Friday, October 24, 2008


Everyone likes to have a good laugh-your blood pressure exercised,your blood stream gets more oxygen and happy hormones like endorphins are released in your blood stream.This leads to overall good health.This rule applies in the office as well.

Research confirms that humour in the workplace increase job satisfaction and faster career growth- under circumstance, an employee attends the office ,not just for earning a living,but Because he/she enjoys the job. according to me "Humour is good not only essential in every day life,but also in work place. it enhance creativity,leads to better communication and also built trust among co-workers when the work atmosphere is light,productivity is enhanced and the company also benifits. moral of the employees is enhanced and the employees are happy.There is less attrition and people look forward to coming to office every day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


It is a sign of the times that when we search WIKIPEDIA ,the encyclopedia of the web,for the term "MOUSE",the first definition that pops up says it is " a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface.The other "MOUSE" a member of the rodent family pops up much lower in a GOOGLE search.Even more revealing ,the plural of mouse(computer)is "mouse device" or even "mouses" and only rarerly mice.

one could appreciate why last week when microsoft,a company was associated mostly with Pc software rather than hardware,unveiled an entire family of mice-hehehe sorry mouse device.that available soon in india.

The king of the pack,so to speak,is the arc combines the functionality of a desktop as well as a portable mouse.when you travel you can fold down the arc to 60 per cent of its size and use the shrunken version with a notebook pc

The sidewinder X5 is a special mouse for gaming has two additional customisable buttons on the side and we can set the sensitivity to 400,800,2000 dots per inch on this "FAST AND FURIOUS"mouse.the explorer mini mouse has special BLUE tracker technology which allows you to roll it over any kind of surface,a marble floor great for mobile workers.


Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes over the last couple of weeks trolling technology blogs or cocktail lounges has probably heard about the mail google's GMAIL program that is intended to help stamp out a scourage that few knew existed:DRUNKEN E-MAILING

The experimental program requires any user who enables the function to perform five simple math problem in 60 seconds before sending e-mails between 10 pm and 4 am on weekends .That time frame apparently corresponds to the gap between cocktail NO.1 and cocktail NO.4 when tapping out an E-MAIL messag can seem like the equivalent of bungee jumping without a chord.

MAIL GOOGLE is not the first case of technology developed to keep people from endangering themselves or others with the machinery of daily lief after they have had a few.For years,judge have ordered drunken-driving of fenders to install computerised breath-analysers linked to their car's ignition system to prevent them from starting the vehicle when intoxicated

In interviews with people who confessed to imbibing and typing the same time ,sometimes with regrettable consequences the answer seems to be yes.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is the fact that today's kids are busy lot-always on the run.They spend half a day in school,
then tution classes,extra -circular activities,and by the time ,they come home to their parents,they are in no state to talk or share any thing.

In the process of securing a bright future child,parents often crib about the lack of time they get to spend with has been claimed that popular culture and friends have more impact on a child's temperant that fussy or bossy parents.Experts are also of the opinion that children tend to mimic or adopt certain behaviour from social setting in order to get accepting of their peers.

During their growing years children tend to suffer from an identity crisis,and look for a role model.As they spend more time outside their homes. They tend to adopt certain bahaviour from their peers in order to get a distinct identity.

some believe that rising levels of competetion,coupled with parents expectations pushes
a child to look at his peers for a support system,and he ends up adopting certain behaviour
patterns from them,however this can be also have negative impact on a chils psyche.

so those of you who still believe in the adage"LIKE FATHER LIKE SON",or "LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER"think again as friends too play a very important role in shaping a child's personality


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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Customers go "warchalking" in hotel lobbies.Even though the cost of browsing the internet has come down drastically,several students and working professionals still find it hard to pass up a freebie.Public places provide WI-FI connection (wireless fidelity)are becoming popular among chennaites.Gathering information for the projects or working on presentation .youngsters enjoy free access at just the cost of a cup of coffee.Termed as "warchalking"in technical language ,a WI-FI zone is the most sought after place these days.

The free WI-FI zone are a big hit with college goers in the city.It has become a favourite hangout zone after college hours to browse through various sites ,share pictures,songs,visit social networking sites and also work on project reports.And they are not complaining about shelling out few extra bucks on the food they order.

When many hotel provide this services free of cost,some hotels like TAJ coromontel,LE Royal meredian ,Rain tree etc etc,charge around RS 300 from the customers for using the WI-FI connection in hotel premises


It is the first stage of a relationship and you're the have the girl all impressed.Everything in control.But then ,a little later,every thing's changed -the rosy world your girlfriend has made for you gets all lovey-dovey and syrupy sweet.Maybe a little too sweet for your comfort .The furniture turns pink and so does your clothes and this is not fun anymore.

The first few months of any relationship might be all male,but just give it a little more time ,and the lady takes over ,or that's what a new study says.Feminine emotions ,the tears and the works is what prevails and your alpha male period is over says this study undertaken by the university of britian.


A gentle touch,a stroke, can heal faster than a pill.A soothing touch can ease the pain,according to a group of researchers.Touch is a basic human instinct each of us is born with.

The scientist found that gentle stroking activities "PLEASURE" nerves beneath the skin,which then reduces the sensation of pain from other nerves .In their research ,the team found that people who were exposed to painful temperatures on the surfaces of their skin felt less pain if time.They believe that signals to that brain from the nerves that detect the pleasurable stroking curb the signals from nerves that detect pain.

"TOUCH itself causes release of chemicals in the brain called endorphins and these change the sensitivity to pain into happiness".They also induce a state of well-being and chang the mood of the person.Touch with hands are potent transmitters of prana from the heart chakra .prana can heal ,especially when it is backed with intention.In this time and age,where we seem to be having pills for every ailment,be it a headache or backache,a simple touch can prove to be more effective and personal

Monday, October 20, 2008


Actually am very happy to share this topic with you. Everybody in today’s world is addicted to computer games. From 5th graders to CEOs of top companies around the world love playing these games. Initially it seems like an activity to relax which after a point makes one addicted. Such is the power of these games. In order to play these games in style, people buy a variety of game consoles. It sometimes turns out to be a “show-off” factor.

Looking further into these game consoles, it started with small video game consoles where these kids inserted their game cassettes and played Mario. Later it developed into PlayStation and different versions of it. Now the latest among these video games consoles is the WII released by Nintendo WII.

It is considered to be the seventh generation console and competes head on head with Microsoft’s XBOX. One of the distinctive and unique features of this game console are such that it has a wireless remote called “WII remote” which can be used as a handheld pointing device and has the capability of detecting movements in all three dimensions. The other distinctive and unique feature of this wonderful device that it has “WiiConnect24” which enables it to receive messages and updates over the internet while in Stand-by mode. But the major move taken by NintendoWII is that it sells it on a broader demographic than that of Microsoft’s Xbox.

The latest game console launched by the Nintendo WII company is Nintendo GameCube. It is the fifth game console launched by this company. The products launched by Nintendo always gain a lot of expectations in the market. There is always a hype about it. Above all, after the product is released, it is always surprising to see that the product has lived up to it’s expectations and in most cases, it has even exceeded the expectations.These year most popular game fit is wii fit .

The best part about the Wii is that people of al age groups find it equally comfortable to handle the game console. Unlike many other game consoles, Wii is very user friendly and easy to handle. Lack of unnecessary complications make it more welcoming for the people to try playing with this game console.There may be in price comparison in these market based product.

There may be many products in the market. But very few of them really reach people and create expectations and revolutions.NITENDO Wii is one such product which has created a revolution in the gaming world.
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