Saturday, September 27, 2008


There are many instance where a judgment is made about a person by his/her clothes.It is highly important that a person knows how to dress him/her self because your first impression is calculated the way u look fashion design .If you are exceptional in the area of fashion and are highly interested to make a career out of it then all you would need is the slight push in the right direction fashion design . There are so many fashion schools available that offers the best of knowledge and a vast extent of expertise in the field of style fashion can keep updated yourself updated with the happening of the fashion arena and improve your awareness and make yourself better.There are numerous certified degree programs offered by the fashion school for those who are interested making career in the fashion world fashion design .There are varied choices of employment and steady growth within the organization for a person with superior talent coupled with the appropriate degrees .learn more about which course is best for you

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Dusting is always a nuisance so when most of us dust,we generally tent to overlook vital items like our electronic gadgetry.thickening layers of dust can however block and ruin electronics items like televisions or computers.Thus,you should dust your electronics items as often as you can and as throughly as possible.
Let's start with some of the most basic items you can think of:
if,for instance ,you thought that your cellphone doesn't gather dirt,think again.A quick wipe with a dry soft cloth at least once or twice a week usually does the trick.but if you spill something on your cell phone,or leave it in water,then you need to act fast.
when it comes to MP3 player,you need to look at your manual before attempting foolish.
A word of caution-do not use paper towels or abrasive cloths to wipe down your MP3 player as it will leave scratches on the surface.Instead ,use a softy cloth.If the player is very dirt,you can use a cleaning agent that is ammonia -free.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The more electricity we use,the more power plants we will need and if we have to build more electricity plants it will mean using up lots more resources and possibly destroying forests or rivers.ultimately saving power will end up saving the environment here's how we can help!!!!

  • In the summer and winter our electricity bills are huge because we use air conditioners ,heaters,fans and the likes.So,see that your air conditioner or heater is not turned up too high.Try not to use either your heater or your air conditioner all day.use a fan when ever is possible.
  • check the rubber seals on your refrigerator door.put a ten or twenty rupee note between the door and then close it .If the rupee slides down the seal is not right.
  • don't have all your house lights on.only put on the lights in the area in which your are sitting
  • turn off lights every time you leave a wise turn off your kitchen or other gadgets when they are not in use.
  • turn of your computer if your are going to be away for a long period.
  • use curtains and shades on your window,to keep the heat during the winter.
  • have a hair dyer??use it sparingly and don't use the maximum heat setting

Monday, September 22, 2008


An analysis of 50 studies that include almost 2,000 volunteers found that anger -management programs can help people control their outburst .A positive behaviour in day-to-day life helps in keeping your heart healthy.Other studies have demonstrated that improvements like these translate into lower blood pressure and better blood flow to the heart during exercise and stress.

Experts believe that reducing the level of stress might help in prevention of heart attacks.When you are angry or tense the stress hormones raises the heart beat,which in turn increases the oxygen demand and if a person gets an attack ,it might harm the heart..


  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE:Aerobic exercise decreases stress and control depression
  • BEHAVIOURAL CHANGES:change your behaviour and modify yourself.Set realistic goals and do not panic if things are not done.
  • HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: live a more healthy and disciplined life.don't rely on drugs,alcohol and nicotine for solving your problems.Wake up early and sleep on time.Spend time doing things ,which make you happy.


Every corporate personnel weather man or woman should own a smart well cut semi-formal white blazer.It looks smart,sophisticated and is best suited to wear with denims for a meeting on a casual day to office.Wear the blazer over your denims during the meeting and take it off to enjoy the rest of the casual day.


The iphone is proving to be a useful travel guide.A number of airlines are creating mobile-friendly versions of their web sites,allowing i-phone users to shop for flights,buy tickets ,check in,select seats and modify reservation.Now,at least one,British Airways,has a free download iphone app that makes finding the next red eye to london as easy as flicking your thumb.

Frequently fliers might want to download flight status ($3.99).it gives the status of thousand of flights,as well as the arrival gates and baggage carousels.Another app that can be useful for today's delay-plugged skies is airport status(it is free).it displays a list of sirports in north america with delays or closing.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Now that ROCK ON has caught every body's attention ,with its music playing in every car,pub or stereos,we wanted to know how these four different personalities came together to form a band,and what preparation they did to act,be and feel like real rock stars,from farhan akhtar singing rock ballads ,to Arjun rampal holding a ibanez steve vai's gem series guitar,these four enthusiastic actors left no stone unturned to present the movie as the name suggests ROCK ON!

Aasma Hai Neela Kyun, Paani Geela Geela Kyun Gol Kyun Hai Zameen
Silk Mein Hai Narmi Kyun Aag Mein Hai Garmi Kyun, Do Aur Do Paanch Kyun Nahi
Pedd Ho Gaye Kum Kyun, Teen Hain Ye Mausam Kyun Chaand Do Kyun Nahi
Duniya Mein Hai Jung Kyun Behta Laal Rang Kyun, Sarhaden Hain Kyun Har Kahin
Socha Hai… Yeh Tumne Kya Kabhi
Socha Hai… Ki Hain Yeh Kya Sabhi
Socha Hai… Socha Nahi To Socho Abhi…!!!

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