Saturday, January 24, 2009


Who would have imagined that in a metro like ours things would have gotten out of control this quick. Submerged rail tracks, roads and the entire transportation system has been partly paralyzed. Why did it happen? A deep depression, in the Bay of Bengal, is believed to be the primary reason for these incessant rains . It has thrown life out of gear for most of the people. If this is the condition of the most developed city in this state, one could imagine what kind of a fate the rural population must be subjected to.Why hasn't the government taken effective measures to combat this situation when its not something that was not expected. Don't you remember the rains of 2005 (Thanks to those rains, our 3rd semester exams were postponed). This picture was taken back then.Jokes apart!! This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed asap. The government which is supposed to be implementing the so called "disaster relief" plans is happier drafting out proposals to ask the central government for funds(god knows where these funds go)I had to go to pay my phone bill, but with the terrible condition of the road decided to pay the fine than get into trouble even though the rains stopped for some time. Reason being the roads which have been submerged in water and the uneven pot holes which could result in an accident on a bright sunny day, leave alone a rainy day.Just blaming the government will not do though, we need to take initiative!!! How, that's for you to decide.


By piling, digging, carving and hollowing out this common element, turning it into mythical scenes and fairytale figures, sand sculptors have turned the art of carving in sand into a new trend in many big cities.

Known as a modern art for only 20 years, sand sculpting is a popular and recreational art capable of drawing widespread attention from the public. Sand sculptures can create new tourist programmes wherever they go, bringing in considerable commercial profits. From this point of view, the art is the result of the perfect combination of modern art and modern commerce and is closely linked with tourism. For the last 20 years, this symbiosis has greatly promoted the development of sand sculptures around the world.Sand sculptures can now be found in more than 100 countries and regions, especially in popular coastal cities. Sand sculptures have become one of the most popular itineraries during sea visits. Meanwhile, the art has also spread to the inland cities.
Over the past few years, the art has aroused widespread interest in Asia -- with Japan, Singapore and China as hosts to various sand sculpture contests. With the launch of the International Colored Sand Sculpture Festival in Yunnan Province , China, the art is also becoming richer in content. Instant-Disintegrating Art
Sand and seawater are the basic materials for sand sculptures, which are molded into various patterns by digging, carving and hollowing out sand. Sand sculptures contain no chemical adhesives. Once a piece of the sculpture is completed, a special glue-water solution is sprayed over the surface to set the sculpture. Normally, the sculpture can be preserved for several months. Since it is not easy to preserve sand sculptures, which disintegrate over a period of time, the art form is also known as "instant-disintegrating art". Sand sculpting is also a kind of land art that blends with nature and without emitting any pollutants. Sand sculptures, unlike most traditional sculptures, are admired for their large scale.
Sand sculpting is also a marginal art -- an amalgamation of the elements of sculpting, painting, construction and outdoor recreation. Requiring no professional training, the art can be taken up by anyone. Sand sculpting is known as a fashionable, healthy and exciting programme for leisure and entertainment purposes.


Hi everyone! I want to share with you a new site called handmade gifts. It's mostly for handmade items, like etsy, but there's also sections for design, and for supplies/vintage. They have some pretty cool features that are different from etsy, and once the site gets going (it's still in beta now) I think it is going to be Fabulous!!Best part about it? They're offering $7.00/mo verified memberships for the first 5000 people that sign up. Seven dollars a month. That's it. That's 23 cents a day. That's the same is it costs to list or relist one item per day on etsy (about). My etsy bill is usually about $30 to $40 per month. So seven is a GREAT deal! There are no listing or transaction fees. Just the one monthly.


The year 2008 heralded Kareena as a fashion diva as well as an established actress with her breathtaking performance in Jab We Met. And now for the year 2009, she has been voted as the only actress who has been able to make it up in the list of Top 10 Youth Icon.Kareena Kapoor is the only actress to make it to the list of Top 10 Youth Icons in a survey conducted by an Indian newspaper, among people between the ages of 18 and 25, across 10 major cities.The list includes Shah Rukh Khan, M.S. Dhoni, Aamir Khan, Rahul Gandhi among others. NSG commandos secured the number one position in the survey.She shot up the popularity charts with her award-winning Jab We Met performance and of course later for her size zero. Her love affair with Saif Ali Khan also keeps her in the limelight.This year Kareena has four films scheduled for release: “Kambakkth Ishq”, “Main Aur Mrs Khanna”, Karan Johar's untitled film and “3 Idiots”.Kareena will also be seen in a special appearance in Shah Rukh Kan's forthcoming film “Billu Barber”. Her song 'Mar jani, mar jani” is already on air and not many know that she said yes to do the song just a day before it was shot.


Mobile phones are have actually mesmerized our generation with their superb features.Mobile phones are really crucial these days and everyone has a stylish model.We use them for a variety of purposes: for talking, for clicking pictures, for making videos of special events and for grooving away with some music.They are also classified as CDMA and GSM.Mobile phones are have actually mesmerized our generation with their superb features. If you dont own such a stylish model you can easily buy it online .In this 3 contract store we can find a top brands mobile phones and accessories. You can also access Skype at the touch of a button. Daily some new model is being released and they come out with a lot of new accessories and features. Some of the prominent features in many of the phones are bluetooth, infrared, USB and some more.So if you want to buy a mobile phone think us.For more information on latest mobile phone deals on 3 mobile, t mobile, orange, O2, Vodafone network,you can visit site.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson will marry this summer.The singer and presenter and her lover,who welcomed second child Dexter Lloyd into the world recently and also have 16 -months old daughter Ruby,are planning their nuptials and are keen to have the ceremony in their native Wales.A source said"Gavin had promised her that's get married after a new baby was born.So far the couple have avoided the issue of marriage because it will involve such a big wedding and so much organization and and they've always been too busy to get it together.they feel they have the perfect family,and now they want to make it even more perfect by marrying.


Remember the movie jaws and the signature tune that accompanied the visual of the fast moving dorsal fin that would disappear every time a swimmer was turned into lunch?
in actual fact,it is sharks,like every other spices,which are under threat from humans and not the other way around.A search on google with words "shark attacks"returned 763,000 hits whereas the search words "shark extinction"revealed 963,000 hits.This is rough stasticts is an indicator that the extinction of the species is generating more concern than its mythical viciousness,finally.
There is also the question oh how and why shark attacks occur and weather sometimes they  might be foolishly provoked.sometime in April 2008,66 year old David martin was swimming off the coasts of San Diego.California when 16-foot great white shark attacked and killed him.he was wearing a shiny suit and the shark mistook him for a seal.The entire stretch of beach was closed signs were posted regular intervals warning people stay out of water.
The shark population which was first record 200 years ago,has come down in the Mediterranean by 97 percent.out of the 21 major species of open -water sharks in the world,all but two are facing extinction.Sharks are a critical part of the marine food chain and to slaughter them.endangers the one simple thing you can do to save these magnificent creatures.Never order shark fin soup and always object to the restaurant management for having it on the menu.


An international team of researchers has announced the creation of a web -based Encyclopedia of life(EOL).The project,which aims to catalogue every species on earth in an of the most useful referral points fact as the EOL develops,you might find it useful for school projects.To make sure of the accuracy,scientists will review much of the information added to fact,you'll be able  to pick the level of details you see'll be able to pick the level of detail you see to match your interest's ,age,and current assume you want to know all about polar bears,you could use the "novice"setting to get basic information about the animal.if you go to the "expert"setting,on othter hand,you could go to the much more detailed information about the history,literature,and exploration of polar bears.


Before i start my today’s post i would like to ask one thing, whats common between a man shopping in a city mall at Brooklyn and another folk sitting on his office desk checking out at Ebay?

It is the little plastic thing you have in your wallet (and if you don’t you should probably think about going to stoneage!) yes dumb heads i am talking about credit cards.

I personally believe that after inventing wheel anything worthy, those guys have invented are credit cards, yes man i am talking the fact here, okay imagine this you are walking down the mall and you see a surprise sale getting 60% off on the Laptop ( pardon me for my gadget love here) you always wanted, but . no money left with you right now because you bough some stupid home deco. that wont even suite your room! (yes it happened with me once) Anyways back to the topic, then before you die from your terrible emotions you bring that Lil plastic lifesaving instant purchase card AKA a credit card and make the purchase in a moment just by swiping it off the machine.To know about best credit card offers please feel free to comment here, or head directly to CD Rates your guide to all financial solutions.


School is the second place ,after home,where the foundation of an individual is laid.for 12 years one's life revolves within the walls and playground of the school forming the foundation of some happy memories in later life.
every school session means another year closer to leaving the protected environs of your Alma mater and stepping into a new life outside its the demand on you to be more disciplined and grown up become greater with each passing semester.
remember that the difference between school and home,for example,your home has you and your siblings doing things the way you want.on the other hand school is the abode of many ,all of whom if allowed to be in disciplined could possible cause chaos.
school teaches you that "no man is an island"if we all stand together,shoulder to shoulder we can achieve great attention it case of a doubt ,raise your hand and ask the teachers.avoid bringing distraction,crackers,marbles and toys.why the six hours spent here mutt have a balance between studies,games and fun,follow the schedule and make sure you are geared fop each class.happy schooling.


I was sitting on the couch yesterday and happened to look out the window. There were a bunch of birds at our bird feeder, probably 3 or 4 chickadees. I love those little birds. They are so cute. There is something about birds that I love, not sure what, but I know I love them. I even had two pet birds for a long time, for about 10 years. I would love to have a bird again. I decided a long time ago though that I would not have anymore caged pets, so I will have to settle for my outside bird friends..

I would love to get a really nice bird feeder. The one we have now is just a cheap little thing that I bought at the hardware store. I would love to get something from the Bird Houses Outlet Shop.  They have some really nice things, that any bird would love. Maybe I will get them a bird house to go along with the new bird feeder.. Oh boy! Now I'm treating the outside birds like pets. Oh well, I love them and they provide a lot of entertainment in the summer. So I don't see a problem with it..Ten steps from our backyard is a mountain with a lot of trees, so there's a a lot of birds flying around in our backyard. Sometimes we gave them food like corn grains and other stuff. I just wish that we have a bird house and feeder so we could put the food inside it and not on the ground. If you go and shop with them now, you will be able to avail their 10 to 30 percent discount offer that will end today. So you still have 23 hours to take advantage of their great deals. You don't have to worry about the security in shopping with them online. They also sellBird Houses Outlet Shop accessories and bird books. So if you want to give your favorite pet birds a treat, visit


Have you ever wondered how lizards defy gravity every day as they climb up and down the walls and run across the ceiling?.if you have,then you're not alone.Researchers have for years wondered how lizards stick on surfaces,no matter how smooth and the days they have collected has a whole host of information about the spiders,frogs,flies and other sticky fact thisResearchers could "inspire a new generation"of super-sticky materials,with applications from medicine to engineering .
people have been fascinating by lizards and their ability to walk upside down as long ago as during the time of the philosopher Aristotle.Scientist however,came on the scene with their enquires some 150 years ago but they still had trouble cracking this secret.At first they thought that the crawlers like these may have some kind of glue coating on their feet many insects produce a gooey substance that allows them to stick to waxy leaves.But lizards do not leave behind stick tracks,so this theory was rules first significant clue came just a few years ago.And it had to do with a millions of fine hairs or sate on the bottom of the lizard's feet.when a single hair was looked at nuder a special microscope,it was found that it could have hundreds of bristles.scientist also found that the hairs were not sticky by themselves and that it all depends on how the creatures moved"simple pushing the sate onto the surface and dragging them forward a tiny bit made them stick.
so as researches continues with scientist working towards making better versions of lizards tape,with plenty of exciting applications in mind,who knows one day you may also be able to hang out on the ceiling of your home for a short while!.


Binoculars are really good equipment to use to get a closer look at far away objects. It is the most commonly used optical tool and can be used in so many ways depending on the type of binoculars. It can be used for hunting, birding, astronomy, sports and many more. If you are looking for the best store online that sells the widest selection of high quality and top brands of bushnell binoculars.Our “Legend” series binoculars should be on the wish list of any serious outdoor enthusiast. Powerful magnification and crystal clear BaK-4 optics deliver a full range of color and clarity - images like no other in their class.OpticsPlanet, Inc is one of the leading optics suppliers with a wide selection of sport optics, tactical and military gear, microscopes, and designer eyewear.. Bushnell's guiding principle is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable sports optics products on the market. bushnell binoculars and telescopes enhance the enjoyment of every outdoor pursuit from spectator sports, nature study, hunting, fishing and birding to stargazing. Indoors, Bushnell binoculars bring the audience closer to the action in fast-moving sports or the fine arts at theaters and concerts.
Rain or shine. Dusk to dawn. Legend binoculars set a standard that other similarly priced products cannot match. And, for you serious hunters, we offer two of our most popular models in Mossy Oak “New Break-Up” for maximum concealment in the field.Just visit their website and find out more of the finest brand name products they carry and get the best out of your money’s worth since they offer low sale prices plus free ground shipping in the US on all orders over $29.95. If you are thinking about giving bushnell binoculars as Christmas presents to your love ones check out’s Holiday Shopper’s special and find out what other offers they have for all their customers this Christmas.


on January 26,1950 exactly 59 years ago a salute of 21 guns and IN furling of the tricolor by India's first president DR.RAJENDRA PRASAD heralded the momentous birth of the Indian republic.The day that changed India's destiny came fatter 894 days of the country becoming a dominion following the withdrawal of the British from Indian soil.They day is also special because it was occasion when the country put its constitution gave the citizens of India the power of government democracticial by choosing their own government.

now did you know that with 395 articles and 12 schedules,the Indian Constitution is the longest written one in the world?if you do,then you would also know that on this day in 1965.Hindi was declared the official language of India.with 395 articles 12 schedules,the Indian Constitution is the longest written one in the this time when you sit glued to the television on January 26,why not jot down the marvels the country has achieved these past years?and maybe you could look ahead to ways you can go adopt to add to the country glory .Let preserve the victory we achieved centuries of hardship.jai hind!!!!!


Pictures are the most valuable part in the century and that to taking photograph on the natural scenery will be a hobby for many people.Here is the free wallpaper site provides you a free wallpapers on beautiful scenery.It was created by a Chicago photographer and they are proudly present that all the images were taken in many people who missed the site seeing place and who is ahead to go to Chicago wants to know the place how is it,can visit this website and find out all the pictures in Chicago.They also adding more architectural work .most of the wall papers are offered in this site.


many youngsters are inspired by somdev and are hailing as the new tennis icon.Thousands of India fans decked in tricolour,carrying,placards cheered enthusiastically in the packed stadium where the Chennai open final was being played.Although the new giant-killing run of the tennis sensation somdev devvaraman  may not have had the happy ending sports lovers were waiting for,he still managed to make an impression among die-hard tennis lovers,who hailed him as their new tennis icon. seeing the teen hysteria it goes without saying that the latest tennis icon is a heartthrob who is here to stay for a long time!


Hosting a party for friends or going over to a friend's place for a party is hardly a formal occasion.It is comfortable company and the atmosphere is more relaxed yet,some rules of etiquette apply .As a host/hostess one needs to follow certain guidelines which will help in maintaining and strengthening the bond of friendship.Discuss with your friends the date and time of the party keeping in mind their availability and convenience.Whether it’s Oscar time or not, it’s always a good time to have an Oscar party. Everyone loves the movies and there is no award show like the Academy Awards to see the glamour brigade turn out on the red carpet. Have a party and let everyone feel like a star for the night! The Oscars are the night everyone in tinsel town is dressed to the hilt, and you shouldn’t have to wait for one night in a year to go wild.

An Oscar party is great for teens or adults – it’s easy and absolutely the most glam you can get! Print up invites with the famous gold statuette on it and write with a gold or silver marker on them. Make sure the dress code is formal, in fact, make it black tie. Guests can even dress up as their favourite actors or actresses if they wish. Dress in your best clothes and wear plenty of big crystal earrings and bracelets or a tux. If you can get a large cut out of the Oscar statue, put that in the doorway or the foyer.

Pull out the red carpet and let your guests make a splashy entrance to your Oscar party. Give a little nephew or neighbor a few dollars and a disposable camera to take paparazzi shots of your guests as they walk up the red carpet. Food should be very classy – platters of hors d’oeuvres and plenty of wine, or for the teenagers, cider or sodas in disposable wine goblets. You don’t have to do much with the d├ęcor, a lot of well-dressed people are enough to impress any guest!

Why not host an Oscar party for your next special occasion? The theme is fairly easy to adapt to your guests and setting, and the night will no doubt be one to remember.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As Us president elect barack obama prepares to don the mantle of power,chenniites cheer for the man of the hour.chennaiites are eagerly awaiting in ceremony of obama on january 20,2009 as most of them feel obama will male a good president and will be a cpable of handling the challenges ahead of himThey also believe that his presidency will bring in the much-needed change in American leadership and will have a global impact.according to me the economy my needs to be resurrected ,there's the war in iraq and afghanistan and even environmental issues that need immediate attention.We feel obama is much better equipped to face it than bush .I think indo-us relation are on an upward path and india will be a kye partner under obama's leadership.we are looking forward to working with the new goverment over the next four years.


Saaral ,an alternative pop rock band,recently launched their first album saaral-drops of emotion in the city.due to the time constraint ,saaral could perfomr only three songs.They started off with an instrumental piece,progressed to a typical rock number with distortion guitar veesam kaatru,followed by a slow meladious number with gentle guitar strumming kanavugal and then moved on to kangal kaanum for a grand final.interestingly,the last number even has a video that is played on SS music.they have both hindi and tamil versiona of their albums ad the lyrics in tamil versiona composed by padmanabhan k,while the hindi lyrics were composed by  thahira shireen and pinkesh kumar M.Link in park was their inspiration to become an alternative pop rock band.


A Chennai -based organisation has come out with a mobile book with Tamil novels.If you planning t go vacation and do not have enough space in your bag to accommodate your favourite tamil book,carry it on your mobile instead.Thanks to the initiative taken by mobile veda,an organization supported by technology business incubator of VIT university vellore,soon one can store Tamil books on their mobile  phones with the help of memory chip."For book lovers who travelling ,this will come in as pleasant news.These books are easy to download and are handy too".

The mobile name called Bharathiban kathaika by one of the leading Tamil authors bharathi balan was released by sandhya publication recently at the Chennai book fair.On can either download the book on his computer from the website on or get it on GPRS activate phone.This is the first time someone in India has come up with a mobile book in is a great initiative .

Monday, January 19, 2009

A new Approach To Group Gifts

Gifts are always very special if you give it to your friends, family members or your loved ones.For example your gang consists of 10 friends and one of them celebrates his/her birthday in a few days time. The other nine decide to gift their friend, but each person  is resided in different parts of the world.Then for these kind of cases Wisheo - A new Approach To Group Gifts and Wishlists   is the best option, by the use of which you can buy gifts as a gift by paying the amount with the help of your PayPal account or your your other bank accounts.You can invite your friends, family and co-workers to contribute for the gift that you are going to present. All leading brands of gifts that you would like to present is available in this Wisheo. You can also create a wish list of gifts that you would like to have for your birthday or any other occasion. By the use of which your friends can know easily what would be a useful gift for you. So, come on gift your loved ones with the help of Wisheo.Wisheo is the first website that allows users not only to organize group gifts or setup wishlists, but also to collect contributions directly from friends, family or co-workers participating. Unlike generic wishlists at online shops which require each gift to be purchased by one person, Wisheo is unique in the sense that it enables multiple friends to contribute together to fund big-ticket items on the group gift list, effectively creating a private “gift” fundraiser within the user’s social graph.


Cristiano Ronald's trophy cabinet is now full after he nailed the fifa player of the year award last week.He missed out on a Nobel.The Manchester united ace would have stood a chance in the inventor category.But a  Peace prize is out of question because Ronald is not exactly a dove.An Oscar for best acting would not be a bizarre as the Portuguese is one a of the best contemporary con artistes on a football Field.On a serious note,Ronald richly deserves all the accolades that have come his way.He was the best player in the world last season by some distance.There was little excitement about the fif poll among national coaches and captain to choose the winner .it was given that the name would be Ronald.

Ronald has the knack of making news even when he endures an off-day on the pitch.His series of affairs with hangers -on and models is a staple diet of the tabloids.if he is not preforming and off the field,trust him to hit the headlines through his dalliance with real Madrid.If the Spanish aristocrats publicly end their manic pursuit of the res Devil,he grabs attention by crashing his two-day old Ferrari into mangles mass.Ronald is the Shane warn of football.


There seems almost too much to write about for the upcoming weekend of We’ve got the Arizona Cardinals clinching the NFC West for the first time in…possibly ever; The New York Giants returning to the playoffs to defend their well-deserved title; Chad Pennington (former Jets QB, ousted by the arrival of Brett Favre) and his Miami Dolphins clinching the AFC East, one year after their 1-15 record; the return of the Steel Curtain for the Pittsburgh Steelers; two rookie QBs leading NFL football their teams into the playoffs (Ravens, Falcons); and two last second qualifiers in the Chargers and Eagles, each of which seemed definitely out of the playoffs only a month ago. With all of this huge storylines that have potential for growth, the postseason and Super Bowl are definitely going to be interesting. Just for the hell of it though, I say Ravens versus Giants. Winner TBD.

One day after the end of the NFL season, several teams have decided that they need to of their coaches. One of the more surprising coaches to lose his job is Eric Mangini, who managed the New York Jets. He has led them to several winning seasons in past years, but the team went 1-4 in the last 5 games of the season, losing the AFC East title to the Dolphins. The Dolphins NFL football are piloted by Chad Pennington, who was QB for the Jets for several years and was cut when Brett Favre came on the scene. Other teams that fired their head coaches are the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns, neither of which are big surprises, given the final result of the season for those two.

Bryant Gumbel has announced that he would not return to the NFL Network as play by play announcer for the pre-season and eight game regular season package of NFL games. This statement has been confirmed by the NFL Network as well.

Sources further added that Gumbel on air game calling following his first season has resulted in NFL football Network’s displeasure. They were dissatisfied but did not take action prior to last season. To date, Gumbel has never had play by play announcing experience before his stint at NFL Network.

NFL Network president and CEO Steve Bornstein was neutral about the whole drama, saying that “We appreciate everything Bryant did in helping us launch our NFL Network game telecasts. Bryant helped create an interest in our first foray into televising NFL regular season games.”

However, Gumbel’s partner, Cris Collinworth, gets to keep his job as color commentator. The latest update is that NFL Network is voraciously seeking Gumbel’s replacement. Gumbel is also host of HBO Channel’s Real Sports segment.


Andy Roddcik has been an interested observer as neighbour Lance Armstrong Launches his comeback,and says he is not surprised by the media furore surrounding the seven -time Tour DE France winner.Roddcik who lives near Armstrong in Texas,has watched as the "icon drew 130,000fans and blanker press coverage to this week the Australian open Grand slam.'i live about two miles said when asked about the attention surrounding Armstrong ."I mean ,he's an icon pretty much where ever he the state ,he wears so many hats from the athletic to the political side of cancer research and fund-raising .He wears so many hats that I'm not really too surprised by it.obviously this is his first comeback race.So i think that probably adds a little drama to it".


When you landscape your yard, you usually have a vision in your mind of what you want it to look like when you’re done. When you include lighting in this vision, it really can turn into art and be beautiful. It also shows people how much thought and work you’ve put into your outdoor living space.You can use landscape lighting in many ways and every homeowner will choose something different to fit their style and taste. It can be wired to your home so you can turn it on and off at will or it can be solar-powered and come on automatically in the night. Spot lighting is the most common form of landscape lighting and can highlight things like waterfalls, flowering shrubs, walkways and more. Rope lighting is another popular choice, as it usually doesn’t require any special wiring and will just plug into an outlet and begin working. It’s also very versatile and allows you to put it in, around, or over objects and plants.Highlighting your favorite part of your yard’s landscape (which may, in itself, be hard to choose) can greatly increase your enjoyment of your yard. It can also ad a whole new dimension to your landscape’s form, allowing another, new enjoyment as the night life in your yard is opened up to you.


Brazilian soccer star kaka was a sad man today,when he heared of the collapse of the church in which he married his teenaged bride caroline celico in 2005.At least 60 and perhaps as many as 400 people were inside the Renascer Em cristo.(reborn in christ church when the roof fell in during a sunday after noon sevice ,reports the  Telegraph,At least seven people died in the tragedy and an unknown number of people are still stuck beneath the ruble.Police did not give a reason for the accident.Kaka a devout protestant who is known for his "i belong to jesus T-shirts,has long been a follower at the church.He gave the church the gold trophy he won when elected FIFA world player of the year for 2007 .


Boxing star Mike tyson has popped the "big question"to Big brother star Aisleyne Horgon-Wallace,according to reports the Ex-world heavyweight champ has proposed to the 30-year old glamour model and the lady in question has not yet given the answer .

The 42-year-old asked the 30- year -old lady reality TV star to join him in Los angles.The pair dated before and after Aisleyne's 2006 "big brother"stint.While the model hasn't yet said "yes",she has told friends that she only sees him as a friend."she hasn't ruled it out".The san quoted a pal as saying.


The kauffman  foundation  which “is the 26th largest foundation in the United States with an asset base of approximately $2 billion” — concentrates its funding efforts in two areas in education and  Entrepreneurship .Its Entrepreneurship Research Portal “is a unique aggregation of resources, events and data about entrepreneurship.”Basically, this is an annotated directory of links to working papers, conference papers, journal articles, reports, etc. Most of what I looked at pointed to freely accessible full-text, although that some items may require a subscription or other form of payment before you can view them.

While the rate of entrepreneurial activity has remained remarkably
 consistent over the past decade with nearly 465,000 people creating new businesses on average each month, subtle year-to-year shifts in the gender, demographic, geographic and ethnic make-up are changing the public face of the American entrepreneur. This is according to a national assessment of entrepreneurial activity by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.The Kauffman Foundation has released a new report on increasing young Entrepreneurship in the US economy. 

The report’s foundational assumption is that entrepreneurs have created most of the new technologies and business models that have fueled our nation’s staggering productivity growth in the past few decades.Ensuring a skilled workforce” by improving K-16 education and beyond in math, science, and young Entrepreneur thinking, as well as making it easier for skilled and educated immigrants to work in the US.

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