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Danica Patrick says she is flattered to have been linked with the new USF1 project,but revealed that she the rumoured new team."i did reports because i haven't spoken with them "Patrick told the globe and mail newspaper about weather she'd had contact with USF1.I'm very flattered she added.i think any time you're linked with f1 it is a flattering thing.we'll see though,maybe they'll call. the USF1 team will officially unveil its plan on Feb 24.

Free Catholic Chat

I can share anything to people who is had same faith with me… As for me and my family, we also have a couple of last minute things to do. For one, I need to have my SE c902 repaired. It’s been useless for three days now. It just kept on restarting and restarting. I was hoping we could have it received by the repair shop before the New Year comes. Next, we have to have the little boy’s hair done. Yes, I finally decided I could let go of his long curly hair just so he would’t be mistaken for a girl anymore. Also, the mommy needs some makeover too.I’vie had this long hair now for over a year now. I’m already bored with it. And besides, it’s already becoming expensive to maintain it with more shampoo and conditioner than I usually use when I still have a shorter hair. I was looking for answers why I am feeling this kind of emotions. Lately I started looking for someone I could talk to, or something I could read to ease my loneliness. Then there's my cousin who loves to chat and told me to find a chat room where I can share my emotions.We really need to get to the mall today because the husband was also asking me to buy him a Blue tooth headset as anniversary gift for him. If time still permits we could also catch an evening mass later. Otherwise, we’ll just attend one over the weekend. For the meantime, those who don’t have so much to do today before 2008 finally says goodbye should try Free Catholic ChatChat. It’s a good idea to make 2008 reflections and New Year resolutions while talking online with devout Catholics. Have fun!


Rocco mediate ,the last man to g head-to head with tiger woods is a major championship ,doesn't expect the world number one to skip a beat in his return following an eight-month layoff.mediate predicts woods will successfully defend his world number on world golf championship-accentuate match play championship title when he marks his return to competitive golf next week following reconstructive knee surgery.he's the man he's the king said mediate,who is competing at this week's PGA northern  trust open
"everyone has been waiting,waiting,Andi Will guarantee you that  he wins that tournament next week.woods announced that he would return to the tour for the accentuate which begins next Wednesday  in Mariana,Arizona .mediate said with wood healthy again,the others better start forming AA queue because woods isn't coming out and not going to give 180,000 per cent.mediate said.he said woods is the biggest draw in is about mt.i ammo glad he's coming back.


Every corporate personnel weather man or woman should own a smart well cut formal wear.It looks smart,sophisticated and is best suited to wear with denims for a meeting on a casual day to office.Wear the formal suit over your denims during the meeting and take it off to enjoy the rest of the casual day.Dresses are in fashion in a big way .And it's not only the flirty,flowy dresses,but the slight formal,smart yet feminine and elegant shirt dresses that have become a wardbore essential for every fashionnista worth her salt."shirt dresses are available in different varities and you can experiment according to your style and comfort level

Do you like trivia? Did you know that After Six actually invented tuxedo rentals? Or that the company was the first to bring out a machine-washable tuxedo? And as if that wasn't enough, After Six signed the first Hollywood star, Tony Martin, to appear in its tuxedos. The company took formalwear to the fights in Atlantic City and also put some of the most famous menswear designer labels into tuxedos. That's why over the years when the invitation read "Black Tie", After Six was there. Even in the early days, the tux was always something special and had its own fashion MO..Picture this: tuxedo coats in riotous colors like green and yellow. White wash-and-wear tuxedos. Miracle polyester/worsted tuxedos. Formal shirts and accessories in a rainbow of colors. All this became the tip-off of things to come when the Beatles added their own celebrity magic to formalwear in the 1970s with their Mod silhouettes.


Golfer Tiger woods has posted his newborn son's pics for the first time on his website.just 10 days old,charlie Axel woods made his international ,media debut,with dad holding him tight in the snap.Tiger posted five photos of his son,who was born on Feb 8,on his website golf.
charlie is tiger  and wife elin's second child.Their first kid,SAM Alexis,was born in 2007.while the whole family including the family's dog can be seen with the newborn in the pics,tiger has revealed that both mother and son are doing fine."Both charlie and elin are doing great and we want to thank everyone for their sincere best wishes and kind thoughts."people magazine quoted tiger,as stating on his website.


police on Wednesday said they have recovered a one of a kind bicycle swiped from toured France legend lance Armstrong at a northerncalifornia racing venue.A person brought the purloined trek training bicycle to a police station in the city of Sacramento,where it was stolen during the weekend.The person's name was not released by police,who said the investigation of the theft is ongoing.polices said they returned the bicycle last week at a rain-pelted wind pound opening on the 750 Min's race that continues through the week.
Armstrong's bicycle was one of server  AL stolen from an Astana team truck parked behind a hotel in Sacramento.A lock on the truck was clipped to get inside,according to police .Armstrong on Sunday sent out a rallying cry to the More than 128,000 twitter members signed up to receive brief text messages he routinely fires off on the popular micro blogging service


celina jaitely may have launched her website and the most interasting part of her site is the "agony aunt"column.The actress wants her fans to write to her about their love life and she will give them advice.The column has already turned out to be a hit and the actress is receiving a lot of mail where fans have been pouring lives their heart out.her website tells celina's story right from when she aspired to join the army and her journey to become a successful model and finally an acclaimed actress.celina also shares her style secrets her favourite destinations and more.the actress also reveals a list of charitable cause that she is associated with her fans.


shahid kapur is very sensitive when it comes to his young fans.Au nit member from ken Gish's tentatively titled yahoo said"there was a shot being taken right in the middle of the road.A lot people had goatherd to witness the shooting.Among the crowd were a boy and a girl with their parents.They were waiting in the heat in the hope that shahid would not sign in autograph and pose for a photograph with them.shooting had to wrap up within a certain frame because they seemed to be running out of time.shahid understood the pressure that ken was going through,at the same time,hi did not want to disappointed his fans because it would be a once in a life time opportunity for them.shahid requested ken to just let him squeeze five minutes to meet the family.Ken being ken of course,relented,shahid posed with them for photographs and even played with children for a while.The smiles on the kids faces made shahid happy.

furniture removals

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Teens answer the who's what's and why's of finding the perfect role model.Indian cricketers and film stars seem to be the only role models for people my's not imperative to have someone to look up to but it's nice to have some motivation to work hard.for many teenagers,it's hard to find achievers they can relate and look up to.they're either getting into trouble or just growing up too fast.if i wanted to be inspired by anyone,i would definitely look for someone who's a good drummer because i like musician and especially drumming.teenage stars like Disney's Hannah Montana star Milly Cyrus was recently criticised for being racist and also for back less photographs by portrait photographer .Brittany also a teen star and look at what she became i think we should use some common sense before becoming obsessed with someone because if we don't,we Rae just setting ourselves up Fr disappointment.

Moving to Alaska

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Klaus Adam,a 57-year old German who is currently ,is a globetrotting storyteller who likes telling his tales in manner that befits the YouTube generation .Klaus specialise in the creation of audio pod casts of stories  in German for young children.foreigners are awestruck by the stark contrast on the poverty which misinforms others.Armed with a video camera.Klaus travels around the world shooting spontaneous cinema verity styled movies that are aimed to entertain kids while staying grounded in reality.while his primary interest lie in interactive storytelling combined with acting out the  scenes,he has also made scenes,he has also made almost 50 pod casts that are available on
as part of the Chennai Leif of his world tour,Klan's intends on collaborating  with Chennai based artists gaman to audio storybook of sorts with illustrations by the artists and narration provided by Klaus himself. 


The number of students flying to united kingdom for pursuing higher education has seen a significant growth with over 31,000 Indian students joining various universities in the country last year.About 40 to 45 per cent of students from Andra prudish,followed by Tamil nadu and karnatak join MBA degree programmes,as far as students from tamilnadu are concerned  the craze is for engineering courses.
students who want to pursue their education in UK should browser department for innovation universities skills website like to check weather the university they want to join is recognised or not.A studen should start preparing a year ahead to join universities in 
UK,he said,adding that they should visit websites of the universities send emails to the students counsellors get their doubts clarified before applying.
for students who cannot afford to pursue their higher education in UK,we are joining hands with Indian universities to provide joint degree programmes with which thy can study two semesters in UK and the rest in India


boxer akhil kumar has come out with his maiden music album precious platinum where the pugilist got a chance to exhibit his artistic talents.The video is the sequel to the album made by legendary singer Asha bhostle.The boxer will be paring opposites model ankeeta mukherjee for the song vadda.Akhil described this experience as very pleasant and said"the music video has a sporty look and it represents me as a boxer.When i was told about the song and suitability for the role,i thought to take it up as a i had spare time.The director of the video ramachandran said he wanted to make the video different with a new cast.i knew that asha bhosle was not supposed to feature in the video as she was out of town.We had limited time because the music already out in the we thought to make this video a bit different.


The rise of identity theft has prompted people to protect all forms of identification including their mail. By installing locking mailboxes you can further increase your ability to keep your personal information from being divulged to these identity thieves. Particularly there is a video on the web site ( that shows a truck rolling over the mail boss box with out destroying it. So if you need the Fort Knox of mail boxes, this baby may be what you should get. The mailboxes of yesterday provide little protection and are often the victims of vandalism. So, how do you protect your identity and provide a high level of protection against vandalism? Mail Boss has the solution. They offer locking mailboxes as tough as they come. By using 12 and 14 heavy gauge electrogalvanized cold-rolled steel, Mail Boss has designed an impenetrable container that can stand up to the toughest abuse. They also offer a large variety of mailbox accessories which include surface and in-ground posts and even newspaper holders plus free shipping. Check out Mail boss today and discover how you can secure your future. The tough and durable security Mail Boss locking mailbox prevents mail identity theft and will put an end to pesky mailbox baseball and mailbox vandalism.The mailbox brings a feeling of nostalgia with it that can't be replaced by clicking away at a computer screen, reading and composing email.

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England soccer star peter crouch's girlfriend Abbey Clancy celebration a saucy valentine's day by posing in sexy lingerie for a photo shot.The 2 year -old mdel slipped into pretty pink undies and sexy black combo,and looked red hot in bath.Her matalan valentine's underwear range stars at $2 for shorts,$3 for T-shirt bra and $5 for a set.The beauty celebrated the day of romance with soccer star boy friend reports The sun.


 What do you know? We even have chat rooms specially dedicated for those tattoo lovers in the World Wide Web In today’s world fashion play a very important role. Especially youth feel the fashion as their passion. They show their attitude with the latest fashion trends. There are many ways to show off your trendy nature. One of them is tattoo, it is a permanent marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding. And many people will think that they have chatted in social sites and going to a new environment it will be some what new them,but this site won give as much thing you can find your friends and have fun talking with them.They are widely known worldwide. There are lot of people who are interested towards this tattoo and some people even go crazy about tattoo. Introducing Free Tattoo Chat , an excellent website where you can have open discussions about the tattto chat city is a website where plenty of eople from all of the planet come together in tattoo chat rooms and have fun.It is absolutely free . You can get on to the Internet with a cam and show your tattoo to thousands of people and get suggestions and appreciations from them. You can create account today itself for free of cost and start viewing and communicating with all of the users on this site today.


England soccer ace frank lampard has been dumped by his Spanish fiancee elen rives,with the latter claiming that the passion has gone out of their lives.Elen moved out of their London home with their two children after a heartbreak holiday away from him in of the world revealed.
Lampard has now reportedly bought her a house ten minutes from their three million pound family home so he can stay close to his daughters Luna,two and one-year old isla.They wayward midfielder,30 has twice been caught cheating on eln since they became a pair in 2001.A pal close to the couple said"it is the saddest thing elen's ever had to do,but the love has gone .she was the one who ended it and she's the one who is moving out.Frank will continue to play a very active role in his children's lives and see them everyday.But he and elen have grown apart.The passion has gone out of relationship.

Larson Shutter

Given the current economic climate, many homeowners are trying to find ways to save money.but exterior shutters also can help reduce your summer power bill by blocking out the sunlight.but the selection will be scarce and the prices will not be the best. As such, if you want to save money and make your home more beautiful, you should check out shutters Company has a huge selection of exterior shutters to satisfy all tastes and expectationsthen the Exterior Shutter Source should be yo ur primary place for getting the vinyl shutters you need. They come with 40 year manufacturers limited warranty against fading, cracking and peeling, I mean, how many other places will give you that much? Visit their web site at for more information and check out their vinyl shutters. And now they offer free shipping on all orders $225 and more.Larson's provides secure online shopping for Mid-America Exterior Vinyl shutters, the most popular vinyl exterior shutters in the world. Mid-America Shutters come with a 40 year manufacturers limited warranty against fading, cracking and peeling.but exterior shutters also can help reduce your summer power bill by blocking out the sunlight.As such, if you want to save money and make your home more beautiful, you should check out Larson Shutter Company has a huge selection of exterior shutters to satisfy all tastes and expectations.If you are looking out for purchasing shutters, is the place you have to visit, as they are the best in shutters suppliers .They do free shipping to certain range and offer their service with great customer


Anthropology,which is the study of human diversity around the world,is an extraordinary rich and integrative discipline that will enable you to understand people and prepare you to live and work effectively in a culturally diverse and increasingly interconnected world.
With interest in the subject on the rise,why not foray into this field and its many social culture AL anthropology,archaeology and linguistic anthropology facets.but first,do you have a science background at the 10,+2 level,if yes,here is an idea about the various specialisation.While social culture anthropology deals with the study of present day cultures around the world,linguistic anthropology deals with the study of communication practice in these cultures.Archaeology concerns the learning of earlier cultures by examining artefact's left behind and physical anthropology includes research on human evolution,molecular and bio-chemical research as well as forensic studies.
As you may have gathered,anthropology provides wide employment opportunities,for instance with the world bank where you could be dealing with certain geographic,socioeconomic and culture variations in the financial areas of different countries.Another area in anthropology that has huge potential is the field of applied anthropology also known as practical or practicing anthropology.Applied anthropology aims to identify and solve social problems by introducing culturally appropriate changes various agencies,including government and non-governmental organisations,ethnic associations and business,use the research findings of applied anthropologist.This field will also allow you to use the knowledge of culture.


When you write for the web you have to keep the client's need in mind.This is one profession that has not been affected by recession yet.For if you browse through the job portals,you 'ill find that content writing has become the hottest job not only in India but abroad as well.And you'll be amazed to find that a large chunk of it is out sourced to India.
But what exactly is content writing and how different is it from writing for other media?content writing is actually writing for the entails studying an idea researching it and then compiling the information in your own words.if you wish to enter this profession,you should be strong on research.writing for the web involves 90 percent research and 10 percent actually writing time.
Another form of writing that is gaining ground is SEO content writing a structure where the correct choice of keywords improves your chance of business and scores higher ratings on the search engine "SEO(search engine optimisation)writing results in upscale and profits says.
so keep the language simple and try to avoid complicated words.depending on the quality of your work."A writer who has done adequate research and has great analytical skills will naturally command a higher figure.

Trendy Maternity Clothes

 fashion experts have announced a while new year's eve. white as the messenger of peace is the recommended colour to don for bash if you wish to show concern.There are many instance where a judgment is made about a person by his/her clothes.It is highly important that a person knows how to dress him/her self because your first impression is calculated the way u look.If you are exceptional in the area of fashion and are highly interested to make a career out of it then all you would need is the slight push maternity clothes in the right direction.Maternity is the time when any women have to completely change her wardrobe, they usually go for loose and comfortable cloths, where they can not expect style and trend in it. It comes in. Have you ever wondered wearing trendy cute cloths when you are pregnant, well this is the right place for you on the Internet to get some Trendy Maternity Clothes which are highly comfortable as well. The best part is that you could get these cloths at really cheap rates. The prices are really impressive, Often times up to 75% lower than getting it at a regular shop. And cloths for this much cheap rates could be really helpful for you during this kind of financial crisis prevailing all over the country. Their maternity tops start as low as $9.99. Another interesting i have to mention here is that they have mentioned some discount codes for you to use during purchase will be further reduce the cost, i have mentioned some codes below.
- “FREE SHIP” Free shipping on order over $75 when using this coupon code
- “JAN09″ 15% ever thing when using coupon code “NEW YEAR”. Expires “1/24/2009″
Payment could be made secure and easy and shipments are made quick. So get the best maternity cloths for you at really low price at

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usher's wife Tameka foster is reportedly upset the singer has gone to La's Vegas to record his album.The R n B star has angered Tameka by leaving her and their two young children in Atlanta while he works on new material.A source told,"Tameka is really upset she was asked not to come to La's Vegas with usher when he left work on his next album.She tried to have so much influence over his last project that this time,the people involved with the record said she had to stay away."it has also been claimed usher,30 has impressed record bosses with his new tracks since he arrived in La's Vegas .The source added "Tameka keeping her distance seems to be helping usher."however usher's representatives insists the singer;s 38 year old spouse fully supports his career decision"the representatives said,"usher and Tameka have a solid relationship and she understands the demands of his recording schedule.he's been in the studio with pharrell Williams and Jermaine dupri working hard on his next album


noel Gallagher wants to be Britain's next prime minister.The oasis star claims it won't be long until to number 10 downing street,and plans on having a "proper laugh"once he is running the country.he said"there will be a groundswell of public opinion sooner or late which will carry me into office.And Le me tell you,I'll only be there five years and it'll all end in tears,but it will be a proper,proper laugh while it's happening.but while be one of the country's greatest leaders,he believes he could easily solve the current financial problems.he added I'd have a world wide search down the back of the couch for shrapnel,put it all together ,it all mounts up

Plastic Surgery PA

veryone wants a beautiful skin and body. However, many people suffer from excessive body fat and their body really looks unattractive. Though exercise can help reduce the body fat but how many people can stick to rigorous exercise? Well, the answer is quite evident – most of the people who start physical exercise, finally give up after sometime. But, there is nothing to worry at all – plastic surgery is the most reliable and efficient medical procedure that can help regain your body shape.

Medical science can help you reduce your body fat through plastic surgery. Dr. Pacik is a renowned plastic surgeon who has helped thousands of patients since 1972. He has attained the highest level of achievement in surgical training, continuing education and clinical experience. Dr. Pacik has done plastic surgery with more care and dedication – patients from various places visit the clinic and get the best service at a very reasonable rate.

The website: is a plastic surgery center where you can avail various services including: cosmetic plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, facial rejuvenation, genital procedures, and more. One of the most popular services is tummy tuck, which is also known as Abdominoplasty. It is a surgical procedure, which is done to reduce excess fat from the middle and lower abdomen.

breast reduction surgery massachusetts are performed for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Women with very large, pendulous breasts may experience a variety of medical problems including neck and back pain, bra straps cutting into the shoulders, shooting pains into the fingers, moisture and rashes under the breast, and difficulties with exercise. Large breasted women often feel self-conscious frequently starting during their teenage years.


The universe is a mystery,an enigma The more one tries to explore this mystery,The more one gets's never-ending mystery woven in stellar glaze,the brightest and biggest shinning objects and the darkest unknown realms of the so called black or white holes.The universe is expanding by the second and so is it mystery.This mystery needs to be solved,after all,we are part of this universe.And who will solve the mystery?of course we ourselves.but we need a band young,trained cosmic detectives to take up this challenging task,the unfinished task of our grandfathers and great layman's language navigates you through the galaxies and the enormous expanse beyond takes you into the heart of neutron stars and provides an insight on distant planet as you join in investigating the most bizarre of the cosmos..including the cosmic search.if we do indeed come from the same source that brought the universe into begin,how do we describes this source?what is made?where is it come from?investigation these question is your ultimate assignment,and i expect it will keep you on the trail for some is hard work,but i can assure you that once our take this case you will never give up

Free Registry Scan

Most of the PC owners often come up with the same companies wherein there PCs stop working with desired efficiency. The reason behind is that the registry of the Pc gets clogged with too many unnecessary entries. Now in order to understand the problem you need to realize what is a registry and how exactly it works. The registry of a computer is almost like its brain which keeps track of each and every task that you perform on the pc. Starting from a wallpaper change to installing software, the registry monitors everything and this is why often the unwanted entries inflate the registry. Hence the only way out is to scan the registry and remove the needless ones completely. There are quite a number of efficient registry scan options available on the Internet which you can use without any hassle. Once the scan is complete you will be provided with a list of entries that are no more required by the Pc. You can select and delete them but that is possible when you buy the registry cleaner.

file extension mds  are the files which are mainly used while burning a cd using software like Nero. According to the type of file you can select the options. In the media industry the MDS file extensions are quite useful. They are used to create duplicates of the original cds and also to download them. There are ample resources over the internet which allows you to scan the mds files for free. So keep your computer and software healthy with regular scan and maintenance.

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Quick ,before it is too late ,point your browser to and you can track the latest events in a most unusually visual fashion through something called synths.Now for those of you who have been too busy face booking and orkut to notice.photosynth is one of the most fascinating ways to experience and share photos.just about anyone can use photosynth to transform their regular,flat 2d digital photographs into three-dimensional 3d,360 degree experiences.The brainchild of Microsoft labs and the university of Washington ,photosynth is a programme that puzzles over a set of photos of a place for similarities,then deploys the data it accumulates to estimate how/why the photo was taken and finally builds a model of the subject.
The programme allows you to stitch scores,no hundreds,of images together to create a virtual walk through with different perspectives generated from your images.The photographs quite ingeniously appear in a 3D space and let you zip from one area to another


Set your standards high,
you deserve the best.
try for what you want
and never settle for less.

Believe in yourself
no matter what you choose.
keep a winning attitude
and you can never lose.

Think about your destination
but don't worry if you stray
because the most important thing
is what you have learned along the way.

take all that you have become
to be all that you can be.
soor above the clouds
and let your creams set you free.

This author is class V student in international school in hyderabad...cheers to him!!!

Laura Diaz Online

Los Angeles is famous for it's movie stars and hollywood. One of my childhood friends were chatting with me the other day and he started telling me about a news anchor lady by the name of Laura Diaz. She is the anchor for CBS 2 KCAL 9 News Team. This station have a great informative news delivered everyday and educational show that had become a regular routine for my friends household. He later expanded more on Laura Diaz Anchor. Pretty impressive if you ask me and here is a brief biography of Ms. Laura Diaz, she is the first generation Mexican American, born and raised in Santa Paula, California. Her parents worked as a laborer in the fields. She graduated from William S. Hart High School in Santa Clarita and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. In 1997, she became part of Los Angeles television history when she was named lead anchor for the station's centerpiece 5 p.m.. and 11 p.m. newscasts. Anchor Laura Diaz is the first female Hispanic weekday news anchor at an english language television station in Los Angeles. Laura Diaz Anchor is an eight-time Emmy Award winner, including an Emmy in 2006 for Individual Achievement in Feature Reporting. Isn't it awesome! But her achievement didn't stop from there. She also won back-to-back Golden Mike Awards in 2005 and 2006 for best feature reporting. In June 2005, she landed the first in depth television interview with incoming Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. From that interview, she earned her a national Imagen Award in 2006. Ms. Diaz continues to fulfill her passion for story telling, as a field reporter and producer in addition to her anchor duties.. CBS Anchor Laura Diaz received the L.A. Press Club's highest honor, the "Joseph M. Quinn Award" for journalistic excellence and distinction. It represents Visit Anchor Laura Diaz Onlinea milestone in her career . She is one of the most brave and intelligent anchor of CBS 2 with honor, courage and dignity. 


Love distance lovers are coming together on valentine's day through e- gifts and brand new profiles on social networking there is a familiar saying that close together or far relates to many youngsters.even though it's hard enough to make your loved ones happy who are miles apart from you on valentine's day,many of them are planning to celebrate the much-awaited valentine's day in style.from gifting bouquets to planning a date online they have it all.
video recording and uploading it in the networking sites are popular with a few speaking about the same,if you are the one who wants to impress your loved ones ,who are staying apart from you,just try to surprising them and make them feel you are no longer apart,and just a message away.


Dame Jane Goodall,the world famous anthropologist-cum-primatologist who is known for her path-breaking work in the behavioural study of chimpanzees and is fondly known as the Jane of the jungle was recently in Chennai to participate in the ECO revolution 09 at Loyola college organised by roots and shoots in association with the tree foundation.Roots and shoots is a youth centric activity programme that strives to make a difference to the environment,animal and people's communities.
For someone who has dedicated her life to the study of primates ,Jane relentlessly travels on a quest to create awareness about endangered creatures.speaking to this newspaper about Chennai's transformaton into a hub for young wildlife Jane says"sitting in a jungle i realised that awareness is the only solution to save our diminishing Eco-system.Jane has worked hard to prevent primates being used for medical testing purpose.when asked technology has been a deterrent to sustaining wildlife on earth.she said"technological development has eased our lives,but it has invariably affected other creatures.The attendees of the Eco-system 09 stalls at Loyola college showcased various teams working on areas like global warming,coral reef protection,decreasing plastic usage and sea turtle conservation.

cellular accessories

If you misplace the cell phone charger that came with your device, or need another unit for the car or office, you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer, or spend less money and get a comparable, compatible unit from a third party seller. These compatible cell phone chargers generally work great and cost less only because they don’t carry the brand name of the cell phone manufacturer.

Whether you need a Blackberry Travel Wall Charger or a Motorola RAZR Charger for the car, always make sure the device is compatible with the make, model and wattage of your phone. If it isn’t, you could damage the power supply of the phone permanently.

Buying an Extra Cell Phone Battery

It’s great to have a fully charged extra phone battery at your side when you’re away from a power source. Look for refurbished cell phone batteries from third party vendors and you can get an amazing deal on your spare battery. Remember, ONLY purchase those batteries which are made specifically for your phone.

Buying a Wireless Cell Phone Headset

As we begin 2009, most states have either enacted, or are preparing, laws regarding hands-free calling while driving. In addition to help save lives, these laws mean that you can’t be without a headset for your cell phone when you’re talking in the car.

Currently, Bluetooth technology sits atop of the headset heap. Bluetooth allows individuals to make and receive calls without touching their handset. The quality of Bluetooth calls is much higher than previous technologies, and many report crystal-clear reception when their handset is close by.

Individuals who are considering buying a Bluetooth Headset should consider a few factors before making their final purchase, including:

· Size. Bluetooth headsets come in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer the smaller units that they barely know are there, while other prefer something larger with buttons that are easier to find and push.

· Compatibility. Obviously, you need to check your phone cellular accessories to make sure that it is Bluetooth compatible. Most phones introduced over the past few years have Bluetooth functionality built in. Anything older than that you might want to check the manual just to be safe.

· Brand. Not all brands are created equal. Currently some of the finest Bluetooth headsets are coming from companies like Jawbone (the Jawbone II headset) and Plantronics (the Plantronics Discovery 925 and D925). Read up on customer reviews and product rankings to find the best products for your money.


The latest trend in Chennai seems to be star-struck parents choosing celebrity baby names for their children,cutting across religious ,cultural and geographical barriers.celebrities have always been trendsetters when it comes to choosing baby baby names like Diya ,harridan and Shiloh are becoming increasingly popular among new parents in the city.for some people star babies are a source of inspiration.many parents do not even bother to see if the celebrity name fits their child.They are so stubborn about wanting to have some link with their favourite celebrity.


the astonishing betrayal of fans by prima Donna players was exposed by top premier league referee Steve Bennett.Last night the League's bosses launched a probe and  said launched a probe ans said"we will be asking Bennett for an explanation.A top international premier league star asked to be booked so he could get suspended and go on holiday with his family.Another tried the same trick because he wanted time off over Christmas.And a third wangled a booking so he would miss a match at a far-flung ground.where he didn't fancy playing .The astonishing allegations were made to undercover news of the world reporters by top referee Steve Bennett.The ref who took charges of the 2007 FA cup final ,glanced from side to side,lowered his voice and whispered to one our men "never repeat this"

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former world number one Amelia mauresmo and Italy's flavia pennetta clashed in an ugly row over sportsmanship as the fed cup was plunged into controversy mauresmo insisted the italian woman should have been kicked out of their opening rubber before going on to lose 2-6,7-6,6-4 in Orleans on the first day of their world group i clash.mauresno was furious that pennetta appeared
to insult the chair umpire after a shot she thought was good was ruled out in the crucial second set tie break."at that moment i didn't really see and cotton on said mauresni who indicated that when she did look indicated that when she did look up pennetta appeared to have mouthed an insult at the chair flicking her middle finger for good measure she gave the finger she should have been removed right away insisted former.The point gave the french woman a match point but in the controversy she served up a double fault and then slumped to defeat,pennetta,who did receive a warning for her conduct ,said she was sorry"i am not pleased with myself but that's the first time such thing has happened to was gruelling the match from the start and i lost control as i really thought the ball was in my Court.
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