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The it sector is now passing through the bleak season,due to the financial crisis.Several people have lost their jobs and even those who have managed to keep them suffering from the effects of the cost cutting space.

With clients cutting heavily on expenditure and with new projects being scrapped,fancy frills companies are being stripped to a bare minimum to cope with the recession.Even top notch companies such as infosys,microsoft ,satyam and tcs are on a belt tightening model.

for DELLOITE they have the problem ,The cabs for 9pm and 10 pm slots have been they waited for 11 pm to shift to get over.for satyam ,they have reduced business tours to cut down on expenditure.Now most meetings are undertaken over the phone or vis video conferencing .

infosy too has found innovative ways to cut cost,They management had removed even dryers from washroom.They also switching off the air conditioner.for TCS They have replaced coffee from a vending machine .no more recruitments or lavish spending on anything microsoft.companies in the city have found many ways of belt tightening to cope with the recession.


Heart related diseases is one of the biggest health concerns of our times.Experts warn that in the coming decade more people in the country will die from coronary artery disease (CAD).as compared to any other diseases .it saddens that know with the exceptions of genetics,two of the major part in lifestyle and diet that precipitate CAD are well within our control,these includes smoking and alcohol,stress,work out and food.
most of us are born with clean,open and supple arteries ,which get blocked with plaque as an outcome of a fault lifestyle and diet followed over the years.This is an invitation for CAD.if you could look into the arteries of a person suffering from CAD,you would see raised bumps called a plaque.
These plaques are composed of cholesterol ,fat and clumps of cells growing from muscle layer of the arteries.Start exercising regular brisk walking for 30-40 mins daily helps to keep blood sugar,triglycerdies and cholesterol under control


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L.A. Police Gear, Inc. takes the issue of security very seriously. Every time you send us your credit card number and your billing and shipping information, we use the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology to prevent the information from being intercepted. Our computers are protected via multiple firewalls and "DMZ's", as well as the latest in anti-virus softwares so that your information is always secure. All credit card information is automatically encrypted once your order is placed. As of this date there has never been a breach of our system's security (and we plan on keeping it that way...)!


with changing life style and eating dis orders,many people are suffering from daily heartburn.A healthy diet and change in lifestyle can do wonders to your overall systemDue to our family lifestyle ,we are prone to stress and digestive,disorders.Among these disorders,heartburn is a very common problem that many of us face and most of us have suffered from it sometime or the other while many of us treat heartburn as a daily can be managed by adjusting our diet and making a few lifestyle changes.
Heartburn is a hot-burning sensation that starts in the upper abdomen just beneath the lower breastbone .This discomforting feeling may spread comforting feeling may spread upwards into your throat and leave a sour taste in your mouth.Heartburn is also sometimes referred to as indigestion or acid regurgitation.
nearly 40 % of patients suffering from sever heartburn are put on medication and treated successfully.In some case though,when drugs and lifestyle changes don't suffice,surgery for proper functioning of esophageal sphincter is the only remedy


Come winters and foodies all over the world go for grilled food.One of the most popular foods chosen for living grilling is sea food.These days it is available round the year,Frozen or fresh .With the onset of winters the fresh catch of seafood starts after breeding gets over.With this refresh catch coming one gets the best quality fresh seafood during this period.The ingredients depend on the cuisine ,so for indian seafood preparations we use lemon ,coconut ,mustard seeds,curry and leaves .For european cuisine,the most commonly used ingredients are lemon,basil,cajun spices,olive oil and citrus fruits.

For continental seafood preparations the basic and the most sought-after sauce is lemon butter ,which can be varied with options of adding capers,olives or fresh herbs.For garnish or accompaniments lemon or any fresh fruits is a standard or tossed vegetables are commonly used for sea foods


The world famous board game,Monoply that offers all the thrills of buying and selling properties in its latest avatar has included an indian city for the very first time.It gives an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade with its newly launched electronic system.Now,instead of cash, you can swip your card and carry on with the games and can also play in the simpler mode using cash too.The idea was launched after olympics and based on the voting .The Voters selected mumbai city for the game.The new edition of here and now red and the deluxe versions are available.

Monopoly has always been the preferred board game amongst the older as well as the new generation .They are pleased to bring the latest form the monopoly Global monopoly here and now the world edition which has been received well in the indian market including chennai adults and also children can play this game


What began as a naive invitation to the former indian Captain has turned in to the ugly episode,bringing back the haunting memories of the match--fixing controversy that had rocked indian cricket in the late 1990s.And at the centre of the storm is the name that comes to mind first-Mohammad Azharuddin.

During the course of the first day's play of the test match between india and pakistan Azhar accompanied by chief selector dilip vengsarkar nad some top CAB oficials had casually walked over to the indian team's Dressing room overlooking the ground.

That was when the ICC anti-corruption officer at the match,former CBI stalwart NS virk politely asked Azhar to step aside and stay away from intreacting with the players at the ground when the match is going on


MACHINE BUILDER is one of the leading metals forming industry that builds very specialized machines that make things out of metal. hydraulic press rebuild produces many machines that run automatically without the need for human resource. Stamping, forming and deep drawing of high tech metals are really very difficult task now in the metal industry. MACHINE presses overcome all the above said problems.employs a new technology called Hot Stamping to form the metals.hydraulic press rebuild To know more about the company and their new technologies please visit, main principle of this Hot Stamping is to heat the blank sheet rapidly in order to prepare subsequent hot forming operation.

The Iron and steel industry is one of the most important industries for a nation to survive. All lost all the products require Iron and steel. The iron steel is very developed in countries which are developed, but in countries which are still developing the iron and steel industries is still growing.The company like AP&T are pioneers in building heavy machinery made out of metals . The metals mostly used are Iron or Steel.This company manufacturers machine in a very unique method which other companies do not do.


Younger brothers often want to be like their older siblings, although the desire typically disappears before adulthood. But for the past four years David Hussey has craved the chance to emulate his big brother Michael and burst into the Australia cricket team. Finally, he has an opportunity to do so.
Hussey's call-up into the Twenty20 squad for Friday's international against India is much-deserved, and any thought that his surname helped him get there would be severely misguided. It has been anything but easy living in the shadow of Mr Cricket, who made his first-class debut at 19 and had such an impact at Test level that his average is second only to Don Bradman.
It is unfair to compare the brothers, as they have grown into fundamentally different people since their childhood days playing backyard cricket in the outer Perth suburb of Mullaloo. Michael, a left-hand batsman, is an obsessive planner whose mind is constantly racing with instructions to himself; the right-handed David is more laid-back and once while standing in as Victoria's captain admitted at the toss that he hadn't even checked his team sheet to see who was playing.
Perhaps he was still overwhelmed at leading his adopted state after several years earlier venturing 3500 kilometres from Perth to pursue his career in Melbourne. It took consistently high scoring at the Prahran club before Hussey was given a chance by Victoria at the age of 25. Similarly, ridiculous aggregates in county stints at Nottinghamshire and sporadic flashes of brilliance in Australia were ignored by the national selectors until he found greater consistency.
Enough was enough after 911 runs at 53.58 for Victoria last season, 643 at 64.30 so far this summer, as well as 237 runs at 47.40 and a strike rate of 153 in this month's Twenty20 tournament. Merv Hughes, the Melbourne-based selector, has seen plenty of Hussey and knows he is arguably the prototype Twenty20 cricketer.
His aggressive batting is complemented by offspin that is superior to most part-timers, and he is one of the most gifted fieldsmen in the country. A strong bottom-hand batsman, Hussey is sometimes in such a hurry to score that it's like he has just remembered his car is in a tow-away zone and he knows he'll have to walk home if he doesn't finish the game as soon as possible.
He loves to get on the front foot and lean in to drive to either side, but he is equally unafraid to swing the ball over midwicket. Hussey's strike-rate of 141 in 44 Twenty20 matches is remarkable, and he brings the same gusto to the longer forms. His greatest moment came in 2003-04 when he guided Victoria to a fourth-innings chase of 455 against New South Wales and his unbeaten 212 came from only 218 balls.
Since that moment the younger Hussey - he is now 30 - has been talked about as a potential international player. Victorian fans were often parochial in their calls for Dean Jones to be recalled to the national set-up and their bewilderment at Hussey being overlooked until now is not surprising.
Fittingly, his debut in Australian colours will come at his adopted home ground, the MCG. Hussey has come a long way from Mullaloo, physically and chronologically, and Australia could not ask for a more exciting pair to become the first brothers to represent the country since Steve and Mark Waugh


Many computer graphics applications require complex, highly detailed models to maintain a convincing level of realism. Consequently, models are often created or acquired at a very high resolution to accommodate this need for detail. However, the full complexity of such models is not always required, and since the computational cost of using a model is directly related to its complexity, it is useful to have simpler versions of complex models. Naturally, we would like to automatically produce these simplified models. Recent work on surface simplification algorithms has focused on this goal.

As with most other work in this area, we will focus on the simplification of polygonal models. We will assume that the model consists of triangles only. This implies no loss of generality, since every polygon in the original model can be triangulated as part of a preprocessing wmiprvse.exe high cpu usage phase. To achieve more reliable results, when corners of two faces intersect at a point, the faces should be defined as sharing a single vertex rather than using two separate vertices which happento be coincident in space.Pair contractions do not necessarily preserve the orientation of the faces in the area of the contraction. For instance, it is possible to contract an edge and cause some neighboring faces to fold over on each other. It is usually best to try to avoid this type of mesh inversion.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India's captain in the limited-over formats, has urged his team-mates to respect the international guidelines for on-field behaviour in the wake of the Harbhajan Singh-Andrew Symonds controversy. He said there would be some allowance for "chit-chat" between players as long as there was nothing untoward being uttered.
"Whoever the players are, they know the international guidelines that are set out to be followed," he said, when asked about the importance of player behaviour in the forthcoming limited-over games. "Each and every player should respect it. It is the responsibility of an individual more than their skipper to know the limitations and to know where they stand."
It was reported that the Australian players were unhappy over Harbhajan's reprieve, given that he had been handed a three-match ban in the first hearing. Dhoni would also remember the World Twenty20 match in Durban last year, a match that marked the start of the fractious relationship between the two sides.
"We don't really care about whatever has happened so far," he said a day before the Twenty20 international in Melbourne. "It's a fresh start and we're going to play some good cricket. There's always chit-chat going on between the players. If nothing controversial is said, I think both the teams will be happy with it. We can't just shut up and play. It's cricket and you've got to do lots of things with the bat and the ball and there should be chit-chat out on the ground."
Dhoni preferred that contentious catches be referred to the third umpire, a procedure which was used in the final two Tests of the series. Before the first Test in Melbourne, Anil Kumble and Ricky Ponting had agreed to take the fielders word but reviewed the pact after the controversial Sydney Test. "I believe in referring it to the third umpire," Dhoni said. "A fielder can mislead so it's important that it's referred to the third umpire."
Was he expecting a hostile reception from a crowd that's expected to be close to 90,000? "If they are not on the field it does not really matter," he said. "We don't care whether we receive a hostile reception or not. In Eden Gardens there are 100,000 spectators, in Kochi there are 80,000 spectators. Still, this is a huge ground and playing in front of such numbers would be exciting."


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Three Indians, two Sri Lankans and an Australian have been named as the winners in the inaugural Cricinfo Awards, which recognise the outstanding batting and bowling performances in all three forms of the game during 2007.

The lists of nominees, announced in December 2007, were compiled by Cricinfo's global staff. The winners were selected by a jury put together by Cricinfo for this purpose, which consisted of Geoffrey Boycott, Ian Chappell, Daryll Cullinan, Tony Greig, Michael Holding, David Lloyd, Sanjay Manjrekar, Ramiz Raja and Ravi Shastri. The final selection was based on a ranking of the performances by the jury, with the players who fetched the most points winning the respective awards. In the event of a tie, the player with the most top nominations was selected as the winner by the jury

List of winners
Test batting - Kumar Sangakkara (SL): 192, Australia v Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, HobartTest bowling - Zaheer Khan (Ind): 5 for 75, England v India, 2nd Test, Trent BridgeODI batting - Adam Gilchrist (Aus): 149, Australia v Sri Lanka, World Cup final, BarbadosODI bowling - Lasith Malinga (SL): 4 for 54, Sri Lanka v South Africa, World Cup, GuyanaTwenty20 batting - Yuvraj Singh (Ind): 70, India v Australia, World Twenty20 semi-final, DurbanTwenty20 bowling - RP Singh (Ind): 4 for 13, India v South Africa, World Twenty20, Durban

Dippenaar announces international retirement

Boeta Dippenaar, the South Africa batsman, has announced his retirement from international cricket to concentrate on building a life beyond the sport.
"Where my cricket career stands now, I have to make the tough call and step away," he told News 24 on Tuesday. "I want to improve my qualifications for life after cricket. Even if I were in the national team now I would have announced my retirement at the end of the season."
Dippenaar, 30, made his debut in 1999 but it took him a further 12 months to register his first hundred. Soon after, he lost his place to Herschelle Gibbs - a batsman of complete contrast to Dippenaar, whose strengths were his sweet timing and orthodox defence.
In spite of a healthy first-class record for Eagles and Free State, amassing nearly 9000 runs at 42.99, he couldn't translate that same form into his international career, though he found some success in one-dayers with 3421 runs and four hundreds.
Captain of the Eagles, who this week won the SuperSport Series title, Dippenaar will also play for Leicestershire in 2008.
"Some people may question my decision but it is something that my wife and I have reached certainty about during the past year," he said. "I am grateful for the opportunities I have had. I am grateful that I was able to represent my country and I wish the national team all the best."
Cricket South Africa (CSA) wished Dippenaar well and hoped he would continue to be a role model for all the younger players in the franchise system.
"CSA wishes Boeta and his family all the best in this new chapter of their lives, and we thank him for his most valued input into South African cricket at all the many levels he graced so well," Gerald Majola, the chief executive, said in a statement.


Indian bike racers have been making their presence felt in the international arena over the last few seasons.And chennai racer and National champion preetham dev mose's consistent performances have now helped him achieve yet another milestone.Preetham became the first indian to test for MOTO GP at the zuhai international circuit in china recently .Due to the delay in receiving funds the testing was done on a GP 125 cc Aprilia bike instead of the GP 250 cc testing .Preetham's achievement was very close to the lap record time in the 125 cc GP.


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Do India really need a coach? The answer in definately no because India has always performed well in the recent times without a coach.In this decade Indian Team has worked under three Coaches.Anushman Geakwad,John wright and Greg Chappell.With Gaekwad the team was little bit ok but was full of senior players under Azhar's captaincy.There is no major victory to say in specific for the Indian Team under his period.1996 Wc semifinals and Titan Cup victories under Sachins Captiancy can be highlighted here.
Next comes John Wright under whom India was more sucessfull than ever to speak.Dada's Captaincy was aggressive and quite fascinating when compared to prevoius skippers.Though ganguly did not win major tournaments he took india to 22 finals and won only one which is the darker part of his captaincy.
Greg chappell and Dravid is the next in the driver seat.Greg chappell one of the most Successfull captain for Australia and also was one of the best bastmen of his times came to coach india,his australian stratergies were taken as politics rather than as a tactics.Yuvaraj who was performing worst was given a warning that he would be chucked out if he continues the same..Then Yuvraj was the man of the series for pakistan tour and still flying now.Ganguly was chucked out of the team which broke many oppostion to chappell from politics and West Bengal people were involved in so many protestions against him.Finally Chappell resigned.

With the young blood alone India won the T20 world cup with no senior players or coach to guide the players.Though we cannot totally isolate the seniors still there is no need for a coach to do this job.The players are not small kids for the coach to teach them how to bowl and bat,everybody is in international standard.When a person is not able to cooperate with a board then how will he coach the team?.This is for Kirsten

Warehouse Skateboards

There are different types of skateboards with varying characteristics for different types of riding ( i.e. slalom,freestyle, or speed). Some boards are rated to the weight of the intended user.Before using their boards, riders should checkthem for hazards, such as loose, broken, orcracked parts; sharp edges on metal boards; slippery top surface; and wheels with nicks and  like the best way to buy this kind of borad is Element skateboards.

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Adam Gilchrist Biography
Player profile
Full name Adam Craig Gilchrist

Born November 14, 1971, Bellingen, New South Wales

Current age 35 years

Major teams Australia, ICC World XI, New South Wales, Western Australia

Nickname Gilly

Playing role Wicketkeeper batsman

Batting style Left-hand bat

Bowling style Right-arm offbreak

Fielding position Wicketkeeper

Height 1.85 m

Adam Gilchrist entered the international cricketing scene as a wicket keeper/batsman with the Australian One Day International side against South Africa on 25th October 1996 in Faridabad. He was bowled by Alan Donald for 18, then effected his first dismissal by catching Hanse Cronje off Paul Reiffel for a duck. South Africa won the match by 2 wickets. In 1998, Steve Waugh elevated Adam to the pivotal position of opening batsman. In his second game, Adam scored 100 against South Africa and since then, has played a significant part in redefining the role of an opening batsman in One Day Internationals.
Adam was crucial in the team's winning performance in the 1999 and 2003 World Cups. Adam has taken a world record of over 400 dismissals in one day internationals and scored over 8600 runs at a phenomenal strike rate of almost 97 runs per 100 balls faced.
On 5th-9th November 1999, Adam replaced Ian Healy as wicketkeeper in the Australian test side in Brisbane against Pakistan. He was immediately into stride, taking his first dismissal by catching Mohammad Wasim off Damien Fleming for 18. Adam then scored 81 before being bowled by Shoaib Aktar. Since that time, Adam has taken almost 370 dismissals in test matches and scored almost 5300 runs at an incredible strike of over 82 runs per 100 balls faced. Adam reached the 100 and 200 dismissal milestones faster than any other wicket keeper in test history and he is one of only two players to had averaged greater than 60 going through 3000 test runs.
Adam is the only wicketkeeper in Australia to have captained the Australian Test and One Day teams and is acknowledged for his leadership and outstanding contribution to the Australian team in both forms of the game.
Many critics believe that Adam is the greatest wicketkeeper/batsman to have played the game. But more than his statistics, it is the manner and spirit in which Adam plays the game that makes him one of the world's most exciting and popular cricketers. He already holds the record for the most sixes hit in Test cricket (97) and plays Test cricket in much the same way as he plays One-Day Internationals.
In 2004 Adam was selected in Richie Benaud's All Time Greatest Team. He joined Sir Donald Bradman, Dennis Lillee and Shane Warne who were also chosen in this illustrious team. Adam said that he was humbled to be chosen in the team in front of so many other outstanding players and by a person who himself is acknowledged as one of the finest to have played the game.


Cristiano ronaldo not only showed off his new set of hot wheels he bought for the new EPL season on which he is also said to have spent a whopping $300,000 for fancy numbers plates with the registration CR7,with which he is said to be obsessed since they carry his initials and his shirt number as Manchester United .The blue Bentley coupe ,with plates ,and his purchase last month are said to have cost close to a cool million dollars .The Bentley will join a stable already sporting his new black Rolls Royce Phantom ,which came at a mere $675,00 and his runaround ,a silver that cost a further $280,000

Australia controversy in India

Australia's preparations for Thursday's must-win fourth Test have been disrupted due to last-minute touches to the brand new ground in Nagpur. The Vidarbha Cricket Association's stadium, which has hosted a couple of trial matches, was only approved for Tests on Tuesday morning after an inspection from the match referee Chris Broad and the practice facilities are not ready.
The tourists, who trail India after their victory in Mohali, trained at the old ground on Tuesday and will do so again on the eve of the game. Michael Hussey, Australia's most successful batsman of the tour with 285 runs at 57.00, likes to make sure his preparation is perfect before a match, but was trying not to let the unusual situation bother him.

Gabrielle has fat days too!!!

Gabrielle Rice may be admired for her great body.The volleyball player who is 38 has two children
but trains like maniac to keep herself in shape.But even she admits she has a very bad fat days
and also that she to undergo cellulite reducing lipo-massage to keep her shape.

she won smoke or drink.she just stayed with chocolate.not cake or cookies,just a good piece of choclate,full on.


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The wolf has been the subject countless movies,legends and horror stories,but in reality
there is more to the wolf than just a dog with fangs.This wolf awareness takes a closer look
at an animal that's fascinated mankind for so long.

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It lives and hunts in packets.A packets of wolves normally consists of two adults and their offspring of the last two or three years.AS a result,The size of the pack is never fixed and ranges anywhere between six t0 30.

Wolves in the wild have an average life span of six to eight years,although some have been
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(MCG-Melboourne Cricket Ground)
These are the prevoius year Facts

India vs Australia Head to Head in Boxing day

1985 - 29,108 on Boxing Day saw the Indian spinners on top. Greg Matthews and Allan Border each scored memorable centuries in the match, but when the rains came at tea on the last day to wash out the match, India was in sight of a victory. This was Steve Waugh’s debut Test, Merv Hughes was 12th Man.

1991 - For the second season in succession, Bruce Reid (6/66 & 6/60) made the match his own by decimating India inside four days. 42,494 attended on Boxing Day.

1999 - Boxing Day was again seriously affected by having rain, but there were still 49,082 in attendance. The match against India was comfortably won by Australia by 180 runs. Melbourne’s fans were treated to the exciting Test debut of NSW speedster Brett Lee, who took 5/47 and 2/31, as well as some sparkling batting from the brilliant Indian skipper Sachin Tendulkar (166 & 52).

2003 - 62,613 – Boxing Day, 179,662 for the match. Australia defeated India by nine wickets, Ricky Ponting scoring an imperious 257 in Australia’s first innings after Indian opener Veranda Sehwag smashed a scintillating 195 on the opening day. Taking advantage of free entry on the last day, a crowd of 29,262 bid farewell to Australian captain Steve Waugh in his 17th and final MCG Test match.

The Mighty Aussies will never lose...I am not saying the history says


A parent's illness usually ends up shattering the family's foundations."it's a confusing time for matter how old are they are.A time like this can be painful for everyone ,but if you know what to expect and steel yourself to the situation ,you can get by this time with the mess.Try and look at it from your partner's point of view.with one partner ill.the other the other will be focusing on managing both the professional and/or the personal front.The sick parent is devoting his or her energies to get better.
Emotions like anger,fear and depression may often be rampant,and you might find yourself caught up in the cesspool.It's obvious that when the family momentum is thrown out of will be expected to deal with the things that you probably were never accustomed to dealing with in the first place.and doing those chores or errands and dealing with the pressure like this can have an effect on you too



Weather you are preparing for your exams or are done with them,getting worried about the poor performance never helps.Though little bit of stress acts as a motivation booster and pushes you to study better ,large doses of the same can leave you incapabale of concentrating on your studies.
The best way to combat tension thinking about the worst that could happen and accepting it.The next step is doing whatever you can avoid that situation
So when you discover that you just can't study chemistry and feel that you are going to fail in that subject,you are's not the end of the world.By not worrying ,at least save energy for your other subjects ,which might get affected because of your tension


IN TODAY'S TIMES WE LIVE IN A SERVICE ORIENTED "commuter SOCIETY".we hear of traffic jams even in remote rural areas/cities like pune,nagpur,indore,jamshedpure and kolhapur are example cities where traffic has increased by leaps and bounds.

Flouting the basic rules of driving like not wearing seat belt,talking on cell phones and munching on food also causes a great deal of stress.Another factor that leads to stress while driving is the pathetic state of roads.The roads cannot withstand the amount of traffic load ad the extreme weather are the some of the usefull tips to make quiet useful to beat stress while driving.

BREATHING:Breathing exercise can help you cleanse your body of stagnet air and stale energy:oxygenating your blood and releasing tension.
LISTEN:listen to music or audio books,music can sibtly color by adding an exciting soundtrack to your commute.
RELAX:practice progressive muscle(PMR)and deep muscle relaxation(DMR).when you frustrated,you store the tension in your body.These teach niques will help you earn to quickly release the tension you are carrying.
PLAN: manage your time wisely,often,when we're frustrated on the's because we're in a hurry and can't get there quickly enough bacause of traffic


Many COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITIES of the world offer various ONLINE DEGREE This means that the competition is now stiff in these schools and the business in ONLINE EDUCATION is enjoyed by school owners nowadays.

IN ONLINE EDUCATION you can study anywhere as long as you are carrying on with you your favourite laptop computer. You can enjoy the facilities of this kind of education because you can even study at home, in the office or while you are travelling.This discussion will enable us to identify these big universities and the degree they offer for students as well as for other people who dream of finishing their careers through the ONLINE PROGRAM .

At a time when students are in need of that extra attention apart from their school education ,which employs a single teacher for a hundred heads,live online interactive classes might come as a relief to the parents."TEACHERS FOR YOU ONLINE" is the next step in the future education that aims to make available quality education through the world wide web and is the first of its kind in india.The initiative was launched in india in collaboration with the american company.

For many of us thinking about going back to school, we surely remember the good parts about a school campus: classrooms filled with other students, teachers answering questions, chalkboards full of we can probably go to this online education and online degree


The game far cry 2 with its unique AFRICAN jungle setting,amazing graphics,seven different
vehicles to pilot tons of different weapons and realistics looking bushes in a top-notch shooter game.

coming to the story line,caught between two rival factions in war-torn africa,you are sent
to take out,"The jackal"a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the
war lords,jeopardizling thousands of lives.

choose from a wide range of weapons to make your way to your primary the fight head-on with your machine-gun.go berserk with your machete or make stealth kills as a sniper,this first person shooter offers the best game play experience.


At a time when students are in need of that extra attention apart from their school education ,which employs a single teacher for a hundred heads,live online interactive classes might come as a relief to the parents."TEACHERS FOR YOU ONLINE" is the next step in the future education that aims to make available quality education through the world wide web and is the first of its kind in india.The initiative was launched in india in collaboration with the american company.


Our daily demands make us to spend a lot on credit cards or by whatever means that paying creditors becomes an extremely hard and tiresome procedure.

With so much high interest rates, it appears out of the question to compensate creditors simultaneously. To help yourself overcome such state of affairs and pay the credit bills at a lower interest rate, you need to think about choosing a debt consolidation program.

Debt consolidation refinance is a similar procedure where advisors set up for you to pay the total to your creditors at a tremendously lower rate, therefore assisting you to recover your former financial position and eliminate the creditors.

This astonishing plan of consolidation refinance is configured to assist the clients with a typical debt as large as $5000. This procedure assists people to compensate the debt at a lower interest rate with a single payment every month, making it a convenience for the clients.

They could therefore make themselves debt free without messing with their typical monthly budget. The consolidation refinance is a procedure which can simply pay off all your debts and relive your tension.Debt consolidation can be a great way to start tackling your debt – whether it’s just lowering your rates, getting a better loan, or cutting your payments to get debt free faster.Debt consolidation is when you consolidate multiple lines into one new loan or debt consolidation program - it typically involves a debt consolidation loan, but could also be referred to as a credit counseling program or other forms of debt resolution that do not involve a new loan. It is important that you know what your options are and what your goals are before choosing a debt consolidation program or company


ON the occasion of world Deaf awareness week,doctor say that it is the youngsters and BPO employees who faces the biggest threat

In the past,it was older people who suffered from ear problem.Today,they have spread to youngsters and employees of BPO industries because of the continuous use of MOBILE PHONES and HEAD PHONES .It has became a common occupational hazard,as there is no control over sound.

There is an increase number of youngsters seeking treatment .some are college-goers,while other are BPO employees .Due to this constant exposure to head phones ,ears become sensitive.THEN even a small noise is very hard to tolerate for them.There is not specific drug for this treatment ,but the effects can be minimised by taking precaution .When they are constantly exposed 80 to 90 decibels sound level,hearing get affected.


Hosting a dinner for friends or going over to a friend's place for a party is hardly a formal occasion.It is comfortable company and the atmosphere is more relaxed yet,some rules of etiquette apply .As a host/hostess one needs to follow certain guidelines which will help in maintaining and strengthening the bond of friendship.
  1. Discuss with your friends the date and time of the party keeping in mind their availability and convenience.
  2. Extend your invitations ,naming all the people you wish to invite.Even if you take their presence for granted .you must invite them personally.
  3. If friends offer to help,you may delegate responsibilities.
  4. During the party introduce them to the newer guests.
  5. Never act too familiar or criticise them in the company of newer guests.
  6. Do not speak about their personal issues or problems at the party.
  7. do Thank them and see them off with courtesy.


Dresses are in fashion in a big way .And it's not only the flirty,flowy dresses,but the slight formal,smart yet feminine and elegant shirt dresses that have become a wardbore essential for every fashionnista worth her salt."shirt dresses are available in different varities and you can experiment according to your style and comfort level.


Some people may know and some people may not know that a lot of products associated with marijuana, sometimes referred to as bud, are 100% legal. Furthermore, I understand there are even some forms of the bud itself that are legal! For that reason there are many dedicated stores, record stores and even websites these days that sell the stuff. Whether you partake of the herb or not, these stores may have some value to you for gifts, humor, or even just collectible reasons. I ran across a site recently that has better prices than anyone in the market so if you are interested in these products, I want to recommend it to you. It’s called, Legal Bud Not only to they sell tons of products that you might see in a Cheech n Chong movie, but they also offer these combos that are really a bargain. This is my favorite thing they offer it is a combo of these valuable products.

Most people that smoke Tobacco know its dangerous and want to find an alternative smoking product. This brings us to Herbal Smoke. 100% Natural and contains NO preventives or additives and does not contain any nicotine so smoking natural herbal grown smoke is the best alternative smoking product. The Volcano Vaporizer is the newest development in the area of vaporizer technology. It's the only vaporizer around that enables you to have the most freedom of movement while "smoking". Its "balloons" makes this unmatched freedom possible totally detached from the vaporizer itself you can enjoy your herbs or favorite smoking blend.

Each premium can of herbal bud maintains the consistent quality found throughout the International Oddities legal bud product line. All Legal Weed Although the cans retain the same high-quality smoking standard found in our boxed bud line, these cans of bud do generally contain larger buds under high-grade vacuum seal. And expands to accommodate the ever-growing emphasis and respect for mother nature, the traditional phrasology head shops is slowly migrating to the more politically correct title of "smoke shop".


My hols are really boring especially after 18th of this month..y is that coz all my friends have left to their native and none of my college mates are here.if they are here i dono how time will run so fast...we used to play cricket,cards,carrom....we chat a lot..dono where we will start and where we will end with...all hot topics will be discussed...some days we have even spoken a lot throught out the nite....but now am missing everything n getting really bored thw whole day....atleast i go to play in the evening which is somewhat making me to pass my time quickly....waiting for jan 2nd for that reopening day of my friends room n not waiting for the college to matter if its opened or closed we wont go....


Mobile users have moved on from caller tune to humourous ,full fledged movie dialogues.Forgot about the boring caller tune comprising the same drab songs that are playing on every one phone.people who call you on your cell phone from now on could listen to everything from funny filmy dialogues to customised voice messages that could confuse the living daylights out of the theme,while they patiently wait for you to pick up the cell.several youngsters and even working professionals in the city have now taken to such caller tunes,which are a literal laugh riot


Does your boss play second fiddle to whatever you say and you are being proud of being one of the most sought after ones in the office?Being in such comfort zone may not always be good

  • THE GOOD: The prospect for growth are never have a dedicated mentor,who will guide you at every step,and help you land plum assignments,you will get instant visibility ,and will get good recommendation even if you shift jobs.
  • THE BAD:When there is something bad as well.When you are the chief's favourite he/she does get a little possessive about you and wants to guide you at every will not get any space or room for creativity or do things on your own.Another possibilities is that he/she will get extra dependent on you,and you will find its difficult to quit your job.
  • THE UGLY:Being the boss's darling might make you the most hated person in the office .colleagues will be jealous of you because you get all the good breaks and recommendation.if your boss and you are from the opposite sex,rumours of your social relationship will do the rounds


Furniture is one of the best infra-structure in every one's home.but,many people will have a blur thought to which furniture is best to have and which type of furniture is suit for their place. Home furniture low prices isn't easy to find. Here at Max Furniture you will never shop in a furniture store again! Save thousands of dollars and countless hours searching for just the right home furnishings product. They offer thousands of high-end home furniture sets, pieces, and accessories to the continental United States and Canada with a money back guarantee.

There are many types of furniture's available in this site and a different variety of furniture can choose your own color and type of furniture here and save a lot in your budget.Secure the tops of all top-heavy furniture such as bookcases and file cabinets to the wall. Be sure to anchor to the stud, not just to the plasterboard. Flexible fasteners such as nylon
straps allow tall objects to sway without falling over, reducing the strain on the studs.

A piece of furniture will last lifetimes if it is well built,thus we pride ourself on our quality,custom craftsmanship and attention to detail.The one kind of pieces serve not only as an alternative to mass produced furniture and for Bathroom Vanities ,but conserve resources for our future generation as well.In turn They are able to provide furniture that fits to everyone's home and lifestyle.

They believe the new piece of Dining Room Furniture should serve a beneficial purpose while possess a distinct and aesthetically pleasing appearance.After a period time that piece takes it 's own personality .

Monday, November 17, 2008


Imagine the possibility of looseing yourself completely at great heights.Free running an emerging
urban sport,which grew out of attempts to imitate ninja feats first,started in the southern suburbs of paris.Free running is actually a physical art,in which participents called "FREE RUNNERS".use the urban and rural areas to perform movement through its structures focused on "FREEDOM and BEAUTY".

The sport in which participants perform balletic leaps and flips using walls,bars and other street
furniture is however in infancy in india.And this is not an understatment .free running uses gymnastic skills to find alarming new ways of navigating the urban is the free -runners fondness for catapulating at dangerous heights.While i'm definetly
not at par with international free runners.


An inadequate or reduced intake of vegetables and fruits could precipirate chronic diseases
such as heart ailment and cannot call yourself as a vegeterian in the true sense if your diet revolves around dal,rice,curd khadi,potatoes,puri-chole,idlis,dosas,pickles,parathas and perhaps a whole range of veg convenience or fast food which come with oil laden,overcooked and mashed vegetables.

its succulent green leaves emit health,spinach is rich in chlorophyll,cartotenoids,foilates,trace minerals and display blood building properties because the structure of chlorophyll simulates hemoglobin


And that’s where a reverse mortgage can really benefit homeowners who are 62 and older. Quick definition for those unfamiliar: Reverse mortgages are exclusively for homeowners age 62+ and allow you to eliminate your mortgage payment if you have one, or if you own your home free and clear, you can stay in you home and use your home’s equity like income…and never make another monthly mortgage payment for as long as you live in your home.

This reverse Mortgages Pro was born from the input of thousands of seniors who contact their network of Reverse Mortgage loan experts daily with misconceptions about the Reverse Mortgage process. This Reverse Mortgage Pro is dedicated to providing reliable, accurate and easy to use information about reverse mortgage loans, reverse mortgage professionals and the guidelines that apply to getting a reverse mortgage.

So far, They helped thousands of older Americans move into the reverse mortgage loan product that best fit their specific needs. With our help, you can be the next age 62 and older, borrower to take advantage of a reverse mortgage loan.Though you can see more in reverse mortgage information.

A reverse mortgage allows seniors the opportunity to put their homes value to work on their behalf. Rather than making a monthly house payment, a reverse mortgage pays you instead. Even better is that a reverse mortgage is a loan that is borrowed from yourself. You do not have to pay yourself back until you pass away or move from the home these are the useful session of reverse mortagage.A reverse mortgage loan is only available to the seniors, citizens over 62 years of age. A reverse mortgage benefits will allow you to tap into your home equity and gain access to the money you need, when you need it. Any payment is postponed until the owner passes through death or the house is sold. While you live in the home, you are the one paid by the lender.In essence you are keeping your home while enjoying the benefits of the home equity, without a monthly loan payment


Call it an in -your-face way of promoting the music of a band you like or an inexpenive rock bands in chennai seem to have found a messianic sprit of sorts in their loyal fans.plagued bya lack of venues to perform and the absence of enthusiastic promoters ,several bands in chennai have sought help form their fans in order to propogate their glory,by hook or crook via "BOOTLEGGING".

The concept involves fans walking into a rock concert to video or audio tape proceedings and
disturbing it to the world via file and video sharing fact,such recording have gone on to boost the fan base of such bands by showcasing their perfomence to a world wide audience,and that too FOR FREE.



They look great with any outfit and give your boring dresses a Trendy look.The elegant ones male you look like a million bucks and the casual earnings can add to your personality.infact,today most of the youngsters are crazy about earnings.They will go for droplets or drop earning .some will go for gun shot..Droplets or drop earning never fail to catch your eye and always in sync with the latest fashion.. The one what am using as signature earning.that are both elegant and stylish...


Eye is the major part of the body.If we cant see any thing that will be a great problem for us.Many corporate people will work day and night process they have the problem of seeing a minute,to preserve that we getting a optical glasses.

Eyes are water due to sensitivity to light, wind, or temperature changes. Dry eyes can also water. Protecting your eyes (by wearing sunglasses, for example) may solve the problem. Sometimes, it may signal a more serious problem, such as an infection or a blocked tear duct. Your eye care professional can treat both these conditions.for this purpose we using

This site give the many different lenses to protect our eyes.Cataracts are cloudy areas in the eye's lens. Normal lenses are clear and let light pass through. But in cataract the light cannot pass through the lens and is scattered. This causes loss of eyesight. Cataracts often form slowly without any symptoms. Some stay small but others may become large or thick and harm vision. Cataract surgery can help. Your eye care professional can watch for changes in your cataract over time to see if you need surgery.Dry eye occurs when tear glands don't work well. It can be uncomfortable and cause itching, burning, or even some vision loss. Your eye care professional may suggest using a home humidifier or special eye drops (artificial tears). More serious cases may need keep your eye safe and have a peaceful work.

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honey moon in the time of recession may not be as extravagant an affair as it was before
but,it sure has become more adventurous and inventive.Camping in manali going on jungle
safaris and living in a tree house at bandipur or taking off an romantic cruise to the andaman
and nicobar island,honey moons planned by newly -weds in the city are high on fun,low on budget
and of course,recession friendly.

Hills are still a hot opinion,and destinations closer home are the new picks,jungle treks,camping
in the woods or simply cosying up near the fireplace on a tree house nothing can get more magicial affairs people are shifting to cheaper destinations but the focus is still on fun.Budget honeymoons can be customized .couples are looking at indian destination like kerala,ooty,kulu-manali shimla,shillong while some don't mind cheap southeast asian countries like malasyia and thailand
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