Saturday, December 27, 2008


many YouTube users are raking in the moolah out of posting videos online and earning money through advertisements. making videos for YouTube for three years a passtime for millions of web suffers is now a way to make a living. one year after YouTube the online video powerhouse invited members to become"partners" and added advertising user are earning six-figure incomes from the web site. for some like Micheal Buckley the self-taught host of a celebrity chatter show filming funny videos is now a full time job. Buckley quit his day job in September after his online profits had greatly surpassed his salary as an administrative assistant for a music promotion company. his thrice a week online show "is silly" he said but it has hooped him escape his credit card debt. but the company has high hopes for the partner program. executives liken it ti google AdSense the technology that revolutionised advertising and made it possible for publishers to place text advertisements next to their content. in a time of media industry lay offs the revenue source and the prospect of a one person media company many be especially appealing to users. but video producers like Lisa Donovan who post sketch comedy onto YouTube and attracted attention in the fall for parodies of gov. Sara palinof Alaska do not make it sound easy. "for new users' it's a lot of work'" ms.Donovan said "every body's fighting to be seen online you have to strategies and market yourself".


Taking guidance from ancient palm leaf manuscripts, tapas ya teaches traditional bharathanatyam to its students. They could have knocked traditional art out of the door and made way for the modern days works to gain laurels from it as many people do these days. but indu varma who started the tapas ya kala sampradaya, a dance school to preserve the traditional style of bharathanatyam wanted to maintain what they call 'the perseverance of traditional art'. there is a lot of difference between bharathanatyam and traditional bharathanatyam. we teach that tn our school here. we impart classes using the preserved palm leave or scriptures. it is a collaborative effort and we take help from the families who have preaerved such scriptures like the tanjai naalvar the family of veenai dhanammal, kondiparambarai in thiruvarur thilakkamma and others. if even you are one among those who wants to preserve our tradition and culture and get committed to art the doors of tapasya are the doors of tapasya are always open for the committed minds.


it's been more than five years since apple's itunes store introducing single track digital downloads. but it wasn't until 2008 that most musicians  and labels started to wonder out loud whether selling music by the track is good for their bottom lines. two of the year's biggest rock acts AC/DC and kid rock insist that their albums only be sold whole. and since apple only rarely allows this neither act allows tunes to sell its albums in the united states. despite the fact that itunes is the largest music retailer in the country neither act seems to have suffered for this decision  as of early December kid rock's rock  n roll Jesus was the third best selling album of the year according to Nielsen sound scan. and it was sold only as a CD until almost a year after release when kid rock granted rhapsody the exclusive right to sell it online in the states as a full album. so far the album has sold only 3000 digital copies. these results suggest that  it's possible to have a best-selling album either way. and the best approach may depend on the nature of the music itself


randeep hooda suffered a severe injury on his ankle when he was thrown off his horse. the actor's team was fancing stiff competition from their opponents during a polo event at the mahalaxmi race course when randeep attempted to hit a goal. but as he swung into the air landing on one leg and breaking his ankle. he was rushed to breach candy hospital in mumbai where doctors detected a deep fracture. randeep will now have to be operated and be out of action for more than a month." the operation would happen in the beginning of next week" confirmed his publicist dale bhagwagar. " the doctors have advised him six weeks rest", he added. just for the record, randeep is the only bollywood actor who regularly  participates in polo matches and equestrian events. he even won awards at two equestrian events in mumbai as well as Delhi sometime ago where he participated along with riders from the Indian army. the actor has three films lined up for release . there is ketan mehta's ranga rasiya, mere khawabon mein jo aaye and love khichdi!!

Friday, December 26, 2008


The XML Challenge is made up of XML contests created by the International XML Challenge DB2 Users Group (IDUG) to “search for XML Superstars around the world”. They say that “huge prizes await multiple winners”.XML document collections have been gathered for the challenge and will be provided to the participants and this is the great opportunity for the students to come with their own and innovative idea.This is a great to developer future developer challenge.

XML is fast becoming the universal data exchange format, and there would seem to be a natural and obvious synergy between XML and databases. Databases are central to most enterprises’ IT infrastructure, and integrating them must be key to any transition to XML or Web services.Imagine the simplest XML or Web services-based integration problem: An existing order processing database application needs to receive orders from another department or another company. The purchase order will have a number of segments, such as the sender’s contact details, the list of ordered items, order references and other this will be a great opportunity for the students in world level to take part in this contest and explore the ideas and have a good future in their life .


Drug abuse includes the use of illegal drugs—such as marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, or other "street drugs"—and the abuse of legal prescription and nonprescription drugs. Some people use drugs to get a "high" or to relieve stress and emotional problems.

Drugs like ecstasy (MDMA), ketamine, GHB, Rohypnol, and LSD, which are known as "club drugs," may be found at all-night dances, raves, trances, or clubs. Club drug use accounts for increasing numbers of drug overdoses and emergency room visits. Inhalants like nitrous oxide may also be used at these clubs. Drugs come in different forms and can be used in different ways. They can be smoked, snorted, inhaled, taken as pills, put in liquids or food, put in the rectum or the vagina, or injected with a needle. Teens and young adults may be at risk for becoming victims of sexual assault or violent behavior in situations where these drugs are used.

Some nonprescription medicines, such as cold medicines that have dextromethorphan as an ingredient, are being abused by teens and young adults as a way to get a "high."

In the United States and Canada, approximately 40% of adults will use an illegal drug at some time during their lives. This does not include the use of alcohol or prescription medicines. Many people abuse more than one illegal substance at a time.

Drug dependence or addiction occurs when you develop a physical or emotional "need" for a drug. You are unable to control your use of a drug despite the negative impact it has on your life. You may not be aware that you have become dependent on a drug until you try to stop taking it. Drug withdrawal can cause uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous symptoms. The usual treatment is to gradually reduce the dose of the drug until you can completely stop using it.


Most people are covered through the workplace, so when they lose their jobs, they lose their health benefits. On average, for each jobless worker who has lost insurance, at least one child or spouse covered under the same policy has also lost protection, public health experts said.Expanding access to health insurance, with federal subsidies, was a priority for President-elect Barack Obama and the new Democratic Congress. The increase in the ranks of the uninsured, including middle-class families with strong ties to the work force, adds urgency to their efforts.

When your health insurance is sponsored by your employer, as it is for 158 million Americans, losing your job or having your hours reduced can amount to a double whammy: Gone not only is your income but the health coverage you counted on. And with less money coming in, financing a replacement option on your own often becomes a high hurdle.If you don’t have a spouse’s employer group plan available to you as a back-up, there’s always Cobra, the acronym for the law that allows you to continue on your employer’s plan generally up to 18 months after a job loss — as long as your employer has at least 20 workers. If you worked for a small business that offered health coverage, you may be able to get Cobra-like continuation from a state-administered program. Visit Georgetown’s “Consumer Guides for Getting and Keeping Health Insurance” atto learn more about Health Insurance in Ohio your state’s programs and options.


Bollywood star Aamir khan has revealed his admiration for sportspersons such  as Roger Federer and sachien Tendulkar.For him,the tennis star and the cricketer are special due to all that they have achieved in life and they way they reached such heights,something that  gave him too an immense drive to succeed in life.The ghajini here also said the his favourite game is chess.why the mind game?because his so is supposedly quite good at the game and beats him at numerous junctures.As per the doting dad,defeat somehow seems like victory when you lose to you own son!


Ricky martin cried when his sons were born.The singer ,who become a father in august,when an unarmed surrogate mother gave birth to his biological twins,Matteo and valentino ,was overcome with emotions in the delivery room after seeing the babies for the first time.
he said"i was involved from day one in the pregnancy and i was there when my sons were was beautiful,there were tears of joy and it was really facinating.i was sweating the first time i held them because i was so nervous".Despite forming a close bond with the babies,Ricky insistes he hasn't been writting songs about the new additions to his family.


5O Cent has hinted he believes his ex-girl friend started the fire which destroyed his 1.2 million home earlier this year.The US rapper,who's real name is cuties Jackson,refused to open blame shaniqua Tompkins for the blaze in may,but did confirm she was ordered to leave his home in DIX hills,new york,just days before it was torched.
Speaking to quddus phillippe,correspondent for Us TV show"if i can't have you,you can't have it".

When quddus asked the rapper if he believed his ex-lover lit the fire ,he replied"well.i don't want to say that...don't try to make me saying something i don't want to say.But ,the circumstance to it might seem that way,six people,including 50 and shaniqu's 10 year old son marquis,were rushed to hospital after the blaze.Earlier in the year ,Shaniqua had filed a lawsuit against 50 claiming he had promised her a house 10 years ago.Days before the fire broke out,her lawyer paul Catsandonis revealed the battle for the house had become "extremely ,Extremely contentious"!!!


Toll free 1090 for senior citizen is looked upon an anti-terror helpline.mail is doing the rounds among the netizens in the web world is about a nation wide anti-terror toll free no 1090.The fact being that 1090 is a helpline in support of the senior citizens in crisis,callers are jamming this helpline with unintended usage thus barring the purpose it should actually serve.

The mail reads this way"very important information -we have a nation wide anti-terror toll free no 1090.This is a single number for the entire country.If you spread any terror related activities around you.please inform to this number.your identity will be kept secret.please pass this to all Indians if you are a true Indian...please save this number in your contact list"

and about an review "This is a hoax mail which is doing the rounds among netizens.And taking undue advantage of the sentiments of people against terrorism.some prankster has started it all,but the helpline which is actually means for senior citizen,is not serving Right is difficult to trace such a mail but not impossible it being circular At rapid pace is that people who want to stone turned.i feel more public awareness is required on the same  to curb hoaxes from being transmitted.



It seems bloggers are no longer content with hiding behind the facade of plain open,they are now expressing themselves with the help of their own pictures,which are modified to fit the context of their blow satirical,comical and otherwise and quite a few of bloggers from Chennai are part of the brigade that has now taken  it to the next level.They have incorporated elements of web-comics,photo-blogs and caricature to come up with an av ant-Gard from of blogging-visual blogs.From voicing one's discontent on the political scenario to dealing with a personal affliction,the mantra of the bloggers is pictures are certainly worth a million words.The immediate payoff of seeing an image spreads like a vital effects and the response is a lot more satisfying.


The associations made in medicine can be quite amazing. I just read article that summarizes the possible links between a common sleep disorder and eye disease. Plenty has been written about the connections between sleep and conditions like heart sleep apnea disease and obesity, but eye disorders? It doesn’t seem like an intuitive relationship. That is, until you dig a little deeper.
The sleep disorder in question is (OSA), which afflicts more than 12 million Americans and is characterized by repeated stops and starts of breathing during sleep when throat muscles relax and block the airway. When left untreated, OSA can trigger a variety of health problems, some of which can become evident in the eye when they affect the vascular system. When a doctor looks into your eyes during an exam, he or she is checking on how healthy the blood vessels at the back appear. If they don’t look right, then your doctor will sleep apnea want to understand why—and what the root cause of the problem is For some doctors, OSA may not seem like an obvious culprit. Another sign of OSA could be floppy eye syndrome. This sounds more painful that it is: the eyelids turn inside-out spontaneously during the night, causing excessive watering and discomfort. While not a serious medical problem, OSA could be the underlying cause here, too, which can lead to more serious health problems that eventually show up in the eye.

The lesson here is simple: eye disorders or disease don’t necessarily have to be isolated problems. They are often signs of other conditions in the body that affect the health of the eye. Having a doctor well-trained in looking beyond the eye itself to uncover remote—albeit fundamental—problems is important. Proof that they eyes really do have it. How well you are sleeping isn’t just written on your face. It’s written in your eyes, too. Windows, indeed.


Argentine football player gastone Aguirre killed a piegon with a single shot right of his foot.He kicked the ball and poor piegon the san lorenzo defended said now he will be remember as the piegon killler .Aguirre hit the bird in the 2-1 victory against tigre in the 3 term round robin for the Argentine league title .sorrounded by opponents he kick the ball towards towards the goal and imn the direction of a group of a piegon's on the grass near the  corner .A burst of a feathers followed and th piegon flew away except one.several players sorrounded the wounded bird and it tried to fly away bit it collapsed referrries saul laferni then scoped of the death piegon and placed it of the field.


How many times have you gone ahead and bought something just because your favourite actor endorsed it.Kollywood likes of bollywood and kollywood beauties promoting luxury soaps to hunky actors endorsing ptato wafers and what could one do if the product turns out to be just a one day wonder?.in what looks like crack down of sorts for the manufacturer's of these products and short in the arm for customer a new law in the companies build 2008 aim at penalising the company to an amount of Rs 50lak .And to add to it if the product falls short of what a celebrities claim in the advertaisment they could be jailed for upon 3 years so it time for celebrities to start double checking and how the product fares in the market when they have endorsed it .celebrity are usefully known to take up endorsement based on the zero's on the check leave .more responsibility is big no.


Money always make people confuse and in stressful. Many needs covered by using money. When people get trouble in their finance life they get a loan but loan sometime is not solution because it is means you personal budget have other problems. People get a loan because they have urgent costs and it is make people have no good consideration with their budget and capability to payback.

If you won’t have problem with your money or finance life you can try to see, a website that help you to manage your money and make you have freedom in finance problem. This site offers you four simple ways to achieve you in debt freedom. In this site you offer four rules to manage your In this site you will find software to manage your money. There are four rules that you can follow to manage your money. First rule is that you must let your money work, you must have a plan to get money this month but you spend your money for next month. It is make you free from debt if you have unexpected costs.

Second rule teach you how to get benefits from your asset like a car, house, or even your vacation. You must make they work to you. Third and fourth rules give you budget software consideration how to keep your money from unexpected costs and you can handle anything in finance problems with your money that you have in your first and second rules. All of these rules can you learn in budget software that offered in this site. Many people have been used this software and feel satisfied with work of this software. You will not argue money again, minimize your debts, you can cover your unexpected costs, you can saving money and reach your goal in financial life. You can make purchasing with this from NYAB free in this site to ease you manage your money and get freedom in financial life.


Once upon a time,god created the angles to look after the earth.There were many angles who took care of various jobs assigned to them.for example their were angles that showered rain upon the plants some that look care of the wild beasts and many day god created a tiny angle called nino and handed her the task of looking after a small plant in a remote village.The plant belonged to the local scientist professor kirk.whom no one like him.nino's cousin who took care of the great tree's made fun of her and her little plant.but nino pray to god she saw how hard the professor worked and she did her fair share in helping him by showering rain upon the plant and tending to it.has the day's passed the plant grow quiet tall and was called sippy.Not sippy have the ability the to cure any type of diseases and so he brought great glory not only to the professor but nino has well.
God was so delighted that he decided to place sippy in the southern corner wonderfully paradise and what's more nino was given a place on sippy's top most branch.professor kirk had big chair on which he sat marvelling at sippy so if u ever enter this paradise remember to look out for sippy and nino.


Online casino fans who dedicate most of their time playing slot uk slots machines will love, Sloterix, a new website dedicated to players who love online slot machine games.The new site features a wide variety of slot games to choose from, including favorites such as progressive slots, which have the largest jackpots, sometimes up to a million dollars or more.

Sloterix also has an area where its customers can gather information play slots about the different kinds of slot games, as well as articles that provide useful information about game play and techniques.The site has a review section for featured slot games, where it compares the games, its bonuses and payout rates, as well as linking to some of the best online slots all on one complete site.

All slot games online slots come with an easy download button so customers can play their games right away. On the Slots Info page, customers can learn about the history of the game they want to play, how it works and the differences between progressive games.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Online social networking sites have opened up a whole new set of social niceties, conventions and potential embarrassments. For those of you who spread enough time on social networking sites, be it late at night or during an extra class, the social web be an important part of college life. However, many netizens, freshmen, seniors and professionals alike, don't really know how to conduct themselves on social networking sites. with a gamut of online networking sites expanding exponentially , the rise of  virtual friendships has brought with it a new sat of  embarrassments. it has put forward several questions like, what the proper rules rare with regard to poking, writing on walls, responding to party invites etc. speaking about the same , "I usually don't intrude on other people's privacy by checking our their profiles. i only send friend to request to people i already know. and i don't think about removing from my friend list someone who i don't like or  don't want. it's silly to add every other person onto your friend list. doing so makes one what i like to call a 'creeper'." so the next time you log onto a social networking site make sure you get your net etiquette right so that you stay in your friend's list.


THE WORLD celebrates the International Day person with Disabilities on December 3 every year. This day acknowledges the contribution of the differently-able and aims to promote an understanding of disability issues as well as mobilise support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Disability lies more in our minds than in an other's physical or mental shortcomings. It simple requires us to see an individual as a human being . Look at it this way: by definition, a person who wears spectacles is as disable as someone in a wheelchair. The disable need your care. Be humane towards them. Give them access to free movement, help them find a seat in a public place/transport. Help them cross the road or board a bus. And ensure that no one is around to hassle or taunt them. Spread awareness about the issues concerning the differently-ab led. You could hold forums, public discussions and information campaigns in their support. This way you could bring about a change in people's perceptions. Why not being with your parents?


Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is hell-bent on making cloud fans alter one of their chants. At every game the Red Devils faithful let the opposition know they not only won the Premier League last season and the Champions League too. now Rooney wants another line added on, with victory over Ecuador's Liga DE Quito, Club World Cup final in Yokohama, The Sun reported. Rooney said: "It is great for us to have Become the world champions. You don't get many chances to win Ti's tournament . Our fans sings 'Champions of England, of Europe' and it wound sound even better for them add 'Champion of the world',"he added. Rooney scored the winner in the1-0 result. 

McGrath supports beleaguered Lee

Former Australian fast-bowling great Glenn McGrath has describe as "premature" the suggestion that pace spearhead Brett Lee is on the way out. McGrath hailed the arrival of left-arm er Mitchell Johnson as great news, saying he was disappointed Australian's new pace ace missed out on a nine-wicket haul in the final innings of the Perth Test. Lee has been heavily scrutinised since Australia's ill-fated tour of India and the findings haven't painted a bright picture. The Sydney Morning Herald reported. " I spoke to Brett the other day. He's doing quite well. All he needs is one or two wickets and off he'll go. That's the funny thing if you can call it that about bowling. I found it only took that one ball and thing wound change. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It looks like an Aston Martin and a huge engagement ring were not enough to express love, as Australian circket vice-captain Michel Clarke has the initials of bride-to-be lara Bingle permanently etched into his bicep. The big tattoo show a guardian angel sitting on a cross with the initials L.B. emblazoned at the top. The cricket revealed the new body art while being photographed for Bonds underwear campaign. Alongside fellow Bonds spruiker Pat Rafter, Clarke, nicknamed Pup , showed off his new ink that covered most of his upper right arm. After a tattoo in 2006, Clarke promised there would be addition to his collection of body art. "I like tattoos. If i'm going to get one it has to be meaningful,".


An unsecured loan is a loan that is not backed by collateral. It is also known as a signature loan or personal loan. An unsecured loan is considered much cheaper and carries less risk to the borrower. Why not use your good credit to obtain personal loans or an unsecured personal line of credit, since so many of us can no longer get equity out of our homes for one reason or another.There is new information about your personal loans.You may still qualify for Personal Loans, Unsecured Personal Line of Credit, or Personal Loans Online to plan your dream wedding, or perhaps a Personal vacation of a lifetime. Obtain the unsecured credit loan you need from afsloansonline. Anniversary gifts or any purchase anytime. Once you received your funds from an unsecured personal loans personal loans approval or line of credit acceptance, you’re welcome to spend your funds anyway or on anything that you wish! On a side note Business Loans are also available. So, whether you are looking for an unsecured personal line of credit or an unsecured loan of any kind, we can help!For example, if your friend lends you money without any collateral, meaning something of worth that can be repossessed if the loan isn't repaid, then your credit score has zero to do with it, but rather the value of your friendship is at stake. Therefore the real meaning of an unsecured loan is that it is not backed by any object of value and is lent to you based on your good name. You can use these types personal loans of business loans and Unsecured Lines of Credit for any and all of your company’s expansion or working capital needs. From computers for your high tech website or a much needed piece of equipment for your medical practice, even a tractor for your farm! This financing capital can be used for almost any business purpose, even to purchase seasonal inventory.


As a nation, we see ours eves with certain cultural and heritage roots. After all that make us what we are and tell others where we came from, where we grew up and how history has shaped us as individuals. Memories help in preserving our past. Rather like photographs taken of fun times that are put into albums to open and reflect upon at some later dates. So, just as we preserve our memories, in a variety of forms, we must also preserve our memories, in a variety of  forms, we must also preserve our monument and buildings. For it is these that that give a nation its past and therefore its present and future. Another body that looks after heritage site is the United Nation Education, Scientific and Culture Organisation (UNESCO). A UNESCO World Heritage Site is one that is maintained by the International World Heritage Programme administered Dy the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. India  too has a good mix of cultural and natural heritage sites. But not many of us understand our role towards these heritage edifices. People visit the site and end up writing on the walls, destroying the natural flora and fauna.... Looking at the vulnerabilities, one needs to be more protective towards these structures that have so stoically stood the test time. 


A MEMBER OF the ratted family of birds, the ostrich is the world's largest bird. Roaming the African savanna and desert land the bird gets most of its water from the plant it eats. standing at a good six feet, of the three main species of ostriches only one the African Black, is found in captivity. Ostrich cannot fly but they ear fleet of food and can sprint up to some 70 Kms an hour! Using their wings as rudders to help them change direction whenever they wish, their long legs can cover 10 to 60 feet in a single stride. And talking about their legs, did you know that the bird's kick can kill human or even a lion? This is because each two-toed foot has a long, sharp claw. Ostrich live in small herd maintained by an alpha male. The group's hens normally place their eggs in the nest of the dominant hen with her egg getting pride of place in the center! The egg are then incubated by both the male and the dominant hen taking turns in the nest. And did you know that each giant eggs weighs as much as two dozen chicken eggs.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


After making a remarkable appearance at the fashion runway at the recent held lakme fashion week in mumbai, Chennai popular fashion designer,Chaitanya rao will now be showcasing his design at the popular fashion programme on ND TV good times title i am too sexy for my shoes, along with other nine leading designers from the country.each of the designer was given a theme and was asked to create an outwit accordingly."the whole process from coming up with a concept to sketching to putting the ensemble together, was filmed. i am very exactitude the show and hopefully people will like the design,"he add.parvathi ommanakutti had taken for the Miss world pageant recently. Not just me, even other Chennai based designers are now being recognised are now being recognised and hopefully it will get better Every year.


it looks  like soccer ace Cristiano Ronald wants to spend this year's Christmas in a lavish way,for he is turning his house into a grotto and dressing up as Santa to hand out gifts.The footballer has paid an events firm a whooping 6,000 pounds to decorate his 4 million pounds house,and provide a Father Christmas suit.his Cheshire mansion now has a gift tree in every room,thousands of twinkling lights,hundred of baubles and a huge nativity scene,Dressing as Santa 23 -year old Portugal star will give gifts to mum Dolores,sisters Hugo,who are flying in from Madeira and Lisbon"cristino has a big family Christmas planned.he's been telling the lad's he's got a firm which does a lot he's got a firm which does a lot of the old tr afford parties to tr imp up his house,"news of the world quoted a play as saying Anni...


Kate wins let is like a "wife and mother to Leonardo DiCaprio .The 33-years old actress,who start ted alongside Leonardo in 1997 disaster movie Titanic and reunites with him in the new film revolutionary road,claims the pair are so closed that they are like an old married couple.

In a joint interview,Kate who was inspecting Leonardo's cut nose said"you've scratched the top OF YOUR NOSE.OH MY GOD,LOOK at me fussing over your face.I've literally turned into a combinations of your mother,your sister,and i don't know what your wife.Leonardo 34,has shied away from divulging the most intimate details of his life because he knows his fame will not last fore ever ,so only things that really matters is the standard of his work

Jewish Chat City

Hi guys, While i was browsing over the Internet I happen to come across a site. The name of the site is Jewish Chat. The site is like a social networking forum which connects Jews present all over the world. It mainly focusses on bring together the Jewish people around the world by creating exclusively for Jews.some times people will find very difficult to see their beloved one's in a social network,for that this chat city is announced for that they can find their people and share their things not only for chatting,they can play,communicate,dating etc etc. So what is that you are waiting for just visit the site and create your account before you can chat with others. I guess the information provided is useful.


With continuous parties lined up from Christmas till new year,party goers in the city are now opting for the "light" way out.Walking up with puffy eyes and gaining those extra kilos are a matter of a great concern,and party regulars have found a smart solution,slipping a low-cal drinks.This seems to be the latest rage among the health conscious party animals in the city.

Low fat cocktails which have an average of 100 calories and taste as good as their rich counter the waistline.They are great option to keep calories in check.For instance,drinks which are low on sugar content like spriest,rum with diet coke,menthapol and virgin clod ares come options if you want to cut down on your calories.

It's a health -conscious thing ,because alcohol is general is pretty fattening as it no only adds calories o your daily diet,but it slows down the body's ability to burn fat or energy.It eases drinkers consciences to have sugar free red bull with their alcohol.Al thought the bottom line is one of the most drink with control,we add.


The galco holster is simply the safest and most effective way to carry your rifle and shotgun. Constructed out of mild 14 gauge rubber coated steel and ballistic nylon, the Gunslinger is fully adjustable holsters to fit most rifles and shotguns. By redistributing the rifle weight to your hips, the Gunslinger eliminates stress on your shoulder, frees up your hands and allows total mobility. Gunslinger is compact and lightweight. Gunslinger versatility allows rear, side, and front carry.

ultimate Comfort and stability in any condition, that pretty much sums up the Galco hoster. I’ve often had problems with my sling sliding off my shoulder and having to rotate shoulders when using slings of the past. Recently, I just returned from a rifle hunt in Texas and I put the gun holster to the test. “Where have you been all my life?” I’m not a big rifle hunter but I can tell you this; Anytime you see me carrying a rifle, I guarantee you I’ll be using a holsters.

Getting used to the system is probably the one thing that has been an issue. After carrying a normal sling for 20 years and then switching to this has been a change. Overall, its a good change and I think you’ll agree. It’s hard to find problems in something that is safer, easier to use, and more comfortable than the old style gun slings.Galco was founded by Richard N. Gallagher in 1969 as a small family business in Chicago, Illinois. Known then as "The Original Jackass Leather Company", Gallagher specialized in holsters constructed of horsehide.Not only does Galco continue to be the favorite choice of Hollywood's hottest stars, but most branches of the military, federal law enforcement, and most local law enforcement agencies have put Galco holsters to work for them. Likewise civilians have found Galco to represent the highest quality the industry has to offer. From our Premium saddle leather, Ballistic nylon, and of course horsehide, to the designs that have made Galco Holsters famous, Galco continues to be "for those who demand the best... and know the difference."


Brad Pitt says his new film saved her relationship.The 44 year old-actor,who raises six children with partner Angelina Jolie,admits starring as a electricity man who ages backwards in the curious him to re-evaluate his priorities in life,he said"Angelina and i don not fight anymore.what occurred to me on this film and also with the passing of Angelina's  mother Micheline Bert land last year,is that Thar's going to come a time when I'm not going to Gert to be with my children anymore.I'm not going to get to be with my children anymore.And so,if we have a flare-up,it evaporates now,i don't want waste time being angry at someone i love.


 Many people today retire even before they reach the retirement age of 65. Regardless of personal NC retirement community reasons for an early retirement, whether personal decision or company reasons, an early provides a person with an effective way of planning financial support for retirement. Even if you’re starting out with your first job, you should anticipate your retirement by understanding the realities you will face once you retire from your full-time job. You should expect your income to drop instantly and company pensions will have a lower rate compared to employers who retire during the company’s predetermined retirement age. The most important aspect of retiring early is to become realistic. You should evaluate your lifestyle, medical requirements and other basic needs are major factors in creating a personal retirement plan.Carolina Colours NC retirement community is a community designed for the art of living. It’s a real estate community which is planned well, so that we can find a place to live a peaceful life. Carolina Colours do their best to meet the diverse needs of many people including those desiring a  which is a seasonal or a second home community.

They have the pedestrian, friendly, quiet, handy, socially and recreationally active community. To live and love a place, it must have some qualifications and this community has all those. Some of them are a lake, Carolina lake, town lawns and parks. This also provides us a best place for sports activities like golf, swimming, tennis, fitness etc. and also have a retail town center and K-5 school.Everyone has a dream. Most of them dream to live in the house of their dreams, which is either a sophisticated apartment in the centre of the city or a secluded farm house near a stream or a mountain. It is the wish of most retired old people to settle in a very peaceful place near nature’s heart, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a company which offers such houses. It offers houses in the capital of North Carolina, namely New Bern. Fresh air, Crisp white coastline, Traffic free roads and friendly neighbors provide a vibrant atmosphere for the people living here. Carolina colours offers a wide variety of homes which will suit everyone from retired people, runaways to family people. So, do visit their site and own your dream house.


Treasure Island is an adventure novel by author Robert Louis Stevenson, narrating a tale of "buccaneers and buried gold". First published as a book in 1883, it was originally serialised in the children's magazine Young Folks between 1881-82 under the title The Sea Cook, or Treasure Island.

Traditionally considered a coming of age story, it is an adventure tale known for its superb atmosphere, character and action, and also a wry commentary on the ambiguity of morality—as seen in Long John Silver—unusual for children's literature then and now. It is one of the most frequently dramatised of all novels. The influence of Treasure Island on popular perception of pirates is vast, including treasure maps with an 'X', schooners, the Black Spot, tropical islands, and one-legged seamen with parrots on their shoulders.


It's known fact that Aamir khan has worked hard on his body,Tolling away in the gym for that well toned look for Ghajini.The actor has been proudly displaying his eight pack on screen and in the promo posters.A little digital help?Considering the perfectionist Aamiir is he'd be the last bollywood actor  to take it,now Aamir himself has revealed the secret behind the stunning physique,especially those talk of  the town eight -pack abs.

The Work out was cycle for three days he told"Monday i did chest and back,Tuesday i worked on the arms,and Wednesday i exercised my shoulders and legs,Then i would repeat the cycle.This included cardio everyday for between a half an hour to an hour.The abs to work the core muscles and get the six pack,say 1,100 crunches.on days when i felt good,i would push myself more.There was no time to think because i'd screaming in pain!but i was particular about getting eight packs and eight hour sleep,it was though because i was doing the post production for Taare zameen par at the time.I Took myself to the brink of dehydration by having just one glass of water a day.This cut that last bit of fat.said Aamir Triumphantly


Most people pay little thoughts to fact if others should suffer only to provide them things they want.They don't know or would rather not want to know the misery caused,when powders are first tested on animals,or how they manage to get that bacon on their breakfast plate,or where the fur-trimmed coats,leather shoes,bags and briefcase.
Here below are some suggestions towards a happier,healthier world.You may not able to do all of them at ones,but you can certainly find something on the list to get you started.

  1. Turn vegetarian:This most important individual contribution you can make.The fewer the people who eat meat,you save yourself from cancer and a host of other diseases,and you save the environment too.Meat is the single greatest cause of deforestation world wide as jungles are replaced by grazing grounds.
  2. Adopt an Indian dog:When you buy a pup,you support the cruelty of breeding wherein dogs are excessively mated and often with blood relatives producing weak,deformed animals Indian or street dogs are sturdier and more intelligent than pedigrees and make loving and love companions.
  3. Do not buy or use leather in Indian it is not a by product:cows are marched hundreds of miles to kraal,one of the two states where cow slaughter is legal.Their tails are twisted and their eyes stuffed with chilly powder to force them forward their alternative which i sussed for like cloth,rubber and jute.
  4. Check with cosmetic and toiletry manufacturers weather they are tested on animals:Boycott those that are .The law does not require animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries so there is no need to blind rabbits with shampoo or choke with lipsticks
  5. every creature play a role:for eg cock roaches clean sewers ,don't use insecticides>try natural insect control.Talcum powder deter ants.While a single thoughtful action can save so much suffering


Sometimes we get confused in our use of two similar words.for example your and you' both are pronounced alike but the golden rule to be remember is that the apostrophe is a substitute for a missing letter ,in this case it means you are.The missing word is "a".

example:See ma told raj "you are really looking good today"  your on the other hand is the possessive form of you

we now come to another commonly made mistake.The use of "i" versus "me".
The rule to remember here is that is a subject pronoun while me is an object pronoun Acoording to well known grammarian,Paul brains told "A subject is the  noun/pronoun that perform the action of the verb to which it is linker,While an object is a noun/pronoun that receives the action of the subject verb pair.

Monday, December 22, 2008





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Considered very useful insects as many species feed on garden pests,ladybirds have been released in their thousands as a natural means of pest control

Ladybird,ladybird,fly away home 
your house is on fire and your children are gone
All except one,and that's Little
for she has crept under the
Warming pan.

This nursery rhythm says it all..The ladybird has truly beam immortalised in children literature,in music and in logos for various brands worldwide.For instance there are the Ladybird range of kids clothing..The lady bird range of kids clothing...the ladybird is the symbol of the Dutch foundations against senseless Violence .It also the symbol of the Finnish Swedish people's party .In the USA,Delaware Massachusetts,Ohio,new Hampshire and few more states have chosen the ladybird as their state insect.

In fact one could go on and on about this type of beetle that it variously known as the ladybird.Ladybug or lady beetle.Belonging to the coccinellide family of small insects,the ladybird ranges from 1mm to 10mm,and it commonly yellow,orange or scarlet with the small black spots on its wings cover some species are mostly or entire black,gray or brown.
consider very use full insects as many species feed on garden pests,ladybirds have been released in their thousands as a natural means of pest control


If there is one thing that keeps this country going it construction. Just think of all the roads, buildings, residential lots and bridges etc. In order to keep this trade alive, companies will always heavy equipment training school need a steady stream of men and women who can operate heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, backhoes and front end loaders. The equipment looks daunting to me and how on earth would one learn and be trained how to operate such equipment? That is where Heavy Equipment Operator Training Heavy Equipment Operator Schools comes in. They operate 8 schools across the country with two more on the way. This ATS (Associated Training Schools) is accredited and students will be certified via the NCCR (The National Center for Construction Education and Research).

If you are prospecting, go to their website via the link above and watch a video on what you will learn. Find out how to become certified as a heavy equipment training school Level I, II, III and how to combine a CDL. Heavy Equipment Operator Schools also offer financing for its students. One unique feature you do see much of is the opportunity to Chat with an Operator. Click there and learn how this trade can work for you. Why not request a free brochure while you are at it.


Today television brings home the devastating impact of terrorism.The recent terror in mumbai all over India should serve to tell us that terrorism is not something  new.It has been going on well before the 1950's The only difference is that today we have television bringing us live images of terrorist and terror operations.
Take for example the Marxist Islamic group called Mujaheddin-e-khalq was  founded in the 1960's.With over 3000 members,it was known for its bombing,foreign military aided assaults and its assassinating attempts,similarly the Basque fatherlands and founded in 1959targeted Spanish and french government interests as well as tourists established to create an independent Basque homeland,the group killed more than 850 people injured of hundred of others.

1982 was the year a=that the Hezbollah came into existence based in Lebanon with worldwide cells,this Shiite group responsible for several suicide bombings,rocket attacks against Israel and the hijacking of TWA flight in 1985Three years later the Hark at UL Allegedly linked to Al-qaeda its target has been Indian troops,Kashmir civilians .it was also responsible for hijacking of the Indian airlines flight in 1999 ,two years later in 1987 ,HA MAS came into being .In 1989,the emergence of a group called Lashkhar-e-Tayyiba saw it wreak devastation on Indian troops and civilian in Kashmir,Based in Pakistan ,the group was also responsible for the attacks on the Indian Parliament and alleged accountable for the recent,dastardly mumbai attacks.Its alleged political arm,the Jamaat-ud-Dawah has recently been banned.The year 2000saw the birth of yet another terrorism module called the Jaish-e-mohammed.Based in pakistan this group was responsible for the murder of journalist Daniel pearl and allegedly also had a hand in the attack on the Indian Parliament


The thin needle keeps ticking by
Making a sound as it moves
No one dares to stop it
it just goes by.
No one ever notices it
until it's gone.
Some complain it's too fast
But they're afraid to chang what 
has passed

Things around keep changing
But it keeps on clinging unmoved.
It's cold towards everyone
Who whines.
But runds along with anyone
Who knows the way
it sees the world whizzing by
Never stopping to hear their cries


Pure poetry on film

My brain tends to turn to mush in the presence of greatness. This makes it difficult when I want to write about something that I thought was truly great. It is so much easier to write about something that is rubbish.

Oh, well. Here goes.

I thought that "Atonement" was terrific. It is a really great movie. Obviously it is early days yet, and there are a lot of contenders still to appear, but "Atonement" might just be the winner-in-waiting of the Best Film Oscar in 2008. Put your money on it now.

"Atonement" is pure poetry on film. From the hazy, dreamy, hopeful days of 1935, a destructive act of spite, the horrors of Dunkirk (with one of the most fantastic long takes I have seen in a cinema for a very long), to the aftermath and a devastating "happy" ending, it is a magnificent and moving film, beautifully directed by Joe Wright.

I have never really rated Keira Knightley or understood her popularity. Except for her role in "Pride & Prejudice" (for which she was perfectly cast) I have tended to refer to her as Girl-Who-Would-Be-Winslet, as I thought that she had not played a single role that Kate Winslet could not have done better. Maybe I won't say that anymore. "Atonement" is easily the best thing Keira Knightley has done.

Keira Knightley has had a lot of the press over here, but we should not forget to mention the pitch perfect performances from James McAvoy and Romola Garai. They share as much screen time as La Knightley and are as impressive.

Wonderful film.

Gushing over.



Consequence: more powerful and dangerous hurricanes
Warmer water in the oceans pumps more energy into tropical storms, making them more intense and potentially more destructive.

Warning signs today

  • The number of category 4 and 5 storms has greatly increased over the past 35 years, along with ocean temperature.

  • The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active Atlantic hurricane season in recorded history, with a record 27 named storms, of which 15 became hurricanes. Seven of the hurricanes strengthened into major storms, five became Category 4 hurricanes and a record four reached Category 5 strength.

  • Hurricane Katrina of August 2005 was the costliest and one of the deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history.

    We should know what our camera is capable of we have to check what all the features it has and we should know how to control it . Whether you have a point-and-shoot or a SLR, be sure to familiarize yourself with your camera. Four considerations to make for night photography . First is FLASH - is there and on-board flash? Is there the capability for an add-on flash? second is the shutter and aperture control- does your camera allow you to control the shutter speed and the aperture settings or at least have a "nighttime" preset? then its FILM speed check if you can set your preference of film speed? and check for SHUTTER RELEASE - do you have the option of a remote release button for the shutter or a self-timer?


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    You can also choose flowers to say congratulations to somebody. They can come in elegant boxes, together with chocolates and a scented candle to celebrate the occasion. This kind of gift will really make the occasion extra special as the flowers’ colors and arrangement can truly make a person smile.

    For guys who are having difficulty choosing the kind of flowers Flowers for their loved ones, do not fret because Roses Only gives you a guideline on how to select flowers. From the usual one dozen red roses to a sprinkle of flowers of different colors and different types, your lady love will surely be awed by your extravagance. To surprise her with your thoughtfulness, you can have the flowers delivered to her work. This will show her and her coworkers how much she means to you. Roses Only encourage their clients to show their love not only on special occasions but to also be spontaneous and have flowers delivered to their loved ones even if there is no occasion.


    A boy had a very cute friend (GIRL) .They both loved each other,but girl wanted that boy should ask her first. That boy gave her a teddy everyday.She used to keep it safely,nearly 3 months passed girl was frusted thinking y this guy just gifts me teddy everyday but he never discloses his feelings to me.Next day when boy gifted her new teddy she threw it on road and ran away. boy now was very hurt,he too ran behind her but she didn even turned back,so he was about to get teddy from road and he met with an accident and died. Girl on turning saw her friend she was shocked.She ran home got teddies from cupboard and hugged it tightly and she heard "I LOVE YOU DEAR".
    she cursing herself for not hugging teddy before.
    thats a sad story sob sob but i like the picture......

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