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Do you like to play golf? If you would like to purchase brand names for your golf materials, then here is the right web site , which tells more about GOLF. The golfshop is well known within on Germany and unbelievably from the small town in on Bavaria with less than a hundred inhabitants has grown to become the biggest onlineshop to do with golf in Europe. If you are a golf player and you need some Platzreife equipments why not try to visit this site that caters to all golf enthusiasts and players out there. Golfakademie is the biggest German golf shop with a full range of all brand names needed for your golf sport. In this shop, you will have the opportunity to choose and select the different Ping equipments and materials that you need in playing golf .ping is one of the great golf brands that you can get from their website. The website also offer news scores and players profiles. 

Their golf club on Gut Ising is one of the biggest center for golf lessons in Bavaria. The website is in German so any description can obviously be general. The rules of the game are very well explained in German language and much more. The golf school offerscourses every week mostly dealing with beginners, but also offering computer assisted lessons and has one of the modernist computer custom fitting systems in Europe. The golf lessons mostly take place in the morning, so that one can take the golf lesson so easily . If you are looking for a golf bag which features a lot of pockets, they have the Ping Tour Staff bag. This Golfurlaub bag features nine pockets including bottle pouches, large-entry apparel pocket and an internal valuables pocket.They even have scores and players profiles to get the latest on your favorite players. 

You can get items custom fitted as well. They have a great golf shop that contains all kinds of items for your great day of Golfkurs. If anybody love golf and they want to purchase some of the great golf items that even the pros are wearing, then he or she should checkout this website to fall under right area . Good luck and have fun.


two legendary veterans(Nicholson and Freeman) that teaches us about life friendships and touches our emotions and feelings

"The Bucket List" is certainly a sentimental favorite that as a viewer touches your emotions and has you hoping for finding a friendship in the end, even though the film is funny and somewhat unrealistic. The performances from Jack and Morgan as expected are top notch, and I personally like Rob Reiner's direction of showing how an unlikely and odd friendship develops between two guys on their way out of life by doing the things they've always wanted. The "Bucket List" in many respects is a good happy fairy tale that most ordinary folks would dream about before they die, yet the character types played by Nicholson and Freeman make it so believable.

Jack Nicholson is billionaire hospital CEO administrator Edward Cole who as a grumpy and aging four time divorced playboy finds he has terminal cancer. With Freeman a character that's much different a blue collar working class auto mechanic named Carter Chambers who's a loving family man with a wife and kids and on the side a beloved history buff and trivia enthusiast yet he discovers his fate of having terminal cancer. Upon meeting in the same hospital room they share at first it's a cold and tough bonding only later to grow into a friendship by journey and discovery. The concept is thought up by Chambers by making a list called "The Bucket List" of things to do before we die. Oddly opposites agree the journey starts. The adventures include the heart pumping sky diving, auto drag racing, and trips to exotic locations and foreign countries. Many scenes like the mountain tops and pyramids seem unreal, yet are carried on by the witty and funny lines from Jack's character.

Most important aside from the journey and discovery of friendship and caring by travel and adventure a special bond is formed. Each has learned before they meet the end they have made each a better person that cares they both found what's important in life thru one another. "The Bucket List" isn't really a tear jerker, yet it's story of two terminal cancer patients provides the need for compassion as the viewer feels pain during the early scenes and you are certainly touched by the way the characters emotions grow by friendship you as the viewer feel your emotions have taken a good friendship journey. Finally this film is made even better by the performances of the two veteran legends Nicholson and Freeman. I highly recommend anyone view "The Bucket List"


Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world. A deadly cancer, liver cancer will kill almost all patients who have it within a year. In 1990, the World Health Organization estimated that there were about 430,000 new cases of liver cancer worldwide, and a similar number of patients died as a result of this disease. About three quarters of the cases of liver cancer are found in Southeast Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan). Liver cancer is also very common in sub-Saharan Africa (Mozambique and South Africa).

The frequency of liver cancer in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa is greater than 20 cases per 100,000 population. In contrast, the frequency of liver cancer in North America and Western Europe is much lower, less than five per 100,000 population. However, the frequency of liver cancer among native Alaskans is comparable to that seen in Southeast Asia. Moreover, recent data show that the frequency of liver cancer in the U.S. overall is rising. This increase is due primarily to chronic hepatitis C, an infection of the liver that causes liver cancer.


many youngsters are now looking forward to renew the much-loved game through workshops.Talking for a whole long minute,non stop without a pause,sans English grammatical mistakes,devoid of reputation,deviation and spicing the whole process with wit and humour makes JAM(just a minute)a true phenomenon.What started as a long-standing BBC radio 4 radio comedy panel game had made its presence felt all over the world.JAM now is an integral part of every other college and school cultural fest.planning to take the game forward is the jam association and their face book community .they plan to revamp the whole game in all its splendour and glory.
many aren't happy with the jam hosted at cultural events these days.The most entertaining part of JAM is of course is its entertaining humour competitive spirit and the thought of process.The jam associations hold their session st the beach.moderators at these informal and light sessions are ready to give a long rope to the participants,humour being the only obligatory criterion that has to be adhered too.jam was the most talked about the event in every college cultural.but the audience to the events are thinning.we plan to renew the game with workshops and other activities.


bed bugs usually travel as groups of two or three in a row.Immature bed bugs are a light yellow color; adults are a reddish brown. In both cases, the middle part of their bodies will be darker.after they have recently fed.Make use of the washer and dryer to eliminate bedbugs on clothing, bedding and curtains. Soak items in hot water, optimally at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, for at least 15 minutes and avoid overcrowding washables. Consult with a professional exterminator and/or research the resources listed here for information on insecticides designed to eliminate bedbugs. Insecticides both pose health risk and are ineffective at eliminating how to get rid of bedbugs unless properly appliedThe facts are that bed bugs are easily transported on clothing, backpacks, briefcases and suitcases by often unsuspecting victims. “If you go way back 100 years ago, bed bugs were very common on trains, on buses, in taxicabs, in all modes of transport,” University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter told the New York Times. The noted bed bug expert explained that bed bugs could easily harbor in cracks and crevices on subway benches and on seats in the trains. “In other areas of the world where bed bugs are also a big problem, like India, there have been reports of massive problems of bed bugs on trains and on benches.”

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The final night of sarrang 09 on sunday at the open-air auditorium of iit madras was a day that was etched in the memories of metalheads across chennai as one of the most apirited and high profile rock event witnessed in recent days.The venue,which played host to Grammy nominated Swedish death metal band opeth was literally filled to the capacity with fans of the band who had come from places as far as singapore and malasyia to witness the metal titans perform for the first time in fact,fans had started gathering up to enter the auditorium from as early as 4 pm in the afternoon and they formed serpentine queues that stretched for several hundred metres from the tune,with the nature of such shows,a majority of the audience were clad in back tees with an insignia of their favourite bands displayed proudly on their chests.

The five member band comprising Mikael Akerfeldt(vocal),lead and rhythm  guitar,Martin mendez(bas),per wiberg(keyboards),martin Axenrot(drums) belted out an array of songs from their popular albums like morningrise,still life,damnation and watershed.inf act ,even the Indian fans demonic resurrection and motherjnae,which opened for opeth on the night,were of the opinion that a new threshold had been set with the arrival of the Scandinavian group in the country.


dinosaurs dominated our earth for ever 165 million years during what was known as the Mesozoic Era.even though dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years ago,we are still fascinated by this huge creatures.And why wouldn't we be?after all dinosaurs dominated our earth for over 165 million years during what was known as the mesozoic era.There were many types of dinosaurs,some that walked on four legs,some that could do both.some were armour-plated ,some had horns,crests,spikes or frills.yet others had feathers ,bumpy skins etc.
while a lot of dinosaurs were plant-eaters like the triceratops some were carnivores like that T.Rex and what is more dinosaurs were retails most of them hatching from dinosaurs most likely live on in the form of birds say researchers who have been tracking Dino fossils find are UN earthed ever so fact though the fossils were known to exist since 1818.the term dinosaur meaning a terrifying lizard was only coined by English anatomist sir Richard Owen in 1842.all in all there are about 500described dinosaur genera and many mreo species.The crocodile man eater chasmatosaurus may have been the dinosaur's ancestor.


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 There are manyprovided in the world which some of them good and the other are bad. We can learn from many reference sites as the consideration before choosing the right auto loan provider which will give us the most benefits than other providers. People can apply the used autos they need according to the factors those are suitable for their condition. It is wise to consider before choose one.If you want to sell or trade-in your used car, you need to market it for the best results. Selling a used car is not a tough task, however it is not an easy one either! Preparation is surely required for the sale and here we are to help you in sorting out one of the most important aspects of a used car sale, that is how to market your used car.

The decision to put your teens on wheels is definitely a tough decision, but one day you have to decide! Then, comes the next question, which car is the best for teenage drivers. Parents take many things into consideration while choosing a new autos for their son or daughter including safety, economy, reliability, dependability and insurance cost, while teenagers place considerable importance on a car’s style, appearance, performance, size, as well as its accessories. Parents and teenagers do have different priorities when it comes to cars, but it is not that difficult for both the parties to come to a mutually agreeable decision. Here are a few top recommended new autos for teens.


Australia's Jelene dockic said her amazing grand slam comeback at Melbourne park had changed her life as the nation's media hailed a prodigal daughter's return to the big time.The emotionally troubled dokic entered the tournament as a wild card ranked 187 in the world and captivated the Australian public with a barnstorming run to the final eight,tipping out three seeded players along the way.The former world number four and 2000 wimbeldon semi-finalist lost to world number three dinara safina on Tuesday but will break back into the top 100 on the back of her Australian open efforts.the 25 -year old will also have sponsors queening at her door after becoming the darling of an Australian public which once reviled in her adopted country to represented sebia.

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Serena Williams say he is using the global financial crisis as motivation in her Australian open camping,threatening herself with a 16-hour flight in economy class if she is eliminated.The three time Australian champion was starting down the barrel as Russian svetlana kuznetsova served for the match in their quarter-final Wednesday but came back to win and advance to the semi-finals.i was thinking okay ,if you lose,you're going to fly coach(economy)all the way back to florida"she said when asked what she was thinking as kuznetsova served.

how uncomfortable that would be?that motivated me to a little."with more than$21 million in prize money and numerous lucrative endorsements.Williams could probably afford her own plane.but she saying she is cutting back in these financially though times and flying economy as punishment would be an effective way to stop her making mistakes.

training management software

Whenever you go to a new place you need to attend training as to what kind of a job it is and how to practice it throughout your career. If a person goes without training then he will be checked out of the company very soon. While I was surfing the net I found a solution to this problem from the site conduct where they have software that helps in  tracking employees and also for educative purpose. The system of tracking employees makes your employees always on the stage. This software also provides training materials which in turn produces a strong and efficient work force.This is wonderful and powerful tool that helps you to keep track of progress and performance of the members in a particular training management software. The best part is that you can even create profile for an employee and manage and keep track of it. This is the best training management software now available and you could always try out the trail version before buying the full version, but i bet that if you try out the trail version you will surely go for the complete version, even though the free version has some restrictions and the interface to use the software is simple and easy as well and they will be more than happy to help you.


some wise old owl has opined that a picture is worth a thousand words.but that was eons before word processors were invented,in this day and age it's Microsoft word that helps paint words it's high time we took the tedium of long tailed-mousy commands out of our Microsoft word processing by adopting these succinct keyboards shorties.
function keys:
f1-gets help or visit Microsoft office online
f2-move test or graphics
f3-insert an auto test
f4-repeats the last action
f5-edit menu
f6-goes to the next frame
f7-choose the spelling command
f8-extends a selection
f9-updates selected files.
f10-activates the menu bar
f11-goes to the next field
f12-save as command


shift+f1- starts context sensitive help or reveals formatting.
shift+f2- copies text
shift+f3-changes case of letters
shift+f4-repeats a find
shift+f5 -move to the last change
shift+f6-goes to the previous pane or frame.
shift+f5-move to the last change
shift+f6-goes to the previous pane or frame
shift+f7-launches thesaurus ,languages 
shift+f8-shrinks a selection
shift+f9-switches between a field code and its result
shift+f10-display a shortcut menu
shift+f11-goes to the previous field
shift+f12-save command.


Cristiano Ronald believes footballers are like cars when it comes to value,the sleeker and more sophisticated the model,the higher the price.The world player of the year believes he is in the "super car" bracket of the player are maybe worth $100 million."special players are maybe worth that.I agree with that.when you are good.when you are a special player,you are more expensive than the other ones.That's's like cars.some cars are better than others,that is why they're more's the same with players.but this is only my opinion.
Ronald said"how do i rate last season?i can't say 10 out of 10 ,so nine.i can improve all the time.ten is the maximum and haven't reached the maximum yet,so I'd give myself nine.i hope 10 out of 10 is top come.i believe it challenge is always to be better and better.

alcohol detox centre

Alcohol abuse causes over 100,000 deaths in the United States and Canada each year. It is the drug most commonly abused by children ages 12 to 17. Alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in teenagers. People who drink alcohol are more likely to engage in high-risk sexual behavior, have poor grades or job performance, use tobacco products, and experiment with illegal drugs. Alcohol and drug use may be an unconscious attempt at self-treatment for another problem, such as depression.You have an alcohol problem if your use of alcohol interferes with your health or daily living. You develop alcoholism if you physically or emotionally depend on alcohol to get you through your day.Long-term heavy drinking damages the liver, nervous system, heart, and brain . It also can lead to high blood pressure, stomach problems, medicine interactions, sexual problems, osteoporosis, and cancer. Alcohol abuse can also lead to violence, accidents, social isolation, jail or prison time, and difficulties at work and home.

The Pat Moore Foundation is a non-profit alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in Orange County, Calif., that provides information, resources and treatment for people dealing with the life-shattering cycle of substance abuse and addiction.
Isn’t frustrating if you a member of the family is into drug and alcohol addiction? Are you in search of an institution that will help your love one regain their lives? Well, worry no more because alcohol detox is here to help those people that are into drugs and alcohol addiction. They specializes in drug andtreatment. Pat Moore Foundation has been doing detox programs for heroin, opiates, prescription drugs, methadone, cocaine, alcohol and other substances for over 23 years. So, if you are concerned or want to help someone start a new life visit alcohol detox for more info.

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Australia's comeback queen Jelene Dokic has ruled out seeing her estranged father damir even if he flies from Belgrade to Melbourne to follow her unlikely shot at the Australian open.Damir hasn't returned to Australia since taking the serbian-born but Australian raised Jelene and the rest of the family back to Belgrade father claiming the 2001 open draw had been rigged.But after she reached the fourth round he admitted he was wrong in forcing her to abandon Australian and said he might try and get back to Melbourne if she made the final"wild card dockie beat Russia's Alisa kleybanova in a thrilling three-hour epic 7-5,5-7,8-6 on Sunday to reach the quarter -finals and said afterwards she has hear ed nothing of her father's plans."when she asked weather she would be open to contact with him if he did come over she bluntly replied no"I've said always my whole story with him is finished she said.


A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosting are companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity.There are hundreds of websites devoted to recommending web hosting have a web site design and now your problem is making it available to your visitors - the solution is a hosting service to meet your needs. However, even comparing the variety of services may sound like a daunting task.Reading reviews can be beneficial only if you are aware of your specific needs. In order to find the best hosting solution for your website or blog, you must know what exactly you are looking for. Some of the important points of consideration in this regard may include the amount of web space, bandwidth, and your budget.

web hosting is a comprehensive guide on web hosting articles  with state of the art analysis over industrial data of hosting business. It provide web hosting ratings on Unix Hosting,Windows Hosting,Reseller Hosting,VPS Hosting,Dedicated Hosting,Collocation Hosting and Managed Hosting. As example if reader needs to know what is top 10 Unix Hosting service in industry they can view's rating on Unix Hosting and find out what are the companies in top tire of the business. It guide on blog hosting services with several categories including word press. It is very good news for hosting service providers that they provide chance to submit information of any web hoster onto their hosting rating platform.

Sharing information and writing web hosting tutorials reviews is really important. It is what makes this site so successful and the reason so many people check it out on a daily basis. Everyone can benefit from reading others̢۪ experiences with different web hosts and this will help them choose the right one for them.The Internet is making it really easy for people to choose services and providers because there are so many different review sites. This particular review site is highly recommended because it has a great layout and design and it is really easy to navigate. Go ahead and check it out, especially if you are in the market for web hosting. You will appreciate the recommendation!


Controversy surfaced at the Australian open here on Sunday when tennis player Tomas berdych questioned the accuracy of the hawk-eye electronic line-calling system at a vital stage of his quarter-final match against defending champion roger ferderer.The system which stimulates ball flight to determine close calls was unable to offer an opinion on a line call,leading to an angry Berdych questioning the chair umpire over the apparent failure of the system to show a simulation of a ball called out early in the fourth set,reports The Australian.He was told that officials had ruled the original call of"out would be upheld."i don't care about officials.i just want to see my ball.he told the umpire the Hawk-eye simulator is believed to have failed to make the call due to the heavy shadow over the line in question.


New Zealand wicketkeeper Brendon Mccullum is insisting that he has no hard feelings towards Australian all rounder Andrew symonds after the later labelled him a "lump of shit"during a recent radio programme.Symonds has publicly criticised the decision by new south wales last week to sign Mccullum on the eve of saturday night's domestic twenty20 final against sports quoted mccullum as saying "mate people are entitled to their option and i certainly wasn't offended by it at all.there's nothing you can do about it.i was over here to enjoy the occasion and certainly did that and it was just a great game to be apart of.I'm not worried what people have to say and certainly not offended it at all.

Burton snowboards

Burton snowboards is a comprehensive and unique online resource that gives mountain community residents and visitors a place to trade and connect. This all-inclusive Burton snowboards was created for and to serve the mountain enthusiast—from the Rockies to the hills of Appalachia .Burton snowboards is all mountain. The site offers the Mountain Market Place, where free classified ads can be placed, and links to local businesses and race teams, as well as road and ski conditions.The web site’s classified ad listing not only offers ski equipment for sale or trade, but also an ever-changing list of free gear that can help both skiers who are new to the sport—and those who need to update their equipment before they return to the mountain.These are so wonderful that you can choose the color of your desire with different designs. You can also see the prices which are very affordable. Moreover, you will get free shipping within the United States.Burton and all of its brands are authentically committed to snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding Burton snowboards without distractions from other sports, products or categories. This acquisition completes a strategy that we have been very focused on for quite some time and marks a new milestone in the evolution of Burton and its family of brands.”

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Racing ace Lewis Hamilton has revealed that fine dining at posh restaurants is not his cup of tea and would rather prefer pizzas.The formula ! star who moved to Switzerland for tax reason said that he doesn't like splashing out big bucks at high-Claus eateries."i don't like fine dining at high  end is very rate i go to these places because they are just not my thing.The sun quoted him as a saying.The 24-year old multimillionaire racer,who is dating pussycat doll Nicole scherzinger ,30 added that he's rather gorge on a pizza.


A British business man has said that he has snapped up Manchester united football star Cristiano Ronald's ideal car number plate,and is keen to treble is earning from it.Man united Portuguese ace actually made a bid for the registration CR7,which combines his initials and shirt number.But the deal developer Russel Baldwin 49,then stepped in to but it for $50,000 reports The sun.
Rinaldo,23,had planned to fit the plate on his plate $140,000 silver Bentley convertible,but Russell has now put in on a 1996 ford Escort.Russel believes wealthy man united fans would pay $150,000 for the plate but he's rather sell it to the player .


Boxing legend Muhammad Ali,celebrating his 67th birthday was the guest of honour at a apart for 1,400 that included other celebrates,lawmakers and native Kentuckians .Ali was also on the platform when Barack Obama was sworn in as the first black president of the US."he wouldn't have missed this for the world",Lonnie Ali said after Monday night's bluegrass Ball ,a celebration of her husband's 67Th birthday.Kentucky is the family's home state.Muhammad Ali carried the dreams of a generation during his prime as a athlete,and later as a humanitarian,he think Obama shoulders are broad he and Muhammad are really made of the same fabric.


Dresses are in fashion in a big way .And it's not only the flirty,flowy dresses,but the slight formal,smart yet feminine and elegant shirt dresses that have become a wardbore essential for every fashionnista worth her salt."shirt dresses are available in different varities and you can experiment according to your style and comfort level.
 club wear is a term that is used to describe clothing a woman would or could wear to the night clubs thus suggesting it is revealing, sexy and daring. Not for the faint of heart sexy clubwear is suggestive dresses, mini skirts, tops and accessories. In reality some of these garments never see the strobe lights of a night club as modesty dictates that some women don’t feel comfortable wearing such revealing clothes in public. So the decision as to what to wear and where to wear it is left entirely up to the individual women.
In the past fashion was dictated by the runways of Paris, Milan and New York City. That is but a memory as women are no longer constrained by the musings of a designer in a distant city. Primarily worn by young women with svelte bodies clubwear is cut short, worn snug and often sheer or see through. Women of all ages go to night clubs and not all of them wear clubwear as there are often no dress codes but many clubs in cities throughout the world are looking to make their place the hottestsexy clubwear in town and nothing makes a club hotter than pretty, sexy women. This is often why clubs often don’t reject single women or attractive women while single men can’t get the time of day from the bouncer at the front door. The owners of these clubs know that nothing attracts the “right” crowd like good looking women.
some club dresses collection is mini dress with matching tops in stretch satin or microfiber that feels great and stretches to fit comfortably. Often accompanied with chain or other details the line is one of the more popular lines of clubwear available.


Deepika Pallikal is one of india's Leading Squash player. Born on 21st of Sep 1991, she played her first international tournament in london when she was in her sixth grade. Till date she won many titles under squash game . Dipika has been steadily gaining points in the junior circuit and she recently won the Asian junior championship in Singapore. She has the rare distinction of being the first Indian Squash player to be ranked No. 1 in the European and Asian Squash Ranking (under 15 category).She is also into modeling and has signed a 
contract with Globus Ltd. She has appeared in an ad for the Sri Lankan company Ole (a branch of Coca Cola) which was splashed all over Sri Lanka a few months ago.Dipika Pallikal beautiful look has been a plus point for her popularity. Sports and beauty mix always work. It works even better when they actually play well. Dipika will definitely not end up like Anna Kournikova. She should be Maria Sharapova of Squash.


Leona Lewis is launching her own perfume.The bleeding Love singer has teamed up with German cosmetics brand LR to release the self-titled scent.Leona is  only celebrity to launch their own scent
Brittaney spears,Jennifer Lopez,Victoria Beckham  Christina Aguilera,Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker are just few stars who have lent their names to perfumes.The 23-old star ,who is also reportedly in talks to launch a clothing range for a top high street chain,insisted on being involved in the creation of the fragrance as much as possible and was adamant she did not work with any companies involved in animal testing.

Elton John Las Vegas

SIR ELTON JOHN TO PERFORM ON “NBC’S NEW YEAR’S EVE WTH CARSON DALY”    John Will Perform Via Satellite From His Live New Year’s Eve Concert at London’s 02 ArenaUniversal City, CA - December 22, 2008 - NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly has added an exclusive performance from rock superstar Elton John.

Elton John has been wowing audiences with his Red Piano show in La's Vegas since 2004 and Elton John Las Vegas New Year’s Eve Party will see him perform his greatest hits live from the 02 arena in London.  The show has been conceptualized and designed by acclaimed photographer and good friend of John, David La Chapelle. It’s a visual masterpiece that expresses the very best times, and very worst times in John’s life, making it a personal journey for both him and his legions of fans. The performance will also be shown live on ITV1 in the UK in conjunction with Whizz Kid Entertainment.

John, who has just finished his UK tour of the Red Piano and will return to Las Vegas early in the New Year, said: “I can’t wait to spend New Year’s Eve with my biggest fans in America and the UK. This will be a fantastic night. I can’t think of a better way to see in 2009.”

The fifth annual live NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daley will for the first time broadcast beginning in prime time from 10-11 p.m. (ET) and continue in late night from 11:30 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. all in high definition.  In addition to the musical lineup, Daly will have help bringing the celebration to the home audience with Saturday Today co-anchor Amy Robach, veteran “NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly” correspondent Alison Stewart and NBC News correspondent Luke Russert giving live reports from Times Square.

In 2007, 8 million viewers tuned in to watch “NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly.”  It was the highest rated NBC New Year’s Eve special in six years, continuing the yearly upward trend for the special.

“NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly” is executive-produced by Daly (”Last Call with Carson Daly”) and David Friedman (”Last Call with Carson Daly”) through Universal Media Studios.  Guy Oseary (”Last Call with Carson Daly”) also serves as co-executive producer.

True Elton John Las Vegas fans will hardly believe their eyes. Just when you thought Elton John couldn't’t get any better, he found a way to raise the bar just that much higher. To the competition...Good Luck trying to keep up with this superstar!

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