000 deaths in the United States and Canada each year. It is the drug most commonly abused by children ages 12 to 17. Alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in teenagers. People who drink alcohol are more likely to engage in high-risk sexual behavior, have poor grades or job performance, use tobacco products, and experiment with illegal drugs. Alcohol and drug use may be an unconscious attempt at self-treatment for another problem, such as depression.You have an alcohol problem if your use of alcohol interferes with your health or daily living. You develop alcoholism if you physically or emotionally depend on alcohol to get you through your day.Long-term heavy drinking damages the liver, nervous system, heart, and brain . It also can lead to high blood pressure, stomach problems, medicine interactions, sexual problems, osteoporosis, and cancer. Alcohol abuse can also lead to violence, accidents, social isolation, jail or prison time, and difficulties at work and home.Symptoms of an alcohol problem include personality changes, blackouts, drinking more and more for the same "high," and denial of the problem. A person with an alcohol problem may gulp or sneak drinks, drink alone or early in the morning, and suffer from the shakes. He or she may also have family, school, or work problems or get in trouble with the law because of drinking.The use of alcohol with medicines or illegal drugs may increase the effects of each.Alcohol abuse patterns vary. Some people get drunk every day; others drink large amounts of alcohol at specific times, such as on the weekend. It is common for someone with an alcohol or drug problem to call in sick for work on Monday or Friday. He or she may complain of having a virus or the flu. Others may be sober for long periods and then go on a drinking binge that lasts for weeks or months.Someone with alcohol dependence may suffer serious withdrawal symptoms, such as trembling, delusions, hallucinations, and sweating, if he or she stops drinking suddenly ("cold turkey"). Once alcohol dependence develops, it becomes very difficult to stop drinking without outside help. Medical detoxification may be needed.


When you think of a mummy what comes to mind? Most of us usually picture an Egyptian mummy wrapped in bandages and buried deep inside a pyramid. While the Egyptian ones are the most famous, mummies have been found in many places throughout the world, from Greenland to China to the Andes Mountains of South America.A mummy is the body of a person (or an animal) that has been preserved after death. Normally when we die, bacteria and other germs eat away at the soft tissues (such as skin and muscles) leaving only the bones behind. Since bacteria need water in order to grow, mummification usually happens if the body dries out quickly after death. The body may then be so well preserved that we can even tell how the dead person may have looked in life.Mummies are made naturally or by embalming, which is any process that people use to help preserve a dead body. Mummies can be dried out by extreme cold, by the sun, by smoke, or using chemicals such as natron. Some bodies become mummies because there were favorable natural conditions when they died. Others were preserved and buried with great care.The ancient Egyptians believed that mummifying a person's body after death was essential to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife.


Vampires are very popular when it comes to fiction. There are numerous movies featuring vampires, including a few Russian-made flicks e.g. Night Watch and its sequels released over the last few years. Are vampires just fiction? According to some ostensibly serious researchers, there is not smoke without fire. They believe that all the bloodsucker stories in the modern-age movies were concocted from the original ingredients dating back to the MIDDLE AGE.In other words, the vampires have existed and still exist in our time.Human beings turn into vampires due to a genetic flaw

The number of vampires could have grown in a geometric progressionKostas Eftimiou, a professor of physics at the University of Central Florida , claims to have proven that vampires are mathematically impossible. He believes that the existence of vampires is in complete contradiction to the laws of mathematics. As by popular beliefs, once bitten is forever smitten. A person bitten by a vampire is thought to become one and starts sucking blood of other people. So what? The point is that vampires are supposed to multiply in a geometric progression if the concept holds any water.


They're capitalist-minded--and they're changing the nation forever Every day at 8 a.m., her straight black hair tied neatly in a braid, 16-year-old Neelam Aggarwal rides almost 5 kilometers to school in a horse-drawn buggy. She would like to be a doctor someday. But for girls like Neelam, who lives in the dusty, impoverished village of Farah in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh, such a vocation seems remote. For starters, her school--like most village schools in India--doesn't even offer science classes for girls.Still, Neelam, one of eight daughters of a sweets maker, has no intention of becoming a housewife. ''I want to make something of myself,'' she says. So each day after school, Neelam operates what amounts to the village's only public telephone--a cellular phone owned by Indian cellular operator Koshika Telecom. By charging her fellow villagers to make calls, Neelam can make as much as $8.75 on a really good day. She's saving the money for computer classes, which she hopes will lead to a good job.Ten years ago, few girls in India would have dared to be like Neelam. But today, she is the very embodiment of India's youth--ambitious, technology-oriented, and confident. Her generation is the product of the incredible sociological change wrought by eight years of economic liberalization in India, a period of painful transition from one-party, socialist rule to an economy where free markets play a much bigger role. Indian society also has been transformed by the Internet and cable television--forces young people are best equipped to exploit.India's youth are already having an enormous impact: on the economy, on companies hoping to sell them products, on the media, and on the culture. Unlike previous generations, today's youth are not obsessed with the ins and outs of politics. Thus the current election, which pits the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party against the Congress Party, has failed to ignite the passions of the young. ''Today, even if Parliament blew up, no one from this generation would notice,'' says Rama Bijapurkar, a marketing consultant. ''It has little relevance for them.'' Liberalization's children also differ from their conservative, insular parents in that they proudly mix Indian values with Western packaging. They enjoy wearing saris and still admire Mahatma Gandhi. But they also like wearing blue jeans, drinking fizzy sodas, and watching MTVThis generational shift in attitudes is all the more important because this group is growing so rapidly. Some 47% of India's current 1 billion population is under the age of 20, and teenagers among them number about 160 million. Already, they wield $2.8 billion worth of discretionary income, and their families spend an additional $3.7 billion on them every year. By 2015, Indians under 20 will make up 55% of the population--and wield proportionately higher spending power.As this group, with its more materialist, more globally informed opinions, comes into its own, sociologists predict India will gradually abandon the austere ways and restricted markets that have kept it an economic backwater. These youth will demand a more cosmopolitan society that is a full-fledged member of the global economy. They will start their own businesses and contribute to a more vibrant economy. They also are likely to demand more accountability from their politicians. ''This is the generation that is reclaiming India's future,'' says Gurcharan Das, a former chief executive of Procter & Gamble Co. India and author of a forthcoming book on India in the next century. ''This is India's 'found' generation.''


Obviously, many millions in this group remain locked in a struggle with poverty. But out of the teenage population, some 22 million belong to the urban middle class and are in a position to influence the economy dramatically as they grow older. Another 100 million or so live in rural India. Even here, many young people are having their first taste of rising prosperity and expectations.

One result is that computer literacy and education are eradicating caste barriers. While caste and social position still dominates Indian politics, sociologists predict the rigid lines of the system will continue to ease. Already, urban youth are more concerned with their professional ambition than their caste. ''We are only aware of caste while filling out government forms,'' says Trisha Singh, 23, a Pune law student. ''It's more 'What do you do?' that determines your status.''

In addition, massive computer literacy could do plenty for India's economy. National per capita income is currently $450 per year. But a 10% increase in computer literacy in a single year would push per capita income up to $650, according to Dewang Mehta of Nasscom, India's software industry association.

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Son: Dad, I have to do a special report for school. Can I ask you a question?Father: Sure, son. What's the question?Son: What is politics? Father: Well, let's take our home for example. I am the wage earner, so let's call me “Tony Blair.” Your mother is the administrator of money, so we'll call her “Gordon Brown.” We take care of your needs, so we'll call you “the People.” We'll call the maid “the Working Class,” and your baby brother we can call “the Future.” Do you understand, son?Son: I'm not really sure, Dad. I'll have to think about it. That night, awakened by his baby brother's crying, the boy went to see what was wrong. Discovering that the baby had seriously soiled his diaper, the boy went to his parents' room and found his mother sound asleep. He went to the maid's room where, peeking through the keyhole, he saw his father in bed with the maid. The boy's knocking went totally unheeded by his father and the maid, so the boy returned to his room and went back to sleep. The next morning he reported to his father.Son: Dad, now I think I understand what politics is.Father: Good, son! Can you explain it to me in your own words?Son: Well, dad, while Tony Blair is screwing the Working Class, Gordon Brown is sound asleep, the People are being completely ignored and the Future is full of shit.


I know that title isn't very descriptive, but all I could say for awhile after watching I Am Sam was, "Wow!"I Am Sam begins with Sam Dawson (Sean Penn) at his job. He lives in Santa Monica and works at Starbucks. We can see that he's mentally retarded. He appears slightly autistic. Because of this, he's given only menial tasks to do. Suddenly, his boss tells him that he has to go. We see Sam running through the streets, catching buses and so on to end up at a hospital. A woman is in labor and it turns out that he's the father, but she wants nothing to do with him afterward--apparently, it was something like a one night stand. She abandons him with the baby. Aided by a quartet of developmentally disabled friends and his agoraphobic neighbor, Annie Cassell (Dianne Wiest), we see Sam doing his best to raise the girl, Lucy Diamond Dawson (eventually played by Dakota Fanning)--so named because Sam is a big Beatles fan. At least until he is "accidentally arrested". Government officials question his ability to raise his daughter, and I Am Sam becomes the tale of Sam's legal battle to retain custody of Lucy, aided by high profile lawyer Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer).I Am Sam will likely make you say, "Wow!" afterward because it is a masterpiece on every artistic and technical level.All of the major cast members give one of the best performances of their careers, and many of these actors have had a number of artistic triumphs on their résumés. Sean Penn is completely natural and believable as a developmentally disabled man. Two of the men playing his friends really were developmentally disabled, having been found at L.A. Goal, a non-profit agency dedicated to helping such people through a variety of programs, and it's next to impossible to tell them apart from the other actors. Nelson and her co-writer, Kristine Johnson, spent a lot of time at L.A. Goal doing research, as did Penn. Pfeiffer perfectly executes a complex character who has to undergo a number of far reaching transformations and even a breakdown of sorts. As for Fanning, I haven't seen her in a film yet where she didn't threaten to steal the whole thing from her senior, much more experienced colleagues, and during the filming of I Am Sam she was only 6 or 7. Wiest, Richard Schiff, Laura Dern and others also turn in very complex performances that convey characters with deep, multifaceted histories, despite their relatively little screen time.Nelson approaches the film with a number of unusual artistic and technical angles that all work wonderfully. The cinematography is mostly hand-held work. Unlike similar attempts in films such as Lars Von Trier's Dogville (2003), the hand-held work never feels affected or intrusive here--it's completely "organic". The most common purpose of the unusual cinematography is to give the viewer almost a subjective sense of what it's like to be Sam, to experience the world in the way he does. Cinematographer Elliot Davis moves his camera in a way closely mirrored with Sean Penn's movements. There's an additional emotional symbolism. When Sam is feeling agitated, the camera-work is agitated. Likewise when Sam is confused, pensive, and so on. Davis shoots from a lot of unusual angles. All of them work.Nelson also has the editing, lighting and production design match the aesthetic of the cinematography. The editing is sometimes very choppy, but always feels "natural", just right for conveying Sam's experience. Sometimes there are odd incongruencies between sound and image, or between temporal sequences. The lighting, camera angles and production design often make some elements appropriately fantastical. The production design and costuming match not only Sam's world, but other characters' worlds, as well. Not one aspect of the film seems to have gone by without close examination and artistic justification.The music, which largely consists of Beatles tunes performed by other artists, fits the film perfectly. Sam and his friends are all a bit obsessed with the Beatles (and apparently, so were many L.A. Goal members when Nelson visited). The Beatles tunes exquisitely match the various moods of the film, and the lyrics often complement emotions and actions.But even above all of that, I Am Sam tells a heart-wrenching story that's something of an exciting, emotional roller-coaster. There are many humorous scenes, often centered on Sam and his buddies going about the world with a kind of Winnie the Pooh-like wisdom that seems more honest and admirable than most of the film's "normal" folks. Of course, there are also many scenes that will require tissues for tears. And there's just about every emotion in between the two.Finally, the film has a great message. Does parenting, or general personal worth, really hinge on intellectual ability and amassed knowledge? I don't think so. Parents who are very smart can have more than their share of flaws, as we see with Pfeiffer's character early on. Plenty of us had parents who were smart enough but couldn't help us with our geometry homework. Love may not be all you need, but it's definitely one of the major prerequisites.


Redwood tree in northern California redwood forest, where many redwood trees are managed for preservation and longevity, rather than harvest for wood production.Coastal Douglas fir woodland in northwest Oregon.The scientific study of forest species and their interaction with the environment is referred to as forest ecology, while the management of forests is often referred to as forestry. Forest management has changed considerably over the last few centuries, with rapid changes from the 1980s onwards culminating in a practice now referred to as sustainable forest management. Forest ecologists concentrate on forest patterns and processes, usually with the aim of elucidating cause and effect relationships. Foresters who practice sustainable forest management focus on the integration of ecological, social and economic values, often in consultation with local communities and other stakeholders.Anthropogenic factors that can affect forests include logging, human-caused forest fires, acid rain, and introduced species, among other things. There are also many natural factors that can also cause changes in forests over time including forest fires, insects, diseases, weather, competition between species, etc. In 1997, the World Resources Institute recorded that only 20% of the world's original forests remained in large intact tracts of undisturbed forest [4]. More than 75% of these intact forests lie in three countries - the Boreal forests of Russia and Canada and the rainforest of Brazil. In 2006 this information on intact forests was updated using latest available satellite imagery.Canada has about 4,020,000 km² of forest land. More than 90% of forest land is publicly owned and about 50% of the total forest area is allocated for harvesting. These allocated areas are managed using the principles of sustainable forest management, which includes extensive consultation with local stakeholders. About eight percent of Canada’s forest is legally protected from resource development (Global Forest Watch Canada)(Natural Resources Canada). Much more forest land — about 40 percent of the total forest land base — is subject to varying degrees of protection through processes such as integrated land-use planning or defined management areas such as certified forests (Natural Resources Canada). By December 2006, over 1,237,000 square kilometres of forest land in Canada (about half the global total) had been certified as being sustainably managed (Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition). Clearcutting is usually the harvest method of choice and companies are required by law to ensure that harvested areas are adequately regenerated. Most Canadian provinces have regulations limiting the size of clearcuts, although some older clearcuts can range upwards of 110 km² (20,000 acres) in size which were cut over several years.In the United States, most forests have historically been affected by humans to some degree, though in recent years improved forestry practices has helped regulate or moderate large scale or severe impacts. However the United States Forest Service estimates that every year about 6,000 km² (1.5 million acres) of the nation’s 3,000,000 km² (750 million acres) of forest land is lost to urban sprawl and development. It is expected that the South alone will lose 80,000 to 100,000 km² (20 to 25 million acres) to development. However, in many areas of the United States, the area of forest is stable or increasing, particularly in many northern states.Globally two broad types of forests can be identified: natural and anthropogenic[citation needed].Natural forests contain mainly natural patterns of biodiversity in established seral patterns, and they contain mainly species native to the region and habitat. The natural formations and processes have not been affected by humans with a frequency or intensity to change the natural structure and components of the habitat.Anthropogenic forests have been created by humans or sufficiently affected by humans to change or remove natural seral patterns. They often contain significant elements of species which were originally from other regions or habitats.

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Bearded Muslim south African cricketer Hashim amla has said that many man perpetrating or involved with last month's terror attacks in mumbai,which claimed nearly 200 lives,would never be thought of as a right thinking Muslim.Steering clear of making any statement that could suggest political or religious overtones.Amla who is preparing play a test series against Australia said,I'm quite not involved in politics from that perspective.If you look as Islam,the way i accept it,certainly it gives me a lot of stability and discipline as well.personally i don't think  that if a muslim appears to be doing something like that terrorism condemned in Islam.


Lara Binge has said she still finds it difficult to drive the Flss James Bond-style Aston martin presented to her by fiance Michael Clarke last week.Binge who had made by flying three-hour visit to Melbourne to attend the opening of the Vodafone store at crown,was given the $300,000mean machine as an early Christmas present by her cricketing BEAU,The Daily Telegraph reported ."I only got it other day and have only driven it once.i am not the best driver.It is kind of difficult to drive.It is a used to driving a mini,so it is one extreme to the other,I guess,"Binges said"Binge described the luxury vehicle as the glamour couple's "second car"he likes it as much as i do,it is probably more for him than me ".

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Though gautham menon opted out of ajith's project and director saran stepped in for the shivaji productions film titled Asal,the choice of sameera reddy to star opposite to Ajith's remains intact According to insiders,after Gautham's exit,Shivaji productions considered three directors,Vishnu who gave Ajith's recent super hit Billa,S.J suriya whose Valli with ajith was a run away hit and murugadas whose Dheena gave ajith the title THALA.since Vishnu was busy with saravam and suryah with his directorial venture puli in Telugu and murugadas was not ready with a subject for Ajith,the film was taken up by sharan who has also given hits with the star in the past.Apparently,it was saran who had registered the title Asal with the producers council for one of his upcoming films


She is the youngest tennis prodigy India has ever seen and she has been a perpetual news maker both with her sense of fashion and her sporting curves.Sania mirza was recently in Chennai as part of a felicitation function where she was conferred a doctorate from the DR MGR UNIVERSITY.Speaking on the occasion,the youth icon said "I wanted to come and collect this honour personally as i wasn't able to make it to as a child i dreamed  of becoming a doctor .But when i Had to choose between tennis and medicine,the latter took a backseat.However i am overjoyed that both my dreams have now been full-filled .I even plan  on starting a training camp in Chennai soon.

she happens  to be a music enthusiast and her favorite music director was is none other than our very own A.R Rahman "His music is something that keeps me invigorated any time i listen to it"she says which could come as a surprise as sania does not understand the Tamil language"But i have made at attempt at learning some mew words like VANAKKAM and i about it "beems sania
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