Thursday, April 9, 2009

I hate questioning me!!!

All the men on this planet would agree that there are a few things in life that shouldn't be tampered with.At the same time,there are several things that they don't want to be questioned about.We spoke to a few man and found out what are the questions that might make the strongest man on earth go weak in the knees.And all you women reading this questions that you should never ask any guy any point of time.
Men never want to answer some very basic questions asked by women.i think men don't answer them because they know they can't be answered or they will lie about it.A girl once asked me if i thought her father was a nice man.No one would answer that questions honestly don't worry understand the simple fact that their fathers are men who should not be liked but respected.usually men are not too complicated and are easy to handle,but when them those dreaded questions things might turn unpleasant for them.Life is though er for a man,who has had girlfriend in the past.The new woman in his life keeps asking what they did together and why.i once hear ed a very amusing question,"do you love me more that you EX?i was speechless

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun excuses to bunk Lectures

Adorning lecture,a newly released flick,live cricket on TV or simply a planned out with our girl friend,these are simple thing what we do for bunking classes,this week we string together a list of the most common and wacky excuses that teenagers have for bunking lecture about the youngsters and their unsafe habits.

1-Stuck in a of the most common,but believable excuse,especially in metros where traffic jam are common place these days.but the ones who live a couple of block away from the college are better of avoiding this one.

2-A punctured tyre-A very handy excuse considering couple happen to any random person,but better keep another excuse ready,since that law average says that you'll definitely have a flat tyre the very next day

3-food poison-To pull this one off you'll need to mess-up your hair and look unwell,but it has it own rewards,since you can run out of the class at any time.

4-Fell asleep on the bus/train and reached elsewhere-simply say that you were up all night completing a project or tending to your sick dog and you fell asleep on the bus to college ,if you've used that "flat tyre"excuse a day prior to this

Beckham's son shows off skilss

England soccer star David beck ham's son,Brooklyn,appears to be following in his father's footsteps by showing off his foot balls skills at an Italian park.Brooklyn,10 enjoyed the Italian sunshine as he and his two brother romeo and Cruz visited the park for a kick about.the telegraph reports.Accompanied by a minder,Brooklyn displayed some of the skills he Marve inherited from his father,who is currently on loan at AC Milan until the end of the season.
The boys were later seen playing together,enjoying the rides in the park,while the minder looked on.Despite his absence the whole match on the beach,despite his absence from the pitch his team beat lecce 2-0 with goals from ronaldio and Filippo inzaghi.last week Victoria was pictured taking three sons to London to see their father in action at wembley.

IPL Cricket fever grips socialites

Cricket mania hit fever pitch at Secunderabad Club on Saturday evening. The scene under the floodlights at the club’s cricket ground was energetic and lively. Amidst pulsating music, members gathered together to compete against each other in a cricket knockout tournament.Eight teams with eight players in each battled it out for the top prize. The concept of the tournament was to encourage non-playing members to play and have fun while doing so. Chander Patny, Chairman of the the club’s game committee says, “The idea is to encourage members to participate in sports. From 16 years old to 60 years old, we had children, elders and ladies playing the matches. Women were a bit apprehensive as they did not know how to play. But when we asked people to sign up for the event, many members signed up voluntarily. The atmosphere is festive and everyone had a great time. The concept of the tournament was to encourage non-playing members to play and have fun while doing so


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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Katrina Kaif is Officially gorgeous

Being smartly turned out is essential for a working professional. And a career girl with slick make-up moves is destined to be a hit! ‘Subtle’ is the term to keep in mind when it comes to the ‘day look’ in office. That means, a big ‘no’ to loud blush, eyeliner in bright hues, or eyeshadow to match. Stick to grey or brown eyeliner. Use lip shades in nudes, light pinks, peaches and oranges. “Mineral Foundation will give the skin a beautiful finish. One can go in for long-lasting lip colours,” says Lippi Lal, Consultant for Maxfactor and Bourjois Paris. In terms of eye make-up, experts recommend that even eyeliner and a mascara should do the trick, instead of using eye shadow. “Try to keep it subtle by using an eyeliner to complete the eyes,” recommends Charmaine Rao, make-up expert, YSL.
Products used for the ‘day look’ can also be used for post-work partying (with a few additions) As far as party make-up goes, it should be simple yet glamorous. “A mascara in a different colour can be a great product for the evening. A hint of glitter to the eyebrows or shoulder looks sexy. A shimmer powder can also be used to add sheen to your appearance,” says Lippi.
For the day, make-up expert Salimah Haji recommends a C-T-M routine followed by tinted moisturiser, colourless loose powder, mascara and a neutral lipstick or gloss. For the night, she says, “Use eyeliner and mascara. Add blush to your cheeks and more colour to lips. A highlighter can be used under the eyebrows and on parts of the face that catch the light (nose bridge, forehead, chin, jawline and cheekbones.”
“When it’s partytime, focus on creating smoky eyes using violets and electric blues. Lips should be minimalistic in shades of orange, coral and peach,” Meeta Awatramani, Training Manager, Clarins concludes.

Young students participate in politics

Election campaigns and rallies are synonymous with the hustle and bustle of crowds. And the enterprising student community in Chennai has now spotted a golden opportunity lying in wait; one that could earn them a quick buck or two during the run up to the Lok Sabha elections. Several college students in the city are employed with part-time jobs, thanks to the workers of various political parties who hire them to distribute pamphlets, posters and even attend rallies in return for a token amount and loads of freebies.
Beaming with enthusiasm over his newfound vocation, G. Santosh, a final year student of Crescent Engineering College says, “Recently I came to know about a rally being held in the city. The political party organising it was in dire need of a packed audience. The clincher was that they were willing to pay a decent sum of money to those who attended it and those who helped bring in more crowds on their own. How can one afford to miss out on a chance like this? So I sent a message to all my friends asking them to spread the word and in no time, we were present at the rally with a battalion of our own.”
So how much do these students get paid and how’s their remuneration determined? It seems parties find students as an inexpensive and convenient means of publicising through word of mouth. Says Ramachandran Govindarajan, a third year student of Loyola College, “Students are willing to work even for meagre amounts. I have a large circle of friends who help me spread the party’s message. Recently, at one outing I was offered Rs 50 for every poster I stuck in the city. I find it as a great source for some pocket money for my weekend expenditure. At the same time, I believe that by creating awareness about my party, I contribute to the election process in my own way.”
But it’s not just students who have caught the election fever. Event management companies in the city have an up-to-date database of loyal students who can be relied on for such events. There are different categories under which the students can work. The remuneration for each differs according to the difficulty of the task and the skill-sets required. The most well paid students possess excellent communication skills and are capable of delivering short and effective lectures that come in handy during election rallies. On the other hand, the simpler tasks involve activities like crowd building – where students are hired as extras to fill up the audience during these campaigns.
Says Varun Kumar of Tri-star Event Management Tambaram, which ropes in students for such rallies, “Many students are youngsters who are into this just for the money. There are barely a handful of them who actually believe in the causes advocated by the party. The rate of hiring a student is about Rs100 per hour.”
Money and freebies apart, these rallies are seemingly free mini-banquets in themselves, which tempt quite a hungry lot. Says M. Murali, a first year student at GDH College, MM Nagar, “My friends and I take part in the rallies over the weekend as we get a free ride to the city and back (to my house in Chengelpet). Apart from getting time to laze around Marina Beach, we are also treated to some tasty biryani, which is given to us for free”
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