Friday, June 5, 2009

A Short Story for you..!!

The alarm rings at 7.15 a.m. Confusion arises whether Mr.Confused (from now onwards called Mr.C), capable enough to snooze it without opening his eyes. What a challenge? Mr.C pats himself on his shoulder (without opening the eyes) for achieving the feat quite comfortably. True are the words of Mr.Anonymous (though not a part of our anecdote, but, i have read in many books that Mr.Anonymous wants to be anonymous to everyone) "Practice makes perfect". Mr.C has been doing this for some three years now and he is a pioneer in his own way. Mr.C is an expert in sleeping. His room is immaculately clean with no roomates, not even cockroaches and lizards. Everyday before sleeping, he checks out whether his windows' curtains are proper, all peepholes in his door closed with bits of newspapers and his 1.5GB trance music started to play in his comp. Once the checks are over, he says "good nite" to the whole world through his gtalk and reduces the volume to min and covers himself with a black blanket from head to toe.
Back to present now. Time is 7.45 a.m. "Sir, Breakfast", announces Mr.Bakra-the junior. Mr.C shouts back his refusal with a imaginary slap, with the door being closed and shoos Mr.Bakra-the junior away with all the words one can't imagine to hear. Innocently, Mr.Bakra-the junior hurries to the 8.15 a.m class. One good thing about Mr.C is that he doesn't keep his door locked. Anyone needing anything, be it toothpaste, pen, pencil, A4 sheets, calculator, novels, tea cup, et al. can just barge in and take without disturbing Mr.C's dream sequence with the latest supermodels of his erstwhile institute. Oops, I forgot to tell you. Mr.C is pursuing his engineering in some God-damn course, as even God doesn't know why he took it in some hell-i-love-u place in WasteBangal. He knows for a fact that at 8.15 a.m his' HOD's class is there in which he has the max attendance of 20%. Proud moment that he can afford to miss that class to match the other classes' single digit attendance.
Time is 10.15 a.m. Mr.Pathi-Parmeshwar-of-Kanchipuram (lets call him Mr.PPK) and Mr.Radio-Jockey-madan (Mr.RJ) comes into the wing. Mr.RJ was Mr.C's roomate since first year and he knows exactly what Mr.C must be doing. Mr.PPK would have definitely known about Mr.C's itenary had he not fallen a victim to Amnesia. He kicks Mr.C's door wildly and starts pulling his blanket off him and tries telling his usual unsuccessful-unhappy ending stints with the class. Irritated Mr.C yells at him in such a way that Mr.PPK takes his cycle and goes to the nearby temple to forgive him for committing such a sin.
Mr.Dhadhi (Mr.D) now comes into the picture after his cynical classes which taught him nothing, but, how to message continuously in the class to his Ms.Poo. Mr.RJ and Mr.C are sick of making Mr.D understand the importance of final year and the amount of time he must spend on a cell-phone. All Mr.D had to say was "Bro, its just an incoming call, I gotta attend. Its my friend yaar.". Mr.C and Mr.RJ thought "Dunno where this friendship is going". They wouldn't have known that Mr.D has fallen in love with Ms. Poo, unless he wasn't their first year roomate. Mr.Gambit (Mr.G), the consigliori of this whole group of friends comes dejected to the wing after being chucked outta the class and his roll no. noted for the reason that he couldn't walk as straight as his HOD in the campus corridor. Mr.G's mate (still dunno what mate, sources say that they broke-up, but, never spread rumours), Mr.Bladekanth (Mr.B) after fighting with Mr.Alitya (Mr.A), the other night over a small issue (I'll narrate the issue too), got drunk. His drink consisted of 5 parts of water with 1 part of Rasna Nimbu paani. He got high and walked exaclty like his HOD in the Mahatma Gandhi Road. Known for his antics, Mr.B, caught the attention of his HOD who was walking down the same road. The HOD feeling sympathesized by the drunk-driven-deformity, advised Mr.B to take off from the classes and watch the JFUC(Japanese F-ed up Cartoons), to improve his walking abilites as the characters in those cartoons use mantra-tantra to fly. But, on the other hand his sool-mate, Mr.G got chucked outta the class for inability to walk like his HOD.
Few days ago, Mr.Liver (Mr.L), a champion AOE-player and an awesome footballer was playing a one-on-one FIFA'07 with Mr.B over the LAN and as usual Mr.B's D-button was not working. He lost the match 7-0. Worst loss of his career. As usual in the dinner table, Mr.A pulled Mr.B's legs for his trajic loss. I personally feel that, that incident didn't trigger the fight. Mr.A must have complained and cursed the mess food badly. Mr.B being a loyal member of the we-eat-the-mess-food-society (Mr.G was also a member of that society - may be that brought them together) was enraged and left the place with plates flying, for a drink to calm himself down.
Back to 10.15 a.m. Mr.Placement-Rags (Mr.R) enters the wing shouting, "Hey, DOTA, DOTA, DOTA, anyone for DOTA????". Honestly, I dunno DOTA's full-form. His face filled with questions of who all will join the game , but, not about the recent zero he scored in the test. There comes running from one corner of the wing to another, Mr.NIT-ian (Mr.N) and wakes up Mr.C and asks him, "Hey, Have you got DOTA installed onto your comp". Mr.C growling dismisses it. Mr.N replying in his cyprian accent, "Hey, You are a big waste. All you know is gtalk and girls. There is life beyond that too.". Mr.C shows him the tallest of his fingers of his hand to Mr.N. But, he ain't bothered and resumes his begging for a DOTA-installed-comp. Finally, settled with Mr.RJ's comp and in the process Mr.N kicks out Mr.PPK and Mr.PPK is again anxious about completing his presentation for a seminar next month. Roomless, Compless, Mr.PPK slowly creeps into Mr.C's room and without disturbing his sleep sits on his comp and resumes his work. Finally, Mr.C wakes up with a letter from Mr.Stick-Message-Service (Mr.SMS), about him being treated badly the other day by Mr.C. Mr.D comes into the room and reads the letter loudly, "I just wanna say HI.". Rest were undecipherable. Even, Mr.D, who has the horrible handwriting didn't have a clue. So, Mr.C woke up the man with the worst handwriting on earth, Mr.A. To his surprise even Mr.A couldn't decipher it. Then came Mr.L into the scene. Dunno what Allahabadic-bonds he had with Mr.SMS that he read out the letter fully, giving importance to minute details as if it was a love-letter written by the newly appointed Biotech mam.
Putting an end to the issue and waving a "HI" to Mr.SMS, Mr.C and Mr.A left for their appointment to have breakfast at the Jupes. On the way, discussing about the recent T20 champion team of India, they met the star of all these friends' hearts - Mr.Kuzhandhai. Busy with an electrifying project and some important work with recommendations for his higher studies, he signalled thumbs-up for his success in wooing the Director of the college to give him a reco letter. Mr.A had planned already - Its a party tonight.
Studious among these 12 attended the classes, which perfectly equated to the number that cannot be expressed in Roman numerals. In the evening, Mr.D cried for the first time after they all made fun of him. Then, Mr.PPK almost tried proving a point of postponing the treat due to some sentimental issues. Things followed and they all went for Mr.Kuzhandhai's treat and came back to their rooms singing old songs all the way from CR. A day to remember, humanly impossible to forget the others too. And they never had a group photo together because they believed in human memory which can't be erased. Thats college life and we all say "Love you ABI, you are our Hero".
Currently in
Mr.N - Amdocs, Cyprus (Lap dance Baby!!).
Mr.SMS - Noble teacher, CADD (Tamizh girls, beware of him).
Mr.A - North Carolina State University, USA (God knows what he is doing there).
Mr.G - Reliance Energy Ltd., Krishnapattinam (No work, paid well).
Mr. B - Wipro, Cochin (Bladekanth to Rajnikanth, Phew, Finally) .
Mr.PPK - Sesa Goa, Goa. (again unsatisfied).
Mr.C - Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. (as always confused).
Mr.D - Buffalo State University, USA (Still on phone).
Mr.R - DRDO, Pune (Deshdrohi Scientist).
Mr.RJ - Wipro, Bengalluru (Cochin ain't that far dude, Neel is there to take care).
Mr.L - CSC, Indore (But, lives in Liverpool).
Mr.Kuzhandhai - In our hearts forever..

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

open minded????

How many of you have dared to say this to your boss? "I don't give a fuck". Just how many of you? Everyone have said it, without the lips moving, but, how many to ones to whom it was meant to be? We don't say it, not because we lack courage, but, because we don't want to sour things up. We then pretend to be what we are not, do and say things that our heart dislikes. I don't give a fuck is almost as same as I love you. Here too we lack the gut factor, which might sour things up. Why? Simple reason. Rationally, for every action, there are three outcomes. Our point of view, the other's point of view and the truth. We are just open to our point of view, that we tend to forget the truth. In the process of assesing the other point of truth we again forget the truth. The truth is just ask this question to yourself "What will you do, if you weren't afraid?" You get an answer, that is your heart's point of view. Ask this question "What is the stake?" Answer to this question will be your head's point of view. Strike a balance and you get your point of view. Oh! if you are a thinker, then think about yourself in the other's shoe. Ask the same pair of questions and you just get a hint of what his/her's point of view because you are just wearing his/her shoes and mind you not the entire attire. Then, comes the truth. How? Get along and discuss it with each other and you arrive at it, because, my perspective isn't yours and yours' isn't his'. Open your mind and let it seep in and then say it loud and clear " I don't give a fuck" because if you really meant it, you wouldn't have put the thinking cap on. You just would have said "I don't give a F**k".

Course hero

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Recession Time-Fall in IT industry

One fine day, the banking corporations of America as a bolt from the blue, started flaunting one by one about their ease of lending housing loans. Loans to all the Americans who cannot own an apartment, even with their lifetime earnings. So, the birds of same feather flocked together to buy their piece of land which would stand against their name on the face of the earth. But, the amount of enthusiasm that one has in getting something is diametrically opposite to the amount that s/he shows in returning. As expected, the defaulters' percentage climbed in multiples of ten of Grameen Bank's. Then, the banks started loosing their money. People started fearing and started withdrawing their savings. Credit crunch is created by a freaking concept of owning land on American soil. The ripple effect affects the rest of the world. Every corporation in the world starts to hear the dreaded word "recession".
"Global economic slowdown yaar". "Cost reduction is on". "Global recession". "Economic slump". "If the conditions carry on, The Great Depression isn't that far". But, during all these times a chaiwala from Mumbai can win two million dollars and eight oscars. What a pity?
The rich is as safe as he was, but a little tension about how to maintain the earning tempo going. The poor is as safe as he ever would be, because more would be joining him. He can shoulder them and listen to their poor stories and be grateful that he wasn't what they are. Who are the affected ones? The common man a.k.a aam aadmi.
Why should he be affected just because someone wanted to own a piece of land which they own even now happily? Next step the GOI takes is to pump in hypotheitical cash - 100 crores into RBI, 500 crores into services industry, et cetra crap. Because, aam aadmi still remains a fool thinking that somewhere that 100 odd crores that is being pumped in will reach him in some form. He still doesn't understand the psychological game of recession. There is nothing as recession. It is an illusion created by banks to get their money back, that they poorly planned with the sub-primal Americans. A house for every American robbed the house of every other common man. Why should we suffer for their intelligence failure in planning? Optimists say, no reward without risks. But, why should Raja bore the brunt for Andrew's risk? That is because Raja et al., are meticuluously webbed in this net of globalisation, without their knowledge. One kills a person and is called an assasin, one kills hundreds and is called a terrorist, but, one kills millions and is called a conquerer. That is the basic difference. We all need to realise that we need to start spending to combat the global recession. We are the ones who need to pump the cash in and not the imbecile GOI. One last suggestion, if you are not able to spend properly or maintain the cash inflow, kindly transfer the money to my bank account. I will do the needful :).
And as the textbook says, friends don't judge each other. So, save the world from recession, after all Americans are the most friendly people on earth.

kauffman foundation

The kauffman foundation which “is the 26th largest foundation in the United States with an asset base of approximately $2 billion” — concentrates its funding efforts in two areas in education and Entrepreneurship .Its Entrepreneurship Research Portal “is a unique aggregation of resources, events and data about entrepreneurship.”Basically, this is an annotated directory of links to working papers, conference papers, journal articles, reports, etc. Most of what I looked at pointed to freely accessible full-text, although that some items may require a subscription or other form of payment before you can view them.
While the rate of entrepreneurial activity has remained remarkably consistent over the past decade with nearly 465,000 people creating new businesses on average each month, subtle year-to-year shifts in the gender, demographic, geographic and ethnic make-up are changing the public face of the American entrepreneur. This is according to a national assessment of entrepreneurial activity by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.The Kauffman Foundation has released a new report on increasing young Young Entrepreneurship in the US economy.
The report’s foundational assumption is that entrepreneurs have created most of the new technologies and business models that have fueled our nation’s staggering productivity growth in the past few decades.Ensuring a skilled workforce” by improving K-16 education and beyond in math, science, and young Entrepreneur thinking, as well as making it easier for skilled and educated immigrants to work in the US.
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