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inline Spam Management and Prevention Tools

Forum spam is an increasing problem for many boards. Unfortunately, due to the visible-source nature of v Bulletin and most other forum systems, most preventative measures we might add to the system can simply be reverse-engineered and worked around by persistent spammers.Therefore, 3.7 contains a new set of tools to help clean up spam and deal with spammers.Threads and posts can be selected in the usual inline moderation fashion, and then the new 'Delete Threads/Posts as Spam' command can be selected, which will load the spam management interface, which contains options on a single page for removing the spam posts and threads, banning the spammers and finding other spam they may have posted.

Thread Tagging

A new way to facilitate searching and grouping of threads, it is now possible for users to add tags to threads they post or read.Tags can be added when creating a new thread, or to an existing thread by any user (with appropriate permissions).Any users who then click on these tags will not only find all thread that have the same tag as the one clicked, but will also contribute to the building of a search tag cloud, which gives users a quick guide as to what has been searched for recently and most frequently.

Thread Prefixes

Long requested by users, threads can now have administrator-defined prefixes to their titles.Thread prefixes are divided into groups by the administrator, allowing different prefixes to be available in different forums.Reciprocal Friendships Between User'sAs part of our new social networking system, users can now request that people on their buddy list confirm their friendship, after which time a person's list of confirmed friends will be viewable to other users.Public Messaging While private messages between users have been in v Bulletin since version 2.0, vBulletin 3.7 introduces the public messaging system, allowing users to communicate publicly via their profile pages.User Picture Galleriesv Bulletin users can now create albums and upload pictures to their account.The ability to view these albums and pictures can be limited by the user to just board staff and people on their buddy list if they want privacy.User-Created Social GroupsTo further social cohesion between users and to encourage people to make friends, vBulletin now includes a facility to allow users to create their own social/interest groups.These groups are enhanced by having their own public messaging system, and the ability to add pictures to the group from user albums.New Member Profile PageIn order to accomodate all the new features in vBulletin 3.7, the member profile page has been completely redesigned from the ground up.The new page presents information in a far cleaner and more logical manner, while dividing up information into manageable chunks using a tabbed interface.Individual profile field categories can be displayed alone in blocks in the right column, in addition to appearing by default in the 'About Me' tab.Member Customization of Profile PageThe administrator may choose to allow his members to use the profile page customization tool, which allows users to alter fonts, colors, background and borders etc. of their profile page in order to create a more personalized look.The administrator can lock-down customization permissions, in order to prevent the personalized pages being made too offensively awful by aesthetically challenged members... nobody wants to see some of those really ugly MySpace pages on your vBulletin installation!

Inline Editing of Profile Field ValuesThe 'About Me' tab of each member's profile page has edit controls, allowing them to quickly change values without leaving their profile page.Attachment Viewing LightboxClicking on an attached image will now open a lightbox rather than open a new window, with the image scaled to fit the browser viewport. A click on the image in the lightbox will open it in a new window as before.Post Edit HistoryFor boards where the history of posts is important, it is now possible to log all edits to posts and then review the changes at a later date.Inline Moderation Enhanced AuthenticationWhen performing inline moderation actions, board staff will now be required to re-authenticate themselves if they have not done so in their browsing session.This prevents the possibility of unauthorized parties acting as a moderator on a public computer where a board staff member has accidentally ticked the 'remember me' box.Navbar NoticesAdministrators can now set up custom notifications that will appear underneath the navbar when visiting users fulfil specified criteria.For example, one may want to set up a notice to display when a user is a member of a particular usergroup, or to show a congratulatory message when a user has posted their 1,000th post etc.New Human Verification SystemsIn addition to the image verification system available in previous versions of vBulletin, 3.7 introduces the means for the administrator to choose the verification system employed on their board.They may choose to use the popular RECAPTCHA™ system, or to define a set of questions and answers for their visitors to deal with.User Change HistoryIn order to track changes made to users' profiles by administrators, a change log is now kept for various user profile fields including username, usergroup etc.Social Bookmarking of ThreadsAdministrators can now define a list of their favorite social bookmarking sites and have them available for use on the showthread page for bookmarking threads.And More...There are plenty more new features in vBulletin 3.7.Here is a brief list of some of the ones we haven't yet touched on:
Visitor tracking on profile pages
Automatic resizing of attached images to match filesize or pixel dimensions
Enhancements to custom bbcode system
Custom icons per forum
Advertisement locations defined in templates
Add multiple moderators in one go through ACP
ATOM support for RSS Poster Robot
Hooks to allow attachments to be passed through a virus scanner
Posts by users in 'Tachy Goes to Coventry' will no longer count towards the total number of posts in a thread or forum. They are now truly hidden!
All AJAX systems now employ the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) for a more consistent and predictable system
YUI files can now be switched from locally hosted to remotely hosted by Yahoo! with a single option change, saving you bandwidth.


The L'amicale Gobal Leisure club is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified club in chennai,as well as in Tamilnadu.Located just a kilometre from the Chennai Trade and Convention Centre at Nandambakkam,the club is easily accessible to both families and corporate clients.Spread over an area of 3.5 acres,it is the ideal destination for a home away from home,or to simply relax letting your stress take a backseat.Located with more than 166 prestigious clubs across the country.L'Amicale offers several facilities like a swimming pool,jacuzzi,tennis courts,a multi-cusine restaurant,banquet & confernce halls and much more,along wit 14 rooms and two cottages,priced rs 1500 per day on single or double occupancy for members.

Encouraged by the phenomenal response to its Global Leisure club,the engagment of L'Amicale has just launched the concept of "Vacation Villas" on East Coast road near marakkanam on the way to Pondicherry.These villas equipped with all the facilities that the L'Amicale club offers,would act as the perfect platform for the owners to make the most of their time while staying as their own villas,whether on business or leisure.


Debt and financial difficulties are leading causes of personal anxiety, depression, and stress. This goals, at Freedom Debt Relief, are to alleviate the pressures of financial strain, to get the clients back on solid financial footing and personal happiness. They offer one-stop-shop services to get you out of debt and on your way to permanent financial freedom. Whether you are trying to reduce your debts, cut your monthly obligation, avoid bankruptcy, reduce creditor harassment, prepare for home ownership, or simply to regain financial freedom we are there to help.

If you want to get protected from other harsh systems then check out freedom Debt Relief and it would be a great relief. You can also call their number if you have any doubts or queries in this area and how you can effectively act on to get out of debt. The best thing is you can also avail a free ten minute consultation and this will be a very valuable one. Just fill out your details in the from provided in the website and they will get back to you with the best solution.

The Founders of Freedom Financial first met many years ago while in Business School at Stanford University. Recognizing the overwhelming burden that personal debt had placed on Americans, and the usurious rates and fees consumers were struggling with, the team decided to leverage their decades of financial advisory experience to create a truly unique company and build a leading company to help consumers in debt. Instead of simply lowering interest rates (like credit counseling), or shifting unsecured debt to secured debt (like credit consolidation), Freedom is a pioneer with an innovative process for actually cutting the total amount of unsecured debt that consumers owe. We succeed by using our expertise to negotiate down consumers’ debt balances – typically by more than 50% from outstanding levels*. However, not everyone qualifies for our "Debt Reduction Program". We stringently qualify and underwrite our customers, and only accept consumers that meet our guidelines.Debt is a growing concern in the United States and many people are falling in to the debt prey day after day.

It is very important to perform debt consolidation and lower your debt levels over a period of time. Freedom Debt Relief USA is an ultimate source which will help you to get out of the debt clutches. The site has lot of relevant information and this will be very valuable if you are considering a viable debt relief solution. They effectively use the debt negotiation methodology and this will help you to get out of debt in a shortest possible money and also without spending lots of money

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It is the most comprehensive of all musical forms and as a science it has defined principles.The greatest quality of the music is its adaptability through inspiration that has been the hall mark of this tradition.There is also scope for the musician to harness his musical abilities to become a performer.The scope is tremendous and that is the reason it transcends generations and appeals to all.Music is the food for my soul


Otteri is the first thing that will come to my mind when i think about my college few years later.The place where we all will gather in the evening to have a cup of tea and variety of juices in the summer.It has also been a place for my first quarrel in the college against seniors.These all are small experiences but now for the past few months it has been the regular place of having a refreshment...V.S.P canteen especially is the only place where i will eat because other shops prepare Non-veg foods..

When all my friends shifted to new house in vandular gate we started regularly to go to otteri not in day time but espically in the midnight.We used to go around and again around 3 a.m..My friends Jubair and Karthick called as tea boys will never forget this place.Many days we all have never slept in study holidays or other days during these days it has been our place for refreshment.It is the place where myself and few of my friends smoked all brands of cigaratte.Davidoff,Rothmans Royals,Black,Garam,B&H,More,Marlboro and even one day we all smoked a cigar which costs 35rs and lasted nearly for 30 mins...Otteri the place will always remind me those golden days with my lovely fellowmates..We might have seen in many movies like a few places will always remind some sweet memories in ones life.The same happens here otteri shops,college banyan tree,udhyam tea shop will always remind us about our sweet memories,wistful and sentimental longing for things so called Nostalgia.......


Todays match was one of my best bowling performances in my cricket career.Till today my best was 4ov 2m 5 for 3,and today it was my best of all and most satisfactory spell ever.My bowling stats were 3ov 3 for 1.I am so happy and want to perform ever like this.Thanks for my team mates and captain arun for encouraging me so much and making me achieve this.The most disappointing moment was i dropped a catch.Today again i ve a match hoping to perform the same again


I have a problem with my computer.It often restart by itself.The problem of overload of files in my desktop or any virus problem.But,i don't know the valid reason for that.Often this phenomenon is caused by problems in the registry that accrue over time. Installing and uninstalling programs leave behind fragments — stray files, orphaned startup tasks, corrupted drivers. Over time the registry starts to get bogged down and conflicts emerge. Left unchecked, your system will become increasingly unstable, run more slowly and crash more frequently.

Here are some registry files that should be able to fix this problem scan windows registry for errors. Download one of them and save it locally. Double click on the file and when asked "Windows needs your permission to continue" "Registry Editor" it is to give permission to start regedit.exe. Click on Continue. Then the Registry Editor will warn you again and click on Yes to add or merge the content of the reg file to the registry. You need to be an administrator to apply these fixes.

Your desktop may appear to be blank. Also, the problem occurs many times when you restart your computer. Even after an anti-virus program has indicated it has cleaned the virus, the registry entry described in the "Resolution" section of this article is still in the registry.RegistryBooster is the easy answer to registry problems. It conducts deep scans of your registry to check for errors and conflicts, then repairs and optimizes the registry to peak performance and stability. Periodic scans will keep your registry "clean" and will greatly enhance your system's performance and stability. You'll see immediate increases in speed and decreases in system conflicts.


Yes i was a nocturnal habitat for the past two months....this happens once in six months everytime because my semester exams will start...the day college starts n till study holidays are declared will never touch the book at all...once study holidays begins will wipe out all the dusts from the books which were borrowed from library in the previous semester itself as if am reading daily....then will search for anna univ website for it freshly start from the very first chapter for the first time...since there will be a lots of distractions in the day time we will start after having dinner only..we i meant in the sense along with my friends..i always do combine studies...we will study dividing n allocating some portions to each person so that the concerned person has to read n tell the goes throughout the nite and if i happen to see sunrise i will immediately go to bed n will get up at 6pm in the evening only..i hardly see sunrise and sunset...atleast during study holidays il go to sleep at 6 in the morning but if exams starts il never sleep ,study throughout the nite,write exam,come home have my lunch n then go to bed around 2pm n then will get up next day morning am perfectly alright because this habit will lead to ulcer problems...

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Many of you want to have a SYNTHETIC LAWN to learn more about synthetic lawn options. As you know, encouraging people to save water in their homes is a big part of our mission here at Low Impact Living. many people use an estimated 26 billion gallons of water per day, and roughly 30% of that (8 billion gallons/day) goes to water our lawns and gardens. That means the average home uses over 35,000 gallons per year to water their lawn, and for suburban homes it’s about 10,000 gallons more than that! So the idea of a lawn that requires no water is very appealing to us.

EASY TURF a southern california provider of field turf and ARTIFICIAL LAWN for home and business landscaping. synthetic grass can be used as an alternative for natural lawns in hotels. Eco Alliance grass is very suitable for use at pool sides and in pool areas. Our artificial grass does not require any maintenance and synthetic grass is a boon for hotels because it does not require cutting, green lawn all the year round, no watering, no pesticide and no expensive equipment to purchase. In hotels, the natural lawn becomes slippery at the time of rain but with eco alliance faux grass the lawns does not become slippery.

Grass always makes the surroundings bright, beautiful and attractive, but there are many who live in apartments or condos and want to maintain luxurious laws, but unfortunately they can't own real grass and if they want to install real grass with soil on to their roof tops or balconies; this entire process will be definitely tedious, mess and expensive. Apart form this there is an even chance for your roof or balcony to get damaged because of the moist soil.


Hey friends i like to share about my dressing style and the meaning of their dress what we wearing is very important..lets go..
    The classic white shirt has even the women raiding men's closets.A classic white shirt form a big brand is must.
    If you want to be in sync with international fashion the upcoming season checks and stripes are imperative.
    India's answer to the shirt.The kurti-shirt is perfect for outdoor wear.Go for some embroidery around the yoke and team if with denims.
    Clubbing is an important part of a man's regime.And one simply cannot their office to the club.A sensuous chic -shirt,well shaped and worm un-tucked with rolled up sleeves is perfect


who said men should stay away from kitchen super dad and husbands are hit with the family as they cook with extra love.The first scene of chity chity bang bang bang where the dad makes breakfast for the kids,was one that everyone enjoyed.

But What we found as an amusing and touching moment from a movie is becoming much of a reality now with fathers today all too happy to enter the kitchen.These dads might not be great cooks,in fact they may be absoluetly disastrous in the kitchen,but one thing is for sure,they are breaking myths involving men and their aversion to kitchen.And of course,kids love it too


Many of us spend a lot of water and hence money, keeping their grass green. We decided to see if moving to artificial grass would be a cheaper proposition. Some of the newer ones look pretty good.EasyTurf is San Diego's leading artificial turf and putting green company. EasyTurf is the premier synthetic grass available and is the most realistic product on the market. It offers the longest life expectancy, drains better than real grass or sod, and is the premier pet grass available. If you are looking to resolve landscaping problems with a quality synthetic grass, then EasyTurf is the only choice.

San Diego Artificial
GRASS can be used as an alternative for natural lawns in hotels. Eco Alliance grass is very suitable for use at pool sides and in pool areas. This artificial grass does not require any maintenance and synthetic grass is a boon for hotels because it does not require cutting, green lawn all the year round, no watering, no pesticide and no expensive equipment to purchase. In hotels, the natural lawn becomes slippery at the time of rain but with eco alliance faux grass the lawns does not become slippery.It was started in Orange County Artificial Turf to.

Grass always makes the surroundings bright, beautiful and attractive, but there are many who live in apartments or condos and want to maintain luxurious laws, but unfortunately they can't own real grass and if they want to install real grass with soil on to their roof tops or balconies; this entire process will be definitely tedious, mess and expensive and in Apart form this there is an even chance for your roof or balcony to get damaged because of the moist soil Los Angeles Artificial Turf.SO MAKE YOUR ARTIFICIAL GRASS AND HAVE A PEACEFULL ATMOSPHERE .


Ever hoped for a single device which would put an end to your wait for music downloads and would help you find some of your favourite old songs in a jiffy.MANGO DVM express,the latest music vending machine in the city may be just what you needed.

A city based company MANGO DIGITAL vending is planning to launch many of these digital vending machines soon.Through these vending machines you will be able buy,quality,licensed digital music and also download various song to any medium,be it is CD,USB pen drive,memory card ,an mp3 player or an i pod,with hardly any download time involved.The songs are priced between rs 2 to rs 10 per song depending on the music company's individual pricing and rs 75 to 50 song bundle.The machine has a 1.3 lakhs song and tie-up with around 200 music companies across india,let you look for songs in any of the six language.tamil,telugu,english,malayalam.

so what out for the latest digital vending machine coming to your locality for you to grab your favourite music and have the kind of collecting you have always dream off


Think big books have come up with a now fun to read series of book for preschoolers
titled THE UNDER WATER FRIENDS.The series revolve around a branch of underwater friends.Who live together in a fish tank.The book in the series inculde the famous legend KATTABOMMANS trcik.A fun filled story cum-coloring book.So that the kid can actually colour their favourite characters while they read about the story about the world's laziest turtle,KATTABOMMAN who plays a trick on this friends.


No matter what you call it,littering is an increasing in these world.When you read stories of the
expeditons going up mount everest just bring back to the discarded rubbish uo there,it is shocking.Rubbish dumps on the snows of throw world's highest peak are a sad indictment of the way we live and treat the world around us.
The problems of littering are many.First and foremost it is ugly,it spoils our world.who wants
to drive though a country side infested with a plastic bags and discarded soft drinks can.
dispose of little properly .If there isn't a rubbish bin to hand.don't leave it behind out of laziness.
Take it back home to be thrown away correctly .When you visit a park or a monument or the beach
take your litter back worth you.if so,go drop the empty soft drinks can in the recycling bin rather
than on the ground.Explore the options of recycling to dispose of litter properly

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Nationwide Phone Lookup

For friends who may know someone's telephone number but do not know their address, or for those who want to track down an old friend, a long-lost family member, or a love one, or for buddies who may want to know those behind prank calls and all, Just take a look at Reverse Phone Search at . This site offers with reverse Phone Number Lookup with which you will be able to find the exact address .The services cover all the states and will be very useful. he service runs through its database in a matter of seconds looking for an exact match – displaying the matches found on the screen.They provide the exact address and personal details of anyone we are looking for. Just check this site and experience it.

AR Rahman- the legend

The mozart of india A.R rahman was his usual composed self at launch of a new reality TV shows the BIG BRAND in the capital.The veteran music director's last hindu venture jaane tu was a huge hit this year and with next movie album yuvaraj released ,RAHMAN lovers are in for a treat, RAHMAN says he is looking forward to judging young rock prodigies in the shows by the record label,PHAT PHISH

ROCK musician in india are scared to admit they are rockers.They feel it is against our orthodox culture to be playing rock music.They have to shun such an attitude and say they are indian rocker representing the country on the global rock podium.


I know from personal experience that many bloggers are homemakers, stay at home parents, or individuals only working a part time job. Many people are always on the lookout for great ways to make money, while still being in charge. One thing you may not have considered is the franchise business!MyFranchisePath is a company which offers amazing best franchise . It’s very important to have a plan, goal and the strength to open a new business knowing that your future lies in it. The success of your business depends on how much knowledge you got, the patience in running the business, your determination, hard work and learning more to achieve the success that you want in your business.this website can help you in any way you want.This site acts as a franchise broker . You can read their franchise buying guide like franchise 101, the frequently asked questions, things to consider before moving ahead and the steps to buying a franchise. This website is very helpful if you are serious in looking for a good franchise that will match your needs. The good part is they offer free phone consultation if you want. This is a good franchise opportunities that you can get in just a click of the mouse. In this site there are many categories like automotive ,beauty, beverage ,small business for sale etc are provided . Whatever your interests are, has a system matching people with the right franchise.
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